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The Problems With Christianity – Why Even though I love God & Christ, I Am Not Christian

The Horrible Problems With Christianity



Why Even though I love God & Christ,

I Am Not Only Not A Christian

But I Reject Christianity Entirely



Often I will meet christians who ask what I do, and when they hear that I am a metaphysicist, spiritual teacher, and ordained minister, they will want to make sure that what I am teaching is christianity.  They are sure that christianity is the only way that a spiritual person should be and that being christian is all one has to be in order to be “good” and “right”.  Ironically I know without a doubt that even though I do not think of myself as a christian, I act more like Christ than people who call themselves christian, and live by the ethics of christ more.  It is the fact that I know God/Christ and am a very spiritual person, rather than being a religious “christian” that I have a moral code that I live by and I live to do good in this world every moment of every day.

I always have to make a distinction with Christians about the difference between God/Christ and the christian religion, and let them know that while I love God and Christ, I am not a christian – because God/Christ and christianity are actually not one and the same thing, but are quite different. Christians are always so confused by this, and why I would not then just be a christian.  And aside from the fact that my mother was one of the many christian parents that traumatized her children with christianity (in fact I think that most of the psychological complexes and issues that people have these days comes from the oppression, guilt, shame, fear and other dark things instilled in them from their christian upbringing), there are so many things that are terribly horribly wrong with christianity.  And for these reasons, even though I love God and Christ, I reject Christianity altogether.  And so in order to enlighten all of the christians out there on what the problems with their religion is, since they seem to be too blind to be able to see these problems themselves, I have outlined them here in this article.  At least 40 of the biggest ones.


