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Total Domination! The Inner Game Of Being A Dominant Man

Women want to be dominated.  They enjoy being submissive.  If you understand the nature of the yin and yang archetypes and energies, you know that the female archetype is yin, and the male archetype is yang.  Feminine polarity is receptive, passive, and submissive, masculine polarity is proactive, aggressive, and dominant.  It is the nature of the female spirit to be submissive to the dominant male spirit.  This is generally speaking of course and is true for most women, with the few exceptions of the women out there who prefer to be the sexually dominant one in their relationships, but they are the exception and not the rule.  Generally most (about 70%) of all women are submissive.  And while many men are not dominant, it is not because they are not dominant by nature, for masculinity is dominant by nature.  It is because they have been taught that it is improper to be too foreword or aggressive with women, and that if they do they will be seen as being “Creepy” or “perverted” etc.  However nothing could be further from the truth.


This is in fact the proper way for a man to behave when relating to women, if he wants them to be attracted to him and to be successful with them sexually.  Though many men have been made to be weak and timid with women by their social conditioning, and submissive and supplicating towards them by their mothers.  They have been taught to just be nice and not to be too proactive or assertive, and have even been made to feel insecure and ashamed of their sexuality, and do not have the confidence they need to succeed with women.  So you must shed this attitude and realize that men are naturally dominant, and that it is in fact what women want.   There is nothing wrong with being aggressive or dominant with women, they like it and want you to do it.  They just don’t want to have to tell you that, they want you to be the one to take the initiative to go for what you want, that is attractive.  And they want a good man to be able to submit to sexually to seduce them and give them pleasure.  Submission is something that women desire greatly and find a lot of gratification in.  Many women even consider male dominance necessary for their relationship to be satisfactory.  When you are dominantly seductive you are giving the woman a gift of pleasure.


Just think about it, when someone is attracted to someone anyone would enjoy some level of domination and aggressiveness.  Imagine if your ideal mates showed up in your life and were sexually aggressive with you and just had their way with you.  You would submit to them wouldn’t you?  If a supermodel told you she wanted to tie you up and keep you prisoner as her sex toy for a while and stimulate your body in all kinds of ways you’ve never imagined and deep throat and ride your cock until she had drained all the cum out of it and you couldn’t stand the pleasure anymore…would you not go along with it just because you are the masculine one and its more natural for men to be dominant?  No of course not, because submission to the people we want is highly pleasurable, both physically and mentally.  The psychological pleasure of having someone we find highly desirable have their way with us is incredible.  Just like being seduce or made love to is incredibly pleasurable, because while it makes you feel pleasurable physically it also makes you feel wanted passionately in an emotional sense, which is an amazing feeling to have.


However domination goes beyond that.  It puts someone else in control of your body, which creates an experience of having to let go of control to someone else’s power over you to create any number of emotional feelings and physical sensations in you, which is a really wild experience to have.  And feeling completely helpless under the power of another person in situations in which they could hurt you and may bring you sensations that have some pain and elements of danger in them, but you also know that they do care about you and want to bring you pleasure, and ultimately that is what they bring you, is an interesting and fantastic dichotomy to experience.  What you get is a physiological and psychological roller coaster ride.



There is an interesting psychological dynamic at play as well.  When someone is being dominated they feel deeply connected to the person dominating them.  While being helpless and having their power taken away, the person who has the power over them is actually empowering them in certain ways while creating the experiences for them that they want to create.  And in forcing the person to let go of control and assume a state of complete and utter vulnerability and openness, there are a lot of emotions at play and an ability for this person to connect very deeply with the one who is playing with them creating this sexual experience.  The letting go of the ego and all of the emotional and sexual blockage people accumulate over the years of relationships and heartbreak and such is a relief, and one that is easiest to do when it is forced through submission.  And the formally controlled vulnerability of submission in BDSM is a much needed emotional experience for many women.


And when they are made to submit to a strong powerful dominant masculine male archetype, he becomes their ideal mate.  He embodies so many important archetypes for them that have shaped them in their development.  And he becomes a symbol of status over her.  And that is what everyone really wants in a mate, especially women.  Someone they look up to on a pedestal, not someone they feel is of equal or lower value.  We are all wired to want to try to date and mate up, with those of higher status than us, especially women.  So when you dominate a woman you put yourself on the pedestal and she lowers her value to you, simply because it feels good to be with someone who seems to have so much higher status and power than you.


