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An Exposé of The Paradigm of Sexism & Double Standards Against Men In The Gynocentric Socio-Political World




Introduction to Gynocentrism

And Misandry (Sexism Against Men)



I was raised by a first wave feminist and taught about equality and women’s rights growing up.  That was decades ago though, back when men and women could get along.  Over the last decade I have watched feminism come to dominate the political and social worlds, even the world of social media, the dating world, the sex ed world, and other niche communities, such as the online dating industry, the porn industry, and the Kink/BDSM world, and basically any social community or industry where male/female sexual dynamics are the focus.  This has made the social world at large a gynocentric culture which caters to women at the expense of men.  Since the third and fourth waves of feminism have emerged (which are more about women winning the battle of the sexes than equality,) there has been a growing trend of women who feel a need to emasculate men and make men feel like less of a man.  This is most commonly and done with the phrase we are all too familiar with of “you are not a real man”.  We have all heard this phrase used to such an extent that it has become cliché. There is no good reason for it, and they only do this in order to coerce a man to try to behave the way they want, by attaching his sense of identity as a man to the behavior they want him to exhibit, and a break down of said identity to his non-conformity.  This is similar to gas lighting and is an incredibly toxic sociopathic thing to do to someone. But women these days seem to love emasculating men because it not only is a great form of ammunition they can use to try to get the man to conform to their wishes, but it makes them feel powerful.  This a very dark trait that is ironic because it is most often done by women who have a feminist “girl power” attitude, but yet they are completely ignoring the fact that this is actually an extremely and extraordinarily sexist thing to say to someone.  This is so far beyond any form of sexism that feminism has rebelled against.


The misogyny of the past has never attempted to break down women’s sense of identity in their gender and make them feel like less of a woman.  While the phrase “not a real man” is so common it is cliché, there is no such phrase for women, you simply will not be able to produce a memory of a man saying “you are not a real woman”.  Because men do not use emotional manipulation and abuse or try to break down women’s sense of being female just because of her non-compliance.  When a man want’s a woman to comply with him he will use rational discourse and debate to attempt to bring her to realize why doing things his way is beneficial so that she can decide to do so consciously of her own free will.  Trying to break down someones sense of identity simply to manipulate them and get them to comply with you is extremely destructive to their mental health and wellbeing, and is incredibly unethical and immoral because of it.  It is a narcissistic, sociopathic, and fascist, in fact it is the type of thing that the nazi’s did to the Jews during the holocaust, in which they tried to remove their humanity and reduce them down to domesticated farm animals.  But yet women do this to men and get away with it.  Women treat men like domesticated pets.  Women who want a man to comply will try to take away not only his free will but his identity and sense of self esteem and manliness.  Unfortunately for men this causes serious mental health issues in a man and can make him depressed and even suicidal.   The suicide rates among men have always been higher than among women, and now men are begin oppressed by women worse than women ever were by men, and women feel justified in doing it, because they have infiltrated politics and created a gynocentric socio-political system that panders to women’s every whim, even when they are misandristic, or even fascist.


But the high suicide rates of men has never been seen as a problem to women.  Women like the idea of men sacrificing themselves for women and children, that is seen as the main thing men can contribute to the greater good, is their lives, and if not that, then their livelihood while they are living.  Suicide rates were only seen as an issue recently when the far lower suicide rates of women started to raise a little.  Just as how when men are putting themselves at risk in military, police, fire, etc and routinely getting injured, losing their health, or getting killed it is seen as normal, but when women start doing it it becomes a big deal that women are risking everything and they start needing special treatment to protect them.  Just as how there is so much awareness and community support created for the problem of breast cancer that women have, but yet testicular and prostate cancer which kills far more men than breast cancer does women never gets any type of awareness or community support, because women don’t care that men are dying far more from something that affects them much more commonly.  Just as how homelessness has always primarily affected men and women have never cared about it until recently when it started to affect women a bit more and there started being more cases of homeless women, then women started to see this is another social issue.  Things only become social issues when they affect women.  Otherwise it doesn’t matter how many men are dying, women see us as replaceable.  That is because they view us without humanity.  Which is why they are always trying to take away our sense of self and replace it with their sense of who they want us to be, which is just a common work horse to be used and discarded when no longer useful, and then replaced with another.


But a man should never be made to feel like less of a man. A man is a man. Even if he doesn’t pay for women. Even if he doesn’t have a certain size penis. Even if he doesn’t share the same values as a woman. And especially if he isn’t willing to accept female abuse, he is still a man. It is not up for any woman to dictate what makes a man a man. Mother nature already did it by giving us our chromosomes, sex hormones and genitals. We are all men, and if any woman doesn’t like it, it does not give her the right to try to make us feel like less of a man. Such a thing is dehumanizing, sociopathic, abusive, and goes against the idea of equality and that all people have the same human rights. And the only reason she would even attempt to do so is because of her own inferiority complex.  These women can only feel better about themselves by making men feel worse about themselves.  This is what they call female empowerment.  This is what feminism has become.  The misogyny of old was never so destructive towards women.  In fact, while feminism today is largely about emasculating men, there is no word for doing the same thing to women.  Efeminating or efemination are not real terms or concepts.  Because besides a woman being told that she is acting unladylike for being rude (which she should, just as how men get told they are being ungentlemanly for doing so as well), such a thing does not exist.  Men have never tried to make women feel like less of a woman, especially for doing so little as disagreeing with us or not conforming to our wishes.


I have even seen this tradition of emasculation extend to where men are supposed to be most Dominant in the most hardcore of ways.  For it even occurs in the kink community where Dominant men will be told that they are “not real Dom’s” simply for not adhering to the female’s image of how they want a Dom to be.   Even if that image is misandristic and includes and hypocritical and includes the man catering to the female in ways she wouldn’t for him.  Women in the kink community have used the concept of consent and manipulated it to go from “you can’t strike me without my permission, or do so harder than I like, etc”  which is completely appropriate, to them saying things like “If you don’t do this my way you are not a real Dom.  Just as with women using the term “not a real man” in the vanilla social world, in kink culture they do the same things with Dom’s and will tell a man he is not a real Dom if his style is not what they want/like.  Women wish to be able to manipulate the sense of identity of even the most dominant men.  And while there are certainly fake Dom’s out there and there is nothing wrong with calling them out if they do something such as violating consent, this is not always or often the case.  Breaking down a man/Dom’s sense of self is not being used to call out fake predatory Dom’s who might endanger submissives.  It is being used to punish men for not being agreeable or conforming to women’s feminist ideology. And this is so wrong I cannot even begin to describe it.  And again, it is sexist, which is ironic that it is being done in the kink community which is supposed to be the opposite of sexist.


I remember my first encounter with these misandristic double standards (aka hypocrisy) in the sex ed and kink community.  It was 8 years ago when I had a facebook group called “Sex positive polyamory”. I had just posted two videos there on oral sex, one for men one for women. The one on cunnilingus had gotten half a million views. The one on fellatio had gotten 6,000. I asked why people thought that was. Some new age feminist who called herself a sex educator said, “Men need to learn to eat a woman out, women don’t need to learn how to go down on a man”. I asked her why that was, and she started talking about how men are sexual apes and will get hard and cum easily and any woman can do it and so women do not need to learn how to operate a penis because it is so simple. But on the other hand that women are complex delicate flowers and their vaginas are so complicated that men need to be taught how to use them properly. I told her she was being sexist against men and she started typing in caps telling me that she couldn’t possibly be sexist against men because she teaches classes to women on how to pleasure men, and also there’s no such thing as sexism against men, its not possible for a woman to be sexist against a man, because her gender studies teacher said so. I told her this was reverse sexism and she started ranting and raving with nothing but sexist psychobabble and I had to block her from the group.


This was my first taste of misandry, and that was 8 years ago.  Some would call it reverse sexism, but it’s just sexism.  But it is interesting that the messaging she was using was coming from the academic community of her university, which not only teaches third or fourth wave feminism that is really misandry under the guise of “gender studies”, but it also that there is no such thing as misandry.  And what is being taught about masculinity in university gender studies programs?  Nothing, at least nothing that isn’t emasculating to them.  And ironically, not only is there such a thing as misandry, (otherwise there wouldn’t be a word for it), but this is actually a perfect example of it.  And denying that it exists is just further evidence of the misandry in the academic sex ed community, as well as feminisms attempt to dominate this world and make it gynocentric and focused only on women’s issues and rights, and to wage a war on men and attempt to silence them when they speak out about having our own issues (most of which are caused by feminism), and to deny us having similar rights.  But the fact is that sexism against men is more prevalent today than sexism against women.  And feminism today is more about sexism against men than it is about fighting against sexism against women and earning them equality, since women have equality now, and sexism against women has waned so much that if that was feminisms main cause, there wouldn’t be any need for feminism anymore.  So to keep feminism going its cause has shifted away from equality and is now entirely onto misandry.   And it’s anti-male messaging is so mainstream that it is actually being taught in our universities, which seem to have turned into far left wing political indoctrination camps.


Since my first encounters with misandry in the Sex Ed community almost a decade ago I have seen this ideology grow more and more, and spread throughout other communities as well.   Now most communities have become so gynocentric and feministic that misandry and double standards (hypocrisy) against men have become the norm and the general attitude in female/male relations is one of man hating.  And not subtle man hating either.  But overt man hating in which female on male hate speech is not even something that can be reported to moderators.  This is a paradigm in which women are always right and men are always wrong (something we have heard before as a tradition in marriage), and in which even the slightest sexism towards women is not tolerated (even a man using his own words to explain himself, which is now very sexistly called “mansplaining”), but sexism towards men is not just acceptable but overwhelming.  In fact I as a sex educator have been told by feminists that I have no right to teach female anatomy because I am a man and since I do not have a vagina I have no right to speak about one.  Simply by trying to educate men on vaginas, because of the fact that they do not have them, I have been spoken to cruelly by feminists, saying that what I am saying is wrong, though it is not incorrect.  When I ask them what I said that was incorrect, they simply repeat back to me what I said in their own synonymous words.  The issue is not that I’ve said something incorrect, it is that I have used my own words and not theirs.  What they call “mansplaining”.  But people are supposed to have a right to use their own words when talking and not have other people tell them exactly what to say and how to say it, that idea is fascist.


I at least speak in a manner that is polite and not intended to be rude or offensive, and it is quite wild when I am speaking in a way that is perfectly polite, and even politically correct, with a woman, who then reacts to something I say that she disagrees with by becoming extremely rude and offensive, and oftentimes beyond that, vicious.  Men are taught to be polite and nice when talking to women, and to cater to them.  Yet women being rude or offensive or even vicious towards men has become very common.   Women often speak to men in vicious and vitriolic ways and will attempt to break him down and be verbally abusive and destructive, when that man has literally done nothing to them to deserve it.  Even though feminists have said that words can be a form of violence, because someone can be verbally abusive, that verbal abuse is actually a form of assault and violence, and so men should not talk to women any kind of way….but the same feminist rule does not apply to women talking to men.  Women will speak to men in ways that feminists would call “Verbal Assault” if the genders were reversed, but when a woman does it to a man it is perfectly fine.  The same thing goes with sexist language.  Women use extremely sexist language towards men and not even see it as being sexist.  However, women also can accuse men of being sexist towards them anytime they like, their definition for that has become so broad that it is almost all encompassing.  It has become a card women want to play whenever they wish to justify starting a fight with a man and engaging in that kind of vicious/vitriolic verbal abuse towards him.   Sexist language from men used to be exemplified by a man saying that women weren’t men’s equals, that women belonged in the kitchen, etc.  Now of days a man can be called sexist for taking up too much space and find women screaming words at him that if a man were to say to a woman it would be called “hate speech”.


