“I wasn’t sure if I could afford to get personal help from Brian at first.  But I had seen a lot of his stuff online and used some of his products, and I knew I needed it because I had recently lost my mother, so I signed up for grief counseling from him.  What then happened was so different than what would have happened with any other counselor who would have been much more passive.  Brian’s program’s are very progressive and intensive, he works with you in a very hands on way and creates rapid change work using highly technical and specialized forms of therapy such as NLP.  The sessions are in depth and each session is geared towards accomplishing some goal and taking an actual step forward towards your desired result.  His service has been very valuable to me, and he was even able to use hypnosis to help me to remember what it was like to hear my mother say “I love you” when I was forgetting what that sounded like.  I am very grateful with how much Brian has helped me with my grief.  He has even worked with me on a special payment plan to make sure that it was affordable to me.  I am very glad I signed up for this service.”

-Kristina Leady
Certified Nurses Assistant
Iowa City, Iowa



“I met Brian when I was in a very bad place in my life. Mentally, physically and spiritually I was lost, and suffering a great deal of pain. He was able to cure me almost miraculously and instantly using acupressure and other forms of shamanic healing. And working through his program of cleansing and healing he treated my root causes and rid me of my daily migraines, designed a diet plan to help me overcome my health and weight concerns, and helped me to achieve overall wellness that is permanent, not just a treatment of my symptoms but a full cure.
Brian also gave me the tools I needed to find my path again and has been there to not only support me in healing and finding myself, but has guided me to places I have never imagined. If you are looking for something in your life, whether it is to find wellness or enlightenment, or fulfilling any life purpose, desire or goal, Isantis can help you and will ensure that you attain it!”


Technical Analyst
Rochester N.Y.



“When it’s time for change, it’s time to call True Life Development! I thought I was hopeless before I came here, but it is evident upon meeting Brian that he is a highly evolved person, here for the purpose of helping others achieve the life they want to live. Brian has a lot of knowledge that he is willing and eager to share. He works with you to determine the best practices and techniques for you to use along your path. Sessions are professional and productive, and Brian provides a calming influence that nurtures a comfortable atmosphere in which to learn and grow.
As a testament of his dedication to his profession, Brian will always work out special deals for repeat customers to fit any situation. After having completed the course of my work with True Life Development I feel like I have finally been able to make my life what I want it to be, and am so happy with how things have worked out! Before I started I would have never imagined I would be this happy, but thanks to True Life Development I am! What you get out of their personal development program is the success and lifestyle of your dreams!”


Rochester NY



“The great thing about Brian’s one-on-one sessions is that the healing doesn’t just occur during the session; he gives tools that one can take home and use on a daily basis in order to heal myself. Brian is a master hypnotist and a fantastic motivator. I always leave his sessions with an extra jump in my step, and a whole ‘backpack’ full of tools which I can apply to my daily life to make improvements in my health, my business, my relationships, and my overall well-being.”


-Matthiew Goldberg
Life Coach
Rochester N.Y.



“I have always been an intellectual, professional, spiritual woman.  And it was ironic meeting Brian when I did because I was in a period of great transition, one that came with many hardships due to a recent traumatic experience.  He helped me to “re-calibrate” my mind (as he calls it) and my life and entire state of being to help me not only get through that time but to move forward in the right direction.  I was approaching the age of 40 when I met him and my energy levels, sleeping habits, and memory were suffering, and through dietary remedies and this thing he calls “lifestyle hacking” he was able to solve those problems.  He helped me through a fast, and a cleanse, and taught me little known dietary secrets.  He then provided me with very deep holistic healing which completely rejuvenated my body and made me feel like I was in my 20’s again! Which was truly awesome!


After dealing with the “healing” aspects, Brian then provided me with professional consultations and esoteric spiritual training in meditation, shamanism and tantric yoga, which catapulted my success in life foreword and upward.  I only worked with him for a matter of months but I feel like in that time he was able to cover decades of ground and do what other therapists, coaches/mentors, and spiritual counselors haven’t ever been able to do in all the time I have spent as an adult.  I am now advancing in my career and all of my pursuits in life, and feel like the powerful person I always knew I was deep inside of me, but was somehow always held back by things.  Brian Krall is someone who can truly do what no one else can and at an expedited rate, not to mention for a lower cost.  And the results he can bring you are permanent, I cannot stress enough that your life will be forever changed from working with him.”


-Jody Taylor
Full Time Stay At Home Mother
Chicago IL



“I have been doing a personalized program with True Life Development for almost 2 months now and the work Brian and I have been doing together has been invaluable. He has literally helped me to ‘break down’ my psyche better than anyone else I have seen, and I have also worked with another Neuro-linguistic programmer in my city who has been doing NLP for 30 years. The work we have done together has made it easier for me to see some of the patterns that I am perpetuating which are not self-serving. We wrote my ‘perfect story’ together, and I have been reading it aloud every morning, and I literally feel happier, more optimistic and more energetic after I read my Perfect Story each morning. He has given me several NLP tactics to use on myself in order to stop negative trains of thought in their tracks. He has hypnotized me in-session and I have felt the hypnotic suggestions intensely. I come out feeling much more relaxed and I end up thinking back to the hypnoses occasionally during ‘regular’ life. It has been an extremely valuable experience to work with Brian and I look forward to continuing to work with him.”


Matthiew Goldberg
Spiritual Transformation Specialist
Rochester NY



“I have been very frustrated with the professional world I am faced with now that I am out of college.  I am overwhelmed with massive student loans and have a psychology degree that I have not been able to use, and have been forced to work as a waitress at a restaurant rather than as a psychologist like I should be.  I have been living in poverty and serious struggle since graduating college, and it was not supposed to be like this!  I am so glad I found True Life Development and Brian Krall who was gracious enough to provide professional consultations to me in exchange for some volunteer work for his company, since I am in a financial position where I cannot even pay my own bills.
However Brian helped me to build my professional credentials through working with his company, and gave me the invaluable opportunity to establish myself in the psychology field through working with his company, which was the only reason I was able to continue along the career path I had planned for in School.  He helped me hone my professional skills using little known tricks of the trade and taught me Neuro-Linguistic Programming, which is an incredible psychological science that I never learned about in school, but find extremely useful in my profession.  And he helped me to create a very good resume and worked on my interview skills with me, among other specialized career training such as how to self market, and about entrepreneurship.
The things True Life Development taught me and opportunities it gave me I feel I could have never gotten without it, and who knows how long I may have struggled working as a waitress having my wages garnished to pay back my student loans!  There are many people like me in this business world too, who are made to think that if you go to college you will have your life cut out for you, only to live in poverty working entry level jobs afterwards.  I am so grateful that I found True Life Development and was given the leg up so that I could actually get the career help that I needed to get into my industry, and hopefully it can help other people like me too.  I am now interviewing actively and have actually been given a couple of employment offers!  I however may not even accept them as I am actually debating whether or not to start my own private practice!  Either way I am so excited about what lies ahead for me!  The future is finally looking brighter!”


