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Total Domination! The Inner Game Of Being A Dominant Man

Women want to be dominated.  They enjoy being submissive.  If you understand the nature of the yin and yang archetypes and energies, you know that the female archetype is yin, and the male archetype is yang.  Feminine polarity is receptive, passive, and submissive, masculine polarity is proactive, aggressive, and dominant.  It is the nature of the female spirit to be submissive to the dominant male spirit.  This is generally speaking of course and is true for most women, with the few exceptions of the women out there who prefer to be the sexually dominant one in their relationships, but they are the exception and not the rule.  Generally most (about 70%) of all women are submissive.  And while many men are not dominant, it is not because they are not dominant by nature, for masculinity is dominant by nature.  It is because they have been taught that it is improper to be too foreword or aggressive with women, and that if they do they will be seen as being “Creepy” or “perverted” etc.  However nothing could be further from the truth.


This is in fact the proper way for a man to behave when relating to women, if he wants them to be attracted to him and to be successful with them sexually.  Though many men have been made to be weak and timid with women by their social conditioning, and submissive and supplicating towards them by their mothers.  They have been taught to just be nice and not to be too proactive or assertive, and have even been made to feel insecure and ashamed of their sexuality, and do not have the confidence they need to succeed with women.  So you must shed this attitude and realize that men are naturally dominant, and that it is in fact what women want.   There is nothing wrong with being aggressive or dominant with women, they like it and want you to do it.  They just don’t want to have to tell you that, they want you to be the one to take the initiative to go for what you want, that is attractive.  And they want a good man to be able to submit to sexually to seduce them and give them pleasure.  Submission is something that women desire greatly and find a lot of gratification in.  Many women even consider male dominance necessary for their relationship to be satisfactory.  When you are dominantly seductive you are giving the woman a gift of pleasure.



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