But this shows that after feminists fought for equality, there’s no women out there who actually really want it.  What they want is to be placed on a pedestal, and they believe men’s place is groveling at their feet worshipping them while they berate them with the most atrocious degradation you could imagine.  Could you imagine what would happen if men did this to women?  But men are not allowed to talk down to women even in the slightest or else they will face social repercussions.  In fact men can not use their voices in many of the ways that women can.  Under this feminist ideology men do not even have the right to free speech.  I can not even put out politically correct scientific information on female sex organ without feminists telling me that I have no right to talk about their genitals as a man and be accused of “mansplaining”, and they will tell me that I am wrong (and in the most offensive and oppressive way that they possibly can) even when I have not actually said anything incorrect.  Feminists and women in general seem to enjoy censoring us men and telling us what we can and cannot say, but they do not seem to care about being politically correct and non-sexist in their own language, because they know that they can get away with it as no authorities are going to moderate them and tell them not to use their voices how they want to.  And that is another one of the first double standards/hypocrisy I am here to point out.  For now after 8 years of suffering the sexist abuses I have suffered as a sex educator in that world, as well as others, I have finally decided to speak out against this misandry and hypocritical double standards against men.


I am going to be exposing some very dark truths about gender relations in the dating world at large, and more specifically in the communities that I have experienced them.  And I am going to get a lot of hatred and backlash from man hating feminists because of it, but I feel I must stand up to them anyways.  Because I am tired of being oppressed by these women who claim to be against oppression (another double standard).  And since no one else is talking about these things, someone must speak out against their hypocrisy and unjust treatment of the male gender.  I will start with the basics, and work my way up to the most outrageous.  By the end of this article, whether you are a man or a woman, I am afraid you may have just shit your pants.  And I apologize for that, but no one is speaking up about these things, and someone has to say something, and I guess that person has to be me.  So without any further ado, let us begin.









Sexist Standards of Sex Appeal & Sexual Objectification




Women claim they are not sex objects and hate being treated as such.  They claim that sexuality should not be objectified.  Yet who is doing the objectifying?  Not men.  It is not as if men see women as mindless sex doll’s.  Rather the opposite, men are not superficial creatures. We appreciate beauty, but what we appreciate more is content of character and conversation.  Things that women fail to provide because they are busy objectifying themselves and competing with other women to turn themselves into the ultimate sex object.  Even after feminism, while women may claim they don’t want to be treated as sex objects in one sentence, in the next sentence they treat themselves as not only sex objects but as prostitutes who’s primary source of value is in their body, which must be earned or even bought.  It is an old tradition for a woman to make a man “earn” sex with her through monetary acts such as paying for dates and gifts.  And it is no secret that many women will pretend to be interested in a man and go on dates with him literally just to get free food, drinks and entertainment.  Gold diggers and “sugar babies” are very prevalent in the online dating world, as are cam girls who will lure men in with a dating app profile only to seduce them into paying for screen time with them.  All of these are examples of women treating themselves not just like sex objects, but prostitutes.


Whether a woman is making a man earn sex by paying for dates and buying her gifts, or she is asking for him to take care of some of her bills in exchange for spending time with her, it is prostitution, and the most sexually objectifying act there is, which is something not done to women by men, but done by women to themselves.  The only difference between these examples and outright prostitution as done in a brothel is that these examples are less honest and more manipulative, which actually makes them worse.  These forms of prostitution are especially prevalent in the online dating community where the women expect men to compete for their attention and earn their affections as if it were an episode of the bachelorette.  There are also innumerable sex workers using dating profiles to scam men into paying them for their attention.  And then there are the cam models and porno girls who make it seem like they are looking for partners but are really just trying to get men onto their onlyfans page to make them pay to watch them masturbate.  And there are even these new types of sex workers who do not even consider themselves sex workers, but call themselves “sugar babies”, who pose as mock girlfriends and expect to be compensated for the dates they go on with men.  But worst of all there are the financial predators, these are women who are con artists called gold diggers who are looking to get a man to invest in them long term, or there are even women who do not do this covertly, but obviously, called “Financial Dominatrixes”.  But no matter what they are called or how they do it, there is a significant amount of the female population on dating websites who are looking to get paid directly for their sex appeal without even offering anything in return.  And there are even more of these in the world outside of dating sites as well.  So if women are not sex objects, why do they treat themselves as such?  And not  just as objects, but often worse, as prostitutes?

But you see women do not only objectify themselves, they objectify men as well. And they actually do this even more than they objectify themselves, or were ever objectified by men before feminism.  They treat men as not only sex objects, but status objects, and monetary objects.  They force men to compete for them in order to objectify the highest status man to give their attention to, which they will do based solely on looks, status and ability to provide, not on content of character or conversation as men evaluate women based upon.  And this is because actuality women are the superficial ones, not men.   It is ironic because women are always claiming to not be superficial and to dislike it when men view them in a superficial way. But just as how women oftentimes do not want what they say they want, you will find that they oftentimes use reverse psychology to gaslight men into being fooled about their hypocrisy.  But it is very hard to fool us men when you show us exactly how you are with your dating.  And women care more about looks than men do, and they do not care about character, but instead status and money, and this is because they are extremely shallow superficial characters.  And it is a very hypocritical double standard as well, because they do not want men to be the same way, not even a little.  This is why it is acceptable for a woman to ask a man how tall he is, but not for a man to ask a woman how much she weighs.  It is acceptable for a woman to ask a man how much money he makes, but not for a man to ask a woman how old she is.  And in the kink community it is even acceptable for a woman to ask a man how large his penis is, but have you ever heard of a man asking a woman how tight her vagina is? No, because it wouldn’t be appropriate.


Women are way more judgmental towards men’s appearance than men are towards women.  Because women are so much more superficial than men the standard of beauty is way higher for men than it is for women, in fact it is impossibly high.  According to studies done on the swiping patterns on tinder years ago, women in general only find the top 15% of men attractive enough to give a chance in dating.  This means that in women’s eyes, 85% of men are considered below average looking.  Now think about that for a second.  If you understand the basics of statistics, you would understand that this is completely illogical.  An average is something that in this case should occur close to 50%, now it would be different depending on range of the amount of options being tested (if you were testing 10 different things, then your most average number would be lower), but here people were being tested with a binary yes or no method.  So the average should have been close to 50%.  If the female reality was rational, fair and realistic the results should have been close to 50/50 on each side.  So 85% is a number far above the average, and yet that is what they are rating as below the average.  There is no way in a logical universe that 85% of men can be considered below average looking.  But women now view the average man as being below average.


However that was years ago, during the end of the third wave of feminism. This was tested again more recently now with the fourth wave of feminism influencing female culture, and women’s standards have gotten even more impossible.  The new results are that women only find 4.5% of men to be attractive/above average.  So that leaves 95.5% of men being considered below average or unattractive to women!  That number is not an average, it is a vast majority!  It is an overwhelming and insanely large number!  This is what I mean when I say that women’s standards are impossibly high.  Because they are overtly judgmental towards men.  While men in general find the majority of women attractive enough to give a chance.  And our numbers are much more rational.  With men recently rating 61.9% of women attractive/above average.  This is a number that makes sense and seems natural.  And this is because men are not predisposed to be so superficial as to judge and qualify or disqualify a person solely based on appearance alone, and when we are made to evaluate women based on appearance alone, we are not going to be objectifyingly judgmental about it and go calling the vast majority of women unattractive.  That type of objectification is something only women do.


However these studies get even more interesting when you make them more specific and non-binary.  A more in depth study was done on okcupid in which people could rate each other across a 7 point spectrum from least attractive to most attractive, it showed just how realistic men’s standards are, and how women’s impossibly superficial standards to be much worse.  Men’s ratings of women appeared as a bell curve, with 6% getting a 1 for the least attractive, 16% getting a 2, 18% getting a 3, 20% getting a 4 for being average or moderately attractive, 19% getting a 5, 15% getting a 6 and 6% getting a 7 for the most attractive.  This sounds quite reasonable and natural doesn’t it?  Yet women’s standards were shown to be extremely judgmental and negative towards men.  With 27% getting a 1 for the least attractive, 31% getting a 2, 23% getting a 3, and 12% getting a 4 for being average or moderately attractive, 5% got a 5, and 2% got a 6.  What about the 7’s you ask?  There were none.  That’s right, NONE! 0% of men scored a 7.


Let me reiterate this to you differently.  On the female scale, 92% of men are considered moderately attractive or below attractive, but of that 92%, a whole whopping 81% of them are considered below average and not even moderately attractive.  Again, 81% cannot possibly be BELOW the average.  If anything 81% should be the average.  And that is not even including the ones they rated as moderately attractive, which was only 12%. 12% cannot be the average!  Now this test was not binary, you had 7 different options.  So the most average would not have tested around 50%.  It should have been 20% like it was with the men’s even bell curve.  But 12% is far below what the average should have tested at.  And even if you included the 3’s and 5’s in calculating the average, which if this was close to an even bell curve should have landed you at 50%, you only get 40%, (unlike the men’s bell curve where the middle three add up to 57%).  And with the female data only 7% of men are rated as above average, and that is only in the first two categories, with no men scoring in the highest most attractive one.


So if women consider 81% of men to be unattractive, 12% to be average, and 7 percent to be attractive, that should tell you just how superficial and judgmental they are about men’s looks and how impossibly high and irrational their standards are.  Now imagine what their response would be if they heard that men were judging them so harshly.  They would accuse us of objectifying them, and would complain about the impossible standards of beauty imposed upon them.  When us men are the ones having that very thing done to us, and righteously so. It is part of the feminist girl power narrative for women to have high standards, standards so high that basically no man could ever reach them, because it’s not really about having standards, its really just man hating sexism.  And if you were to call it a standard, you could only really call it a double standard.  It’s a hypocrisy.  This shows a great impairment in female logic and reason, and the ability to judge and evaluate things reasonably and fairly, which is exactly where double standards come from.