-Rachael C.
Rochester NY



“Brian has been able to help me become a more confident person. I found that before I met him I was overwhelmingly insecure and doubtful in most of my actions. Before I met him I was also lost. I wasn’t confident in my abilities to make the right decision so I would find myself not making a decision at all. Brian helped me overcome that by training me not to be so fearful. With his help, I’ve been quickly able to improve myself significantly. Now, I am able to pin point my problems and I am able to work on them without any fear”


-Jessica Mallory
Las Vegas NV



“I had a 90 minute business consultation with Brian Krall from True Life Development.  I was very impressed with how thorough he was and the topics he addressed.  He helped me understand how I needed to be more serious and opened my eyes to new things I should look into as a growing business, and gave me numerous techniques and strategies to take in improving my business, many of which I put into effect and have found success through.  He opened my mind up to new ideas and got me thinking about how to take things to the next level.  And he helped me make several course corrections to my website and business model and made me feel more confident in my abilities to grow my business in ways I could not before and increase my pay substantially.  I am doing well now and succeeding in so many ways that I was not before.


-Kaleigh Marie
Entertainer and Instructor
Edinborough PA



“Today I had a professional consultation with Brian Krall regarding my entrepreneurship and the development of my own business. He helped me with the creative wording of my job titles and professional roles I play, my personal branding, and my professional image. We also discussed figuring out my target market and how to best apply myself to it in dealing with those things. With his advice I feel like my personal brand will become much stronger and give people a much more positive, clear and more definitive sense of who I am and what I do when they hear my name and title, and that services are not going to be limited to such a small niche but that I have greatly increased my market to a much broader scope that will greatly aid me in my overall business success. I am very satisfied with my consultation with True Life Development and how I feel it is going to help me build my company, and my lifestyle as an entrepreneur.”


-Agelina S.
Spiritual Life Coach
Marbella Spain



“When I met Brian I was in a very stressed out and emotional and was going through a really crazy hectic time.  He was able to calm and center me using instant hypnotic inductions, which worked immediately were very relaxing and made me feel completely refreshed within a moment every time.  He helped me feel peaceful and at one with myself again.  In our second session together we worked together for a few hours doing Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the effects of which were intensely profound.  He helped me feel more comfortable in myself and gain control over my emotional experiences, allowing myself to feel things more vividly and have greater experiences in life.
He also helped me to understand my purpose and what is behind it emotionally within myself, and he helping me to hone in on that which drives me.  He helped me to realize my true authentic self.  He helped clear my mind of all the haze in my internal dialogue and centered me in my own voice of instinct and intuition to help guide me through life.  He brought up my past traumas in a way that felt safe and secure and was able to work with those painful memories so that they did not have a negative hold on me anymore.  And he was able to change all of the negative and painful elements within myself into positive pleasant ones which were helpful to me in my life.  And he performed a very powerful hypnotic anchoring procedure that made me feel very charged and evoked the feelings I had always wanted to, which he gave me a mechanism to re-invoke any time I wanted to.
The healing and empowering effects that Brian had on me were incredible and made me feel better than I ever have in life. And since doing my two sessions with him I have noticed a lot of difference in my life and not only how good I feel but how much more successful I am as a person.”


New York City, NY



“When I met Brian a couple years ago I was just out of high school, and was experiencing severe mental health difficulties which I was on extremely high doses of some very hardcore medications for.  He was able to help me stabilize my mental health and lifestyle, and got me off of my medications by substituting natural medicines that provided much better healthier effects.  I was then able to feel better than I had since I was a young child, and like I had been freed emotionally.  Brian also gave me specialized life training which enhanced my intelligence level as well as my personal strength by far, and helping me in everything from my career path to my spiritual path.  The year I spent working with him changed my life incredibly and I cannot begin to describe how valuable the services and training he can provide to you is.  I am writing this now because without him I feel probably would not be the mature, intelligent, successful, strong adult woman I am today.”


-Ashley S.
Accounting Student
Rochester NY



“I have dealt with bipolar disorder my whole entire life and no psychiatrist has ever been able to help me.  I have never ever felt like there was one true me until I met Brian Krall and did a few simple phone sessions with.  Brian Krall was able to effectively marginalize and then delete my lower negative “pole” with a series of special NLP techniques, starting with a parts pattern and some other hypnotic NLP scripts with special language patterns which he explained to me, and then a self actualizing time line exercise.  After three sessions with Brian I felt like myself for the first time in my life and my bipolar disorder had been corrected.  He gave me a couple exercises to do on my own on a daily basis, and anytime I feel the negative, emotional, despairing side of myself coming up again, but I haven’t.  The duplicity in my personality is finally gone and I finally feel like myself for the first time.  It is the best feeling I could have ever asked for.  This is the power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it can do in a few sessions what a decade of psychiatry and psycho-therapy often cannot even do!  Thank god I found this place!”


-T. G.
Opera Singer
New York City, New York



For Professional Coaching and Consulting


“Since meeting Brian he has coached and helped me on different key aspects of life, including how to improve my business as well as my relationships, which I have been able to do because of him. He has also done various personality profile tests on me, which helped me realize a lot about who I am, and why I do what I do. I really value the time spent with Brian and the newfound wisdom I gain from him. I highly highly recommend going to see him.”


