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Are You Sexually Healthy? Take This Test To Find Out Before It’s Too Late! (OMG!)

What It Means To Be Sexually Healthy

The Criteria Of Sexual Health






Most people in the world are not sexually healthy.  Rather the opposite, most people do not have a healthy active sex life, and are sexually unfulfilled, repressed, and frustrated, and thus sexually unhealthy.  This is due to the sexually oppressive cultures we all live in.  But sexual health is an important and integral part of both physical and mental health. So without being sexually healthy one cannot be physically or mentally healthy.  And one can also not have a happy fulfilling lifestyle, since sexual fulfillment is an integral and important part to general fulfillment and happiness in life.





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Is Pleasure Spiritually Meaningful? – The Secret Spiritual Philosophy of Hedonism Revealed!

The Spiritual Merit Of Pleasure & Hedonism

What Is “Spiritual Hedonism?”





Is hedonism spiritual?  Could a pleasure centric lifestyle actually have spiritual value, and not be as “wrong” and “immoral” as Christianity says?
Well let’s explore the philosophical world of spiritual hedonism and see what hedonism really means spiritually to those who are not rigid Christians who wish to never enjoy the pleasures of life.
Luckily, these are not very complicated topics, so we can keep it simple.

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What Is Sexual Freedom? What It Means To Be Sexually Free (& Why You Should Be)



Many people have probably heard the phrase “Sexual Freedom” before, and not exactly know what it means.  And many people may think that they have sexual freedom when in actuality they do not.  We live in a very sexually oppressive and controlling culture in which most people are actually not sexually free, as they do not feel free to make their own choices sexually due to various social pressures.  And thus most people are not sexually healthy or happy, and will even take on the social narratives of their oppression to make excuses for why they are not doing what they really want to, or even deny that they want what they want, and say that they want what they are told to want by society, when in fact they do not.  I recently put out a video on my philosophy of the value of sexual freedom that you may have seen.  But in such a culture of sexual oppression in which people have been so brainwashed with the narratives of sexual oppression most people are complete strangers to the idea of sexual freedom, and probably have no idea what it is or means, and why it is something that everyone should have.  So many people may be wondering, what is sexual freedom exactly? What does it mean to be sexually free, and how does it work?  And why is it something that everyone including you should have and how would it benefit you?



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The Controversial Truth About Christian Sexuality That Most Pastors Don’t Want You To Know Revealed Here!



I love it when people tell me I shouldn’t be doing or teaching something about sexuality because God says its wrong, not knowing that I am an ordained minister and know what I am talking about more than they do. Here is how many of these conversations go, and an actual conversation transcript that happened recently:


Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So what do you do?”


Me: “I am a Sexual Educator”


Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So are you teaching sex as God intended?”


Me: “I teach how to have a healthy fulfilling sex life, its up to people to apply it to their own preferences.”


Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So are you teaching that this should only happen between a married man and a woman?”


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What Is Love Really? The Complete Science Explained Here!





What is “Love” Really?

The Complete Science Explained!




In this article I am going to be talking about and explaining the actual science of everyone’s favorite topic:  LOVE!


Love is the biggest thing that everyone seeks after in life.  That or something resembling love.  It is one of the greatest human desires, and not only that but one of the greatest human needs.  But why is that?


It’s not just because love feels better than anything else in this world (next to sex of course, which is a part of love).  Its because of what is behind those good feelings and why exactly love feels so good.  You see love is actually a function of evolutionary psychology that is very meaningful….but not in the ways that you think!



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