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10 Big Mistakes All Men Make That Kill Chemistry and Destroy Your Chances With Women And How To Fix Them!





It’s no secret that most men do not understand women very well, and thus they have very little idea about what they are doing when they try to get women.  Even the men who are good looking themselves, or think they are good with women often actually are not, and will fail and get rejected time and time again because of the mistakes they make.  For in fact ALL men have 10 common general mistakes that they make with women.


These 10 mistakes are so common because of a number of things: the way men are socially conditioned and made to think this is how they are supposed to act with women, a lack of understanding of women and thinking that what works on themselves should work on a woman, being taught the wrong things by parents and peers, which used to work or may work in theory but actually do not in the real world of today, and sometimes just having limiting mindsets.  Unfortunately any time that even one of these common mistakes come up in an interaction with a woman it will kill all chemistry you had with her, all of attraction she had for you, and destroy any chances you had with her.  For these are the things that most rejections are due to.


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