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The Worst Ideas & Advice About Dating, Love, Sex & Relationships (FUNNY!)

The 25 Worst Ideas & Advice About Dating, Love, Sex & Relationships That You Most Commonly Hear In Society




We’ve all heard it before.  Floating around in society there are tons of bad ideas and advice and other messages about dating, love, sex and relationships that we get fed one way or another through our social conditioning.  These may be told to you in a more or less direct manner by someone who knows you are in a relevant situation, or they may be more abstract ideas that are simply widely accepted by the consensus but not really spoken about explicitly.  Either way, none of these ideas are talked about literally or in depth, because the more explicitly you speak about them, the more absurd they seem.


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WARNING! – These Types Of People Are Incapable Of Healthy Relationships (AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!)

The Types Of People Who Are

Incapable Of A Healthy Relationships:

The “Dark Triad” Person





Most people out there have been in unhealthy relationships before.  And oftentimes you found yourselves caught in these situations because your partner made you believe that they really cared about you, wanted to have a healthy relationship with you and were capable of one, and were willing to do what it took to make the relationship work, and that you could trust them in all of that.  But no matter how much they made you believe these things, the relationship never ended up being healthy.




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