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The 30 Most Important Ways To Get & Keep A Quality Man (And You Won’t Without Them)

One thing that really pains me as someone who educates people about dating and relationships is when I see all the bad advice out there that is given to women.  Most women get the worst advice from friends and family who aren’t experts and are just saying things that they think sound good, and even from dating coaches which really only tell women what they want to hear because they know they will make more money doing so.  The truth is that this information they are getting is hurting them, not helping them.  Because of that more women are single than ever before and this is largely due to all of the misinformation they get about dating and how to get into a good relationship with a quality man.  This is in part due to the fact that they would rather be listening to advice that sounds nice or tells them things that they want to hear rather than advice that is true and practical and works.  But eventually I suppose any of these women will have to get frustrated enough to want to actually face the facts and learn the truth about what they actually need to know and what will work.  And that is what I am going to give you here.  As a man, who can assure you from talking to thousands of other men over the years that these are the 30 things definitive things that will make or break a relationship with a man.  And coincidentally these are the 30 main things that most women are doing totally wrong in dating and I’m sure are the main causes of them not being able to get or keep a quality guy.  So here to make sure you now can, I give you the 30 do’s and don’t’s of how to get and keep a quality man.



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Relationships Contracts – Everything You Need To Know About Successful Relationship Structure

What Are Relationships?





Relationships all begin for the same basic reason.  We have someone who we find agreeable enough that we find ourselves in accord with them on a number of things, and so we think to ourselves, “I like this person, I would like to sign up to spend more time with them.”  Sociologically speaking a relationship is simply a social construct in which two people are continuing to interact over a prolonged period of time. In other words, they continue to sign up to interact over time, and their mutual agreement to do so forms the basis of their relationship, and their series of interactions, forms their relationship itself.  Likewise relationships all end for the same basic reason.  People think to themselves “This isn’t’ what I signed up for, I do not agree to this.”  It may not be those exact words verbatim, but it will be some version of that, such as “I am not ok with this”, or “this doesn’t work for me”, or “I do not like this or want this anymore”, or “I did not know it was going to end up being like this, this isn’t what I wanted.”  But whatever the cause they either do not find the person/situation/relationship agreeable anymore, and/or did not know that it was going to be like this and that this is what they had inadvertently agreed to when they signed up for their relationship (which they would not have agreed to if they had known and wish they had known sooner).  So they exit their arrangement.


That is what a relationship is.  It is a social agreement, a verbal contract.  Something that you commit to and sign up for, with some sort of mutual understanding between the two of you that you are going to maintain this arrangement and things are going to be a certain way between you two.  However as the relationship ages and undergoes different situations and circumstances, different things come into play.  The relationship may have started out with a certain basic agreement, but that basic agreement will not have taken into consideration everything that could possibly come into play over the course of the time you are going to be together.  These things cause complications, because the partners never discussed them and what the agreement is supposed to be about them, and they may feel different ways about them.


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WARNING! – These Types Of People Are Incapable Of Healthy Relationships (AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!)

The Types Of People Who Are

Incapable Of A Healthy Relationships:

The “Dark Triad” Person





Most people out there have been in unhealthy relationships before.  And oftentimes you found yourselves caught in these situations because your partner made you believe that they really cared about you, wanted to have a healthy relationship with you and were capable of one, and were willing to do what it took to make the relationship work, and that you could trust them in all of that.  But no matter how much they made you believe these things, the relationship never ended up being healthy.




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29 Types of Erotic Touch for Maximizing Your Sensual Pleasure More Than Ever! (OMG)



29 Types of Erotic Touch

For Maximizing Your Sexual Pleasure

Through Foreplay and Sensual Play



It is no secret that most people out there are not having the best sex that they can possibly have.  This is because they are not being as sensually engaging as they can be in sex.  It is a great complaint among women that men usually skip foreplay and then ejaculate too fast, and sex becomes a “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of thing that produces little to no pleasure for the women, and minimal pleasure for the man as well.  This is why most people have very boring monotonous sex lives that they are not satisfied with, and causes most sexual relationships to end at some point due to the couples sexual frustrations and how they can affect the whole relationship.



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What Is Love Really? The Complete Science Explained Here!





What is “Love” Really?

The Complete Science Explained!




In this article I am going to be talking about and explaining the actual science of everyone’s favorite topic:  LOVE!


Love is the biggest thing that everyone seeks after in life.  That or something resembling love.  It is one of the greatest human desires, and not only that but one of the greatest human needs.  But why is that?


It’s not just because love feels better than anything else in this world (next to sex of course, which is a part of love).  Its because of what is behind those good feelings and why exactly love feels so good.  You see love is actually a function of evolutionary psychology that is very meaningful….but not in the ways that you think!



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