-Lisa Kulpa
Network Marketer
Buffalo NY



“I have aspergers sydrome and through Brian Krall’s service I definitely got my money’s worth getting a better understanding of mental health and how to better take care of the situation. I learned what is and what’s not socially accepetable among peers that I’m constantly around, and most importantly in business.  Brian helped develop me as a professional entrepreneur so that I could have a career and successful adult life.  True Life Development offers a variety of detailed information regarding self improvement, from psychology to professionalism. Through this company this is is definitely a good way to better yourself, and even give great spiritual advice.  Also they offer special rates for those who are disabled or out of work, which is really great.”


-Curtis Gainey
Rochester NY



“I have done a few professional consultations with Brian Krall from True Life Development on building my own coaching business.  He gave me a lot of tips on business development, how to improve my website, how to create informational videos, branding, sales and marketing, dealing with clients and a lot of other areas of business.  He helped give me direction in getting my own business during a time that I was not really sure how to move foreward, and yet was able to make great strides thanks to his mentorship.”

-Matthiew Goldman
Life Coach
Rochester NY






Course 1 – Curing Root Causes with Dietary Secrets:


“It has only been the first lesson and I am already sold! I enjoyed the lesson to the maximum! It was more informative than I anticipated! Interesting enough, thoughts that I have pondered and information that I frequently researched was mentioned in your lesson.
Energy of the food comes into your energy field, this statement stood out to me. It actually caused a ‘U’ turn in my diet, which I am appreciative to you for. Energy is a big thing for me and I don’t want any dead or negative energy entering my energy field through food! I love to learn and the interesting facts you shared really made my day and all the days that followed :).
I can not wait to experience what is ahead!”


-Laticia D.



“In the first course, I learnt a lot about diet, how it truly affects your body and mind and why it’s important to avoid certain foods. As well as things you should include in your diet. I found the information easy to understand, though the course was extremely thorough and intensive. The course was supposed to be introductory but it gave me a very good idea of what to expect with different foods. I felt that everything was really relevant to me now and I definitely plan on taking more courses.”


-Dyani Nika
Bartender/Promo Model
Australia/New Zealand


Course 2 – Lifestyle Recalibration and Ontology:

“In this course I learned a lot about self limiting behavior and the reality of the law of attraction. Simple unconscious behaviors that actually become significant and beneficial when practiced consciously. I came to think a lot about my position in life now and where I want to be, as well as what type of person I want to be and at taking the first conscious steps toward becoming that person. I’m becoming more amazed at just how relevant the information is to me personally as to where I’m at right now in my habits, thoughts and direction in life.”

-Dyani Nika
Australia/New Zealand



For The Law Of Attraction Masterclass Workshop Series:

“I will admit that although I was interested in the LOA package I did wonder to myself if it would be worth the money because I was already familiar with the LOA as I had done my own research on it. But let me tell you that what I thought I knew about the LOA was nothing compared to what I learned from Brian’s coursework.
What stuck out for me was his realistic approach to applying the LOA. From my initial research on LOA it seemed a bit unrealistic to focus only on the positive in life and completely ignore anything negative. Brian’s coursework was super helpful in explaining how to balance the positive and negative in life. I now don’t feel bad when I do have a negative thought because he taught me how to consecutively manage negativity. So, if you are the type of person who is interested in applying the LOA, but might be afraid it won’t work for you because of negative thoughts you might have, absolutely purchase this package!
Brian will put your mind at ease and let you know it’s ok to have negative thoughts while still successfully applying the LOA to your life to manifest positive things. I’ve learned so much from this package because Brian discusses so many different aspects about the LOA that I didn’t even think about such as the physics behind the LOA. For example, did you know that water has memory? I sure didn’t. So now I’m even thinking about how to use water differently! I never saw that anywhere in the research I did on the LOA.
Like I said, in this coursework Brian teaches you so many things you can’t even find when you do research on the LOA. This invaluable knowledge was definitely worth this skeptic’s money! I also want to add that Brian personally practices these teachings on the LOA, so he’s not just feeding you BS. He bases his coursework on what has successfully worked for him. I know I am extremely grateful he has passed this knowledge on to me and has helped me to achieve success in my life through practicing the Law of Attraction. Thank you, Brian!”


Kelsey W.


New York City, New York







For Personalized Dating Programs for Men:


“At first I didn’t want help with picking up girls.  I had taken two Real Social Dynamics boot camps with Jeffy, who was a very hardcore instructor and I thought had taught me everything I needed to know.  That was until I met Brian, due to him being in a venue while I was out and the girl I was with ended up going with him instead.  That’s when I told him I wanted to learn from him.
I was resistant at first because I didn’t want to admit that I needed help.  But once I engaged in a coaching program with True Life Relationships it elevated my game to new levels in just one night!
And I had incredible and instantaneous results!  with Brian’s coaching I actually PULLED a sexy bartender back to his place with him on the first night!  You will literally get immediate results when you use his methods!
Brian has an incredibly deep understanding of every segment of the game, from opening to sex. He has an extremely deep understanding of social dynamics. He easily defined my sticking points and explained to me what I was doing wrong, how I could do it better, and most important, WHY.
Brian is a pickup and seduction genius. His theoretical understanding of the game is only exceeded by his success in the field. Out of all the other teachers and gurus I have encountered he is the best and I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him.”

-Matthiew Goldman
Life coach
Rochester NY



“I have tried many programs on Dating and Seduction, and went for PUA bootcamps, and though I have strong outer game I still feel something is lacking which I could never get from the other programs I’ve taken. After I came across Brian’s Power of you program, I learned a lot of useful practical stuff that bridged my inner and outer game, such as ontology, logotherapy, hypnosis, NLP techniques, in depth personality tests and lots of very highly technical and in depth stuff that you won’t find in the mainstream companies.  This was the missing puzzle to my true self that I needed before I could succeed in my other pursuits in life, which now I am able to do. I highly recommend this program if you want to solve your problems deep down at their root and create a lasting life-changing impact in your self that will get you the life you have always wanted!”