The 40 Biggest Problems With Christianity


  1. Christianity is a “Totalitarian Religion”.  They are an authoritarian organization that is more like a dictatorial form of government.  They do not believe in religious freedom, or separation of church and state.  Many countries that are not free democracies like the US declare themselves “Christian Nations”, and the people have religion forced upon them and the christian orthodox churches claim real legal jurisdiction over its followers and that the word of the church is law (the largest of these being Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church).  Those who live in countries with religious freedom do not believe in this religious freedom, but that their countries should be the same as those who force Christianity upon the masses and that the church should dictate law.  Being a totalitarian dictatorship they believe that they are the only right religion in the world and see all others as their opposition who are not only wrong in their beliefs, but are the enemies of God and Christ, and must be campaigned against and converted, and if they cannot be converted, condemned and persecuted.  Those who accept the religion and become followers of christianity are subjugated by it, which is really just a system of sociolopolitical tools for subjugating its members.  Christianity is the religious equivalent of fascism.  And so it follows that…
  2. Most Christians are ignorant and brainwashed. They speak in regurgitated scripts they have been programmed with from their pastors/priests just like robots with artificial intelligence.  And they do not actually know the facts about their own religion because they have never done their own independant research, they are simply listening to what they are told and obeying orders.  If you were to compare the psychological principles of brainwashing practices (as practiced in places such as communist POW camps) to what goes on in christian institutions such as churches and bible camps you will see that these institutions have been systematically engineered for brainwashing.  Christians have been systematically rendered incapable of thinking for themselves, and none of them have done any deep research into what is supposed to be their own religion and beliefs.  Which is why none of them know the following of what is about to be said, and are incapable of debating about it.  If you are to bring up such facts to a christian, their brain will simply shut down and they will not be able to respond.  This religion can only thrive upon brainwashing its members and keeping them ignorant it cannot function with free thinking, educated and enlightened ones.
  3. Modern Christianity is based entirely on mistranslations and misinterpretations of the Bible, as well as adaptation by political authorities like King James for the brainwashing and control of the masses. The bible most people are reading these days is nowhere near in its original form.  It has been deliberately mistranslated and edited for mental manipulation.  It is no longer the real word of God.   Adam and Eve were not named Adam and Eve (which are english names), they were named Obola and Biome (which are african names).  Mary was not a Virgin, that was a mistranslation of the hebrew word “young girl”.  Even Jesus was not originally named Jesus, it was “Yeshua”.  His Birthday was not December 25, that is really the biggest pagan holiday called “Saturnalia” that the christian authorities were trying to overwrite.  Christs was actually born on January 17th, his birthday is now called “Epiphany” and is not even celebrated in most forms of christianity, instead they celebrate “Christ-mass” and tell their followers that it is the birthday of Christ, becuase conquoring pagans and overwriting their religion was more important than being true to Christ.  The entire religion was engineered and adapted to overwrite the folk religions and paganism of the time, which it did by mergeing with them and overwriting everything that was already in place.  Then all they had to do was change some of the language and by doing this they were able to control the population.  But most of christianity is actually rooted in paganism, even some of the prominant figures in the bible such as King Solomon were actually pagans, and christ himself was a figure now called by religious scholars a “Shaman” – a folk magician, priest and guru.  This is why most of the works of Solomon were removed from the bible (because he was practicing what they deemed “black magick”) and why christ was actually put to death by the same authorities in Rome that then later appropriated his teachings and made them orthodoxy and under government control, saying that he died for everyone’s sins – the perfect reframe to help them gain control of his followers and have them begging the government’s forgiveness anytime they disobey its law, which they said was actually God’s law. The entire religion is an adaptation based on complete misinformation engineered for manipulation of the masses.  These people do not even know the truth about their own religion, and do not even know the man they are worshipping.  All they know is the lies that they are told.  Christianity is in fact the greatest case of the “Mandela Effect” in history.
  4. Modern western Christianity is not the same as Christ himself.  It was not invented by Christ.  It was invented after Christ’s death.  Not by the Apostles or the followers of Christ.  But by the governments, for appropriation and control of the beliefs of the masses.  Christianity was not forged in the likeness of Christ.  For Christ was not a Christian.  And Christianity is so different than Christ was that Christ probably will not become a christian when he returns.  Rather the opposite, he will probably be telling everyone about how far they have gone astray from his original teachings. But Christianity focuses on worshiping Christ, not being like him. Its masses of followers are nothing like Christ, rather more the opposite.  No one practices being like Christ and following his example of being good, as they should.  Instead they focus on accepting that they are sinners, living as sinners and asking for forgiveness from him.
  5. The bible is full of contradictions and Christianity is full of hypocrisy. Almost no one in the religion practices what they preach.  Probably because they cannot, for what they are taught is full of contradictions which by definition are impossible to practice altogether as a whole.  The religion itself is a living paradox.
  6. While God and Christ are about love and blessings, Christianity is about hate and fear. It teaches everyone that they are inherently evil and sinful from birth, that even infants are not innocent.  And the more hardcore followers literally call it a “God fearing” religion and say that they are god fearing people, which shows how much they do not know god, for when you know god you know that god is love.  God loves us and does not want us to fear him.  These people obviously have mistaken God for the devil.
  7. Christianity is a religion that has built its following upon coercion and control through the fear of condemnation and being damned to hell, not actually the divine love and light of god.  In fact “Satan” – the thing that it uses to instill fear into the hearts of its followers is equally important to the religion as Christ & God.  They use this fear to motivate their followers because they know that psychologically fear is a more powerful motivator than love, or any other positive emotions.  But as illustrated above, Christianity is a fear based religion, not a love based one.
  8. The Christian church is not a spiritual philosophy or way, but a business.  And this business was built and funded by exploiting the masses (via fear of this condemnation & damnation), with Christians being able to buy blessings and even special places in heaven, despite whether they behave in moral or immoral fashion.  Even gangsters and military leaders who are responsible for great amounts of human suffering and death will have their acts of violence ignored for a price.  For while Christianity may preach about morality, its idea of morality is only a tool for manipulation, and essentially it is an amoral business, and its bottom line is doing whatever is good for business.
  9. Christianity invented the concept of Hell and Satan in order to instill fear in its followers to motivate them to be more obedient.  There actually was no concept of hell in the original tribal roots of Christianity.  And Lucifer himself was actually the planet Venus, and the translation of the word Lucifer actually means “Morning Star”, or “Light”.  They changed who Lucifer really is in the bible and turned him into “The Devil” as a scare tactic for manipulation and control, instilling fear of satan into its followers because they know that fear is a powerful motivator to get people to do what they say.  What a horrific thing to do to people, what kind of religion would do that?  Not a Godly or spiritually pure one.  And actually the concept comes from the greek polytheistic concept of “Hades” which was the “Underworld”, which was influenced by the far eastern (Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist) concepts of their being lower levels of existence that were lower consciousness and less pleasant than this.  And yet it is Greek and Eastern Polytheists that Christians say are evil and going to hell just for not being christian…but since Christianity didn’t have a concept of hell it is them who they took the concept from…just so that they could tell them they are going there for being non-christian…does anyone else see the irony there?  European Christians even went so far as to return to africa where Christianity first started as a tribal folk religion under the real Jesus Christ, and then started telling the tribes there, now called “Bwitists”, that if they didn’t change their evil ways of practicing their folk tradition and start worshiping Jesus Christ, they would go to hell.  To which the Bwitists replied, “You mean Jeshua? We do worship him,” showing them his picture.  To which the European missionaries (conquistadors) replied “Oh, well you have to worship him our way, and read this new translation of the bible.  Otherwise you are going to hell”.  The Bwitists asked what this “hell” was, and when the conquistadors told them, the Bwitists laughed and laughed and laughed, exclaiming, “Why would god invent such a place and do such a thing to his own children?”  They couldn’t believe it. Because it isn’t real.  At least not in the original version of Christianity.
  10. The Christian symbol is a torture device, exemplary of the darkness of the religion and the pain it causes others, and the general attitude of its members.  Torture is just so fundamental to it.  Christians even enjoy the thought of christ having been tortured and crucified for their own benefit.  In clinical psychology this is called “sadism”.
  11. Christianity is a highly toxic and destructive religion, like a virus. Christian Churches have dark toxic energies, and traditionally they were places where people went to get yelled at abusively by a pastor for being such bad “sinners”.  And Christianity as an entity is responsible for most of the war, fighting, slavery, torture and other suffering that has occurred in the world since its creation.
  12. Christianity has always been weaponized and used to justify horrible violence against innocent people and torture, which has been commonplace throughout history. From the conquests of The Spanish Inquisition, Colombus and The Crusades; to the ethnic cleansing done by the Nazi’s of Germany and the Witch Trials of Salem and the surrounding areas and times; to destructive cults such as the Ku Klux Klan, The Peoples Temple, and countless others; Christianity has been one of the most harmful and horrific weaponized forces of dominance, destruction, and death the world has ever seen.  Each of those groups named just in this short paragraph alone were responsible for the torture and genocide of anywhere from nearly a thousand people, to hundreds of thousands or even millions, all in the name of Christianity.  None of these are isolated incidences.  One could spend a lifetime researching the Christian organizations that have committed genocide and their countless victims.