There is further irony in online dating as well.  When a woman matches with a man, if she wants to have a conversation the chances are that he will have one with her, and if she wants to meet in person the chances are good of that, and chances are also good that he will look exactly like he did in his pictures.  However when a man matches with a woman the chances are good that she will not communicate with him hardly at all, because she will only be using that dating app for validation, not for connections.  So chances are even worse that she will meet up with him for a date (which is what the app is supposed to be for).  And when a man does meet a woman, she never looks like she does in her pictures.  In fact most women are so superficial that they have mastered the art at manipulating their appearance, not just through using makeup, but through taking pictures of themselves at just the right angles to make themselves look better, and then editing the photos to make themselves look even better than that.  And women will often be using photos of them when they were younger, by 5 years or more.  I recently signed onto a dating app to find women that I had seen there almost a decade prior using the same pictures of themselves from then.  And it is not out of the ordinary for a man to schedule a date with a woman and have her be much more overweight than she was in her pictures as well.  For a gender that is so superficial towards men and demanding of the best looks, at least we show our real faces on dating apps and you can expect to get what you see.  You’d think that if they were going to have such high standards they would have higher standards for themselves and would not be pretending to stay young and hot online only to show up being older and fatter than their pictures indicated, all while demanding that we be over 6 feet tall and jacked.   But this is growing less and less common as women are less and less prone to meet up as well probably for fear of being exposed for the fakes that they are, and also because they are now mainly using dating apps for validation from men and not real dating, so you are most likely to get ghosted as a man before a woman will meet up with you.


And in the kink community, which is entirely centered around sexuality, the objectification of men is even worse.  Women think that we are all here just to be used to fulfill their sexual fantasies and that they can message us instantaneously to do so.  Even if it says not to do that in your profile, because they don’t even bother reading your profile since they do not care about who you are as a person.  They only care about what you look like and how they can use you to fulfill their sexual desires. I get messages all the time from women on kinky dating sites trying to treat me like some sort of “insta-Dom” to fulfill their fantasies and even going right into role play calling me sexual names I did not ask to be called (when women have made it known to men that they do not even want to be called things like “hun” anymore by men they don’t know), and it even says not to do this in my profile and some of these women claim to have read it and yet still  do it anyways.  And trying to have a real conversation with women and develop a real relationship will mean getting ghosted because they are only there to use and objectify men to fulfill their desires, nothing more.  Now when I do one of my social experiments (which as a social scientist I do a lot of), and put up a female profile on a dating site I never see any messages like these, instead men message her acting polite and trying to have a nice conversation.  So it seems that the cold hard truth is that men come to online dating and the kink community to make connections, and women do so to use their sex appeal for narcissistic validation, and if they are going to interact with men at all, to do so only to dehumanize and use them as sex objects.


But women are more than just superficial and shallow about men’s looks, they judge and accept or reject men based largely on status and monetary value as well.  They don’t just objectify us based on our sex appeal, but they objectify us by treating us like status and monetary objects too.  Something that has never happened to women.  But women do this to us because they do not see us as humans, they see us as objects, things to be used.  And they have these objectifying high standards because they are hypergamous.  This means that they date up in attractiveness and status and monetary value.  This is why it is common to see a rich man with a poor woman, but you would never see a rich woman with a poor man.  It is also common to see a more attractive man with a  less attractive woman, but almost unheard of to see the reverse.   Because men just want a girl who looks healthy and takes care of herself in the looks department, but more importantly is a nice good person who seems like girlfriend material.  But conversely women now want only the tallest, most muscular, most attractive of men, and not only that but the richest as well.  And that is ALL women, even if they themselves are not as fit and attractive, even women who do not value their own health and fitness feel they deserve a man who is devoted to his.


Ever notice how overweight women are now called Big Beautiful Women (BBW’s), but overweight men are still just called fat?  Why are overweight women being called beautiful and overweight men are not?  And these overweight women do not date men who are overweight too, they are looking for men who are fit as well.  Why is that?  Because women do not care about body positivity in general (for both sexes), just as how they don’t care about equality.  It is another hypocritical double standard.   That women are allowed to have impossibly high and superficial standards that objectify men. Men however are not even allowed to prefer that women be healthy and fit or somewhat attractive, or even show that they evaluate women on such things at all, otherwise they will be accused of being sexist, objectifying them, not being “body positive” enough and not accepting women for who they are.  When those accusations are really just projections of what women do to men, and it shows that it is a Double Standard (hypocrisy) because they do not like it when we evaluate them and have standards, yet they do it to us in the most dehumanizing way.


But women do not have to accept a man for who he is, even if he is below average looking, and so is she, she will think that she deserves someone above average looking.  Even an average looking guy who is a definitively upstanding male role model will not be valued by women if he does not meet their high physical standards of attractiveness.  In fact women are allowed to treat men as nothing but sex objects, it is socially acceptable because of the fact that they lie in their social narratives and say what they are really looking for is a just a good guy, but their actions say that they do not care at all about a mans character, or if he is a good person at all.  Studies of the swiping patterns on tinder show that men who are average looking but seem like good characters based on their profile get largely rejected and will get very few matches except from the lowest tier women, while women will overwhelmingly swipe right on a good looking guys, in spite of what their profile says about them.  In fact tests have shown that even if the mans profile says horrible things about him, like that he is a criminal, for as long as he is good looking women at large will swipe right on him.  And women say that they aren’t superficial and just want a good guy.  That is the opposite of the truth, it is hypocrisy, and they only say that because they have to deny the truth for their public image since would make them sound like the terribly amoral and shallow creatures that they are.


Due to the body positivity movement (which is a women’s movement that includes all female bodies and excludes all male bodies), even the women out there who have absolutely no care or respect for their bodies and abuse it treating it like a garbage dump, can now demand that the highest tier men show their bodies respect and treat them as if they are beautiful, and feel entitled to mate with these men.  And as for the men that look like male versions of themselves?  They wouldn’t give them the time of day.  No woman would.  In fact no man below the 15 percentile is getting much any attention from women, even the lowest tier ones.  Because women are that shallow and superficial.   Not even a good looking but basically average man with great character can expect to get a mate anymore except on rare occasion.  Even with his equal, because there is no equality among men and women in the dating marketplace, only double standards).  All women now think that they deserve to be with the best looking most high status guys.


There is no body positivity movement for men as there is for women and men who are less than that 15 percentile get physically shamed by others constantly with no support from any sort of social causes or political movement like women have.  Women’s bodies in general are celebrated and they are told that “all of their bodies are beautiful” and that they don’t have to change but just accept themselves the way that they are. A woman can show herself in revealing or skimpy clothing and get nothing but praise and admiration for it, while a man cannot. If a man shows his body and is not in peak physical condition he is going to get shamed for it. And even if a man is in peak physical condition he will never get the amount of praise and admiration that even average looking women will get.  Society caters to women, especially attractive ones, and makes sure they are taken care of in any situation, whereas the cards are stacked against men. Women can be successful in life based off of beauty alone and not have to put in much work to get paid. Men however have a very difficult career path to try and be successful, especially when competing with any attractive women who will be favored in the workplace based on their appearance alone.


If a woman wants to have a healthy active sex life all she has to do is declare her gender and willingness and she will be able to have her sexual needs met consistently without having to put in any real effort what so ever because the men will do all of it, even if a woman is completely passive the entire time (and feminists say that they reject the passive female gender role, yet they maintain it in dating). However if a man wants to he has to get into his top physical condition, overcome social anxiety and the intimidation of talking to attractive women and start doing so constantly, pursue countless women and be subjected to all manner of tests, trials and tribulations by them, including what are called “shit tests” in which a woman will actually treat a man like shit (and say/do things to him that would never be acceptable the other way around) in order to test his strength, and he will have to deal with constant flaking and other rude and inconsiderate behavior, not to mention self-entitlement and the expectation that the man is also going to be paying for her and treating her like a queen without getting anything in return…and all for what?   To be able to have sex once in a while, in which he will more often than not have to settle for a woman that is below himself in attractiveness, and in which he is doing all of the work and the woman is playing an entirely passive role and not making any effort, just like she does on dates and will continue to throughout the entire relationship.


And even though the reality is that women, especially attractive ones, are the most privileged on the planet, feminists still talk about male privilege and all the sexism and sexual objectification and unfair beauty standards put onto women by men, and how sexist this patriarchal society is towards them and how hard they have it and how easy it is for men, based upon our gender alone.  This is all a big fat terrible lie they tell us as part of their reverse psychology just to hide the fact that they are actually the one’s with the privilege, and we are the ones with sexism against us.  And women are the ones who use sexual objectification and create unfair standards in the sexual marketplace.  And women are far more sexist against men than men have ever been towards them.   And if you want to debate this, try a little social experiment that I have done myself.  Take some pictures of an average looking guy, someone who is not very attractive but certainly not unattractive, and create a dating profile for him.  Make him out in his profile to be a great guy, upper middle class (not rich but well off, and classy) the type of guy that would be relationship material.


Now message as many attractive women on the site who seem like they could be a good girl as you can, with whatever line you think would start a good conversation with them.  Because this is a social experiment you need a good sample size, so copy and paste this message to at least 100 profiles to start.  And see what you come back with.   This is something that every woman should do, especially before talking about male privilege and how easy they think men have it, or saying anything about mens dating issues.  But whenever a woman will say such things to me I will always suggest she do said experiment to actually understand what she is talking about first before talking about it, but they never do, because it’s so much easier to be prejudicial and pass negative judgements on men and accuse them of male privilege than it is to try to understand them and find out how hard they actually have it.  And you see I know what it is like for you as a woman because I have seen the inboxes of the women I have dated, and not only that but since I am a sex educator I have taken it upon myself to do social experiments where I make female dating profiles for women myself to see what it would be like.  So when I talk about dating as a woman I am not doing it from an ignorant prejudicial standpoint.  And this isn’t just important as an educator.  But for anyone who wants to be able to relate to the opposite sex in a healthy way and connect with them in dating you must try to understand what it is like to be them, for without understanding there is no empathy, and without empathy there is no connection, and that is why most people these days are not forming relationships.  So give this a try, I promise it will be good for you.


Of course, I already know exactly what you will experience as a man, so you do not have to tell me.  And I am not just saying that because I am a man who has had my own experiences.   I have also heard about the experiences of women who have done this social experiment themselves, and it was very enlightening and inspiring to them.  So I hope you can enlighten and inspire yourself with it as well.   And luckily for you it is just an experiment and you are not actually dating as this man you have created a profile of, so you get to experience it and then leave it behind, unlike us men who do not.  But think of it as a role play for a moment and imagine what it would feel like to actually have to try to date as this average but good man, facing these kinds of rejections day in and day out.  Thinking about it as a sensitive woman who doesn’t ever have to deal with rejection, it’s just about enough to make you want to kill yourself at times huh?  Now you are starting to get a sense of how we feel and why the male suicide rates are so high.  Luckily for us external validation means a lot less to us than it does to women who seem to feed off of it.