-Ken Chow
Financial Advisor



“I was skeptical about Brian Kralls Program at first, and since I had already studied seduction I was worried that he would just be teaching me things that I already know.  But I have been astonished with the information I have learned from him, which is incredible and has greatly changed my dating life.
Everything Brian has taught me has helped me gain a new mind blowing perspective on how to communicate with women.  I’ve learned amazing conversation skills and interaction blueprints and some very technical Neuro Linguistic Programming tactics.  Brian is very helpful with getting me to understand things that I do not and custom tailoring the program to fit my wants and needs, and is flexible with scheduling too, all of which I really like.
A high point for me that will show you what you can achieve with his program, is having sex with a virgin.  I had already been dating this girl without sex, and even broke up with her twice.  But after learning what Brian taught me I was able to get her to start pursuing me and want me to take her virginity.
I’m very fortunate and grateful that I found Brian as his course has radically changed my life and given me the ability to have the sex life I have always wanted but could never get on my own.”


-John Kopenhavn
Milwaukee Wisconsin



“It’s been more than two years since I’ve been laid. The last time I got laid, I had gotten lucky with this really cute Chinese girl that I really liked a lot. But since her, date after date, I couldn’t get another lay and have been living in forced celibacy which is very sexually frustrating. Fast forward two years later, Brian moves to Las Vegas where I live and he started coaching me in his system “The Easy Automated Girl Getting System”.
At first I was skeptical because I had a lot on my plate and didn’t think like anything was going to be able to change my life.  He helped me to redesign my image and wardrobe, He helped me with my inner game and I used his Ultimate Man Ultimate Seducer Workbook.  He helped me with my presentation and delivery and how I communicate with women.  He gave me pointers on some of the fine points of relating to women and taught me about female sexuality and dominance as well.   He helped me in field in person and I went from not even being able to get a woman to stop walking to listen to me when I was trying to meet her, to being able to command groups of hot girls attention.  More and more after a few weeks out I learned and developed a great skill set and was able to game more and more without Brian’s help.   He gave me a lot of constructive criticism along with positive feedback and I made rapid progress like I had not before with other peoples teachings in the past two
Then one night Brian had a girl he had brought out on a date with him that he let me talk to for practice and noticed that we liked each other so he let us spend some time alone and then prompted us to leave together and go back to my house and  I got laid for the first time in 2 years thanks to Brian.  And what was so amazing was that it felt so easy, it was like playing T-Ball.  Brian’s system for getting women and making sex happen is in fact EASY AND AUTOMATIC!  I highly recommend his system to anyone who is like me in that you do not have much time to go out to pick up mates and are just not having as much success with dating and the love life that you want.  Brian’s program can take you from sexual frustration to fulfillment.”


-John Betros
Poker Dealer
Las Vegas NV



“Brian Krall is a hardcore social scientist and not only highly knowledgeable in his trade but highly enlightening when he teaches.  He is so good at what he does that after just three one hour sessions with him I was able to lock down a girl I liked and had my eye on for some time, but was never able to make anything happen with.  I was skeptical at first but as soon as my first session started and Brian began teaching me I knew that he was the real deal.
The information he gave me was invaluable and worked like magic, and with immediate results!  Right after my first session I began applying the knowledge and putting it into practice and got a date with the girl I liked that weekend!  And after a couple more sessions with Brian things rapidly progressed and I am very happy to say that I am now dating the girl I have wanted for quite some time but wasn’t able to get until my sessions with Brian, and not only that but we are actually talking about becoming a couple!
I am very grateful for the incredible service that True Life Relationships provided me, and recommend it for anyone who has someone that they like but hasn’t been able to make it happen with, or you just want to be able to get more better women.”


-Matt Young
Spiritual Transformation Specialist
Rochester NY



“My very first impression of Brian over the phone made me nervous because I’ve only slept with 2 different women in my life and was sure that I would do better than that.  After struggling with the idea I finally decided to meet him for in field coaching.  He was an average looking guy and seemed kinda eccentric.  But he completely changed the way how I view interactions between humans.

He opened set after set of women regardless if the women was alone or not, he kept intriguing the people he talked to as if he could command their reality.  His energy was always upbeat and compelled people to become interested in what he was saying.   At this point I felt I was being completely taken to another plane of existence.

Afterwards we went to a couple of really upscale bars where the doctors and top earners hang out (or so it seemed).  He immediately opened the most attractive group in a venue he’s never been to, which consisted of to 2 really hots blondes (a 9 & 10 in my eyes) with 2 well dressed guys and instantly appeared to be high status that made a doctor become a little insecure bitch around him.  That completely blew me away.  This is a really high class place and he was able to fit in and socially dominate these people even though hes not from the same economic bracket.

Moving forward into the night, we entered 4 more night clubs.  He opened one 2 sets in one club, with 2 of the hottest girls in the club.  My jaw dropped to the floor just watching him working his magic as I’ve never witness such a thing before in my life.  These 2 girls were with 2 other guys and their “dates” completely disappeared into the night after Brian dominated the conversation and made them feel like they couldn’t compete.  I’ve never witnessed anything like this!  He opens, keeps the ladies engaged and when he exchanged numbers with the hottest girl she actually claimed she had already planned to stalk him out on facebook!  He actually made the girls want to pursue HIM!

And not only did I get to witness a demonstration of these skills, but he broke everything down for me and taught me all the theories behind what he was doing.  He would pull me aside after each sets and explain the social interactions and everything that was going on, and then gave me a full discourse on the science and philosophy of it afterwards when we were back it his place.   He taught me about the psychology of women, the feminine and masculine energy, the little things you do to get gain momentum and view life as an abundance and not scarcity.   That night completely changed how I view male/female social dynamics and gave me so much more understanding of them that I never knew before.  And what’s more is that he taught me how to social network and become high social status, how to work bouncers in clubs and get in for free…a total lifestyle that was a really transformative experience for me to be exposed to.  Brian has so much knowledge to offer.

In conclusion, Brian is a great instructor because he pushed me and encouraged me to open on women without forcing me too hard because he understood I’m a complete newbie and so he just gave me little things to do to build momentum, which really helped me get outside of my comfort zone and opened me to the possibility of a new social and sexual life.  He gave me the power to change and choose my lifestyle.”

-Tom M.


