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The mission here at True Life Development is to create as much positive socio-political change here in the world as possible through helping people to help themselves and giving them the resources they need to better themselves. It was created by myself, Brian Krall (see picture left). Who am I you ask? I am a Personal Development specialist, Neuro-Linguistic Programmer, Logotherapist, Social Scientist, Relationship Specialist, Sexual Educator, and Spiritual Teacher. It is my goal to fulfill my vision of bettering the world by combating world problems such as illness, poverty, and disempowered people through these same means which I was able to bring myself up from sickness and poverty and design a healthy successful lifestyle using these resources.

Over the past 20+ years I have studied and practiced innumerable sciences that have given way to my mastery over the self help industry: from Holistic Health and Physical Fitness, to many forms of Psychology and Sociology, to Business/entrepreneurship, Spirituality, and many things in between. I have been trained by a large number of world renowned Guru’s on these topics. I have worked with many top experts in the social science, relationship, dating and sex ed industries on my hit podcast “The Sexuality Show” which you can check out by clicking this link here now, and my very popular Sex Ed Youtube Channel which you can check out by clicking the link here.  I have reached an audience of several million and had countless happy customers who I have helped to achieve their goals and get results quickly and easily and live the life they want to, which you can see here in my testimonials by clicking this link. I am an author of 10 books and have conducted my own extensive independent social studies and field work, spanning thousands of people.

Everything that I have gained expertise and skill in over the years has caused me to gain a great deal of mastery over myself and my life, allowing me to accomplish all of my dreams against all odds. It is my greatest dream to form a company where I could actually give everything back to the world and help as many other people with their own personal development as possible. For the greatest pain I have had in life, the only one which I have yet to overcome, is seeing the problems and suffering of so many masses of other unfortunate people in this world. So it is my primary goal to try to combat the issues so many people face in life, one at a time.

And so I formed True Life Development where I offer everything I have learned in the forms of numerous FREE resources (the blog articles and free videos), as well as products (such as hypnosis tracks, biotechnology, meditation tracks, and written reports), programs (such as our audio and video courses), and personal services, so that YOU may transcend your limitations, succeed in your life and self actualize. It is my hope to grow this company large enough so that it can really make a difference on a grand scale on this planet, so that no one has to live in sickness or poverty, and we can all have the same success, fulfillment, happiness and prosperity that I have had. So thank you for helping to fulfill the purpose of True Life Development here, by coming to allow it to help you fulfill your purpose here, whatever that may be to you. Because here at True Life Development, Your Happiness is Our Business! So please partake of everything we have to offer for your growth on your journey of personal development and enjoy gaining everything you want in life and living your dreams!!

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