And when a woman is with a dominant man, she relishes in the power he has over her.  Feeling his power over her is an extremely good feeling to her.  And that is what women want is to be with a very powerful man, a man who more specifically has power over them.  Since time immemorial when man lived in the wild women have always wanted the strongest most intimidating men to be their sexual partners.  Because these men make them feel safe and protected.  And that is what domination causes a woman to feel in your power over her.  She feels safe to be vulnerable with you because she feels she can trust in your strength and her ability to give control over to you.


It is embedded in women’s evolutionary psychology to want a fierce animalistic alpha male who can protect them…and also will take them sexually and ravage them.  For you see in ancient times that is how a lot of sex happened.  Women were meek creatures and no one was practicing sexual communication and consent talks, instead when a man wanted a woman he made advances very aggressively, and women found it extremely sexy back then and still have an animal part of their brain that does just want to be taken and ravaged by a strong dominant alpha male.  Very large numbers of women actually have rape fantasies.  Why?  Because they love the idea of a very powerful man who desires them so much that he just cannot control himself and takes them and ravages them.  It’s a mix of feelings of being intensely desired, helpless under someone else’s power over you, and having hardcore passionate animalistic sex, but in a controlled and safe fashion of fantasy role play which is what makes it all so hot.



So you see women very much want to be sexually dominated.  It is what brings them the feelings they want to have in a relationship.  And while there are some women out there who have power issues and do not enjoy letting go of control and allowing another person to take over and create a fantasy like experience for them…as stated earlier most people would relish in the idea of someone desirable doing that for them, even many macho guys.  So oftentimes the inability to give up control in a sexual dynamic in at least certain ways is a red flag that someone may not be psychologically healthy enough to have a healthy relationship.  They may have some power struggle issues.  For instance a girl I dated recently who was the only girl I have ever dated who didn’t like her hair being pulled or having me get even a little rough with her, ended up not being able to engage in a healthy relationship with me because her mother had been psychotically controlling towards her her whole life, so she did not like having any sort of obligations to anyone or any structure, and when she started to feel those sorts of impositions that would occur as a relationship developed between us she began to freak out about it.  Now that is not to say that just because someone doesn’t like being dominated that they are not psychologically healthy or healthy relationship material.  There are of course different ways of dominating someone and everyone may like or dislike different things.  But you may begin to notice when you start to exert your dominance over a woman in little ways that are completely harmless and should be considered sexy, whether or not she has control issues.  Just like a man who thinks that having the woman be on top is emasculating has obvious issues with his own masculinity.


But let’s delve more deeply into the psychology of domination.  And not just the psychology behind physiological domination.  But actual psychological domination.  You see women do not just want to be physically/sexually dominated.  They want to be psychologically dominated too.  Their minds are crazy and chaotic.  They have a lot of trouble managing their own thought processes and emotions.  And oftentimes they have emotional issues, and as I said it is hard for them to let go of these issues and any sexual blockage they may have.  And having someone dominant who forces them into vulnerable submission really takes care of all of that.  But also, having someone dominant who has control over them is a much richer role.  For it means that he assumes all authority over their mind.  They no longer have to think for themselves.  They no longer have to govern their own emotions.  They no longer have to take care of themselves.  Being submissive is a feeling of being completely and totally cared for on a very deep psychological level.  It is a feeling of great intimate connection.


And this great intimate connection is not only due to the feelings of being so intensely cared for, but also in the mind control aspect of having your psyche infiltrated and taken over by someone else.  The feeling of emotional connection one experiences when their mind is under the control of another are incredible. Another reason why such a deep intimate connection is experienced in BDSM is because of the aspect of ownership.  Feeling owned by someone, which is oftentimes something that would be seen as negative, is actually ironically positive in these scenarios.  You see when you are owned by this person, the feeling of selflessness you get in this role leads to a deeper intimacy with this person.  When they tell you that they own you, you feel a loss of ego, and a greater sense of oneness with them in your relationship.


And finally, when being made to submit to and serve someone who has the power over you that a dominant has over their submissive has a very interesting and paradoxical power play to it.   For you see as I said earlier, the submissive actually feels empowered by the Dominant’s power over them.  And just as I illustrated earlier when teaching you how to give a woman great orgasms what a powerful feeling it is to give such great pleasure, the submissive feels empowered by the ability to serve their master and give him pleasure.  They take pleasure in giving pleasure, just as the Dom takes pleasure in giving them pleasure.  It is really a relationship of power and pleasure sharing.