Buffalo NY



“I was skeptical on if Brian Krall was the real deal, and if any of this stuff actually worked or was just a bunch of marketing gimmicks.  However when I met Brian he radiated with qualities that I sought to develop further within myself.  He was very confident but I wondered if he was all talk, but when I saw him in action he blew my mind.  He would just walk up to girls and do completely bold things like using hilariously overt romantic gestures that make girls squeal with delight and literally start screaming and fighting over him.  I literally saw him go up to group after group of girls giving the girls flowers and telling them he loved them and having them react with extreme supplication.   He has some serious magic he works that I just had to learn.
Through personalized 1 on 1 coaching I analyzed strengths as well as weaknesses to better build my inner game.  Together we discovered and destroyed limiting beliefs I had about myself.  He helped me to cultivate my inner most self dealing with my own psychology before dealing with social science and practice, and really got me in touch with who I am as a person, really developing my identity.  He then went on to help me cultivate an outer image that really helped to display my ideal self to the world which alone greatly improved my confidence and social status, resulting in being welcomed very well by the people I met.
I hadn’t wanted to deal with the “Inner game” stuff and simply had wanted to get out there and learn how to “pick up women” but he insisted that this was not about just going out and picking up women, and he had a step by step program for my self actualization in terms of love and romance, so I decided to give myself to his program and do the work involved (and there was work involved, even home work), but I found when I did so I excelled greatly.  He balances between “Inner game” and “Outer game” immaculately in a way that gives you the greatest possible foot hold on who you are and how you operate as a social being.  His step by step program helped me to build social networking routines that took me from open to close easily and effectively.
Brian balanced a focusing on a “playing of the field” as a numbers game in general and focusing on the specific situations I was in with the women I was already dating.  He also stressed a focus on both “day game” and “night game” respectively, as well as “social circle game”, and was able to much improve my social networking skills an show me what it is like to be a “man about town”.  It was a lot of work but the more work I did the more progress I made, and it was also an extreme amount of fun to be in the field socializing and getting women with such effectiveness.  As sessions via phone, email and in person went by I began to feel myself transform into the quintessential images of a “ladies man” I held within my head.
Brian’s multi-faceted approach was what he called “holistic” involving the physical, mental, and spiritual in addition to the sociological, and so my very dynamic lifestyle transformation was a complete and total one.  As days turned into weeks and weeks into months learned that becoming a Venusian artist was more than just cheap pickup lines.  But rather, I am now becoming a master romantic that has the love life that I always wanted, all thanks to Brian and his Easy Automated Mate Getting System program!  Not only am I achieving my dream life, but I am feeling exactly like the person I always wanted to be!”

-David Campman
Technical Support
Rochester NY



“I have engaged in a month of weekly workshops with Brian Krall of True Life Relationships, consisting of two hours of in class teaching, and several hours of in field practice (along with one introductory intake session to start), and the results have been awe striking.  Brian helped me to transform my image into that of a fashionable, classy gentleman and made me feel like a totally new person, one who caught women’s eye a lot more than I used to when we started going out in field.  It was overwhelming and difficult at first, because even though I am a body builder who is considered very attractive by most standards, and I consider myself very masculine and am confident in most aspects of life…for some reason when I met Brian I felt terrified at the idea of approaching attractive women.
When I started my workshops with True Life Relationships my last girlfriend had dumped me 9 months prior and left me heartbroken and I hadn’t had the ability to socialize meaningfully, much less romantically, with women since then…and anytime I contemplated approaching a woman I was interested in I experienced crippling “approach anxiety” and couldn’t bring myself to do it, and even found myself acting awkward when women would talk to me.  However I will always remember the first time we went out in field together and I experienced those feelings so intensely, but Brian helped ease me through them and diligently coached me through the motions to get me into functional conversations with women.
On the first in field session he eased me into most of the interactions by opening the sets himself and then integrating me into the group, but pushed me to open a few sets on my own and I did so.  He then gave me homework to do to improve between sessions and I found that the next day after the workshop I felt like a changed man..  So I did my homework that week and when I came back for the next workshop Brian said that I had made 100% improvement in between sessions.
On the second workshop Brian took things to the next level, dealing more with group dynamics and merging groups, and coached me along so that I wouldn’t fall back into my old patterns, which I didn’t.  It was still a bit overwhelming but I stayed confident, calm and cool and at the end of the night I actually had the hottest girl in the bar who I had talked to come up to me and offer me her phone number, and we talked throughout the next few weeks.
After the second session I was able to start using the methods I was learning in workshop in my own life, and even picked up a hot girl from my gym that week and got her out on a date and had sex for the first time in almost a year!!  I cant begin to describe how amazing that was for me!  I felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I continued to improve and progress with both my inner and outer game and after the third workshop I noticed that my whole lifestyle had changed and that things were starting to go well with every girl I talked to!  Then after just one month of classes I was seeing the hot girl from the gym consistently and were considering becoming a couple!  I wish I had known that changing my life was going to be this easy, quick, or cheap so I could have done it earlier!  True Life Relationships has given me the gift of happiness and romantic fulfillment, which is one of the greatest things a man can have in life.  Thank you!”

-Sean Parker
Truck Driver
Rochester NY


And here are a couple of video testimonials from men who took my programs:




Testimonials For Personalized Relationship Development Programs for Women:


“I was stuck in a pattern of unhealthy relationships until I met Brian Krall from True Life Relationships and had a session with him. In only one session he was able to pinpoint the root of my problems and help me to change this problem pattern permanently.  Now I am finally dating men who are good for me and enjoying a much healthier dating lifestyle.”

-Emily Hilton
Exotic Dancer & Home Health Care Aid
Rochester NY



“After one session of coaching with Brian Krall, I’m left with three impressions that will lead to another session:
First, Brian obviously has an extensive knowledge of the theories and psychologies that implicate attraction. He is also able to clearly explain, and bring that information together into a story about why my dating life is non-existent.
Second, Brian has a good understanding of my personality. He is able to predict the problems I run into as an introverted, smart, strong personality, and makes insightful suggestions for improvement (such as talking about less academic subjects when in a flirting context). He set goals that feel attainable given my personality and lack of cold approach experience. As he described approaches, he took care to emphasize his favorite techniques and recommend techniques compatible with the ways I relate.
Third, Brian’s advice for women completely counters the passivity recommended by most dating books for women, so our conversation definitely wasn’t a re-tread of things I already know. I find passivity frustrating and dismal, so his recommended approach also makes me more excited about the process of finding someone right for me.”
Addendum:  After just two sessions with Brian I was able to secure a relationship with the exact type of man I wanted who has been my boyfriend for 9 months now!  Thank you Brian!

