About TLD

True Life Development is a cutting edge business in the personal development industry specializing in holistic self help methods geared towards radical self actualization, Personal growth, success, and development of ones dream life!   We offer a wide variety of free resources in the form of blog articles and informational videos to help others to better themselves and improve their lives, and we also offer next level products and programs to help people take their lives to the greatest level possible. The programs and products utilize a variety of sciences to help people grow, develop their character and lifestyle and create not only their ideal self but the success and attainment they want to have in life, and cultivate their dream life! True Life Developments services are geared towards being affordable for everyone, and not just available to the elite. Our free resource library is available to everyone to help them get started in their self help journey, and the program options to go to from their are numerous, and our one on one services taper to each individuals needs. Our dynamic, multi faceted, and holistic approach is guaranteed to help with anyone and everyone’s self actualization.

Our holistic healing and health care methods are geared towards treating root causes and re-calibrating your system for permanent effects. And what makes True Life Development unique and special is that in our programs, holistic does not just encompass the physiological, psychological, and spiritual, but the sociological as well! So it is the fullest spectrum of what holistic sciences have ever been!  And our products and programs are laid out so that we take you through the different steps of personal development, starting with health and wellness and going right up through lifestyle calibration, psychology, social work, and more, progressing through every level of personal development so that you can truly grow and become your best self and live your dreams!


True Life Development is actually an umbrella company for two other companies, each addressing one aspect of the spectrum of self improvement, and each with different but cooperative mission statements:

True Life Development: General Personal Development, Health, Psychology & Entrepreneurship.  Mission – To give people the holistic self help resources they need to succeed and promote the betterment of each individual.

True Life Relationships:  Social and Sexual Relationship Development.  Mission – To give people social and sexual liberation and fulfillment, and to aid the world with social issues and help to create positive social change and ultimately a social movement.

True Life Spirituality: Spiritual Development, Theory and Practice.  Mission – To give people spiritual knowledge & enlightenment and help them to raise their consciousness as well as practical empowerment in their own spiritual lifestyle and reality, as well as to create a spiritual movement and a non-denominational international temple society.


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