  13. Christians feel that non Christians are lesser beings that are beneath them. They see them as less than human and undeserving of human rights and deserving of persecution. This is why throughout history Christians have treated non-Christians with not only disdain but violence.  They have dehumanized them and would call them  “savages” and treat them like animals, conquering them and beating them into submission and taking them as slaves, or even call them “heathens” or “witches” to justify treating them like demons and persecuting, torturing and killing them.
  14. Christianity has always been one of the primary creators of war throughout history.  Christians have always created war against other non-christian civilizations in order to conquor them and spread their own culture in their quest for world domination.  It has been an incredibly destructive force, and I cannot think of anything less divine than this.
  15. Christianity and its “morality” is a paradox of hypocrisy. It claims that any innocent people who are not Christian are evil to justify doing evil against them and feel some sick sense of virtue in it.  But this hypocrisy is the only way that christian morality can work in its favor.  If it weren’t for this it would have no legs to stand on in its campaign for global dominance.
  16. Christianity’s main driving force is not spirituality, God, or blessings or anything divine. It is domination and control, and anything spiritual that it preaches are just tools used for that end. How can you trust a religion that does this?  Christianity is responsible for more genocide on this planet than anything else in history. When indigenous civilizations do not adopt the Christian culture the crusaders would try to impose upon them, they would be ethnically cleansed, if not taken for slaves. Christianity is a destroyer of cultures. It has almost entirely erased many indigenous cultures of other countries from the face of the earth and forced them to become westernized Christians, erasing and re-writing their history and making it nearly impossible for social scientists (such as myself) and anthropologists to study these cultures.  This is very similar to what is called “ethnic cleansing” and is commonly accepted as one of the most evil acts possible.
  17. Christianity is a religion of division and fighting.  Even christians cannot seem to agree and are constantly creating divisions amongst themselves.  There are countless different denomenations of christianity each fighting over what god wants and claiming that they are the only right ones and that all of the others are going to hell, some even going so far as to call others “satanic”.  Could this really possibly be what god wants his children to be doing?  Constantly fighting among themselves about what he wants and damning each other to hell?  And what is the statistical probability that any one of them is right?
  18. Christians are prejudicial and do not respect anyone who shares different spiritual values or lifestyle. They feel the need to constantly argue with others who have different values.  And, being against the separation of church and state, and for a totalitarian christian orthodoxy, they believe they have the legal right to practice discrimination.  Christian business owners even believe that they have the right to refuse service to anyone who is not christian. They are the posterchild of cultural and religious intolerance.  If anyone did this outside of the umbrella of christianity today they would be called a racist or some form of bigot.  But somehow it is not racism or bigotry when you do it as a christian?
  19. Christians may pretend to be socially benevolent people, but it is no more than a guise.  They are actually very socially malevolent and wear this mask in order to campaign against anyone who does not share their beliefs. They think that anyone who does not believe what they believe is bad and they will act defensively or even offensively, in many cases going as far as to tell them that they are going to hell among other things if they do not conform to the Christian beliefs.  Everything they do socially, even charity, is simply an act of manipulation in attempt to convert people to their doctrine.  And when benevolent measures fail they have no scruples about using malevolent ones.
  20. Because of this, Christians are quite socially inappropriate. And can be socially manipulative and toxic. You cannot attend any social events with them because this dialogue will always come up, which is not only socially taboo (for good reason) but it’s very purpose is to make the listener feel uncomfortable until they conform to the Christians beliefs, which is offensive.  A socially healthy person knows that it is inappropriate to even discuss religion in most social situations, and even when it is, that one should never try to push their religious beliefs on others.  But Christians thrive socially on this sort of inappropriate behavior of pushing their beliefs on others.  This is because Christians are taught that they not only have a god given right, but a duty to be socially domineering towards others for the purpose of recruting converts.  They are trained and conditioned to believe that these behaviors are not actually socially inappropriate and wrong, but are right because it is their duty to “save the souls” of those who do not go to their church.  It doesn’t matter to them if they are going against the norms of what is considered healthy social behavior in doing so.  In clinical psychology this is called “Anti-social personality disorder”, otherwise known as “sociopathy”.
  21. Traditionally, those who would not conform to the Christian religion being imposed upon them would get tortured by being crucified, burned alive for being a “witch”, or put into special torture devices. Now of days since that has been made illegal, Christians will instead simply tirade against you since it is all that they can legally do. However if it were still legal, they would still be using torture and any means necessary to subjugate non-Christians.
  22. Christians believe that humans are the only ones who have souls, and that Christians are the only one’s who are going to Heaven. And many Christians believe that only those in their denomination are right and going to Heaven, and that everyone else is wrong and going to hell.  In clinical psychology this is called “Narcicism”. But in line with this narcissistic thinking, Christians believe that it them the right to mistreat, persecute and even torture and kill anyone who does not belong to Christianity, or sometimes even only their sect.
  23. Because christians believe that humans are the only ones that have a soul, and also that god put all of the other creatures on the earth here to be part of “mans dominion” for him to “rule over”, they believe they have a right to treat all other creatures as objects for them to use and abuse.  From the mass neglect, abuse and genocide of animals on ranches, to their torture in the animal testing and fur industry, they believe that the inhumane treatment of animals is either justified, or is not actually inhumane.  If you ask them about it, they will simply say “well god put animals here for us, it says so in the bible.”  They simply see nothing wrong with causing suffering to innocent creatures, in fact many of them enjoy abusing and killing animals.  In clinical psychology this is called “sadism”.
  24. The bible is full of darkness, evil, and just bad things that may have been accepted during biblical times, but civilization has evolved and made great progress since then. We have greater humanity, and are much more enlightened since then. And we can now see how unacceptable these parts of the bible are.  And yet somehow, while Christians think it was ok for the bible to have been changed for purposes of power, they are not changing it to help it reflect the greater enlightenment and humanity of the new age we are now in.  Therein…
  25. The bible is outdated and obsolete, and offensive to those with modern sensibilities and higher consciousness.  It comes from a time and culture where people were little more than cave men who were savages compared to how we are today.  In this time and culture many things were acceptable that are not today.  From slavery to child abuse to rape and even torture, and all manner of other human rights violations that we have now deemed unacceptable in this day and age in which we have made so much progress and collectively raised our consciousness far beyond what it was back then.  It is due to the fact that this manual from such archaic and brutish times is still being used as a blueprint for life today that such human rights violations will sometimes continue in spite of the fact that most people today know that they are wrong, except for in christian fundamentalist christian sects in which these abuses and transgressions of basic human rights will continue to persist as if these people are still living in biblical times.  There is absolutely no reason that we should be using the bible as a blueprint for life in this day and age in which we have made such great strides to evolve beyond such a horribly dark and savage existence, and are now supposed to be able to live a more peaceful one free from the harms of such abuses.
  26. The bible is patriarchal, misogynistic, and oppressive to women.  It literally deems them as the property of men, not much more than slaves, and ordering them to be submissive and subservient to men, and allowing men to beat and rape them if they are not obedient enough.  Christianity is the root of all sexism in our culture.  However somehow when you commit acts of sexism under the umbrella of christianity, it is not called sexism, even though it still is.
  27. Christianity invented the patriarchal institution of marriage to charge people huge amounts of money just to fulfill their basic human need and desire for sexual intimacy, and also for social/sexual control, manipulating people into having the types of relationships they dictate, and allowing men to control women and their bloodlines which they were not able to do in the previous polygynous and polyandrous cultures.  They even went so far as to cover up the fact that Christ had a lover who he was not married to, named Mary Magdeline, who they deleted the gospels of and called a simple whore who he took under his wing and blessed.  And they ignore the fact that Adam and Eve (or Obola and Biome), were not married, nor were their children who were all supposed to be having incestuous sex together to create the human race.  But for some reason now it is christian “law” that humans need to be married in order to have sex, otherwise that sex is sinful and the woman is declared a “slut” and publicly shamed and humiliated, and in biblical times was even brutally tortured and killed.  And the man is declared…well nothing, since in the partriarchy it is not really a sin for a man to have pre-marital sex…and worse yet, any innocent children had “out of wedlock” will be declared “bastards” who will go to hell for their parents sin.  For the christian authorities know that sex and sexual pleasures are the primary human drives and motivating factors next to fear and food, and by controlling people’s sexuality they can control them in the deepest most powerful way.  And can charge them large amounts of money to have sex, which any sexually repressed and frustrated person who can afford it will pay out the ass for after two decades of forced celibacy.  And they can control people’s bloodlines and make sure that only those wealthy christians who attend their church and give it large amounts of money are the ones who are procreating, and giving birth to children who will then also attend the church and give them money.