-Jennifer Coleman
Princeton University PA



“Meeting Brian quickly changed my life. He made me feel like a beautiful woman, and made me realize the truth about seduction and what it really is.  It’s a gift to experience and learn what I did from him.  I am overweight and do not feel very attractive, but want to be able to talk to and get much more attractive men…and knowledgeable men.  Brian helped me become more comfortable with being socially proactive and feel much better about myself and more confident.
Brian taught me highly specialized dating strategies and that dating is just another form of networking that should be treated like lead generation.  He was able to help me hone my skills from past sales jobs towards my social life.  The teaching he offered not only consisted of a formal study of the art of seduction, but practical field work as well, which was able to rapidly transform my lifestyle into what I wanted it to be, as well as myself as a social person.
Through the use of NLP, hypnotic anchoring, guided meditation and energy work he reprogrammed me so that I now feel the way I always wanted to feel as a True Authentic Woman.  He has changed my life forever and how I live in society, as I am much more successful on both my social life and business now.  And I am finally seeing a man that I really like and feel as though is of high value to me!  The gift I have received from True Life Relationships isn’t something worth so much more than the mere price I paid for my few sessions with Brian.  It was truly invaluable.  I am finally in the place I always wanted to be in life thanks to him and his company, and incredible knowledge and skill set!

-Erin C.
Network Marketer
Rochester NY



For Sex Education Teachings & Trainings:


“Brian Krall’s instruction helped my sexual life and now me and my girlfriend are having a lot of fun in bed and she cant get enough of it. Thanks!”

-Sean Buck
(Comment taken from the TLR Sexuality Youtube Channel)


“I followed Brian Kralls instructions and got THE BLOWJOB of a life time my gf got loaded with cum haha”

-Omar Nawary
USA(Comment taken from the TLR Sexuality Youtube Channel)


“I’ve always been the MAN in my relationship. But over 15 years somewhere I gave my wife my balls . So I’d been having Erectile dysfunction lately and didn’t know why. Then I found True Life Relationships Sex teachings.  After learning about dominance I went home grabbed her by her hair and face fucked her.   Now I’m hard as a rock and have no more E.D.!  She was all smiles and cuddled upto me like I her master just like the old days.  Thanks Brian.”

-Byron Jolly
(Comment taken from the TLR Sexuality Youtube Channel)


“Brian Krall changed me. I had just turned 30 not too long ago and had a sort of mini mid-life crisis. I was with a man that wasn’t meeting my needs, working where I wasn’t being treated right, and living in the middle of nowhere. So I decided to fix all that. I broke up with that man, I left that job, and I moved.
After spending much needed time alone, I decided I was ready to start dating again. But I knew I needed to do something different, so I found Brian and began my journey to redeveloping myself and finding my true sexuality.
Brian gave me a great sexual education and taught me many things. Through my sessions with him I found my deepest desires and fantasies could be fulfilled by becoming a submissive in a BDSM lifestyle, more specifically I became a “Daddy’s” baby girl. This sexual awakening has had a profound psychological effect on me. I used to struggle with anxiety and depression. After finding my Daddy and giving myself to him entirely, those problems I had went away. My Daddy is in control and all I have to do is obey. I don’t have to worry anymore. I know that I am loved through each punishment to make me stronger and each reward that reinforces our bond. It is a very fulfilling sexual dynamic.
Brian also taught me about sensuality and how to engage my entire body during sex and become more orgasmic, and also helped me learn how to squirt for the first time in my life through vaginal massage.
I owe Brian for helping me find myself and undergo this great sexual transformation which has allowed me to fulfill my fantasies. Without him I would probably be dating like I always had, having mediocre sex while feeling anxious and questioning myself the entire time. His teachings have markedly improved my sexual abilities as well, allowing me to give and receive greater pleasure than I ever have. I highly recommend taking his sex god/dess program for anyone who wants to have the best sex life possible.”

-Erin Sullivan
Veterinary Technician
Rochester NY



Reviews From Other Dating Coaches & Sex Educators:


“My sex life at first was very disappointing, even though I am a ladies man and have actually already been in the dating industry for some time I just could not get girls to orgasm. I was trying so hard to give the girls I was with the orgasm that they always wanted, but it always ended up with me coming to early during sex. I could see the disappointment on the girls face and this was embarrassing for me too. I felt hopeless and wasn’t sure I would ever be able to solve this problem, but I desperately needed to.  I searched for “how to give a girl an amazing orgasm” and found Brian Krall’s sex teachings. I was amazed by the free content, as well as his very powerful and affordable products.
Brians tools are easy to understand, learn to use and apply to your sex life.  In fact the very first time I used his oral sex system I made a girl come 5 times in just 30 minutes!  And also with his system I was able to teach the girl how she could give me the best blow job ever.  WOW it was amazing.  These sex teachings are a huge boost to my sex life, relationships and personal confidence.  And it also has one a extra benefit: The girls are now lining up because they want more! And as they do, I am there with the tools Brian Krall gave me to pleasure them and myself more and more!”

-Robin Alexander
Writer and Dating Coach
The Reboot Program



“Brian is one of the most dynamic and inspiring relationship coaches, sexual educators and all around mentors I have ever met!!! He is brilliant and insightful beyond words. He holds an exquisite presence and doesn’t miss a thing! He is extremely organized and can pull together a multitude of tasks and topics.
But on top of it all he is Master in the art of intimacy, sexuality and love. Very few people can carry the full repertoire of depth that he can in these fields, with such a quick mind and open heart. A beautiful and powerful combination. He is kind and loving in a fierce and raw way, and in that way he can enlighten you and help you reach new greater levels in your love life, and any other aspects of your life as well.He has helped me a lot with my own business as a sex therapist, and that says a lot about him.
Brian has an incredible series of products and programs for all types of individuals in various formats to fit whatever is the best way for you to take in and integrate information into your life. I highly recommend working with Brian individually by taking his monumental new “Ultimate Sex God/dess Training Program”. He is loads of fun to work and play with!
Thank you for the work you do in the world Brian and illuminating my path.”