And don’t worry you don’t have to keep thinking about what it’s like to be a man, now you can go back to your cushy life as a female.  Anytime you feel bad about yourself you can go online and expect to not get rejected at all like we do, but instead get tons of validation from men, and women.  Never having to ever face any harsh rejections, and only rejections so polite that they won’t feel at all bad is just one of the female privileges you get to enjoy as a woman.  And here you were probably taking it for granted this whole time and never even knew what a privilege it was.  In fact maybe you didn’t even know that there was such a thing as female privilege?  Yea, it not only exists, but it is far greater than whatever you think “male privilege” is based on whatever propaganda the feminazi’s have been feeding you.  But don’t take my word for it, google it.  Just skim through all those pages of lists of different female privileges that men don’t enjoy, and you have probably been taking for granted this whole time.  Which brings me to my next double standard, which is just another one of the female privileges you ladies get to enjoy, and that is the level of respect that they get automatically from men just for being female, and without even having to give it in return.



On The Double Standards In Manners & Respect





Any woman can go out and start chatting up men (should she decide she’s no longer going to play into the passive female gender role that women have the privilege of playing, and not just wait for the men to make the first move, but actually put in some effort, which is rare) and she will not have to suffer much rejection at all, unless the man she is chatting up is already in monogamous relationship.  Even the lower tier women will find men receiving them politely and probably have most of them give her a chance, men on the other hand will have an extremely opposite experience in trying to date women, unless of course they are in that top 15 percentile.  But you see women do not just objectify men with their superficial attraction towards the top tier men in spite of their lack of character, or having a bad one.  If you thought that was bad, it actually gets far worse.  Women objectify men even worse with their inhumane and even dehumanizing treatment of the men they find unattractive who try to date them.  The fact is that an average looking man cannot date without having to deal with seriously harsh rejections.  And while many women are polite about it, many are not at all, but even when the man is being polite with them, they will be extremely rude and uncalled for, or sometimes unconscionably harsh and malicious.  Women tend to treat men as though we do not have feelings, or that our feelings do not matter to them.


Being lead on with lies and then ghosted is of course very common these days, something that women complain about not liking when those alpha male bad boys in the 15% do to them, but then they turn around and do it to all of the other guys.  And then equally common are the women who are insulted that a less than stellar looking guy would even work up the confidence to ask her out and think she might say yes to him, who feels it necessary to break him down just for trying with her with the cruelest comments she could possibly think of to lower his self esteem as much as possible, comments like “tell your parents they shouldn’t have procreated because you are the ugliest man I’ve ever seen” are just one example (verbatim) from my own dating on a vanilla dating website, and I am actually considered above average, so I can just imagine what below average men have to deal with.  Or the last message I just got on a dating site from a girl who I didn’t even solicit, who said “your profile made my vagina drier than the sahara desert and girls should run far away from you.”  That’s just from a woman who simply didn’t like my profile, which doesn’t have anything offensive or hateful in it.  That is the way women feel is appropriate to speak to someone they don’t like the personality of or who says something they disagree with.


Then there are the women who choose to publicly humiliate and shame a man for asking them out.  Every man who has made a serious effort at dating has had to deal with public humiliation and shaming by women, which according to psychology is an extremely traumatic experience that deeply changes a person, which women do simply out of narcissism and leaves a man needing therapy (I literally had to get therapy for a public humiliation and shaming that I suffered once).  Some women are even known to take this public shaming a step further and report said man to an authority of some sort for harassment and get him in trouble, like the time I had a female employee at the museum who I had made small talk with (and not even asked out or flirted with or done anything to suggest I was interested), call security on me in front of my son.   Or worse, they may even recruit a large alpha male friend of theirs to intimidate or threaten him.


Now of course, the more extreme the scenario the more of an outlier it is, but they are common enough that any man who has put himself out there enough will encounter them from time to time.  I know, because all of these happen to me, and not just once each, but from time to time.  And never have I ever done anything to elicit that kind of response from a woman.  I’m not approaching them sexually harassing them or anything of that nature.  I’m trying to make a connection, I want her to like me, so of course I am being polite and friendly.  And I’m not the only man that these things happen to, I’ve talked to other men who have had similar occurrences as well.  This kind of excessive cruelty towards a man who has had to overcome the extreme nervousness and anxiety that anyone feels when approaching someone they are attracted to to ask them out, something that women barely ever have the courage to do themselves, and who speaks to her in a very socially appropriate and polite manner that should elicit no ill will in return, shows an extreme lack of humanity and sadistic psychopathic personality.  And again, these are not isolated incidences here or there.  They are patterns.  These all are.


The fact is that a large portion of women out there feel the need to treat men out there in the dating pool in a completely dehumanizing manner, simply because they are not attracted to them.  Now when the roles are reversed and on the rare occasion that a woman ever decides to be less passive and more pro-social and try to meet guys and ask them out, how often do you think she will experience a harsh rejection?  Not even as harsh as some of the ones that I have illustrated.  But just a little harsh.  Or extremely rude.  Even if she is extremely unattractive….I’ll give you a hint, it’s a very low number.  Probably lower than what you are thinking.  And even lower than the new number you are thinking of.  Think of the lowest number you can possibly think of.  If your answer is never, or almost never, that is the correct answer.  Men simply do not punish women for being social and giving them attention.  And they certainly would never do so as harshly as women do to men, again, just for being social.  We are just not that cruel and inhumane towards women like women are towards men.  Because we recognize that women are human beings with feelings and should be treated with respect, just like we would like to be treated.


But a lot of women do not register men’s feelings, or even their humanity or need for respect.  In fact their ability to cut a man down makes them feel empowered.  This is due to narcissism.  They view themselves as queens and men like slaves, hence their inhumane treatment of us.  Women love to talk about how they know their worth and won’t settle for less, or even how they are Queens or Goddesses. But this is not based upon their content of character.  It is pure narcissism, it has nothing to back it up but a superiority complex.   If you ask them what makes them have such high value, or ask them anything about who they are as a person, they won’t be able to tell you, and may even start acting psychotic from being questioned and made to think about it. It seems that they do not know the difference between having a strong personal identity and high self esteem, and just plain narcissism. It seems feminism failed to teach women the difference.


I myself was raised to be an old fashioned gentleman by a mother who was a socialite (and a first wave feminist) and taught be extremely polite and respectful in all of my social interactions, especially with women.  But surprisingly I somehow also end up getting disrespected by women who I am polite with. And usually it is after telling them that I prefer not to be spoken to in such a way or called a certain name, and that it does not feel the way I wish to be respected as a man. Those simple words which I use verbatim anytime someone says something that I feel isn’t respectful are enough to make a narcissistic woman start lashing out at me and saying things that are way further over the line. When you are dealing with people who have anti-social tendencies, you cannot expect them to treat you with respect even when you are acting respectful towards them and respectable. But we live in an antisocial age these days, and lots of people have anti-social tendencies, especially with text based communication.  But social technology affects women far more than it does men.  And far more negatively.

These days a man simply cannot expect to communicate constructively with a woman via textual communication and expect to have a nice civil conversation.  He can try to start an in depth conversation and be met with one word answers.  He can be polite with her and expect her to be rude.  This is the new standard of behavior.  And when you get a woman in person and try to have a conversation with her verbally, she will still be responding to you with short, curt, and even rude answers…because she will still be giving most of her attention to her phone.  If you try to politely tell her that she has spoken to you in a way that is not the way in which you feel you ought to be respected as a man and would appreciate it if she spoke to you differently, you can expect her to become more rude and inappropriate than before and to lash out at you just for suggesting she ought to change her language.  And she feels as though she can get away with doing this because she doesn’t need to pay you any mind when she has cultivated a following of a multitude of other men on fetlife and her other dating and social media apps that she has gotten supplicating to her by posting sexual innuendos, images and videos.


Women demand respect from men in all of the most minute of ways, but they do not offer it in even the most basic ways.  They have become rude and unable to hold civil discussions with men because they are addicted to their phones, which like any addiction has negative mental health implications and causes them to exhibit the same types of bad behaviors any addict does.  So if you try to get between a woman and her phone and point out that she is not being polite and should try to have a conversation with you since she came to spend time with you in person (especially if it is a date), she will become indignant and blatantly rude. How dare you tell her what to do with her attention!  Because she is an addict, and attention is her drug.  And in the kink community on kinky sites and other forms of social media that have sexual sides to them, this type of addiction is a sexual addiction.  But it is not an addiction to the act of sex, but sexual validation.  And that sexual validation is oftentimes what a woman is feeding off of when she is giving a man any kind of sexual attention.  He may think that she is actually interested in him as a person, but in fact she is only interested in him as a source of narcissistic supply.


Women are not on these apps to engage in conversations, but to get validation for their sexuality and beauty as sex objects.  So don’t worry men, she’s not ignoring your in depth conversation to have an in depth conversation with someone else.  She’s just scrolling through notifications and comments from people telling her how nice the selfies she has been posting at least once an hour are.   And if she is part of the kink community you know that those notifications are going to be much more sexually explicit, because they are most likely in response to her posting pictures of her breasts and vagina.  This gives new meaning to the phrase “attention whore”, since these women are literally whoring out pictures of their private body parts and other sexually explicit imagery for attention and validation from men.  So when you are a man trying to have an in depth conversation with a woman to get to know each other for the purposes of a healthy relationship, and while you act like a gentleman she cannot even bother to treat you with respect or be polite because she is too busy fishing for external sexual validation from an infinite number of men on social media….what do you think that means exactly?  It means that she belongs to the streets.  And you cannot expect a woman who belongs to the streets to treat you with respect, even when you give it to her, because that is just not the language of the streets.  A woman like this will never belong to any man, she can’t even be bothered to have a nice conversation with a well mannered well meaning gentleman.  It is just like the old aphorism “you can’t turn a whore into a housewife”.


Even if she claims to be a “good girl” who is looking for a Gentleman, chances are she really is not and is just overselling herself to you.  And that is why you may act like a Gentleman and abide by the protocols of the social etiquette, only to feel like you can’t communicate with her because she is curt at best and rude at worst, and cannot even tell you about what she is looking for, wants from a man or consents to, because she doesn’t even know what she wants.  You will end up arguing with her because she expect you to read her mind when she doesn’t even seem to know her own mind, and in order to get you to be more compliant the term “Gentleman” will start to arise again, only now it will be her telling you that you aren’t a real one unless you do as she says.  It turns out that even the girls who seem like “good girls” are not so innocent underneath that façade, but are also prone to malevolence and misandry, and will try to break down your identity to gain compliance like all the others.  In fact most girls who say that they are looking for a Gentleman are doing so because they know that men who fancy themselves put in more effort to cater to and provide for the women they are dating.  So most of the girls who call themselves “good girls” are actually just greater users and manipulators of men and are looking to try to exploit even more special treatment and provisions out of him than others might.


