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Principles Of Fitness: Part 2 – Basic Aspects Of Exercise



The Principles Of Fitness

Part 2 – Basic Aspects Of Exercise



This article is part 2 in The Principles of Fitness article series, so if you have not read Part 1 – Essential Fitness Concepts yet, be sure to do so by clicking this link here now.



1 – Compound Exercises


Compound movements/exercises are exercises that engage multiple muscle groups, not just one.   So for instance doing a chinup engages most muscles of the back, as well as the rear delts (shoulders), biceps and even the chest.  Doing squats engages all of the muscles of the legs, and even a little bit of the lower back as well.  These are examples of compound exercises, as opposed to isolation exercises (explained below), and are superior to isolation exercises because compound exercises engage and work muscle groups together as they were naturally meant to be, give you the ability to do more work in one exercise, and create more anabolic hormones/processes in the body.



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