But if it is about power sharing, then why are they not treating each other as equals in their status in the dynamic?  Well because in a neutral relationship such as one in which the two people are equals, the polarity is lost.  And thus so is the conductivity of sexual energy and power in the dynamic.  Think of it like a battery or a magnet.  A battery or magnet needs to have a negative pole and a positive pole in order to channel its power.  It is polarized, and thus it is conductive.   The power can flow through it and be channeled into the proper place.  It has a functional power.  A power that is usable and can be charged or channeled into a certain function.  This is what happens in polarized relationships.  This is why girly girls go for macho guys.  And why submissive women want dominant men.  Because the relationship is very polarized, and thus the sexual energy exchange is much more synergistic, and is a much more conducive dynamic to producing empowering sexual and emotional experiences between the two as power gets exchanged between them.



So now that you understand the psychology of the domination and subjugation of women, and why they actually enjoy being in submissive roles.  Let’s explore the sociological aspects of women’s submission.  For you see like how women want a strong dominant alpha male due to their evolutionary psychology that relates back to ancient times, women have also been controlled by the patriarchy for so long that it has become their preference.  Women were given liberation 2 generations ago.  And yet the new generation of women are as patriarchal as women have ever been.  It is almost as if women’s liberation had never happened.  Women still want to be controlled by men, they still play into the weak passive helpless female gender role, and then play into the hands of the old male archetypes and “misogynistic” gender roles in male/female dynamics, they still want to get married and owned as a sex object by their husband…they still want to be controlled by the patriarchal sociopolitics.  Why is that?  Because this female gender role play and social psychology came from women’s natural state, her feminine energy, and then this manner of behaving in society became instinctualised through tens of thousands of years of submissive behaviors.  Women want to be submissive, and have been as part of their evolutionary psychology, in the grand sociological scheme of things.


This means that it’s not really misogynistic to make a woman obey you.  It’s not really misogynistic to control a woman.  It’s not really misogynistic to make her serve you.  It’s not really misogynistic to turn her into your slave.  Women have their independence and freedom now…it’s just that they are choosing to still play these roles.


When a woman is given the ability to have control in a relationship she will never be happy.  The relationship will never feel stable to her, it will be chaotic, because that is the way her mind is.  Why do you think that marriages today end in divorce more than 50% of the time, and yet generations ago before women’s liberation when women were more obedient they didn’t?  Do you really think women were being forced into unhappy marriages back then and weren’t getting divorced even though they wanted to?  Do you really think that the women of today who marry a man don’t plan on spending their whole life with him?  The difference is that the gender roles have changed politically, but not psychologically.  Women still want to be dominated by men and controlled by them.  They want the man to be the rock in the relationship.  But when women are given power and control in a relationship it creates too much instability.  They do not know how to manage the relationship.  They need the man to be the one in control.  They want men to take back their power.


Women will oftentimes give a man drama, and men take it the wrong way.  They think that there is a real issue to be resolved, so they will engage in a discussion about it, and it turns into an argument.  In reality, it was not a real issue, it was a test.  The woman wanted to see if the man would keep his power and control in the relationship and not allow her to sway him.  She wanted reassurance that his emotional state was solid and sound and stable.  She wanted to know that if an issue came up, he could handle it without getting emotional himself.  So when a woman brings up problems or issues in a relationship that you do not also feel are a problem, you should not engage, you should ignore them and they will go away.  This keeps her reassured of your solidarity and authority over her and the relationship, and it also keeps her ego in check.  When women are allowed to create drama in relationships and tell men when there is a problem and the men feel the need to work it out with her, it usually never gets resolved because it was not a real problem, just a power play.  And it turns the woman into a power hungry ego maniac creating needless power struggles in the relationship and disbalancing its polarity until it implodes, with her more masculine and her man more feminine.


