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The 8 Facet Formula For Optimizing Your Life And Living The Best Life Possible!




Many people do things to try to live the lifestyle that they want, to be happy and healthy, but are not successful in it, and wonder why even though they are doing X, Y and maybe Z too their problems haven’t corrected themselves and they aren’t living the optimal way they want to.



But this is because most people are usually only approaching things in a single-pointed way.  When to actually live the healthy happy lifestyle you want, you have to have a complete holistic system in place.  This way you can entirely calibrate things for your optimal success.  You see a persons lifestyle is a multifaceted system, and unless you are systematic about your approach to optimizing it, it just isn’t going to work, because whatever things you are doing to try to make your life good will have other things working against them to make it not good.



So in order to totally optimize your life you need to have a systematic multifaceted approach to holistically calibrating it so that it will be the way you want it to be.  This means that every aspect of your life must be healthy and optimal in order for you to achieve total success, self actualization, and happiness.  Now this may sound overwhelming and like it is a lot to do, however its actually more simple than you think.  I have been doing it for quite some time with great results and am only able to do so because it is so easy, for I am a busy business person and single parent like many of you out there.  So trust me that this system works wonders and is not at all difficult.



As you know from the title of this article there are 8 points to this system for optimizing your lifestyle to be perfectly healthy and happy.  I am going to start with the most basic and then work my way up from there.







1.) Diet



It all starts with what you put into your body.  Without a healthy diet, you simply cant be healthy, and thus you won’t be healthy.  So I recommend a 50% raw paleo vegan diet, full of super-foods, and with the right supplements and natural medicines and intermittent cleansing and sometimes fasting.



Now what does this all mean you ask?  Well paleo means paleolithic, this means only eating the foods that man eats in his natural environment.  If you are putting things into your stomach that are not digestible they are simply going to slow you down, cause bloating and irritation, and a lot of health problems.  And I think you will agree that it doesn’t really matter if you get a couple minutes of pleasure from eating them, feeling badly for the next day or three, and with continued use contracting long term health disorders and generally being low energy and in pain just isn’t worth it.  So eat what nature intended and you will be full of energy and always feel great in your body.



I also recommend a vegan diet on top of that because meat is very heavy and hard to digest, and most of the meat these days is very dirty and full of nasty stuff.  But veganism isn’t for everyone so if you do choose to eat meat make sure you get it form a hunter or a clean and pure organic responsibly raised source.  Just make sure you do not eat any dairy, wheat, corn, soy, or unnatural additives as these things do not get processed by the body and only cause problems.



And be sure to get all sorts of great supplements, and super-foods.  What are super-foods?  These are foods that have exceptionally large quantities of nutrients, and some types of nutrients most foods don’t.  Such as turmeric, raw cocoa, hemp, coconut oil, chia seeds, and more.



Now this may seem impossible, especially if you are used to do but it is not as hard as you think.  I used to be addicted to unhealthy food and converting to healthy food was so easy I couldn’t believe it.  You just need to find foods that taste good so you do not loose out on the indulgence you were getting.  And with the culinary arts and gourmet foods out there this is a no-brainer.  And if you need help with what healthy foods to eat and how to make them delicious just check out the recipes I have for you in my blog!  You’ll get a whole list of super easy to make super healthy dishes that will supercharge your body with energy, vitality and strength!



And you will find that once you are eating this kind of super healthy diet you are actually able to make exceptions here and there. My diet is not 50% raw every day, in fact most days its more like 33% raw.  And I will eat soy and wheat once or twice a week.  Since my system is functioning optimally it can handle these things here and there.  But also if you are making exceptions, cleansing once every few months is very important.  I am doing a cleanse right now in fact because I recently had a birthday and was indulging on all sorts of cheat foods.  After that weekend i felt like crap for a few days though, and remembered how it is not really worth it, and now I have to cleanse for a week or two, so just remember there are trade offs.



And if you want to learn more about how to use food to achieve the state of physical health that you want, be sure to check out my dietary course by clicking here now.






2.) Health Care



In addition to your Primary Care Physician and any specialists they may refer you to (which are more important than seeing your PCP, since your PCP won’t usually be able to provide the level of care you need for each individual issue) make sure you also use Natural Holistic Health care and “Alternative” remedies, which you should do before using the toxic chemicals and surgeries that the modern medical practitioners will suggest.  Seeing a Naturopath, Ayurvedic Dr. or other type of Holistic Practitioner such as myself is highly advised.  And there are many types of holistic health care you can engage in using on your own too on a daily basis.  Such as:


Acupressure – which is about triggering certain points in the nervous system which have certain effects.