  28. Anyone who does not fit into Christianities Patriarchal, Heteronormative, monogamous & prudish version of sexuality and may be of the LGBT, Poly, feminist, or any manner of sexually alterantive/kinky orientations have always been shamed, oppressed and persecuted by christianity, and would traditionally be publicly shamed and humiliated, jailed, tortured and even killed.  In fact Christianity is the posterchild of sexual intolerance.  But for some reason what would normally be called discrimination and oppression isn’t when it is done under the umbrella of christianity, even though it still clearly is to any conscientious person.
  29. Christianity is sexually unhealthy, shameful and oppressive to everyone and is the sole cause of most of the sexual issues people have in the world.  Christianity deems sexuality to be sinful and evil and causes sexual guilt complexes in everyone, just for starters.  Then most christians go on to suffer from sexual repression and frustration and sexual dysfunction such as anorgasmia in most women, or even an ability to be able to ever enjoy sex entirely due to the sense of shame.  However it is also common for christians to even suffer from severe sexual mental health disorders and become sexual deviants and even sexual predators and pedophiles.  Just for one example: the forced asceticism of circumcision is meant to partially remove the man’s sexuality and ability to experience sexual pleasure so that he can be more sexually “pure”, but in reality is a cause of sexual trauma and dysfunction and other issues.  These sexual issues get passed down from parent to child, causing an epidemic of sexual dysfunction and abuse because it is christian tradition.  Again, this is due to mistranslations and misinterpretations of the bible, which I explain in this article here.  And even though we now have the medical science to know what is and is not sexually healthy, christianity ignores it and continues its tradition of sexual trauma.
  30. Christianity defies logic, rationality, evidence, facts, science and all of the very things that can make a person well informed, knowledgeable and enlightened. It is a religion of ignorance and denial. Christians still believe that the world is only 6,000 years old, a belief that has been so disproven that it is hardly sane to even entertain the idea, but Christians believe that science is “a thing of the Devil” and is just a bunch of lies made to refute their religion, even though it is not and it is simply a coincidence that science has found explanations for reality that are more rational and factual than their fantastic mythological explanations.  Christian universities are literally nothing more than disinformation indoctrination camps where students are systematically brainwashed most deeply and trained on how to deny facts and science.
  31. Christians believe that any Gods of any other name in any other religion are demons, and their followers are Satanic.  When christianity took over the middle east it deemed that all of the gods of the gentiles were demons.  Even though these were in many cases just translations for the word “God” in another language, just as “Allah” is in Islam, but is regarded by christians as being a completely different entity.  Any demon in christianity who you look up the name of was originally a god of a neighboring tribe.  It doesn’t matter if a polytheist or someone who calls god by a different name is a peaceful person who is practicing a religion full of light and love and is trying to bless others and do good. A christian will label them a devil worshipping heathen and see them as an enemy who needs to be persecuted into converting to christianity, or tortured if they refuse.  And somehow the christians are supposed to be the godly ones when they do this.
  32. Christians believe that they can get away with such bad behaviors because they are Christian. They think that God will forgive anyone of any “sins” as long as they say they are a christian and ask for forgiveness.  It is literally an religion founded on the idea that people are “sinners” and can get salvation through Christ simply by asking for it. Therein they believe their religion gives them license to do anything to anyone.  So any christian can act abusively towards others and in any other abhorrant way they wish to for their whole life, just so long as they go to church once in their life before they die to ask forgiveness.  Christianity is a religion of people who act horribly their whole lives and think they can get away with it because they visit a church to pray for salvation once in a while, or at least once before they die.
  33. Christian parents tend to oppress and traumatize their children with their religion, stunting their psychological development with limited education and abusive parenting, and causing mental issues such as guilt and shame complexes and anxiety disorders that will plague them for the rest of their life and prevent them from ever being comfortable with who they are and living a healthy adult lifestyle.  In fact most devout christian parents believe in the use of corporal punishment, neglect, and even hardcore abuse of their children in order to purify them of their sins and make sure that they are following their religion seriously enough.  It is the innocent nature of children, who due to their immature state of development are not highly conscious or intelligent beings yet, to question rules and authority and test their limits and misbehave simply because they do not understand the need for such things yet.  And there are things that are a natural part of development such as masturbation.  All of which christian parents look at and see as evil and will give harsh punishments for.  Again, in clinical psychology this is called “Sadism”.
  34. Christianity is not a spiritual religion, rather the opposite – it is in fact the least spiritual religion in the world, and is actually very anti-spiritual. Though it was once spiritual, but all of the purely spiritual, metaphysical, mystical and magickal content has all been edited out of the bible. What was left is the historical and socio-political content, along with some ethical/moral philosophy.  Christian teachings and preaching are mostly focused on telling the stories from its history and the sociopolitics associated with their lessons, and controlling the masses through its version of morality.  It is not concerned with spirituality and empowering people spiritually, as it does not teach it or how to be more spiritual.  In fact the things it is focused on are anti-spiritual.  And if you try to research Judeo-Christian metaphysics such as the kabballah or the metaphysical code that is encrypted in the bible and you talk about it with a priest or a pastor they will try to stop you and say that you are intellectualizing too much and that the mind is the devils playground and that metaphysics will only corrupt your soul.  Why?  Because they want you to be spiritually ignorant.
  35. Because christianity is a socio-political organization, and not a spiritual one, it has very little actual spiritual practices.  While other religions teach spiritual living and spiritual practices, christianity is mainly focused on on “the word” and preaching through the use of words, the purpose of which is to brainwash its members. But it has a minimal amount of spiritual practices, (like meditation,) which are a large focus in every other religion out there, and which is something people need in order to live a spiritual daily life.  However christians are taught by their pastors that such spiritual practices are “black magick” and are outlawed in christianity (because the pastors do not want their followers to be spiritually empowered and be able to experience spirituality without them).
  36. Christians are only taught to pray and to attend church to receive their spirituality through the church and pastor only.  Thus the rest of the time they are not existing as spiritual beings, rather the opposite.  The Christian concept of God is even much less interactive in worship than in most other religions, and people crave that ability to interact with God.  Most Christians feel they can only have a relationship with God through their Pastor.  But God is someone you must have a deeply involved personal relationship with.  And spirituality is something that must be practical and have real world applications in your life so that you can actually live a spiritual lifestyle and be a spiritual being.  But christianity does not teach its members how to actually be spiritual, instead they systematically condition them to be dependant upon the church and their pastor for their spirituality.  In clinical psychology this type of relationship is called a “codependant” relationship, and is seen as unhealthy, and this method of making its members feel psychologically dependant upon them is a tactic that is also employed by dangerous cult leaders.
  37. The only difference between christianity and destructive cults is simply the size, and the fact that christianity achieved orthodoxy, while destructive cults were relatively small in comparison and are classified as specialized sects.  However the rest of the elements, from brainwashing to acts of violence, are all there.  Christianity was just so domineering that it rose above cult status and went on to conquor most of the world.
  38. Things such as compassion, peace, blessing, love, awareness, raising consciousness, enlightenment, rapture, and even more, which are things that all other religion’s, spiritual philosophies, and folk traditions tend to agree are essential spiritual tenets are absent from Christianity, even though Christ practiced/believed in them, but not only does christianity not believe in these things but it condemns the folk religions and forms of shamanism practiced by the peaceful, positive, loving people who do.
  39. From a psychological perspective, the types of people who do this are called “Dark Quadrads”, which means that they posess the four worst personality disorders a person can have, all together in one horribly dark evil conglomerate: “Narcissism” (Self righteousness),  “Anti-Social Personality Disorder/Sociopathy/Psychopathy” (Being socially destructive towards those who do not conform to your will), “Machiavellianism” (being extremely socially manipulative – all social interactions are geared towards bending others to conform to your hidden agenda), and “Sadism” (feeling justified in causing others pain and even enjoying it). These types of people are the worst types of people for society because they are the most harmful and destructive towards others and absolutely must be avoided for sake of your own mental health and wellbeing.
  40. Christianity and Christ are separate and opposite things. Christ did not invent Christianity and the Bible, and Church, those are man made things. Believing and and worshipping Christ is the most important aspect of Christianity.  You can believe in him without going to church or subscribing to a specific denomination of Christianity.  And you do not have to read or agree with the entire bible either.  The bible does contain some wisdom, but there is too much controversy to call it the absolute truth.  The important thing is Christ and following his teachings and practices, which most Christians do not, thinking that it is enough to be Christian and go to church every day.  And being like Christ does not actually make you a Christian.  It makes you better than Christians.