In order to have a stable relationship, it is the man’s job to be the man and the woman’s job to be the woman.  That means that you must be the proactive, aggressive, masculine dominant one, and let her be the passive, receptive, submissive feminine one.  That is not to say that women are weak.  No, they are very strong.  They just have different strengths than men.  Remember that these polarized relationships are all about power exchange.  So while you have power over her in your being socially/sexually dominant and her being submissive, and you give her power in that by your having this power over her.  She also has certain strengths that she can give you.  She gives certain feelings and emotions only a female can.  She gives a certain form of loving and nurturing that only the feminine archetype can.  She gives certain sexual energies that only the feminine archetype can.  She gives her imagination, intuition, and spiritual side that is much stronger than the mans.  And so on.  But the only way that her true strengths can shine through is when she is being allowed to embody her true feminine essence and spirit.  So you must assume the role of the dominant masculine identity in your relationship and relate to her as man to woman so that your woman can be true to her own femininity and can relative to you properly as woman to man.


This means being the leader, and giving her guidance and direction in any situation you feel the need to.  It means being able to give her instructions, orders and commands.  It means being able to exert your influence, authority and control over her psychologically when she needs it.  It means being able to take control of her body sexually and own her as your sex object, and have her let go into your power over her.  It means being able to have her serve you in the ways you need.  It means being able to communicate about your wants and needs to her and what role you expect her to play in the dynamic.  It means you setting forth definitive roles for you two and exerting your authority over her entirely and in some of the most minuscule ways just to keep it enforced.  Such as making her call you sir or master.  Or not allowing her to fall lax on her duties or not get away with not following your instructions fully.  It means training her and shaping her behaviors using operant conditioning over time so that she can be the perfect partner for you.



So you take care of her needs.  You make her feel the way she wants to emotionally and sexually.  But you must also take care of your own.  You must be able to instruct her on what you want her to do for you exactly.  You know what your fantasies are; tell her to fulfill them for you.  Are you able to express your needs articulately enough to your woman so that she can fulfill them?  She cannot read your mind.  You must communicate and instruct her on exactly what you want her to do for you.  Do you know exactly how a woman should give you the perfect blow job exactly how you like?  Do you know exactly how you want a woman to touch you to make your body feel exactly like you want?  Do you know exactly how you want a woman to fulfill her role in your ideal relationship or fetish fantasy?  Do you know exactly what you want a woman to say to you to make you feel exactly the way you want to emotionally?  You must know exactly how to instruct a woman on how to please you as her master and fulfill your desires.


With the power of domination over women you can do what you want with women, you can have the power to have the sex life that you want.  You can even have a woman pledge complete and utter devotion to you and your authority over her, and complete obedience to you in it.  And she will be doing this of her own free will, because she wants to.  Not because she feels forced.  But because she actually wants to be in that kind of relationship with a dominant man.  Now some women granted will not want to pledge full obedience.  But there are many who do.  However for those who do not.  There are other various levels or forms of domination and control that they will also find satisfying.  And when you are the dominant one in your relationships, one way or another you can come to have a large influence and even control your woman’s mind.  This can be the case even when not dealing with a woman who was looking for a formalized BDSM relationship and a master to submit to…but when you have actually seduced an independent woman who may not have been interested in this type of relationship before she met you, but now feels completely overtaken by your power.


And these women will become your mind slaves even if they were independent feminazis before hand.  I have had it happen with me where a woman was torn between her power struggle mentality as a feminazi when she was around me and the place she was giving me in her mind and inability to resist letting me take over it.  And as long as you are using the power of NLP and influence, you can create the relationship dynamic you want to have with these women.  And strong willed women will submit to you simply because the only thing making them feel the need to be strong modern women is the social paradigm we live in, which does not make them feel like they are truly being themselves in their authentic feminine essence.  They want to feel like they can be true to their feminine core.  Which is why they want a strong dominant man to take over and relate to them as man to woman so that they can stop acting so masculine.


And just like what women say they want and actually want are two different things, you can create a relationship dynamic that a woman is quite happy and fulfilled in even if she has stated that it was something she did not want.  A lot of women say that they want a man who is going to be monogamous with them so that they can know that they are his whole world and that he has eyes for them and nobody else…but whenever they have that the man looses all value to them.  Because it’s not something they really want.  They want the security of knowing that a man is not going to leave them for another girl, and they want to be free from jealousy.  But monogamy is not the only solution to that.  In fact, monogamy is a solution that creates a new problem of your loosing value and power in your relationship, which makes it unsustainable.