Hypnosis – Which is about deeply relaxing the mind and body and inducing trance states and working with the subconscious mind for various purposes.

Deep Tissue Massage – Which helps relieve stress and tension from the body and prevents knotting of muscles and pain.

Biotechnology – Which uses certain types of energy pulse waves to have a neurological effect.

Meditation – Which uses mental focus to achieve an optimal state.

Reflexology foot massage – Which uses various reflex points on the foot to create certain health benefits.



And information or products on all of these except the last one can be found here on this site!  So you are in the right place to make sure you get the right kind of holistic health care to yourself easily and enjoyably on a daily basis, and may find that you do not even need to consult with a health care professional such as myself for help.  But if you do, be sure to reach out as I am here to help you.  So you can click here now to check out my holistic healing & health course that will ensure that you never get sick again!




3.) Exercise


Fitness is an extremely important part of feeling good and leading an optimal lifestyle.  Your bodies cells have two modes, decay, and growth.  There is no in between.  Being sedentary causes them to fall into decay mode, which causes you to feel lethargic, uncomfortable, achy, generally bad in your body, and over time causes a wide variety of illnesses.  When your cells are in growth mode they cause you to feel energized, strong, generally good in your body, and healthy and immune to common ailments and illnesses.  So in order to keep your cells in growth mode and out of decay mode you need to get at least 30 minutes of some form of aerobic exercise activity every single day.


However before doing any form of exercise what must come first is stretching.  Stretching is the first and foremost important thing to prevent muscle cramping, joint problems, stiffness, back and neck problems, and other health issues that can be debilitating.  You can simply take 15 minutes every day to stretch out every muscle/joint.  However if you have the time and ability I would highly recommend a yoga class, ideally one where they are actually teaching an authentic Hindu form of it, not a neo-American version.



Then of course you actually want to get some form of fitness or work out on a regular basis as well.  And this has two sides to it:  The cardiovascular side and the muscular side.  You want to be working out both your cardiovascular system and your muscles if you want your body to be in the right shape for you to not only be healthy but feel good in your skin.



The cardiovascular part is important to not develop certain diseases and disorders, and to make sure that you can always breathe well and that your heart is healthy, etc.  This means doing things like jogging or running, or at the very least power-walking, playing sports that involve continuous movement, or most ideally swimming.



The muscular part is to make sure your body is in the right shape to live an active lifestyle and conduct a variety of physical activities, and feel really good in your body, as well as look good and be able to attract attractive romantic partners too.  So you see how these different aspects compliment one another and help each other out.  That is what being holistic means.



Now you can work out the cardiovascular system and each set of muscles individually if you really want to get into fitness. And if you have the time and patience for that then more power to you, as a former body builder I find it ideal.  And it is a great idea to go to the gym every day for an hour to an hour and a half and do a different type of work out each day to target a different set of body parts.  You will want to make sure you are working out every body part just about equally, and are using a variety of different equipment (dumbbells, barbells, cable’s, and machines).  You will want to start by doing about 5 sets of exercises for each muscle you are training in your workout.  And I recommend using the pyramid system of training, which means starting out with low weight and high reps, and then working your way up in weight and down in reps.  So start with a warm up set of extremely low weight (5 or 10 pound dumbbells, or just one plate on a machine), and 25 reps, and then the next set you will go up one unit in weight and do 20 repetitions, then the next you will go up again and do 15 reps, then up again and do 10-12, then up again and do 6-8.  And you should never be lifting weight so heavy that you can only only 5 or less reps, at least not until you have been lifting weights for several years and have proper training, because that is how people injure joints and tendons.



