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Is Pleasure Spiritually Meaningful? – The Secret Spiritual Philosophy of Hedonism Revealed!

The Spiritual Merit Of Pleasure & Hedonism

What Is “Spiritual Hedonism?”





Is hedonism spiritual?  Could a pleasure centric lifestyle actually have spiritual value, and not be as “wrong” and “immoral” as Christianity says?
Well let’s explore the philosophical world of spiritual hedonism and see what hedonism really means spiritually to those who are not rigid Christians who wish to never enjoy the pleasures of life.
Luckily, these are not very complicated topics, so we can keep it simple.

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What Is Shamanism? The Most Mind Blowing Subject Is Exposed In Full Here!

What Is Shamanism Really?

The Most Mind Boggling Subject Fully Exposed Here…






Shamanism – What It Is: The Basics



To many people the word shaman is a stereotype which conjures vague images of an archaic and crude form of earth based magician. Oftentimes this word has dark connotations, ones of black magic or things relating to the underworld. Oftentimes people feel as though it is a native American title that most directly translates to “medicine man” or “witch doctor,” and refers to someone known for eccentricity, schizophrenic fits and other wild behavior who speaks of spirits and the spiritual realm in misty, ambiguous metaphors and far out aphorisms that don’t really apply or make sense to the rational mind of the average well grounded person.




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29 Types of Erotic Touch for Maximizing Your Sensual Pleasure More Than Ever! (OMG)



29 Types of Erotic Touch

For Maximizing Your Sexual Pleasure

Through Foreplay and Sensual Play



It is no secret that most people out there are not having the best sex that they can possibly have.  This is because they are not being as sensually engaging as they can be in sex.  It is a great complaint among women that men usually skip foreplay and then ejaculate too fast, and sex becomes a “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of thing that produces little to no pleasure for the women, and minimal pleasure for the man as well.  This is why most people have very boring monotonous sex lives that they are not satisfied with, and causes most sexual relationships to end at some point due to the couples sexual frustrations and how they can affect the whole relationship.



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What Is Love Really? The Complete Science Explained Here!





What is “Love” Really?

The Complete Science Explained!




In this article I am going to be talking about and explaining the actual science of everyone’s favorite topic:  LOVE!


Love is the biggest thing that everyone seeks after in life.  That or something resembling love.  It is one of the greatest human desires, and not only that but one of the greatest human needs.  But why is that?


It’s not just because love feels better than anything else in this world (next to sex of course, which is a part of love).  Its because of what is behind those good feelings and why exactly love feels so good.  You see love is actually a function of evolutionary psychology that is very meaningful….but not in the ways that you think!



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Inspirational Philosophical Poetry To Raise Your Spirits & Make You Think

The following selection of inspirational, philosophical and spiritual poetry is taken from the first volume of my “Spirit Metamorphosis” book series, which is the documentation of my own spiritual journey of holistic personal development, and the revelations that occurred as my mental processes evolved through it.  I have selected for you here some basic introductory poetry samples to give you just a taste of what you get in the books (which gets much more intellectually/spiritually deep and intense).  Enjoy, and be sure to click the link below and stay tune for another posting of poetry samples in the future.


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A Basic 3 Part Law Of Attraction Formula For Getting What You Want In Life Revealed Here!

The Law Of Attraction –

A Basic 3 Pronged Blueprint

For Getting What You Want In Life




The Law of Attraction Philosophy is a Secret of Success for many people these days, and a big popular trend among many people from business people to new age spiritualists.  However there are still many people who do not know what it is,and many of the people who have gotten into the philosophy actually do not have a very accurate understanding of it, for much of the introductory information out there on it that has taught these people is meant to be abstract and not definitive.  So I am here to really definitively elucidate and illustrate what the law of attraction is exactly, in a much more scientific way than most people who teach it do, and to give you a basic three law blueprint of the law of attraction.



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The Secrets Of Esoteric Yoga’s For Attaining Enlightenment Revealed Here!



Yoga, which means “Spiritual Practice” in Hinduism, practiced by Hindu devotee’s called “Yogi’s”.  There is a form of it that has been trending for quite some time as a popular form of exercise  And it is one of the most Ancient Sciences of Holistic Personal Development and Spirituality, having been practiced by the Hindu’s of India for thousands of years. The greatest purpose and highest goal of Yoga is attainment of higher states of being, empowerment, enlightenment, and what are called “boons” (meaning blessings/powers achieved through devotional spiritual practices), and even magick. These days, people generally only recognize “Hatha” Yoga, which is an important Yoga, but the truth is that that is just a preliminary to other greater Yoga’s.  Hatha Yoga is the familiar type done with different stretching poses as you can see pictures of here, which is meant to conduct energies through the body and condition the body and prepare it for meditation and greater Yogas.  However unfortunately even the way it is taught now excludes the energy work aspects and other spiritual aspects, and is entirely fitness based, which has rendered it no longer even true Hatha Yoga.  All of the Sanskrit terminology has now been replaced with English words, which as any academic knows, without the proper cultural terminology, credibility is negated.  And it has been even further corrupted by the fact that this adulterated form of it it has been turned into big business, wherein classes, retreats, and even “yoga certifications” are sold at high prices, and even new age “yoga clothes” are sold, which ironically are not the actual types of clothing that Yogi’s traditionally wore.





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