I hope that this has been enlightening to you.  And some of you may be thinking that this is debatable.  That not every single Christian fits into every single one of these categories, etc.  But yet these are the general fundamental truths of this religion.  And in this day and age we all know the history of christianity and what it has done on a massive scale.  There’s no use in trying to say that there might be some exceptions here and there, it simply doesn’t negate the way that the religion as a whole is.  And we have google at our fingertips and anyone can do some easy fact finding and learn the truth in real world data if they really want to.   Want to find out how many people have been killed by each individual Christian conquistador or missionary?  You can find that data.  Want to fact check those details about who Christ and christianity’s roots?  Luckily for you you can do that very easily.


But the problem is that while the facts debunking Christianity are there, most christians do not want face these facts.  Because they have invested too much time and energy in believing these things and subscribing to a religion and a sense of reality that goes with it.  And when you have invested so much of yourself and your life into something, you are prone to chase that investment even if it is not proving to be a good one.  Because a self-perpetuating vicious circle forms between your investment in this thing and your belief (or wishful thinking and wanting to believe) that it is a good investment.  You need to keep reinforcing your belief in your investment and justifying that you are doing the right thing and that this investment is being done for something.   So you end up chasing it no matter what, even if it is not producing the desired results or is proving to be wrong, you will keep telling yourself that if you stick with it it will prove to be the right course of action in the end.  In behavioral science this is called the “Sunk Cost Fallacy”, and is why gamblers will keep gambling even if they aren’t winning.  It is simply the nature of how the mind deals with us investing ourselves in things – the more we invest the more it will believe in them and tell us to pursue them more. 