In addition to not lifting to heavy, make sure you are concentrating on proper form, which will give you a much better workout than heavy lifting. Most people who work out will put on an amount of weight they think will make themselves look cool to those around them in the gym, and then will try to get the weight up as fast as they can, any way they can.  Most of these lifts fall into the categories of what are called “cheat lifts” and “ego lifting”, because they are not proper form for bodybuilding.  And it does not target your muscles properly or build it very well, and can actually be doing much more harm than good.  To really target and build the muscle you do not need much weight, what you need is proper form.  You need a full range of motion and to lift slowly (which should take 2-3 seconds) so that the muscle really has to work to get the weight up and you are not just getting it up using speed and momentum. When you get to the top of your lift, pause for a second or two and let the muscle squeeze, then slowly lower the weight (which should take another 2-3 seconds), do not just drop it back down.  At the bottom make sure you pause again to stretch the muscle.  If you do it this way you do not need heavy weight to get an excellent workout.   Just make sure you are looking up the proper form for each exercise you do, not just looking at what other people in the gym are doing and trying to copy them, since most of them are not using proper form either.



However if you do not have the time to be working out for an hour or so each day, or you just don’t enjoy weightlifting and want to do something more fun, there are plenty of fun full body exercises that will work out every muscle as well as your cardiovascular system and on top of that.  There are plenty of times in my life that I haven’t been interested in going to a gym, but am more interested in a specific sport that gives me an amazing workout and which I have a blast doing. My three all time favorite forms of exercise are swimming, hiking/biking, and Parkour, which is a creative obstacle course.  So all of these give me the cardio that I need, and swimming and parkour give me a complete full body workout, whereas hiking/biking give me a lower body workout.  And most sports will do this for you too.  So if weight lifting is not for you you can simply choose any sport to practice routinely and that should give you all the fitness you need.



But if sports are not for you there are plenty of other really great work out options these days too, such as cross-fit, Pilates, zumba, and many others, some which creatively combine different exercise styles together into one, such as one a girlfriend told me about recently which combines Pilates and Yoga.  So check them out and see which one looks like the most fun and best workout for you and your body and goals and have at it!  Your bodies were made to move, so just make sure you that no matter what way you choose to, you are getting at least a half hour of some form of aerobic activity each day.  And if you have any fitness questions you can just email me for help.






4.) Mental Health



This is one that is most neglected by people in this day and age since most people dont (or dont want to) think of themselves as mentally unhealthy, and perhaps that is because when they think about the concept of mental illness they think about schizophrenics and such people, which they are not.  But yet most people these days suffer from things such as depression, stress, ADD, and insomnia or lack of sleep.  These are mental health conditions that will greatly impact your state of being and cause you to be low energy, unhappy, and just plain not in the state you want to be in.



So think to yourself.  Did I get the right amount of sleep every night this week?  Have I felt tired at all any of these days?  And how did that effect how my day went and how I felt that day?  Have I had to drink a lot of coffee to balance out feeling tired, which may have caused me to feel nervous or irritable while staying awake, and only make me crash later?



Have I been under any stress lately?  How does that make me feel?  How am I dealing with it?  Are the ways I am dealing with it effective and helping the situation?  Am I ignoring some or all of my stressors and only allowing them to grow?  How is this stress effecting me in the long run?



Have I felt sad at all lately?  Or disappointed in myself or my life?  Have I felt frustrated?  Angry?  Am I as happy as I want to be?  Do I feel the ways I want to feel at all times?



If you had negative answers to all of these questions, you need to deal with these issues and correct them before they get any worse.  They may seem like things you can ignore and might go away, but usually they don’t, usually they are still there when you turn around, only bigger and badder.  Getting an hour or two less of sleep one night and not making up for it with an extra hour or two the next night means your going to be tired for two days instead of one.  Having a stressful day at work and not dealing with the stress means you go to work with that stress the next day…and if the stressers are still there, it will only surmount and double.  And these things can often turn into a habit which will then just have a snowball effect, until finally, you may just snap…and then go see a psychiatrist who tries to prescribe you some nasty toxic mind numbing medication that only makes you less mentally functional.



Instead why not try out some basic mental health practices such as:


Positive Psychology – Which can help you to reframe negative experiences into positive perspectives.

Meditation – which really helps you to relax and stay focused and raise your consciousness so you can be in an optimal state of mind.

Journalling – which really helps you to organize your thoughts and contemplate solutions to problems and is very intellectually engaging and enhancing.

Biotechnology and Hypnosis – which is the easiest way to solve your problems and reset your mind the way you want to using technologies that work with the neurology and subconscious.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming – which can help you reprogram your mind the way you want to and gain mental mastery.