What a woman really wants is a man who is going to be there for her even if he has other women in his life.  And who is not going to fan the flames of jealousy in her by entertaining drama.  And one who can keep her in check and manage their relationship…which is more valuable to her when she sees that he has been selected by other women as well, and is a highly desirable mate.  The problem is that when most guys are dating multiple women and the one that is becoming his favorite or main girl starts to give him problems about it he caves and stops seeing the others, and then weeks or months later he has to start over.  Why?  Because the man that she was falling for was a man who lived in abundance and had high social value, and when she made him stop seeing the other girls, he fell into scarcity, and became low value.  Thus he was a different person than who she fell for, and her feelings changed.


When a man has multiple relationships he maintains his value and status, he maintains his identity as the ultimate man.  And thus women’s feelings of love and admiration and affection for him will sustain themselves.  They will have the true everlasting love they wanted.  And because of his social status he will have the authority to be able to influence a woman who thinks she is monogamous to try out a polygamous relationship, as long as he does so tactfully and does not cave in under the threat of her drama, and can douse the spark of any jealousy she might try to ignite.


A previously monogamous woman can in fact be converted to a polygynous relationship and become a member of a harem of women serving an ultimate man, if in fact this is a man who has shown himself to be the ultimate man and ultimate seducer, and has dominated her mind and body and made her feel ways no other man ever has and caused her to feel that she wants and needs him more than anyone or anything…and the only way to be with him is in a polygamous relationship.  She just needs to feel as though the value she gains from being with him is exponentially greater than her objections to why she wouldn’t want to be in this kind of relationship.  And that thus when she considers the option of leaving and trying to find another guy like him the value she would lose and the risk incurred of not finding another man as good would be exponentially greater than what she would have to compromise to be in this relationship.  So she will have to make the compromise, because she knows it’s worth it, it’s the only way to keep the value she gains, which far outweighs what she does not like about the relationship.  However you will hear about her objections.  She will object at first and test him to see if she can get him to convert to monogamy.  But if you are a man who finds yourself in this position you must not give in for it is a trap.  All you have to do is pass the test by being unreactive and asserting your authority stating “this is who I am, if you want to be with me you cannot try to change the way I live my life”.



It may take some time for her to adapt, but she will.  She will even meet your other girlfriends and engage in group sex with you and them.  In fact, you can get a woman to do anything you want and obey your every command if you are training her properly using operant conditioning.  This means rewarding all good behaviors and punishing all bad behaviors.  And not letting anything go unaccounted for.  So that she knows that every time she does what you want she gets pleasure or some positive reinforcement. And every time she does something you do not like she gets negative reinforcement, or a withdrawal of your affections.  With consistency soon enough she will be become your subservient sex slave and a very cooperative member of your harem.


And that my friend is what you get when you are the ultimate man, and the ultimate seducer.  Just like a sexual god – it doesn’t get much more ultimate than that.  But I understand that this may sound a bit intense and controversial, and though it may make scientific and philosophical sense, I’m sure that there are many of you men out there reading this thinking that it does not have a practical application.  That you could not possibly simply dominate women and make them submit to you.  It may even sound completely inconceivable that women will submit to men and allow themselves to be totally and completely dominated.  But its true.


You see I do it.  I make women submit to me and turn them into my sex slaves.  And you can too!  Women will not only supplicate to your dominance but beg to serve and please you and meet your every need!  I have had numerous beautiful women that I have been in polygamous Dominant/submissive relationships with.  Meaning that I am fully in control and own them and can order them to do whatever I want, and do whatever I want with/to.  And not only that but I can do whatever I want with other girls outside of our relationship.  I get to do fuck multiple girls and have lots of kinky wild sex doing BDSM with them.  These girls will fulfill all of my wildest fantasies as we explore all kinds of kinky sexual scenarios and forms of sexual play together.  Some even want to become my total sex slaves and live to serve me sexually, and some even want to record ourselves having kinky sex and let me upload it to porn sites to make money off of.  My sex life has been so epic that it is the kind of thing that most men do not even dare to dream of, and it’s too hardcore for me to go into detail about here on my website, but if you want to check out my pornography you can email me below.  And the women I do this with are not sleazy low class sluts either.  I’m talking about very beautiful, high quality women.  Business women, models, actresses, etc.  In fact I’ve even been with a celebrity.  And being able to have multiple women gives me the ability to have a very distinct variety in the types of women I date and mate with, which gives me a very dynamic sex life.  And that is exciting.


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