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How To Use The Law Of Attraction In Dating To Get The Love Life Of Your Dreams Revealed Here!



Dating With The Law of Attraction

To Get Your Ideal Mate




The Law of Attraction states that you will get what you think about and visualize getting.  However in dating that is not often the case.  You don’t attract who you want, or imagine yourself getting, or think you should get. You attract who you are.  Because as the law of attraction states, “like attracts like”.  And so you shouldn’t be dating unless you have as much or more to offer as you need to receive in a partner.  Because if you are approaching dating from a standpoint of wanting/needing something(s) from someone else due to a feeling of lack from within yourself, and not having much to offer that person, you are not going to attract someone who will fulfill your needs, but rather someone who will similarly be looking for someone to take from in a vicious circle of vampirically using each other and causing a constant energy deficit in both people, like being stuck in an energy vacuum.  This is why so many people end up in partnerships based upon taking from one another that is mutually diminishing rather than mutually fulfilling.  But relationships should be about mutual fulfillment, growth and synergy together, not mutual diminishing each other.  Luckily through The Law Of Attraction you can create that kind of synergy.



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