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The Worst Ideas & Advice About Dating, Love, Sex & Relationships (FUNNY!)

The 25 Worst Ideas & Advice About Dating, Love, Sex & Relationships That You Most Commonly Hear In Society




We’ve all heard it before.  Floating around in society there are tons of bad ideas and advice and other messages about dating, love, sex and relationships that we get fed one way or another through our social conditioning.  These may be told to you in a more or less direct manner by someone who knows you are in a relevant situation, or they may be more abstract ideas that are simply widely accepted by the consensus but not really spoken about explicitly.  Either way, none of these ideas are talked about literally or in depth, because the more explicitly you speak about them, the more absurd they seem.

These are just commonly accepted by all as what is supposed to work and have been so deeply ingrained in our social conditioning that people tend not to question them.  But they do not work, in fact they are a recipe for disaster and are the very reason why most people are failing at dating and relationships, most people do not know true love, and most people do not even have a healthy active sex life.  It is time that we saw these things for what they really are, and in order to do that, we have to speak about them more literally than they ever get spoken about.


So here in this article I am going to be illustrating for you the worst dating ideas and advice in explicit enough of language that you will be able to see them for what they are: completely illogical, absurd, ridiculous, and ass backwards ways of thinking & acting, that are actually both comical and dark when you look at them so literally.  You will see how laughable it would be to ever take such advice seriously, let alone practice it in your own daily life and expect anything but failure.  In fact you will notice how paradoxical this all is, with some of the ideas and advice we hear being in complete contradiction to one another.


Reading this may bring up a lot of conflicting feelings in you.  Some of it may make you smile or laugh, some of it may make you sad or angry.  But in the end hopefully this will inspire you to do the opposite, which is what you should be doing.  But be warned, for those of you out there who have been buying into this adverse social conditioning, hearing these things spoken about outright in this manner may come as a shock to you, and may even be offensive.  But it is something that you need to hear.



The 25 Worst Ideas In Dating, Love, Sex & Relationships


1.) If you like someone never reveal it, play it cool, & moreover play hard to get.  It makes them value you more & is the best way to get into a relationship – Because the harder you are to get, the more likely they are to get you.


2.) Being friends first is the best way to start a romantic relationship – since friendship and romance are synonymous anyways, & a romantic relationship is just a form of friendship, and a friendship is just another form of romance.  Everyone thinks of their friends as lovers, that’s what makes them your friends, because friendship is inherently romantic.  Besides everyone on TV shows starts off as friends and then ends up in a romantic relationship, and there is no difference between what happens on TV shows and what happens in reality.


3.) If you like a girl you need to win her over with romantic gestures and tokens of your affection like compliments, gifts and favors.  If you give them these things, they basically owe you sex, and you can cash in on that at any time.  And if they do not give it to you they are welshing on an inherent non-verbal contract that they made with you when they accepted those things from you, and you have every right to make a big fuss about them being unfair to you and pressure them to make good on their end of the deal.  After that they will definitely sleep with you, its just the unspoken rule in society.


4.) Girls just want a nice guy who is super nice to them.  It doesn’t matter if you are ugly, poor, have no personality or nothing else going for you that you can offer her other than your niceness.  All you have to do to get the girl is be nice.  As long as you are a nice guy she will be sure to see that you are her prince charming soul mate she has always dreamed of & she will marry you and you two will live happily ever after.


5.) All you have to do is be yourself and eventually the right person will come to you.  Even if it has never worked yet in your life and you are well into your thirties or forties, it is still all you ever need to do.  Any problems you have in dating aren’t your fault, you couldn’t possibly be doing anything wrong as long as you are just being you.  The problem isn’t you.  It’s just that you haven’t met the right person.  Just keep being the same way you have always been and doing the same things you have always done that have never worked, and at some point they will work.


6.) All you have to do is wait and eventually the exact right person will come to you, just by you doing nothing to get them except waiting.  Doing nothing and waiting is the key to finding true love.  You don’t even need to leave the house or be social or meet new people.  The universe will deliver “The one” straight to your front door eventually.  Just keep waiting and doing nothing, because that’s how you get anything you want in life, love is no different.


7.) You are the prize, and in order to get others interested in you, you need to act like you are too good for everyone else.  Like you are a Queen/Princess, or a Boss (or whatever other male equivalent you want).  So you need to act like you are God’s gift to the opposite sex.  For there is nothing more attractive than pretentiousness, egotism and narcissism.  In fact everyone wants to date a narcissist who acts like they are too good for them, rather than someone who is relatable.