-Nadine Keller, MA,
Sex Therapist



“Brian Krall may get a lot of controversy and even haters because of his tell all manner of speaking. But the truth is that this makes him better than any other teacher out there because he teaches about the things that everyone else is afraid to talk about, and he says things that no one else will say, even though they really do need to be said.  In fact, Brian Krall is like a God among coaches.  There is a saying here in Brazil that every therapist needs a therapist and I believe that every coach needs a coach.  And for them, there is Brian from True Life Development, because he is the next level teacher in the industry that operates above everyone else.
Brian has played a major role guiding me through a transformation in both my personal dating life and also my career as a professional dating coach. I have been a Dating coach for six years with a background in Pick Up Artistry.  However dedicated myself entirely to this career and the pick up artist lifestyle, I began to feel like this lifestyle was actually toxic for me and was actually destroying the possibility of me having meaningful relationships.   I was starting to fall into depression when I met Brian because I felt like the toxicity of the PUA community was starting to infect me and bring me down, and that I needed to detoxify myself from it. The pickup industry is had gotten very shallow, they don’t work the spiritual side of sex and relationships and they tend to become narcissists and soulless players.  But Brian is also a spiritual teacher and he has truly inspired me and helped me regain my sense of spirit and get on the right track to getting the love life I want.
I have been working with Brian for almost a year now, and have shared many of my problems and deepest thoughts and feelings with him. Brian is a great listener and has an amazing talent for understanding the complexities of human emotion and social dynamics.   His words are comforting and also give a very clear understanding and vision of what you need to do to get to where you want to be.   He has has a deep intellect, and often says incredibly wise things about your situation that will cause profound revelations in you.   And he always has such a profound understanding of what I am going through and how to help me navigate the complexities of the dating world and the social issues associated with it, and trying to have better relationships with better women. He always provides clear cut answers to your questions and the most logical solutions to your problems, so that you are always able to succeed in the ways you want to.   And he is able to give the best objective advice and provide clear actionable steps for the problems that you share with him so that every time you meet with him he is taking you step by step towards where you want to be.
The reason I have said that Brian should be a God among coaches and that every coach needs him is because his paradigm is different than every other professional I have met in the dating and relationship industry.  He just operates on a higher level than everyone else.  And he has a much greater social vision and is working to create greater social change than anyone out there. He was able to free me from my own limitations and cell that I had put myself into.  And he is an especially great teacher for me and anyone else in the dating, relationship and sex ed industry because he can teach you how your knowledge in these areas can actually be applied to be successful in other areas of life as well. He has actually helped me with my business development and professional re-branding and helped me to be able to do other things that I am very passionate about such as body language and other social dynamics, instead of pick up artistry, which I am very happy about and has allowed me to have a much better reputation. He has also helped me to cultivate a much more meaningful approach to my teaching which has helped me greatly with my customer satisfaction and retention.
But aside from helping me improve my dating life and career, perhaps most ultimately Brian has helped me to shift my paradigm and raise my consciousness to live a much more meaningful, purposeful and spiritual lifestyle.  So for those who are looking to better yourselves and your life, and live more purposely and powerfully, Brian can help you to become more successful in the ways you want.  Whether it be getting the love and sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies, or becoming the person that you want to be and achieving a higher state of being, or developing yourself professionally and building a business, especially if you are a coach, teacher or leader of any kind, I highly recommend Brain Krall.  He is simply the best professional out there who is guaranteed to get you to exactly where you want to be in life, just as he has helped me in my evolution as a dating coach.  And I would specifically recommend his Social & Business Networking 101 Masterclass, as well as his Ultimate Sex God Training Program For The Sex Life Of Your Dreams because I can tell you first hand that these two specific courses are just amazing and will get you the social and sexual life of your dreams.”

-John Abran
Dating Coach & Social Dynamics Instructor
Rio De Janiero, Brazil



For Relationship Counseling:

“I have engaged in relationship coaching and counseling with True Life Relationships. I was in a time in my life where I was not using my communication skills knowledge effectively in my present relationship and it was effecting the trust and causing my relationship to fail. Brian Krall was able to help me with that. He has helped me think, act and respond more clearly to my partner in my life and not allow my weaknesses and neediness cause damage in my love life. He designed a plan to overcome setbacks I may have in the future, and that can arise, and are preventable before they occur.


Brian Krall has helped me to regain trust with my girlfriend and soul mate when she was breaking up with me and would not talk to or see me because I had broken trust. I wasn’t sure how the situation could be helped but I signed us both up for Brian’s Relationship Counseling and through doing individual sessions and doing couples sessions together I was able to rebuild trust and regain my relationship with her. She herself said that her sessions with Brian had been very helpful. I feel like his program is different than other relationship coaches out there and a very exemplary one because it is very sociological in nature and not only gives you a detailed blue print for how to behave and communicate with partners, but it takes your own setbacks and weaknesses and eradicates those through effective communication skills.


This relationship program is very beneficial because Brian will effectively show you methods and strategies to make you good with the opposite sex and help you in your dating and personal development by helping you step by step in your relationship and your own personal growth to get to where you want to be most ultimately. The costs for this material are an investment that should last a lifetime. I am very grateful to the True Life Relationships program for how it helped me, thank you Brian!”

-John Kopenhavn
Milwaukee Wisconsin



“At first I wasn’t sure if Brian could help me, I had seen his stuff online and used some of his products so I knew how good he was, but my family made me skeptical because they pointed out that he did not have a college degree.  However after doing a free consultation with Brian I knew that he was the one to help me solve my problems.  And I signed up for a program with him which has really helped me to reach my goals in a very systematized step by step manner that has worked quite quickly.  And after working on my personalized problems and goals Brian has also helped me with relationship and family counseling, which has helped me to improve my relationships with the very people who were skeptical of him not having a degree, but then also could see the value in what he did and benefited from it as well.  It was an invaluable service I received in a time of great stress that has helped me to overcome my problems and get to the places I wanted in life and with my relationships.  Thank you Brian.”