You may think that you are dating a nice, sweet, innocent girl who you have a romantic connection with because you are going through all the social niceties of courtship with her and have had some moments together that seemed very special…but the reality is that she does not feel the same towards you.  If she does think that she feels any kind of emotional connection towards you, it is not a real one, it is just a label she is putting on the pleasant feelings that are caused by you doing things for her.  The fact of the matter is there is little chance of her continuing to even give you the time of day if she couldn’t use you for them.  If you do not believe this, then put it to the test.  Set aside a month in which you do not pay for the dates you go on, do not provide for her, do not do special favors for her, or give her any treatment that she does not give you.  Treat her as an equal, exactly the way that she treats you.  I guarantee you that before the month is up you will find yourself being disrespected, or even emasculated or worse, dehumanized and broken down by her for not giving her what she wants, and then you will be discarded.   And this will happen all while treating her with the highest respect and dignity that you thought your dynamic was based upon mutually, but it’s not mutual.  Women do not respect men, their value for us extends only as far as whatever value that they can extract from us.   And that is why in our relations with them they are only kind to us when they are getting something from us, otherwise there is no reason.










The Relativity Of Consent

& Legal Double Standards For Crimes





Only women’s consent counts in this community.  I am constantly feeling violated and never am asked for consent in this community by anyone.  I as a good Dom will ask for consent for every form of touching until a contract is established.  However when I tell a prospective partner that I wish for my consent to be asked for as well, the common response I get is “I don’t want to have to ask you/I shouldn’t have to ask you”.  And when I ask why, they say “Because I am a woman and you are a man.”  Why should my consent as man not be asked for?  Why should it not count?  There is no reason.  Because it should.  It is wrong that a mans consent would not be asked for when women demand a men asks for theirs first.   But it is just like the Double Standard (hypocrisy) that a man should never hit a woman, not even in his defense if he is being hit by a woman, but it is ok for a woman to hit man.  And this is backed by the statistic that most domestic violence is actually female on male, however it doesn’t often get reported, and when it does, the woman is never charged, but rather the police will take her side and ask the man to leave.  Domestic violence arrests are only made when it is the man striking the woman.   This same standard translates into men constantly getting physically violated by women, because it is not considered assault, since society has not made those boundaries clear for men as it has women.

Even when a man states what he consents to and what his preferences are for being touched, he can actually expect them to be ignored a large portion of the time.  I cannot tell you how many times I will tell a girl how I like to be touched, only to have her ignore it, and will also tell a girl not to touch me in a certain way only to have her then do it. I have had so many women grab my ass or even my penis without asking.  I even had one instance in which a girl who I was making out with, without any sort of communication about consent, foreplay or seduction, started yanking on my penis, hard!  So hard that it hurt!  I exclaimed “Ow! Don’t do that! That hurts! Why would you go right for my penis anyways we’ve only just started making out, I’m not even aroused yet haven’t you heard of foreplay?”  She responded “Sorry”, and I told her to do some more foreplay before going there and not to just yank on my penis so hard.  But what did she do?  Literally not a moment later, she repeated the same exact thing.  It was unbelievable.  I again called her out on her bad behavior and she said “well I don’t know what you want!”  Even after I had already told her, a common response I get from women who don’t want to do what simple little things I ask for, such as touching me somewhere besides my penis.  That’s not the worst example though, I also had another girl grab my penis while we were at the beach, and again, did so hard. Hard enough that a couple sea shell fragments mixed in with the sand that had gotten up my shorts cut into the head of my penis, which was incredibly painful.  When I exclaimed “ow that hurts”, her response was to turn away from me and ignore me.  This was technically sexual assault and left my penis injured for a week and in extreme pain.


And it is not the only time I have had girls do things to me that could be definitively classified as sexual assault.  That is if I bothered to report them, which I do not.  And why do you think that is?  I have had a drunk girl who I did not know physically assault me in a bar by starting to punch me in the upper arm and shoulder while laughing.  And when I reported it to a security guard, his response?  He laughed as well.  I’ve had countless women grab my ass while walking by in bars too.  When I say “What the fuck, that girl just grabbed my ass!” To whoever is standing next to me, they act like I should have been thankful for the female attention.  I have even had two different women coerce me into having sex with them in a way that fulfilled their fetishes, without any communication or negotiation or consent, and even started dominating me physically without asking.   One of these girls started randomly hitting me during sex, and almost ripped my nipple ring off in the process which was very painful.  Another started playing out a rape fantasy with me, acting forceful and domineering with an angry look on her face saying “that is my cock you don’t even have a choice”.  These things which could have gone differently and been sexy if they had been pre-negotiated, weren’t at all when they happened.  They felt like I was being assaulted, because I was.  But I can’t bother reporting them, because I won’t be heard as a man, men simply do not have voices when it comes to consent violations.  But imagine if the genders were reversed in these situations and any of the things I had told you about in the last two paragraphs had been done by a man to a woman.   That would be an outrage, wouldn’t it?  Well I as a man still feel violated when I get sexually assaulted, and it still feels bad.  And I should have the same sexual rights to things like consent, safety, and speaking out against assault that women have, but I do not.


But paradoxically enough consent is more than just a double standard, but female consent itself is even relative.  Now of days not only does a mans consent not count, but a woman’s consent is starting to not count when he asks for it either.  Not in the same way, but rather a very opposite way.  For these days you can be a good Dom and ask for consent in every way you need to from a woman, and not only will she not ask yours in return, but she may withdraw her consent after the fact and accuse you of assault/rape for things that were actually perfectly consensual.  And in many states a woman’s consent is starting to not count if she has had any alcohol to drink, though that is not the same for a man.  So two people on a date drinking together who go home and have sex, actually can be seen as rape.  The woman’s consent didn’t count because she was drinking, but it didn’t mean anything that the man was drinking.  I guess the genders are not equals and the man is always seen as having higher consciousness and accountability than women in the eyes of the law, which seems rather sexist to me.


And BDSM contracts are not admissible in court because they are not legally binding.  So how can you even trust a woman’s consent as a man?  Consent doesn’t seem to hold the meaning it should with women, but I guess that is the nature of a woman giving her word, they feel that they have the right to change their mind about any agreements or social contracts they have entered into and should be able to do so without consequence.  I now am in the middle of a legal battle myself with a girl who had met me on fetlife and contracted me to help her become a porn star and then violated our porn contract, which was legally binding, but which she felt as though she shouldn’t have to obey and violated in a number of ways, along with my intellectual property rights, tried to make sales off the record for a larger share of profit, and then when I caught her and told her she had to stop, she didn’t, and instead said she wasn’t going to work with me anymore and when I hired a lawyer she weaponized the legal system against me and committed perjury on legal documents, defamed my character on public record with false accusations making it seem like she hadn’t actually hired me to do porn with her and a contract didn’t exist between us, but that it was more like revenge porn, and had me ordered to stop disseminating it.  This came from a woman who said to me while signing the contracts that she didn’t know why all of the clauses in them were necessary because she would never take me to court or make any false claims against me or anything.  And the women who bring men up on false charges do not get in trouble for perjury like they should, because they are women.   They are able to bring charges against a man that are damaging to him, even if they do not stick, and have no consequences for their actions what so ever.  The justice system is not just, it is gynocentric.  Just ask any divorced man.


The same goes for harassment laws.  Not only is sexual harassment against men not recognized but a woman can claim sexual harassment from a man when one has not taken place.  Women can call the police on a man for harassing her arbitrarily when he was not actually harassing her, or even file a fraudulent restraining order against him when he is not actually harassing her.  They often do this in a blatant effort to weaponize the legal system against their exes.  And again they will not get into trouble for perjury.  But I have had girls who I broke up with who were harassing me or even stalking me and the law would not do anything about it when I called the police.  Men have no way of protecting themselves against women, but women can weaponize the law against men.


There is also a growing trend of female sexual predators in the world.  I see them in the news more often than I see male sexual predators these days.  Most of whom commit their heinous sexual acts against children.  And I’m sure its not because they are getting more coverage, but actually less.  Because when they do get covered, they are referred to in different ways.  They are never called pedophiles when they have sex with a minor as a man is.  They are never said to have “sexually assaulted” or “raped” their victim, but to have “had sex with them”.  Even though the law clearly states that a minor can not consent to sex with an adult and that such an act is rape.  It is never called rape if the predator is a female.  And these women get off with far lighter sentences than male sexual offenders.


And unfortunately many female sexual offenders who do not become teachers so that they can fuck their students come to the kink community and start calling themselves Dominatrixes, when they are not even real proper educated Domme’s.   In fact the vast majority of the Domme’s I have met were overtly predatory, and didn’t even seem to know the first thing about consent, only about sexual harassment and abusing men.  And they felt no need to hide any of this either.  They were completely shamelessly predatory, because in this social world it is seen as completely appropriate for a female to act as such (but when a male even begins to act that way, women of course will start calling him out on it).  A woman can not only act like a rapist and abuser, but she can even make a living at it!   It seems any man hating woman can put on a leather outfit and label herself a Domme without even getting any kind of training in safety.  Because no one cares about the safety of men, or the integrity of women.  And as for so called “submissive” women in the kink community, almost all of the submissives who have solicited me have also all been predatory and were not actually real submissives, but rather it was just another ploy, a façade like the girls who call themselves “good girls” and are looking for a “gentleman”.  In the end, they were just looking for a Dominant man to exploit.   And again, they didn’t have to hide their double standards.


Female predation in our social world is completely socially acceptable, and even somewhat sanctioned by law.  And while a male teacher who has done anything inappropriate with an underage student will be labelled a rapist, sent to a maximum security prison where he is raped (legally) by other prisoners and when released will be a sex offender with his life ruined, especially professionally, and will never work a good job again….A female teacher who has had sex with an underage male student will not be labelled a rapist but instead will be said to have “had sexual relations” or something else putting it lightly to make it sound more appropriate, and will avoid a harsh sentence, perhaps spending a short time in a lesser prison than the man (if any time is spent in jail at all,) and then afterwards she can use the media attention she garnered which actually made her seem like a sex symbol to men to get a high paying job as a porno model.  That is the world we live in.









“Empowerment”, “Equality” & Exploitation






Feminists love using the term “Empowerment” and “Empowering” and “Equality” to describe things that they want.  But yet these things are reserved for women, and are not amenities afforded to men.  Men do not get the same empowerment or equality that women do, so it is not actually equality.  And when feminists use the word “Exploitative” they are referring of course to something they do not want that men do to women, or that men experience that puts them at an advantage and women at a disadvantage.  Yet there are a plethora of ways in which women exploit men, and feel as though they should be able to, because they find it empowering.  So there is no equality for men, in fact men are not even allowed to be empowered in ways that women are not.  The standard is this:  If something allows women to benefit from men, or for women to benefit and men not to, it is called “empowering”.  If something allows men to benefit from women or for men to benefit and women not to, it is called “exploitation”.  Men are simply not granted the same permissions to do these things as women are, they are not allowed to do the very things that women love to do and find so “empowering”, and women are allowed to exploit men because it is empowering to them.   And if there is ever a situation in which a man is at an advantage and a woman at a disadvantage there is political outrage about it and the man is labelled an oppressor, when it is actually the men who are being oppressed, and this double standard of women playing the victim and claiming to be so disempowered and exploited is the vehicle they use to make their power grabs with which they oppress us.