8.) The most important thing for a woman is her sex appeal.  All you have to do is treat yourself like a sex object and develop your outer beauty above all, and you will have maximized your value as a female.  It doesn’t matter if you have a bad personality, or no personality at all, and are a completely wretched person inside with nothing going for them other than their looks.  It is what is on the outside that counts most, no one could ever possibly see beyond that, because women are really just sex objects, nothing more.


9.) The most shameful & taboo thing for women is their sexuality.  You must deny that you even have this thing called “sexuality”, even though it is a huge part of who we are as human beings.  As a woman it is your duty to refuse to express yourself sexually or communicate about it at all.  Maintain a conservative and prudish attitude about sex, and act as though you are above that and look down upon those who are sexual, as if you are some sort of an asexual alien.  This makes you seem like the holy “Virgin Mary”, which makes you seem like the most valuable woman on the planet.  Men all know that the best possible sex partner is a woman who is sexually frigid and ashamed of her own sexuality, and will pass on that shame to them whenever they show sexual interest in her.  It’s your sexual issues that make you sexy.


10.) Taking a woman out to a fancy dinner is the perfect first date and the best way to get laid because being a good old fashioned provider who treats every woman like an expensive escort is the best way to get into a woman’s heart and vagina.


11.) Drinking alcohol is the ideal date activity for fun and romance.  What better way to genuinely connect than by poisoning your brains into an altered state so you can feel and behave like someone you aren’t and not remember things clearly or feel very good about them afterward.


12.) When you start talking to or seeing someone you like you should immediately stop entertaining any other suitors and put all of your eggs into one basket to make sure that this relationship has a chance to develop, otherwise how could it go anywhere? It is important to always attach yourself securely to the very first person you find that you like, (especially when you are just getting out of another relationship.)


13.) Serial monogamy is the only way to date.  Dating around until you find the right person is just completely slutty.  You should only ever be seeing one person at a time.  Forcing the first person you like to be the right one for you is the best and only way to get into a secure and healthy relationship.


14.) Sex is only possible when you are in love…and married…and being done for the purpose of starting a family.  You should never communicate about sex unless for these specific circumstances.  Its just not proper otherwise.  But as long as you are doing it this way, sex is a beautiful and divine thing.  But if not, its dirty.  The words “I love you” and “I do” is the dividing line between the divine and the dirty.  The same exact act between the same two people on either side of that fence is actually two completely different and opposite things, even if it may otherwise seem exactly the same, don’t be fooled, its not.  One type of sex is wrong and the other isn’t.


15.) Love can’t be explained.  There are no words for it.  It’s just a mystery.  If you feel like you are falling for someone, you are, and it is definitely true love.  This can even happen at first sight without actually even knowing the person, since love is entirely about physical attraction.  If you feel like you love someone, you should follow your heart at all costs.  Even if they do not love you back, or even if the relationship is unhealthy.  Love conquers all.


16.) An expensive and elaborate marriage is the only way to prove that your love is true and guarantee that you will be together forever.


17.) Relationships are not about sex, and too much focus on sex is superficial and only will corrupt them.  The most romantic part of a romantic relationship is not caring about your sexual connection, because there is nothing sexual about romance.  Again, romance is just another word for friendship.  So don’t even focus on sex.  And if you stop having it, don’t worry, that’s not a bad sign, its a normal and good one.


18.) Commitment and love are all you need for a sustainable successful relationship.  As long as you are staying together your relationship is obviously successful and you shouldn’t have to do things such as talking about your feelings or doing relationship work.  In fact those things only compromise your integrity by admitting that things aren’t perfect when they should be.  Because both of you are obviously perfect, so you shouldn’t have to do anything in order to make sure your relationship is perfect.  It is perfect just the way it is.  Even if it gets abusive you still shouldn’t have to work on it or see a counselor.  Staying committed and doing nothing else is all you have to do in a relationship.  As long as you are staying together your relationship is succeeding.


19.) To correct any wrong doing as a man just buy the woman flowers and a generic card written by someone else in their own words.  This is the most personal way to take responsibility and make up for what you did and fix it.  There is literally nothing else you could possibly do to address the situation.  And so by law she has to accept and forgive you.


20.) To correct any wrong doing as a woman just deny it up and down.  And when you can’t deny it just simply blame the man for it and play the victim, acting like it is him taking issue with something you did that is the real problem.  You are being victimized by having a man force you to take responsibility for your actions.  So he is wrong, not you.  After all how could you possibly do anything wrong?  You are a female victim, and female victims are simply not capable of doing anything wrong.  And if he disagrees with that logic then he is obviously a crazy monster, not you.  You can just ask your friends, they will be sure to agree with you and clear you of any wrong doing.  And it is their opinion that matters more about your relationship how you treat your man than his opinion anyways.  If he doesn’t like how you are treating him that is his problem and has nothing to do with you or your relationship with him.