-Kristina Leady
Certified Nurses Assistant
Iowa City Iowa


For True Life Spirituality



“I recently had an I Ching reading from Isantis Tao.  I was very satisfied by my reading. I was hesitant at first because I had received a reading before, by someone else, and it didn’t make any sense to me. So I had my doubts about I ching. Not only did Brian give me an accurate reading, but he also explained thoroughly the meanings of the symbols and their possible interpretation. It was very eye opening and informative, all of the things I had been concerned with where brought to light and I discovered how to handle things appropriately and got a lot out of it.”

-Brandon Harrison
Kadoka, South Dakota


“My husband and a couple friends and I attended a few of Isantis Tao’s introductory meditation classes and I must say I was very pleasantly surprised. We had always been interested in meditation but never been able to find a class that really made us feel like we knew what we were doing.  It was always very confusing as to what we were supposed to do, what we were supposed to think of, how we were supposed to sit, etc.   Isantis made it all very clear, from the posture, which he taught us how to properly relax into while maintaining a straight back, to what to do with our thoughts.  He provided us with special pillows which made it easier to sit, and he even sold them to us at a reduced price for attending the class.  Meditation as he taught it seemed so easy and enjoyable!  Not at all the frustrating task it had been the times I’d tried it before!
What I realized separated him from the other meditation instructors I had encountered in the past, was that they all had just been basically giving us “guided” meditation when we would attend, without actually teaching us what to do so that we could practice meditation on our own, so we never really learned the skill of how to meditate.  However at True Life Development, we were taught the actual skill of how to practice meditation.  Isantis even specifically said that he was not here to make us dependant upon him as a guide and have us coming back to his class every time we wanted to meditate, only doing so once a week.  He said his goal as an instructor in True Life Development was to teach people skills they could use in their own daily life, and that meditation was something that should be practiced daily and he was here to teach us how to do it so we could in our own home.


After attending his classes I started practicing meditation and have been routinely ever since, the benefits of which are many, most of all a greater sense of peace of mind in my very crazy professional life, which is something I very much needed and is invaluable to me as a business woman.  If you are looking to learn real skills to implement in your life, it seems that True Life Development is the place to go.”

Jennifer  D.
-Rochester NY



Testimonials and Recognition From Esteemed Colleagues:



“Brian is one of the most dynamic and inspiring life coaches, sexual educators and business mentors I have ever met!!! He is brilliant and insightful beyond words. He holds an exquisite presence and doesn’t miss a thing! He is kind and loving in a fierce and raw way.


He demonstrated a multitude of ways of improving my business and supported me in my highest possible potential while remaining authentic to my own voice. He is extremely organized and can pull together a multitude of tasks and topics.


A master of Mystic Knowledge, he also is a clear channel for pure Gnosis, bridging intellect and reason with Spirituality and Ancient Traditions. On top of all of this he is Master in the art of intimacy, sexuality and love. Very few people can carry the full repertoire of depth that he can in these fields, with such a quick mind and open heart. A beautiful and powerful combination.


Brian has an incredible series of products for all types of individuals in various formats to fit whatever is the best way for you to take in and integrate information into your life. I highly recommend working with Brian individually, taking his courses and reading his books and listening to his dynamic podcast. And he is loads of fun to work and play with!


Thank you for the work you do in the world Brian and illuminating the path.

~ Nadine Keller, MA,
Sex Therapist



“I have known and worked with Brian Krall for several years and can honestly say that he represents a rare mix of scientific thinking and a growth oriented interpersonal nature.  I have learned great amounts from him as a mentor and he has helped me not only achieve great epiphanies in life but create great change as well.  No matter what the topic teaching is – popular psychology, natural and alternative medicine, holistic healing and health care, spirituality and religion, evolution, sex, sociology and socio-politics, art and even cooking – I ALWAYS come out of the discussion invigorated and enlightened.  In regard to the heightening of consciousness – this point I stress – I would trust no one else as my guide.”

-Mark Svaboda
Villanova University


“I have worked with Isantis on an experimental music project and observed him in other work as well as consulted with him on many subjects. He is on a spiritual quest and never stops seeking out new knowledge and his knowledge base is very vast and Isantis is versed in many esoteric subjects and continues to increase his knowledge base all the time.  Being well read myself, I can vouch for his knowledge of science and spirituality as well as his dedication and skill as a professional self help coach, shaman/yogi, and social scientist.”

-Andrew Daily
From The Vibrational Transmutation Project
Rochester NY



Spiritual Recognition From Religious Officials:


“I have known Brain for several years as a member of the Sri Vidya Temple. Over these years my conversations with him have always been fruitful and nurturing.  He has shown himself to be a very educated, thoughtful, and deeply spiritual man who can assess and help kindly and humbly.


Only recently have I chosen to actually extend my relationship with Brian beyond the friendly, intellectual discussion and seek formal spiritual advice from him.  He even performed an I Ching divination for me which I found quite exciting and impressive.


The simplicity of I Ching, which he illustrated to me, may suggest than anyone could do it. But, the depth of insight that Brian was able provide was startling and refreshing, and astonishingly personal in the specific insights it gave me into my life and situations. It showed that he was an experienced expert who could see patterns amidst confusing and contradicting elements of worldly life.


I would recommend Brian’s guidance to anyone as he has shown himself to be careful, selfless, and trustworthy in providing counsel and life direction that I feel could be of benefit to everyone out there.”

-“Sraddhananda” (Gratuz Devanason)
Tantric Upasaka of Sri Vidya
Sri Rajarajeswari Peetham – Sri Vidya Tantric Temple of Western New York


“Brian Krall is a dear brother of mine. I’ve known him for over a decade. I have seen his spiritual growth and deem it miraculous. When we first met he did not acknowledge that God existed but always had a strong interest in truth, wisdom, and elevation of thought. Through the years I have witnessed personally God being manifested in his life, transforming him and producing deep spiritual revelation within him. Through fellowship with him I have seen the evidence of his connectivity with God, and his ability to exercise it in his everyday life. I love him dearly as a brother and always feel edified when we interact.”

-Br. Khente Koram
Christian Minister
Speak Life Ministries – Buffalo NY