Counseling – which can give you a lot of perspective from someone who has studied the mind such as myself and can help you through any issues you may be having, and help you be your best self.

Self Help Classes and Workshops – such as the ones offered in my store, which can give you the full knowledge, resources, and exercise your mind in the ways you need to succeed in any way you want to!



And again, all of these resources are available to you here in True Life Development, most for free, so be sure to peruse the site and everything it has to offer you, especially however our store where I offer all of the next level products and programs for you to help you to optimize yourself and self actualize at the highest level you want!  And I highly recommend that you start by taking this psychology course I designed to teach you everything you need to know about your mind and how to use it!






5.) Social Health


Most people these days are a part of what I call large scale “Social Transgressions”.  People are effectively being “De-Socialized” through the current social state we are in where most forms of communication occur via text message, instant message, and email, which being textual forms of communication occur in a state of social disconnect.  So most people are not living in a healthy social paradigm as people used to before these things.  There is much less in person interactions and relationships these days, and most relationships occur via internet, social media, online dating, etc, which is causing people to become socially unhealthy because their relationships are so disconnected and these are ineffective ways of communicating and relating.



Also most people go through very unhealthy social conditioning which they never undo, but which will continue to perpetuate an unhealthy and unhappy state of mind throughout their life, making it worse and worse.  People are often not able to sort out their social influences from the positive and the negative and choose which ones they allow to influence them.  And this is because most people do not even choose their relationships because they are not socially proactive.  If they are socially active they usually are a part of a social circle that just happens to be the one they became a part of naturally, even if these people are not people they like or find to be a good influence, simply because they do not know how to be socially proactive.



And that is exactly why I created my social science division of True Life Development, called True Life Relationships, where I teach people to become socially proactive and cultivate a healthy active social life that will give them the happiness and success they want.  Because being a healthy active social animal and cultivating a social network for what is called “social currency” (since the people you know = your resourcefulness as a person) is of the utmost importance for one to live an optimal lifestyle.  And one must have an inner circle of friends and intimate relationships that they have carefully selected to be only the most positive influences.  And among these should be mentors who play a highly specialized role in society and in your life and can offer specific value in helping you to get to where you want to be.  Without these things in place you are not going to succeed or be happy.  But you will find that when you do practice social proactivity and cultivate a social network and inner circle of the right kind of people you will become very successful in society and it will be easy to self actualize.  And if you want to learn everything you need to know about how to do this, be sure to check out my Social & Business Networking 101 Masterclass Workshop Series by clicking this link here now.








6.) Sexual Health



Just like having a healthy active social life is of the utmost importance to ones self actualization, so is having a healthy active sex life.  And no that does not just mean having a monogamous partner who you wait until marriage to have sex with and use condoms with like they told you in health class or like you may have heard from your parents or other people trying to prevent you from being “promiscuous”.  Having a healthy active sexual life means being sexually active with the right partners, who are healthy and selected by you specifically for what you want in a sexual relationship, and having sexually healthy behaviors and interactions that are fulfilling to your desires and do not cause you to become physically ill from STD’s, or mentally ill as in the case of unhealthy codependent sexual relationships, or sexual relationships that are non-consentual or abusive, or extremely taboo.



However being sexually healthy does not just mean being sexually active in fulfilling ways with the right partners.  It means having a healthy idea about what sexuality is and who you are as a sexual being.  It means being in touch with your sexuality and self actualized in your sexual identity.  For instance, it is not healthy to be someone who is denying their sexuality and trying to practice celibacy because your pastor told you your sexuality is wrong, when in actuality you do have sexual desires for some of the attractive young men you see but not only do not know how to express yourself sexually too them in a healthy way, but do not even know how to allow these feelings to take place in a healthy way, and every time you feel them you feel guilty and sinful and beat yourself up for it.  This is not mentally healthy, but unfortunately is the case with most religious people, especially women.



Another good example is that of the gay man who does not know how to “come out of the closet” and is afraid of what others will say and worried he will feel shame, and even feeling it now as his friends make jokes about other guys being “fags”…And so he never tells anyone he is gay and tries to date and have sex with women however when having sex with a woman he has no attraction to he only creates scenarios that are not only sexually unfulfilling to him but often awkward and embarrassing and even traumatizing, which is also very mentally unhealthy.  This type of sexual transgression occurs a lot.  And some of these men even get married and start families and lead lives of ostensible heterosexuality and either deny their true sexual identity for years, or live double lives lying to their loved ones about who they really are.