21.) Punishing someone with things such as silent treatment & withholding attention and affection is the best way to respond when your partner does something you think they shouldn’t have.  You should never simply point out that they have done something you don’t like and ask them to change their behavior, because the only reason they are doing it in the first place is because they have already read your mind and so they obviously know you do not like it and are just doing it to piss you off for some reason.  Simple communication is not the answer to any problem.  You can only make sure your relationship is healthy by asserting your righteous dominance by punishing them when they do not act the way you want them to by withdrawing. Because of your virtuous nature you are allowed to punish them by withdrawing love in order to make sure that love can get restored through their compliance like the slaves that they are.  That is how a healthy relationship works.


22.) There is only one right person for everyone and real true love is forever.  So once you are with someone you should stay with them and make the relationship work no matter what.  Even if the relationship is unhealthy, abusive, or seems hopeless.  Just stay together because the sign of a successful relationship is that it never ends.  Divorce is for quitters and failures.  If you do not break up, it must be a success.


23.) The only valid reason for breaking up with someone is if there is a problem in the relationship that needs to be worked on.  Relationships are not about work, they are supposed to be inherently perfect and successful all by themselves.  That’s the nature of real true love.  If your partner has an issue and wants to work on a relationship with you then that is a sign that it is just not working and is not meant to be because it obviously is not real love.  Real true love should be entirely 100% perfect and without any faults or flaws, so any issues that come up are just a sign that your love is not true and you should just leave them and search for a love that is more true than that.


24.) After you’ve been married a little while it’s only natural and healthy to lose sexual interest and passion for one another, and even lose your romance and chemistry altogether.  Its just part of how long term relationships progress.  Besides, relationships aren’t about sex anyways.  They are about two people being locked into a romantic situation and paying bills together for the rest of your lives.  That’s what really matters, not the sex or romance.  Its healthy to almost never have sex again after the “honeymoon phase”, or have any more romantic dates together, or even enjoy each other’s company anymore.  That stuff is only for new couples to do.  What really matters in a relationship is that you are continuing to live together and pay for the house you bought together and all of the bills that go along with it that you can hardly afford.  After all that’s what marriage is.


25.) Marriage is just something you should do simply because it is a beautiful thing that you are supposed to do.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing it with the exact right person, for the right reasons, or in the right way or not.  Because you can always get divorced if you realize you have made a mistake and just wasted 5-10 years of your life with the wrong person.  And when you get divorced you get to start over completely free and clear of any consequences for your mistake.  And there is no limit to the amount of times you can get married and divorced.  So don’t worry about getting it right the first or second time. For just like life, it is really about trial and error.  And if you do it enough times you will get it right eventually.


That concludes the 25 worst ideas about dating, love, sex and relationships.  I hope that this has been an eye opener for you on just how bad the social conditioning we get about these things is.  And how this adverse social conditioning causes most people to be stuck in an unhealthy love life, or without any love life at all.  It is a fact that most people are not sexually healthy, are stuck in an unhealthy relationship pattern, and most marriages fail, and these are the reasons why.  So make sure that you use this article to ensure that you are not falling into any of these bad ideas and paradigms and patterns of thinking and acting, because they not only will not work but will keep you unhappy and even stuck in toxic or abusive relationships.


Now you may notice that I am taking these ideas a bit further and exaggerating them much more than the ways you would normally hear them.  I need to do that because the only reason why they are able to be so insidious and able to infiltrate our consciousness so infectiously is because of the fact that they are normally delivered in very subtle ways.  Otherwise they would never get by our rational judgement.  It is because of their subtle sneaky nature that they permeate our social conditioning and have become so widely accepted.  So I am putting them under a magnifying glass and amplifying them so that you can really take a good look at them and see them for what they really are.  And you will notice here that there is a very important distinction between good ideas and bad ideas.


When you illustrate bad ideas like these more explicitly you will find that the more you talk about them and explain them in more detail and depth, the worse they sound.  However with good ideas, the more explicitly you illustrate and explain them, and talk about them in more depth and detail, the better they sound.  So you can compare these ideas and advice with any of the good advice I give on this website and notice that difference. So be sure to peruse all of the actual good advice that I do recommend you use here in my blogs and free videos on the site so that you can not only notice that difference but replace any of your limiting paradigms with helpful paradigms that will cause you to succeed in your love life.


And in order to make sure that you can take yourself in the completely opposite direction and get the dating, love & sex life and relationship of your dreams that will give you the happiness and fulfillment you have always wanted, make sure you sign up for my Relationship Development And Management Program by clicking this link here now!


And otherwise you can enjoy getting the love life of your dreams!  This article has been an excerpt from my book True Life Relationships – Complete Social & Sexual Mastery System, get your copy on amazon by clicking here today!

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