A woman marrying a richer man and then divorcing him and taking more money than she came with so that she can be more independent is empowering, a man doing the same thing is seen as exploitative.  A woman deciding that she wants to get an abortion due to irresponsible sex, and saying that big daddy government should pay for it, is empowering; but a man who suggests his girlfriend get an abortion when they have a surprise pregnancy, and not offering to pay for it is exploitative.  A woman who stops taking her birth control without telling him so that she can get pregnant by a man without his consent and then deciding to be a single mother and keep the child from the man is empowering, but a man who pokes a hole in a condom to get a girl pregnant is exploitative.   Additionally, men who are against women being able to take men’s money in divorce, against abortion, against prostitution and other careers that objectify women, are also seen as being exploitative towards them.  And when it comes to paternity, the double standard is that if a man wants to have power of decision making and be in control of the finances and such, that is him being “patriarchal”, but when a woman tries to control him, if he does not do what she wishes or provide for her enough, she will accuse him of not being “paternal” enough.  It is a double standard leaving men with no power, no equality, they are being exploited.


There is another example of these double standards that runs far deeper, and that is what happens when men and women are trying to profit off of their sex appeal.   For when a woman profits off of her sex appeal by becoming a model, pornographer, or sex worker, it is seen as empowering for her.  But if a man uses pornography or prostitutes, he is seen as objectifying women, misogynistic, and creepy.  But when happens when a man tries to become a model, pornographer, or sex worker?  This is not seen as empowering.  And in fact the chances are they will not be able to be successful because the industry hires a small fraction of the men it does women, and so not only are fewer men getting hired, but the standards for them are much higher, and so they are judged far more than women are, and thus are objectified more.  The men who do get hired are objectified more than women are ever objectified by men, I know because I am in porn.  Women feel it is appropriate to speak publicly about a man’s penis size being too small when he shows it, but when it comes to themselves they want body positivity.  And feminists obviously have no problem with male models men being objectified and body shamed.  Recently during the 2021 olympics, feminists released an article saying that men shouldn’t be looking at the female athletes sexually, which is ironic because their physical training makes them some of the top physical specimens in the world, that is what the Olympics is, so of course they would have great sex appeal…yet we are told by feminists to deny this?  It is even more ironic because there was also another article released by women recently on male attractiveness, judging men by the most impossibly high physical standards and was the most objectifying thing I have ever read.


Yet feminists have no problem with women objectifying men.  And yet while men who make their money off of their looks get objectified more than women, they also get paid a fraction of the amount women do, even if they are doing more work.  In fact most women feel as though they shouldn’t have to pay for porn, and also wouldn’t even buy sex toys from a male sex toy vendor either, and also wouldn’t pay for a sensual/sexual massage from a man either and feels that just him getting to touch her in a way that is sexual, or not even sexual but sensual, should be enough compensation for him to want to give her the massage for free.  And there’s plenty of other products that women will not buy from men either, and professions that men do not do as good as women in.  For instance I used to sell women’s shoes, but women seemed to want to buy their shoes primarily from other women.  The top sales people were women, who had to put in very little effort to make sales, meanwhile I busted my ass trying to make sales and ended up making below the poverty line and going into debt with the company because I wasn’t even making enough sales to cover my base pay.  But there was no affirmative action for me or the other men like me, no support from my company, or my community, politics, nothing.   Yet again, feminists and women in general have no problem with men making less than women in the same exact positions, even though they claim to want there to be equal pay between the sexes.  Yet they have had no calls for affirmative action for men in industries such as these that are female dominated and in which women get paid far more.


The same paradigm is seen in both the professional world and the world of dating/relationships/Marriage, and basically anywhere else in society where men and women are interacting, such as the world of politics.  Women expect affirmative action and to have to contribute less than men and have men provide for them.  In the world of relationships & marriage a successful man can take a poor woman and build her up.  But women do not do the same for men.  A successful woman would never even give a poor man the time of day as a suitor in dating.  In fact not only do women not build men up, but they actually break them down and mine them for resources to extract from them.  And what happens to the women that the successful men build up?  Well as soon as the women become their equals or begin to outperform them at times, they lose interest.  If a woman’s husband who she once called her “life partner” goes into a low when the woman is experiencing a high, she will do nothing to help build him back up, but rather she will lose interest in him.  In fact women are not even interested in men when they are at an equal level of success.  Women’s attractiveness is hypergamous and based upon the man being superior to her and having more to offer her than she does him.  And when that stops being the case, they lose interest.  80+% of divorces are initiated by women, and often it is due to no fault of the man, she is simply no longer attracted to him because he is no longer that much more her superior.  So she leaves him for an even higher status man.  This is called hypergamy.  The richest man in the world was a self starter who married a less successful woman.  The richest woman in the world got her money from marrying and divorcing him.  This is not an isolated incident, but is exemplary.


I have been thinking about the supposed equality that is said to exist between men and women a lot lately. My last submissive liked to think of herself as a strong independent woman and kept telling me that we were equals. But yet I was giving 90-95% or more to the relationship and was lucky to get 10% back from her, at maximum.  In fact on average it was more like 3% or 5% at best, and sometimes it would actually be 100/0 and I would have to be constantly nagging her about the fact that she wasn’t doing anything she said she would and was making me do everything.  Eventually I had to realize that this was a pattern, not a series of mistakes.  That she just wasn’t willing or able to do what I did or give to the relationship or me, what I gave to it and her.  So I started wondering how exactly we were equals, if at all.


I did all of the cooking and cleaning, and even when she would try to help I would end up just having to help her do what she was doing, or re-clean things she had “cleaned” afterwards. She wasn’t capable of having intellectual conversations with me even about the topics that she brought up, our conversations were always one sided with me doing all of the talking. When it came to communicating about serious relationship oriented things and doing relationship work, again, I was the one doing all of the communicating and relationship work and she would do none. When it came to responsibility, again I was the only one who had any responsibility in the relationship, and she almost never even followed through on any of the things she said she was going to do, it was less than 10% of the time that her word actually meant anything. When we had business projects together, even if it was her idea that would fulfill her dream, I would be doing almost all of the work, like more than 95% of it, and she wouldn’t even be able to do the bare minimum, such as printing out and signing legal documents she needed to get to me.


When it came to money, she actually made slightly more money than me, and had fewer expenses, yet she seemed to have more money troubles than me and I ended up paying for everything in the relationship. When it came to support and caregiving, again it was more than 90% me giving and her giving less than 10%, as our conversations were always focused on me giving her emotional support for every little tiny thing that went wrong in her life, when I myself had so many more much larger problems burdening me which she never offered me hardly any moral support with what so ever, and I could hardly depend upon her to help me relax and unwind because I was always having to help her with her minor problems that she would turn into much bigger issues than they were. And last but not least, I am going to be brutally honest with you here, in the bedroom she was a very selfish lover and would get multiple orgasms each time we had sex while I was lucky to have one, and barely ever did anything for my pleasure, I could communicate about my likes and dislikes and would mostly get ignored. Even when it came to thoughtfulness, consideration, affection, romance and love I was the giver and she was the taker.


So across the board she would take and not give, yet would always assert that we were equals. When she would not take care of my needs she would suggest that I date other women as well so that I could find some others who would meet the needs she wasn’t, but then would say that since we were equals she would also see another man for every woman I was seeing. Which doesn’t seem like equality to me because I was doing everything she needed of me and she was doing almost nothing I needed of her, not even the things she offered to and said she was going to. Eventually this imbalance, or in other words, inequality, caused the relationship to collapse.  Just like a mountain that had been mined for resources until it had been hollowed out so much that it collapsed.  So had I by an exploitative woman who took everything she could from me until she had completely depleted me, and then when my usefulness had been diminished and I had no more left to give and demanded that she start making good on her promises, what do you think she did?  She left me.  She even violated a professional contract that we had between us in multiple ways, violating not only the contract but my very rights, which as I mentioned earlier we are now going to court for.  I suppose I should feel lucky that I was not married to her otherwise it could have been so much worse and I could have ended up like 80+% of the married men out there who get half of their assets taken from them by greedy women.


This has me thinking a lot about equality and gender relations because of the fact that this is just one more case in a long pattern. Over the past 18 years of my adult life I have been dating woman after woman with this exact same set of problems. I will have one serious relationship about every year or so that will last about a few months or more before it implodes due to this inequality and thus imbalance. And I will date lots of women in between relationships who don’t even claim or try to be equals and so I don’t even enter into relationships with them. It just seems that there is never any equality necessary to give the relationship the balance it needs for it to be healthy and sustainable. And it is not because I am dating the same exact types of women. I have dated across many demographics and cultures. Yet it is always the same. The relationships are always a 90/10 split, at best. The women take but do not give. All of the responsibility always falls upon me, and none upon them. I cannot even trust that their word means anything when they give it to me about something they are going to do.


When it used to happen to me I used to think that I had just had a bad experience with a bad girl, and that it was an isolated incident. But this has happened with so many different types of women at this point that I am beginning to think that it is just the way women are.  They say they are our equals, but yet their behaviors tell a different story and make it seem like they are actually not.  In fact it seems more like they are our exploiters.  And this would make sense because of the theory that women are hypergamous.  So this means that men like me end up in these situations because women do not want equality. Women are not attracted to their equals.  They are attracted to superiority.  The relationships they enter are not with men who are their equals but their superiors.  And if the man stops being superior over time, which will often happen as she depletes him of his resources and usefulness, she will then leave him, usually without so much as even giving him an explanation (and as we know these days just ghosting someone is very common).


This experience has not just been isolated to dating and relationships either. Whenever I have female friends they are constantly having me help them with things and never offer me anything. And in business it is probably the worst. When I have had female employees, colleagues and affiliates, I can barely count on them to show up for work or meetings. Even when it is an affiliate who I am offering a free promotion of their work for, the women barely ever show up. I was an equal opportunity employer and did my best to work with 50% women but was unable to because I ended up having to invest way too much time head hunting trying to find good female help and being unable to find women who will even show up. However in my entire work history I only ever had one man reschedule at the last minute ever. The men were always dependable. And when I did work with women the work that they did was often of poor quality, and I would end up having to do tons of work on their work to try to bring it up to par, which cost me a lot of time energy and money, and even then I would often not feel good about how it made my company look. I never had this problem with men. And I have heard the same from male friends of mine, that they have to give extra time and energy to help the women they work with do their work, which they can not do on their own. Yet these women get paid the same as men while doing less work and needing men to do portions of their work for them.  Women want affirmative action and workplace support of male colleagues and employers because they do not want to be held to the same standards of work load and quality as men are, but yet they want equal pay, because they are exploiting us.  Just as they do in relationships with us when getting us to do all of the relationship work, and to contribute more money to the relationship as well (for the shared lifestyle that they do most of the decision making about).