And there are many other good examples of people who are not in touch with their sexuality or sexual identity and are denying it and only engaging in sexually unhealthy thought and behavioral patterns.  From girls who subject themselves to friends who shame them as being a “slut” for trying to express her sexual desires and be more proactive and dominant, to boys who’s friends shame him as being “Gross” or “a pussy” for expressing a liking to eating pussy, or having a girl play with his anus, or being the submissive one during sex, etc.  Indeed, most of peoples sexually unhealthy transgressive behavior does come from our social conditioning and the rampant sexual shame in our society.



But who says you have to subscribe to it or care what anyone else thinks?  Since when was it someone else’s place to define your sexuality and make your choices for you?  Never.  And in fact when you simply cut out those who are being negative influences to you and trying to project their own shame upon you (which is what they are doing in case you hadn’t figured that out yet), and continue to express yourself sexually to others (maybe not by going up to guys and girls and telling them that you want to rim them, but simply going about meeting others, flirting, engaging in seductive behaviors, and exploring your chemistry and sexuality with those you have mutual attraction to), you will find that there are a lot of people out there who will not only accept you for who you are sexually and your sexual desires, but be very interested in exploring them with you.



If you are a man who really wants to have sex with men but are worried that your “Bro’s” wont approve…guess what?  Stop hanging out with them so much and go follow your heart and look for some other gay men to have fun with.  There’s tons of them out there.



If you are a woman who is sick of being made to be this submissive girly girl and waiting for the boys she likes to come after her wants to just do what she wants and be more sexually dominant and proactive and take initiative to make it happen with someone she likes (or maybe more than one person), go for it!



If you are a man or woman who has some sort of fetish or kinky thing they are interested in but has never brought it up because it seems taboo and you don’t want your partners to shame you…then you are either with the wrong partners and need to find ones that wont shame you, or you at very least need to just give it a try so you can find out for sure whether you are with the wrong partners or not.  Whats the worst thing that can happen?  You realize you are with the wrong partner and you can go find someone better suited for a sexual relationship with you?  Exactly.  But you will find that if you have chosen your partner(s) well that most of them will be receptive to communications about sexual experimentation.  And maybe they do not have an interest in all of the same things that you do.  But if they are someone who has feelings for you they will not shame you.  And in most cases if you communicate with them properly about it then they will be willing to at least give it a try.



And if you are alone and do not have any partners, as long as you are in touch with your sexuality and have a healthy sexual mindset, you will be able to have the sexual relationships you want and become sexually fulfilled.



And this is very important to not only being healthy, but being happy.  There is more to sexuality than just expressing and experiencing it in healthy ways.  Being sexually fulfilled can make you a very blissful person.   In fact studies have shown that a good love life is one of the things people found to be most important to happiness.  And those who are more sexually fulfilled experience more elation because they have more positive feeling producing hormones in their brain such as oxytocin and dopamine.  Sexual pleasure and positive sexual relationships can be a very positive influence over our state of being.  And in fact, becoming a more orgasmic person can produce extreme ecstasy.  And once you have a healthy active sex life, then what you need to focus on is how to become more orgasmic and sexually fulfilled.  To see exactly how much pleasure your body can actually produce with your partner(s).  And of course many people want more than sex, they want love, and those who are in romantic relationships and “in love” have a much greater level of sex called “Making love” which engages the mind and spirit in addition to the body, and makes them orgasmic on a much greater level and in my greater ways.



But even many people who are in romantic relationships do not have true love, much less the fulfillment of all of their sexual desires and fantasies as they should.  Many of these relationships are need based relationships that are codependent, rather than interdependent.  And so both partners needs are not being met, but simply taken from.



So ask yourself, do you have the healthy active sex life you need?  Do you have the healthy fulfilling sexual relationships you want?  Do you feel free to explore and experiment with your sexuality as you want?  Are you having the sexual experiences and pleasure you really want?  Do you feel sexually fulfilled in all of your desires, fantasies and fetishes?  Do you have love in ways that are emotionally healthy and fulfilling?   Are you as orgasmic as you can be?