And that is what happens with most Christians.  It doesn’t matter how much evidence is brought against Christianity, they have invested too much of their time and mental energy into believing in this religion and they need to chase that investment because otherwise all of that was for nothing.   Which is why they do not question such things, because they do not want to find out that they are wrong.  Not just because that would make them feel stupid and be a huge blow to their massive ego’s.  But for someone who has invested their entire life into a concept of reality provided to them by this religion,  finding out that their beliefs are wrong could be psychologically devastating.  It may very well cause their entire reality to come crashing down on them and make them feel lost in oblivion and even want to kill themselves.  So they would much rather live in denial.  And anyone who wants to live in denial and subscribe to such an evil doctrine isn’t worth debating with.


But for those christians out there who are critical minded enough to be up for a debate, allow me to provide you with some evidence of the evil and wickedness of Christianity.  Here is a list of just some of the most atrocious things found in the bible.  This will show you just how full of evil Christianity is.  And not only that, but how they view God as a very dark and sinister being.


  • Jeremiah 13:14 In which the Christian God’s true nature as not being a loving and merciful God is shown when he says: I will smash them one against the other, parents and children alike, declares the LORD. I will allow no pity or mercy or compassion to keep me from destroying them.'”


  • Proverbs 13:24 and 22:15 which condone caning children. That’s right, CANING children.  This is an obvious human rights violation to anyone today, except a christian.  Ask anyone who is into BDSM how much caning hurts, they will tell you that the cane is the most painful of impact tools, to do this to an unwilling child is just sick and no parent who would do this deserves to have children in their care.  But the bible advises it to Christian parents.  It literally says “Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children.”  A perfect example of how hate and love are opposites in the bible of what they are in reality.  A loving parent would never cane their child.  And a loving god would never say the things he does in the bible.  Rather the opposite.  But this is not a religion of love, it is one of hate.  Just see what else the bible says…
  • Genesis 38:7 in which god kills a persons first born child because he “views him as wicked”. It doesn’t say how old it was, this child might not have even been an adult yet.  It doesn’t say what the person did that was wicked or if god was just thinking the child might turn out to be wicked.  But the message here is that if god thinks you might be bad he will kill you.  Just look, the passage reads quite simply:  But Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the Lord’s sight; so the Lord put him to death.”  Yep that sounds perfectly moral to me.
  • Job 2, in which god destroys a family of a man who worships him just as an ego boost in a competition with the devil. You ought to know this story.  But probably never thought about it before.  It was just so he could win in an ego battle with the devil. What kind of god does that?  In this story God is the bad guy and Satan  is the good guy.  If you haven’t read this chapter yourself you really ought to.  And think to yourself, what kind of God would do such a thing?  But this is still only the beginning…
  • Isaiah 13:16 in which god says “children shall be dashed to pieces” and Psalm 137:9 in which it says to smash babies against rocks and you will be happy. It is literally telling you to kill babies.    This is some of the sickest shit to come out of any religion.  Even Islam.  And I’m not twisting words here, the passage literally reads: “Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.”  There is no moral conscionable way to defend against these kinds of heinous words.  But theres more where that came from…
  • Hosea 13:16 In which the bible says that both infants and pregnant women ought to suffer this fate, just for rebelling against god.  Quote:  “Samaria shall become desolate; for she hath rebelled against her God: they shall fall by the sword: their infants shall be dashed in pieces, and their women with child shall be ripped up.”  And I thought god was supposed to love all of his children, and that christians were against abortion…I guess not.  But it gets worse…
  • 2 Kings 10 in which God kills an entire clan of people. The 70 sons of Ahab.  Why?  Because they were worshipping idols.  Because idol worship, which doesn’t hurt anyone, is so much worse than massacring an entire clan of people.  Yea they really deserved that just for worshipping idols.  But that’s just the start of gods killing spree…
  • 1 Samuel 6:19 in which god kills over 50,000 people just for “looking into the ark”. Wow talk about harsh punishment.  God seriously thinks it is the right thing to do to kill over 50 thousand people just for looking at something?  Seriously, the passage reads: “And he smote the men of Bethshemesh, because they had looked into the ark of the Lord, even he smote of the people fifty thousand and threescore and ten men: and the people lamented, because the Lord had smitten many of the people with a great slaughter.”  Wow talk about an evil dictator.  But theres lots more genocide where that came from…
  • 1 Chronicles 21 in which god kills 70,000 innocent people who had done nothing wrong. That’s right, 70,000 innocent people.  Why?  Some unnamed sin that no one knows and is a big mystery to bible readers that there is a lot of speculation about.  But you can’t be guilty of something without there being even so much as a charge named against you.  And no moral being would commit mass genocide against people just because they had done something wrong, something that this being does not want to mention.  Don’t believe me, read the entire chapter yourself, it doesn’t give any reason for the genocide, it just talks about “sin” in a nondescript manner.  This genocide is just an atrocity that christians shouldn’t be overlooking, and wouldn’t be if they were actually moral beings.
  • Joshua 6 in which he orders the destruction of all living things in a city and the Israelites murder everyone in a city, men women and children.   What does he have against life?  Christians will tell you that god loves all living creatures but that is simply not the case.  According to the bible god only loves “the chosen ones”, and will sanction them committing genocide against anyone else.  And this isn’t the only city the Israelites do this with.  And why are they doing this?  Simply so they can take the city over and live in it.   And it gets so much worse than just this one city.  God is actually a seriously genocidal maniac in the bible
  • Deuteronomy 3 god destroys 60 cities. 60 cities!  Killing all of the innocent men women and children in them who had done nothing to deserve it.  That’s right, this time it was not for any reason having to do with a sin or anything they had done wrong what so ever.  Why was it you ask?  Again it was literally just so the Israelites can take them over and live in them.  But don’t worry, sometimes God will actually save people from his genocide.  Like for instance in…
  • Judges 21 in addition to genocide god saves some women when he orders the annihilation of a tribe but he saves the 400 virgin women of the tribe. But they aren’t saved mercifully, no, they are only saved so that they could be forced to become the “wives” of the Israelites (in the modern era we call this sex slavery), and yet there weren’t enough virgins to go around, so what do the rest of the unwed men do?  They abduct women from a festival.  Yes that’s right, they go and kidnap other single women.  Which they can do, because they are men of god.  See how that works?  And this is not an isolated incident.  The Bible condones taking virgin sex slaves elsewhere as well…