So I am going to ask you a serious question now. And I want you to think about it very hard and consider your past experiences and give a thoughtful answer. This is not time for sexism or politics. I want to know:


Are women really the equals of men? And if so, what exactly is it that makes them equal? For if we are in fact equals as women say, I cannot see what it is that makes us such. Because at when it comes to:


  • Honesty & Integrity
  • Communication & Language
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Responsibility/Dependability
  • Effort
  • Work & Professional Skill
  • Domestic Abilities
  • Money Management
  • Relationship skills
  • Sexual Abilities & Pleasure


I have not seen any equality, or anything even close to it, its been more like exploitation. It’s always been 90/10 at best, and that’s at very best. At worst it will be even as bad as 100/0 in which the woman basically feels as though her fleeting presence is enough, and has me taking care of her as if she is a small child and I am her father. So if there are areas that women excel at that make them our equals, what are they? Because none of them have made any appearances in my relationships with women yet.



And I know what the misandrists are going to say in response to this.  They are going to say “you are attracting these women for a reason, because there is something wrong with you.”  Because that is all I’ve heard when I try to get relationship advice from this gynocentric community in which the men are always wrong and women are always right.   Now I am supposed to believe that being a good man and having a lot to offer a woman is a fault.  That I am at fault for getting taken advantage of, exploited and victimized by a bad woman.  No, what that is called is victim blaming.





Victim Blaming



When a woman mentions having had an abusive ex society says: “You poor girl! It’s not your fault! Don’t blame yourself! We will do everything we can to help you!”  When a man mentions having had an abusive ex, society says: “Man up, take responsibility, you brought this on yourself, stop complaining and move on.”  When a woman speaks out about abuse against her she is treated by the community as though she is a victim who was targeted.  When a man does it he is treated as though he was attracted to bad girls because he has psychological issues and deserves what he got in return.


Men can and do get abused by women.  Actually the statistics are in, and it turns out that women are more abusive towards men than men are towards women…and women are even more abusive towards each other too.  The most abusive relationships are actually lesbian relationships.   Women are simply more abusive people, because society hasn’t told them not to be like it does to men.  Society teaches boys never to hit girls, but it doesn’t teach girls never to hit boys.  So women think that they can hit men and that men can’t hit back.  And they get away with it too. Police are trained to treat the man as the aggressor on any domestic violence call, even if he was the one who called (I know because I’ve been there plenty of times with my son’s mother who was an extremely violent and abusive woman).  And if a man tries to report any kind of abuse or assault from a woman he will usually not be taken seriously and the police will not file a report for him.  Even if the assault is severe or sexual in nature.  Only if a man goes to a hospital with an injury from a woman is he finally seen as a victim in the legitimate legal sense.  But men do get abused in relationships constantly by women who are using violence to oppress them.  Men even get sexually assaulted by women.  And when they report it they are either laughed at (like a security guard who laughed at me when a female assaulted me in a bar), or dismissed coldly.  Recently there was a news story of a rich man who was on a date with a  woman who seduced him into penetrating her unprotected, and then produced a gun and forced him to ejaculate inside of her so that she could have his offspring and sue him for child support.  He went to the police afterwards and they refused to file a report for him and allow him to press charges against her, even though a crime had been committed.  He now has to wait to see if she will become pregnant and ruin his future, and if she will be granted child support from the court, which there is little doubt that she will.


Feminists have long asserted that an abused or assaulted woman should never be made to think that it was in any way her fault.  That we should not be using language with female victims about how their choices could have lead to it, or how they could have brought it upon themselves.  So why is victim blaming ok to do with men? There’s enough awareness about not doing it with women that everyone knows how to console a female victim and not make her feel any worse about her possible part of the incident.  So why is it the norm to do this very thing with men?  Even in groups that are supposed to be support groups for these things I made a post about having an abusive ex, and was victim blamed. Then shamed for having feelings about it.  These people act like I was attracted to narcissists and sociopaths and chose them on purpose knowingly.  But no one chooses abusers knowing they are going to abuse you, they seduce you into thinking they are going to treat you well.  You fall for them for the same reasons you fall for anyone. You think you have a mental and physical connection with them. Sometimes a spiritual one too. They make you think you have found true love, a life partner, someone you could possibly marry. Only to then get lied to and exploited.


When you have an abusive partner who is very good at what they do because they are narcissistic or sociopathic you can tell them when you are feeling disrespected, mistreated, wronged, violated, used, taken advantage of, etc. and they will say and do all of the right things to show remorse and make amends and say they will make it up to you and be better. Then when they have restored your confidence its like you said, the cycle of abuse just continues. They are very convincing, and will use gaslighting if necessary. And it will take time for you to have definitive proof that they are in fact lying and manipulating you. Because they have plenty of valid excuses as to why they are not holding up their end of the relationship. By the time you know for sure that they have been doing this all purposely, you will be broken and used up.


And then you come to your local community looking for support, which is what your community is supposed to be there for. And as a man you get told that it is your fault, that you brought this on yourself, and to man up and take responsibility.  You are met with lines of “Stop being a whiny little bitch, be a man, you got yourself into this mess, get yourself out.”  A man cannot even find support in an anti-misandry men’s group online and just gets treated with the same misandry and abuse that he gets from women, and there may even be women who have infiltrated the group in order to assert their dominance there and to shut down any male voices they don’t like, and even shame them.  It is really inappropriate to victim blame anyone of any gender in any situation. You should never tell anyone that abuse was their fault. If I was a woman people wouldn’t and would know it is obviously wrong, but yet they do so to a man shamelessly as if they are doing the right thing.


Why is it that everyone knows what victim blaming is when a woman is the victim, but when a man is the victim everyone automatically blames him? And now men aren’t even allowed to feel any kind of way about it or they get shamed for that too.  We get told that we have issues and are fucked up, when the only thing fucked up is how we are being treated.


It’s also interesting that on the other hand I’m being told by other people that it was my fault for not vetting them more, but when I ask them how to vet them more, they won’t give me any advice, but rather when I propose ways of vetting them for these types of abusive behaviors, they shoot down my ideas and say that I shouldn’t be overprotective.  This is the world we live in. A man is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.  People want men vulnerable in this community, we are not supposed to protect ourselves from bad women.  We are supposed to take the abuse from them, so that we can then be told that we deserved it.  Because that is how feminism wants it.  It wants to pretend that women are victims of men so that it can feed women messages of female empowerment and the war on men, justifying female oppression, mistreatment and exploitation of men, and allowing them to get away with victimizing men because they are acting like they are the real victims and men are the real oppressors, when it is actually the other way around.  And if any man speaks out about being victimized by a woman, they have pre-loaded messages of victim blaming for that so that they can silence them and maintain their upper hand in the power dynamic.






Conclusion – In Defense Of Masculinity




I wrote all of this as a man who is actually considered above average in most departments, and who has actually had a lot of success with women in my 24 years of being sexually active.  I’ve had sex with almost a hundred women, casually dated and had some form of connection with hundreds more.  Been in what seemed like love several times and had a few serious long term relationships.  I even had a child with a woman who was my best friend and longest relationship when I was younger.  And I’ve been involved in Kink/BDSM for almost a decade now and had a lot of epic experiences with it.  And yet even with all of that success and all of the good things I’ve experienced in dating, there’s been so much bad to go along with it that it almost negates the good.  All of the feeling used and exploited.  Being abused both mentally and physically and having no support for the trauma it causes because I am a man.  Being sexually assaulted and having it not even be considered sexual assault.  All of the heart break and devastation from being broken up with (and women are very sociopathic when breaking up with a man).  And even some legal battles, which are a very difficult thing to have to go through.


And after writing all of this, it has me thinking, wow, and this is me complaining about all of this as a man who has been successful with women and had so many good experiences too.  I can’t even imagine just how bad it would be for a man who is below average and is considered unsuccessful with women and has it worse than me.  Someone who has to deal with mainly bad experiences and not so many good ones, experiences which are even worse than mine.  A man who might have even married a woman and was good to her and then gotten cheated on and divorced for no reason and had half of his assets and his kids taken away from him and left not only heart broken and unable to see his kids except every other weekend, but also financially devastated.  As this is the most common end result for marriage today.  And that’s not even the worst you could expect from dating.  And that’s not even as bad as it gets.  Some men these days even find themselves brought up on false rape charges because they sleep with a girl who gives her consent before sex but then later regrets it because her boyfriend found out she cheated on him and she has to lie and say she was raped, and the mans life gets ruined, even if he doesn’t end up getting convicted, but if he does, he then has to go to jail and get raped himself, and then when he gets out he has to live his life as a sex offender.  And all because an evil manipulative sociopathic narcissist needed to cover up her lying and cheating, she will ruin an innocent mans life in the worst way possible.


These are just a couple examples of women’s common destructive tendencies towards men. Not to mention all the gold diggers out there using men like ATM machines under the premise of love.  Or all of the female on male domestic violence.  The list of ways that women use and abuse men goes on and on.  And again, this is because we live in a misandristic paradigm that is sexist towards men, and beyond just prejudice or discrimination, we are downright oppressed and abused.  Why do you think that we are partially castrated at birth, which is an obvious human rights violation that is accepted (while female genital mutilation is spoken out against) simply because it is profitable to the establishment?  And then when we grow balls as adolescents the feminists go after those as well and try to take them from us too and castrate us further and emasculate us and turn us into feminized men.  And why do you think it is that with all of the awareness about the progressive socio-sexual issues, there is none being created about any of these?  That no matter how good women have it, and how bad men have it, the only issues there are any awareness about are women’s issues, and men are constantly being censored and silenced when we try to find our voice?  Why do you think that there is so much awareness about issues  that benefit women and even those which seek to emasculate men, such as trans-gender issues, but there is nothing being done to protect or promote masculinity.  In fact as a man if you speak up and try to protect and promote your own masculinity you are labelled patriarchal, told that you are being “wrong” in some sort of way, stifled, censored, and de-platformed.  Women literally try to take us men’s voices away using their fascist political power.


Well unfortunately for feminism and the misandristic gynocentric world, I have a voice, and I am using it.  And all I have left to say at this point is that it just isn’t right.  It’s wrong.  It’s just wrong.  It’s pure misandry.  And it has to stop.  I have never done anything to deserve the type of treatment I have gotten from women.  I’ve always tried to be a good man and do right by them, and what I have gotten in return has been unconscionable.  And Men in general do not deserve this type of treatment.  Men have never treated women anywhere near as poorly as women treat men, and even when men were generally sexist towards women (which was minute in comparison to the way women treat men these days), that was generations ago and the men of today should not be made to answer for it.  Men of today do nothing to oppress women, in fact men at large mostly contribute to women’s lives.  Most of the value and sustenance and provisions and resources women get from society is coming from men.   Men are your farmers, your construction workers and skilled laborers, your business owners, your scientists, your police and military, your legislators and your leaders.  Men are the ones who repair your car when it is broken down on the side of the road and you are stranded in the middle of nowhere.  Men are the ones saving you and your children’s lives when your house is on fire.  Men are the ones giving their lives to fight for your freedom and keep you safe so that you can live the luxurious lives in democracy that you do.  Men are the ones providing for you to make sure all of your wants and needs are met.   Men are the ones giving you children and fathering them (as much as you will let us, or in most cases having our children used against us for extortion).   Women don’t do these things for men, men do them for women.  Imagine if all the men in society went on strike and women had to do these things for themselves, where would you be?  You would have nothing without us men to give it to you.  And for all the good that we do for you women, all of the self sacrificing, we do not deserve what you do to us in return.


