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The Secrets Of Esoteric Yoga’s For Attaining Enlightenment Revealed Here!



Yoga, which means “Spiritual Practice” in Hinduism, practiced by Hindu devotee’s called “Yogi’s”.  There is a form of it that has been trending for quite some time as a popular form of exercise  And it is one of the most Ancient Sciences of Holistic Personal Development and Spirituality, having been practiced by the Hindu’s of India for thousands of years. The greatest purpose and highest goal of Yoga is attainment of higher states of being, empowerment, enlightenment, and what are called “boons” (meaning blessings/powers achieved through devotional spiritual practices), and even magick. These days, people generally only recognize “Hatha” Yoga, which is an important Yoga, but the truth is that that is just a preliminary to other greater Yoga’s.  Hatha Yoga is the familiar type done with different stretching poses as you can see pictures of here, which is meant to conduct energies through the body and condition the body and prepare it for meditation and greater Yogas.  However unfortunately even the way it is taught now excludes the energy work aspects and other spiritual aspects, and is entirely fitness based, which has rendered it no longer even true Hatha Yoga.  All of the Sanskrit terminology has now been replaced with English words, which as any academic knows, without the proper cultural terminology, credibility is negated.  And it has been even further corrupted by the fact that this adulterated form of it it has been turned into big business, wherein classes, retreats, and even “yoga certifications” are sold at high prices, and even new age “yoga clothes” are sold, which ironically are not the actual types of clothing that Yogi’s traditionally wore.





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