  • Numbers 31:17-18 again genocide is paired with the atrocity of taking virgin sex slaves when Moses instructs the soldiers to kill every male child and every woman who is not a virgin and to keep the virgin girls for themselves as sex slaves. I kid you not.  The passage reads:  “17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.”  And christians say hedonism is bad…this is so much worse than hedonism, but christians think it is ok because it is being done by people who are “the chosen ones” and are taking orders from god to do their raping and pillaging.  So that makes it perfectly moral in their eyes.  Only an immoral being would find any kind of way to moralize raping and pillaging.  But don’t worry, god doesn’t always order the taking of sex slaves when he is ordering genoicide.  However he does sometimes sanction or condone other heinous sex act besides rape, such as incest…
  • Genesis 19:31-36 In which daughters getting their fathers drunk and engaging in incestuous relations to breed with them is seen as the right thing to do.  Not one but two of them get their father drunk and have sex with him.  Again this is worse than hedonism.  Imagine showing a Christian a step daughter fantasy porno video, they would say that is immoral, obviously, and would probably find it shocking.  But then you show them this bible passage describing real incest and not only that but incestuous breeding?  Which literally says in verse 36 “Thus both the daughters of Lot were with child by their father.”   Which to any sane person would make them cringe, and actually the thought of it is making me queasy right now.  But to a Christian they will say this is somehow divine.  Sick, just fucking sick.  But the incest in the bible doesn’t stop there, in fact, according to god it doesn’t even have to be consensual…
  • 2 Samuel 13 in which a man pretends to be sick and asks his father to send his sister to cook for him while he lay in bed, so she does, and then when she gets close to him he rapes her, then tells her he doesn’t love her anymore after that and sends her away. And women think that getting played by a guy who tells you he likes you then has sex with you and then ghosts you is bad…imagine this.  But don’t worry, its Christian, so its ok.  But remember that to christians having consensual sex outside of marriage is wrong, but incestuous rape in the bible is ok.  Boy to Christians have a seriously sick view of sexual morality.
  • 1 Peter 2:18 which condones slavery and says slaves must obey their master with reverence even if he is evil to them. Yea thats totally ethical.  Because god says so.  “Slaves, in reverent fear of God submit yourselves to your masters, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.”  I wonder which ethnic groups made the best slaves, according to “the chosen ones”.  Could anyone who wasn’t a Jew or Christian be made a slave?  Or were they supposed to be of darker skin?  We all know from world history that the bible was used as a ideological propaganda tool for widespread slavery of darker skinned people around the world for thousands of years.  And these were the types of passages where that ideology came from.  But don’t worry, it’s the word of God, so its ok.  Which is why slavery is still legal everywhere today, isn’t it?  Because we haven’t realized that it is an atrocity that is grossly immoral?  So why do Christians still keep this as part of their bible?  Why hasn’t it been edited out?  Because they still believe in it.  And remember that it was the people of the Bible Belt in America that fought for the rights to keep slaves in the civil war because it was part of their religion.  And if you have darker skin you can be assured that if it weren’t for the north you would be a slave of a Christian today.   Just ask yourself, where would I be if the civil war had never happened and slavery wasn’t abolished?  You’d most likely be a slave, and it would be because of the bible.
  • Exodus 21:4 In which it says to give your slave a woman to breed with and then give the man his freedom and send him away and keep the woman and children for yourself. Literally, to quote the verse, it says “If his master gives him a wife and she bears him sons or daughters, the woman and her children shall belong to her master, and only the man shall go free.”  Could you imagine being a slave man and being given a woman to mate with and told that she will be your wife, only to then have her taken from you once you start a family with her, and your kids too?  That’s what the Hebrews did, it was only right, because god told them to.   This chapter only gets worse though when in 7-11 it provides instructions on selling your daughter into slavery and the types of conditions for that.  Seriously, go ahead and read it.  That’s what Hebrew parents did back then, and it was seen as totally ok, because it was written in the bible.  And again, why hasn’t it been edited out?  Because they obviously don’t think it should be, because they obviously think it should still be practiced.  So why don’t Christians today practice this kind of human trafficking of loved ones?  Because it is against the law?  Or because the word of god as written in the bible is immoral?  If it is just because it is illegal, obviously Christians would still be committing such heinous acts.  If it is because they thing such things immoral, they are admitting that the word of god in the bible is not actually righteous.  It’s got to be at least one of the two reasons, and either way, it exposes just how fucked up these people are.
  • Numbers 25 In which a priest kills a mixed race, and God orders the leaders of other men who have been engaging in sexual intercourse with women from another tribe and religion were also publicly massacred as a statement against mixed race/religion mating, and God sent a plague which killed 24,000 people and only stopped it when the bloodlines has been cleared up again. So god cares so much about keeping the Jewish bloodlines pure he is willing to do genocide for it.  Reminds me of the nazi’s and their ethnic cleansing.  Except when its being done in the bible its supposed to be ok, right?  No matter what anyone might say to justify this, anyone who tries to rationalize such a thing, is a purely evil human being.
  • Leviticus 26:29 and 2 Kings 6:28-29 in which god makes people eat human flesh. This is a religion that condones cannibalism.   Do I need to say it again?  Seriously, the passages read:  Leviticus 26 29 And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons, and the flesh of your daughters shall ye eat.  And:  2 Kings 6 28 And the king said unto her, What aileth thee? And she answered, This woman said unto me, Give thy son, that we may eat him to day, and we will eat my son to morrow. 29 So we boiled my son, and did eat him: and I said unto her on the next day, Give thy son, that we may eat him: and she hath hid her son.  I literally just got so nauseous I think I might need to run to the bathroom at any second.  Please let us move on from these disgusting words (of “god”).
  • Jeremiah 13 in which god himself is all kinds of predatory, sexually and otherwise. He talks more about dashing people against rocks and says he will have no compassion when he does it.  He also talks about how this one home should cling to him like a loincloth to genitals, and he talks about how when women get raped it is their own fault, among many other things.  This entire chapter shows what a disgusting and despicable kind of predator god is.  We all know now of days not to tell a woman who has been raped that it is her fault.  But for some reason in the bible that is the word of god.  How fucked up is that?