For most people, the answers to many of those questions are no.  And if you are one of them and you do not have those things now, do not worry because getting there is simple.  It may seem like it is not, but it is, for sexuality is one of the most fundamental aspects of human nature.  You simply either have to get more in touch with your sexuality, or learn how to relate better to the opposite sex (or same sex if you are gay), or you need to be more socially proactive because you are not meeting the right partners, or if you definately know enough people you find attractive you need to learn to be more sexually proactive and express your sexuality better through flirtation and seductive behaviors that can generate the chemistry and the sexual interactions that you want.



Whatever the case, be sure to check out True Life Relationships where I offer teachings in how to do all of that stuff and get you the love life you have always dreamed of, and need to be the healthy happy self actualized person you want to be!  Just click here now!






7.) Spiritual Health


This is by no way an article in spirituality, not even as an introduction to anyone, especially if you are not the spiritual type.  But I will say this on spirituality.  Many spiritual people do not lead spiritually healthy lives.  They live in ways that go against what they believe, or are supposed to believe if they are in a religious system.  For instance a person who subscribes to a religious doctrine that tells them they should not be doing certain things that they do but does them anyways, is going to be living a lie and be constantly at war within themselves, its just not spiritually healthy.



And aside from religious people who do not live the lifestyle prescribed to them, many spiritualists lead spiritually unhealthy lives doing things they know are not spiritually in their best interest.  For instance: Letting people with “negative energies” influence them.  Smoking, drinking and using drugs in improper manners.  Having a work life that goes against their spiritual mindset and keeps them in the mundane.  Dating people who are not spiritually supportive of them.  The list goes on.  And if you are one of these spiritualists, you need to correct this stuff because your spirit is what holds everything else about you and your life together.  Its your basic blueprint.   And so when you do use your spirituality to really enrich your life it can be very self actualizing and help you to live life at a much higher level than those who are not spiritual do.



So what can you do to be spiritually healthy?  Daily meditation.  Spiritual Yoga’s.  Thinking spiritual affirmations and mantras.  Using incense.  Listening to spiritual music and using mind altering biotechnology to keep your spiritual mental faculties active and optimal.  If you really want to get deep into it you can practice things such as breath work, drumming, smudging sage, practicing shamanism, and of course being coached by spiritual mentors such as myself.  And if you are interested in this kind of thing be sure to check out my spiritual path-work course by clicking here now so that you can become the spiritual being you want to be and get the spiritual life of your dreams!






8.) Healthy Lifestyle



This is where it all comes together.  You need a harmoniously integrated, holistic lifestyle.  You need to bring all of these things together in balance.  You need to balance your work and play time and give yourself time for recreation and fun, making sure that while you focus on accomplishing what you need to you also give yourself time to relax and do things for pure enjoyment which will help you to get simple pleasure out of life.  You need to make sure that the time you spend on your work and pursuits is well invested in these endeavors and projects and ventures and will pay off in the long run.  You need to manage your time, energy and monetary investments.  You need to make sure your schedule is sound and works and will not over stress you while making sure that you are giving yourself enough to do each day so that you can be successful.  You need to make sure to take time off for vacations once in a while to make sure you do not crack under the work load.  You need to make sure you make time for your loved ones and all the important people in your life.  And you need to make time for yourself sometimes to just be alone and do things that shouldn’t involve others, or only you want to do, be it meditating or masturbating (you may laugh at that one but sometimes you need to, and people who don’t often can tend to get very repressed and uptight, and studies have shown are even at greater risk of cancer), taking yourself out to a special show or treating yourself to a massage or day at the spa, or taking an evening to make yourself your favorite food and having some drinks and watching your favorite movie while you can just relax and enjoy not having to deal with anyone else.



When every aspect of your being and your life is optimized for a healthy and happy lifestyle you will experience a complete transformation and feel like you now exist on a higher level than ever before and are living the life of your ultimate dreams.  You’ll feel like a whole new person who is energized, elated, self actualized and blissful.  And that is what I am here in True Life Development to help you do, and I have amassed a complete resource library with everything you need to get there here on this website.  So make sure you peruse the website and everything it has to offer you on your journey to self actualization. And if you need any personalized help & guidance you can contact me to inquire about a free 20 minute consultation.  And otherwise enjoy getting the life of your dreams!


This article has been an excerpt from the True Life Development – Complete Holistic Personal Development System book, get your copy on amazon by clicking here now!




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