It’s bad enough to get taken for granted and used when you have given someone everything that you had to give and gotten nothing in return.  But this treatment is so far beyond that.  It is senseless abuse.  And it is inexcusable and unacceptable.  I for one will not stand for it anymore.  I am speaking out against all of the female abuse and sexism and I don’t care what feminazi’s use what kind of shame tactics to try to silence me. I have been silenced with female shame and emotional warfare for years and I won’t be silenced anymore.  And if you have a problem with me finding my voice and standing up for my rights, let me tell you something, you’ve got another thing coming.  Because I do not have to bend over for you.  I’m not the victim you want me to be.  Men are not at fault for the things that women blame them for in general, and do not deserve to be villainized just for our gender.  It was said that the devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he didn’t exist.  Well women’s greatest trick was convincing the world that misandry doesn’t exist, that female on male abuse doesn’t exist, and that men are oppressors and women are victims, when in reality it is the opposite.  We do not live in a patriarchy, we live in a matriarchy.  Men are oppressed by women, not the other way around.  And it is time for a paradigm change.  It is time for us men to stand up against female abuse and oppression together.   Because all of you women’s mistreatment isn’t doing anything except pushing us over the edge.  And now that its gone this far we’re starting to fight back.  We have men’s rights movements starting all over.  And you’ve gone too far now.  You’ve done too much that can’t be justified anymore.  You’ve shown your true colors.  Shame on you, not us.


Now that you’ve pushed us far enough, were going to be pushing back.  And we are stronger and smarter than you realize.  We aren’t going to be victimized by you.  And we won’t be oppressed anymore.  In fact the only way you women ever started to win the battle of the sexes was by enlisting men on your side.  And now you are going to lose it because you are losing the support of the good men out there who believed in your equality but who you then turned on and tried to dominate and exploit for your own nefarious purposes.  You treat us like dogs.  Who you try to put into cages and beat into submission.  And a dog will only take it so long before it starts to bite back and you find that you’ve unleashed a beast that you can’t control.  And who do you think will win in a real competition between men and women?  Women always will lose and men always will win.  That is the reason why women do not compete against men in sports, and male to female transgendered people are now dominating female sports.  You do not want to fight us, there is no competition.


I hope that all of you men out there reading this are with me, and will join me in taking this stand against female tyranny.  And I hope that all of you women out there reading this will take this as a warning.  Don’t fuck with us.  You’ve failed in your goal.  Your attempt at a matriarchy has failed.  The world is still run by men.  Your seductive mind games, manipulations and exploitation is not enough for you to take over control of this world.  It is still a patriarchy, not because men are misogynistic, but because men are the ones with the strength and intelligence to build and maintain society.  Not women.  Women’s influence has been nothing but destructive, and you leave it to men to try to rebuild things in your wake.  And we can and will stop you if you continue to go too far.   Women’s influence in society is to bring chaos and destruction.  Men’s influence is to bring creativity and organization.  Patriarchal societies are ones that grow and thrive.  When societies become gynocentric they fall, like Rome and Athens.  Because women are not forces of organization and control, men are, women are the opposite.  And women will destroy society if we let them, as we can see that they already are.  But if we men all start rejecting the misandry and double standards of women, they will not be able to continue with them. And if we all start to disengage and go on strike against the gynocentric nature of our culture, it will no longer be able to sustain itself.  Women can see their negative effects on society and yet they do not care because it is their nature.  And so men have already started to rebel, and the consequences for women are starting to get serious


Remember, we men are the majority of your politicians, your police and military, you’re business owners and bosses.  We are powerful, and we are in control.  And what’s more is that you need us more than we need you.  Without us men the world would stop.  Without us men you women out there would be cat-fighting each other for scraps.  All female run businesses and governments fail because not only are they imbalanced but women are not capable of cooperating together or being accountable, objective, or doing other things that it takes to maintain a large stable organization, such as putting in overtime.  Women’s role in nature and society is to be submissive to and cared for by men.  When you try to go against this role you become nothing but lose cannons blowing holes in the infrastructure that men built, without doing anything to help rebuild what you have destroyed.  Now it is time for you to stop.  Stop your mistreatment of men.  Stop your sexism.  Stop your war against men.  Stop your toxic destructive tendencies.  It isn’t just, it isn’t right, it isn’t fair.  Men have never treated you the way that you treat us today.  And it is time for you to stop.  For if you cannot do it of your own accord because it is the right thing to do, we will fight back. And you do not want that.  You do not want to see consequences for your actions.  But there will be if you continue going down this path.


Already we are seeing men starting to push back.  We are seeing that male employers do not want to hire women as much anymore.  We are seeing more publicity for female criminals, which means more legislation against them and greater punishments.  Men are starting to hit back when a woman strikes them, and other male bystanders are refusing to come to the aid of women who they see attacking men.  Men are refusing to pay for women anymore or be used by them, when women have more provisions made for them by society and don’t even appreciate what we do for them and only take us for granted.  And most of all we are seeing men begin to refuse to marry women, have kids with them, cohabitate with them, or even date them, in astonishing numbers.  Men Going Their Own Way is now a mainstream movement.  Men are refusing to buy into the hypocritical double standards of women and put up with their misandry anymore.  The rebellion against the misandry paradigm has already begun.  We men need to continue to cast our votes in favor of ourselves and our best interests and not our oppressors.


Things are no longer going to go women’s way if they keep up their hypocrisy and sexism.  Rather the opposite.  Things will continue to get worse and worse for them.  So you’d better learn how to treat us with some god damn mother fucking respect.  Because we deserve it.  Because the future is not female like women say, the future is male, just like the past.  The society has always been and always will be patriarchal because that is the only way it can sustain itself.  After all, you live in a society that men built, which you contribute nothing to, but only take from.  You need us and everything that we do for you.  Women are not leaders, builders or providers for others, men are.  This world you are living in is our house that we have built everything in.  You are eating our food, and you do not even cook or clean anymore to help out.  And you shouldn’t shit where you live, especially if you are not even going to help clean it up.  Otherwise you will be ejected like an unwanted guest.  And that is what you are in this society.  You are all just our guests.  And you had better start showing us some appreciation for everything we do for you.  Or we will have no incentive to do it anymore.


Women’s natural role is one of submission. They were designed by nature for it.  They are small and physically far weaker than men, and the hormone estrogen is one that induces passivity and lethargy making their role a more submissive one.  It also induces emotional instability and physical health problems, which causes them to require the care of a man, as does pregnancy and child bearing, which is what their body is for.  They were not made as strong as men and are not cut out for the types of work that men do.  And this paired with their lack of mental stability and organization they are not meant for dominant roles either.  The functions that suit them best are ones in which they are serving men and doing more menial tasks.  Men are naturally suited for Dominant roles due to the fact that they were designed by nature for them.  Their large strong build and the hormone testosterone make them perfect for roles that require aggressiveness, power, leadership, and other forms of Dominance.  For both genders to succeed and thrive in society, and for society itself to succeed and thrive as well, we need to keep to the roles that nature intended for us.  This is the way that it was traditionally in society before the advent of feminism, and feminism trying to get women to be strong and independent of men and assume more dominant and masculine roles in the world has not helped women to flourish, or be happier, nor has it helped society at large to do so either.  Women must regain their place in society as being submissive to men.  And if they do so they would find themselves much happier than they have been since feminism has tried to force them to be strong and independent, as studies have shown that women are not as happy as before when they were in their traditionally submissive roles.  Because it is unnatural for a woman to not be submissive to men.  Women require male Dominance and control and without it they are lost in their own chaos.


Masculinity and its inherent dominance are not toxic as feminists have been saying.  In fact it is feminism that is what is toxic, and that is feminism and not femininity.  Feminism has poisoned femininity.  Masculinity is positive and good.  Masculinity is Independent, internally validated and self approved.  Masculinity is strong and willful and assertive.  Masculinity is rational and logical and reasonable.  Masculinity is responsible, accountable and dependable.  Masculinity is Dominant, Authoritative and Leading.  Masculinity is resourceful and industrious.  Masculinity is pro-active and action-taking.  Masculinity is driven, ambitious and hard working.  Masculinity is ethical, honorable and high integrity. Masculinity is careful conservative and cautious.  Masculinity is caregiving, protective, helpful and heroic.  Masculinity is confident, courageous and brave.  Masculinity is aggressive, violent, dangerous and defensive or offensive when necessary.  Masculinity is sexual & creates new life inside of women.  Masculinity is free to be whatever the man chooses, and no woman can tell him he is not a real man because he is not doing what she wants, for women do not define masculinity, a man defines his own masculinity.  Masculinity is important and essential to society and should not be emasculated.  It is socially pro-active and takes initiative with women so that dating and mating can happen.  Without it there would be little to no sex acts.  There would be little to no children being made.  Because we all know that women are not willing or able to make sex happen with men most of the time.  Women should appreciate male sexuality and the fact that it has made all of this life in the world happen.  For it would not matter that women are the ones who bear the children if their eggs were never getting fertilized by mens sperm, which is exactly what would happen if men weren’t Dominant, pro-active and action taking with women.  Because women generally do not do so with men (or even start conversations with them or put much effort into them)  without our sexual Dominance there would be little to no life on planet earth.  So do not take male sexuality for granted, appreciate it.  For it is why you exist at all.


And so with that this now concludes this document on the misandry and double standards found in the socio-political and dating world.  If you are against misandry then please show your support in the comments section and by liking and sharing this.  So far in my posting the previous parts almost all of the comments I have gotten were vitriolic shaming tactics saying things along the lines of “this must be happening to you because you are not a real man”, asking me who hurt me, calling me an incel, sexually harassing me, telling me that I am sexist against women, and calling me other names and making other personal attacks and deflecting from the topic.  This is of course done because they cannot debate anything that I said and do not like that I am bringing awareness to these issues and that they may lose their power over men, so the only way that they can keep their power is by trying to push me back down with their abusive shaming language, not realizing that they are only proving my points and exemplifying what I have been talking about in the article.  But that is the way feminism is, it is not about civil discourse it is about man-hating and oppressing men, and this is why we need to create awareness about this, and why I need your support.  However if you are a woman who disagrees with some of the things I have said and would like to debate them in a respectful manner without harassment, I am up for that.  But no matter what your gender please share with me any of your thoughts/feelings/experiences on the double standards and sexism you have encountered along the lines of what I have discussed here.  And if you are a man who has felt oppressed by these issues I would urge you to please find your voice and join me in taking a stand and speaking out against them.  For I cannot do it alone.  And since you have read everything I have shared, for anyone who comments I will be sure to take my time to read and respond to everything that you have to say as well as long as it is said respectfully.  And I look very forward to opening up a discussion on these topics and hopefully generating some much needed awareness about them.









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