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Mission Statement

The Purpose of True Life Development is to give people a “one stop shop” for all their personal development needs as a great holistic self help resource library giving everyone the ability to better themselves through many different sciences so that anyone from anywhere around the world can self actualize and be the person they want to be and live the lives of their dreams!  Through many different arts and sciences including insider information and the esoteric, True Life Development helps to develop the “whole” person, on every different holistic level: physical, mental (and both emotional and intellectual), sociological, and spiritual, so that you can really become your ideal self and have the resources and personal power you need to live the life. The owner of True Life Development hopes to make a valuable contribution to the world community and give everyone the resources to be the people they want to be and find happiness and the life that they want to live and attain their ideal life. Ultimately the goal of True Life Development is to make the world a better place by spreading happiness and prosperity to everyone it reaches in every walk of life! It is the goal of True Life Development to become a vast network of businesses and organizations geared towards having a great positive impact on the global community!


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