If you are a Christian, that is your bible.  That is your religion.  That is your “word of god”.  Your god is not a good one.  Your god is a force of evil.  The devil does almost no evil in the bible compared to what god does.  If you read the bible you would have noticed that.  But christians are only christians because they don’t really read the bible, otherwise they would see the religion for what it truly is.  Or if they are reading the bible, they aren’t really comprehending it because it is written in old language that is hard to understand today. Or they are only getting vague interpretations from priests who adapt everything’s meaning to fit their messages that they are programming you with.  But when you read the bible for what it is and take it at face value, it is nothing but a book of pure evil. 


You are talking about a religion that was spread through world domination and forced conversion with the only other option being genocide.  You are talking about a religion that has destroyed entire cultures, and many of them over the last 2000 years.  And for those who it did not kill it made slaves of.  This is an evil force so great that it makes what hitler did in his short time look miniscule in comparison.  Christianity is not a religion of good.  It is the definition of evil. It is a monstrosity. It is the darkest most evil thing the world has ever seen. It is a force of destruction beyond anything we have ever known.  So much that anthropologists can not even study the ancient cultures that it destroyed because it erased and re-wrote their histories. 


This is not the true god.  I have had a near death experience in which I met god.  Which I did as an athiest so nothing I believed in spiritually influenced my experience because I had no spiritual beliefs.  The god I met was one of light and love, not darkness and destruction.  The god I met would never have done such things.  This religion is not talking about the true god.  It is nothing but a political propaganda machine for instilling fear and weaponizing religiosity for control and manipulation of the people.  There is nothing spiritual about it.  It is just a socio-political institution for subjugating the masses.  It is a war machine.  There is nothing divine about it.  God has nothing to do with it.  It is more satanic than godly.


And if that isn’t enough evidence, again, just take a look at world history.  Let me once again reiterate how you will find that christianity is one of the biggest causes of world problems and social issues in every culture.  From genocide and widespread slavery to child abuse and trauma.  If you do some history research you will be able to find countless instances of the large scale atrocities caused by christians in the name of god, incided by the bible.  I’ve only just listed some of them.  But the bottom line is that the bible incites violence.  And if you think that is what Christ, your God, wants, you are truly not a person of God.  Christianity is not divine, it is evil, violent and destructive. 


So now for those of you christians who see and admit to these problems with your religion, and know that it is not what Christ really wants and what Christianity is supposed to be, and are wondering what the solution is, I have a very simple one that I know you have heard before and probably aren’t doing (at least not enough).  And that is to try to be more like Christ, and always be thinking to yourself “what would Jesus do?”  Start following the example that he set for you.


But also, start doing your research for God’s sake.  Don’t just blindly keep believing all the lies and disinformation and mistranslations you are taught.  Actually educate yourself about the things you are supposed to believe in, otherwise your entire reality is based on fallacy.  For starters you can start researching who Jesus really was.  And you can throw out your King James Edition of the bible, which is a completely altered version of the bible that is an adulteration.  Start studying other translations that are true to the original, and the books that were omitted.  And you can learn about the actual roots of your religion before it became a westernized adaptation that was completely engineered for political brainwashing.  Start researching real scriptures and information, such as:


-The Apocryphal Bible – These are the texts that have been edited out of the Bible, such as the books of Solomon and Macabees. 
-The Gnostic Gospels – These are Esoteric Christian Gospels
-The Dead Sea Scrolls – More Esoteric Christian Texts
-The Gospel of Mary Magdeline – The Gospel of Christs Lover, which was completely covered up and hidden by the church.
-Bwiti – The original form of Christianity, which is an African Shamanic religion, and still the predominant religion of Africa.  No, Christ was not white, there aren’t white people in the area of the world that he is from, this is another European lie. And no african’s are not all primitive savages who worship polytheistic deities.  In fact the first Christians were Africans.  And now catholics and other missionaries return to these African tribes to try to convert them to their later version of Christianity, which has been vastly changed by the European Clergy for control of the masses under threat of “Hell”, which was never something that was taught about in the original Christian teachings.  When these missions return to the African Bwitists to tell them to worship Christ they say “we do, we have been for longer than you, see here are our pictures of him.”  The Neo-Christians will then warn them of “Hell” and say “well if you don’t follow our version you will go there to burn” and the Bwitists laugh and say “Why would god send us there?  He loves us!”  This is Truth my friends.  Modern Christianity is about fear mongering.  God is not about fear, He is about love.  Want more evidence about the Hell conspiracy among the other misinformation put out by the European Clergy?  Check out:
-Bishop Shelby Spong – A former Clergyman (Bishop, as it says) who is now speaking out and releasing these secrets that the church has used to enslave the masses since its beginning.  He is now however releasing real spiritual information to help the masses attain enlightenment and get closer to god.   He is a great resource to have, be sure to look up his interviews and lectures on youtube.
-King Solomons Scriptures – Starting with “The Song of Solomon” which can be found in many common bibles, but there are a lot of scriptures he wrote that were hidden by the churches because they reveal many spiritual secrets they do not want you to know, but you should.
-Jewish Texts and Lectures are great sources of information since this is one of the main roots of Christianity, which has not been adulterated by misinterpretation and misinformation.
-Other Esoteric Texts such as the book of Enoch



And good luck with finding your way to the true God & Christ.  I hope this has been helpful and that over time this religion can change for the better and become more Christ-like, and less evil and destructive.  Because otherwise, you are certainly all doomed when Christ returns and sees how you all act, or when your day of judgement comes.


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