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Are You Sexually Healthy? Take This Test To Find Out Before It’s Too Late! (OMG!)

What It Means To Be Sexually Healthy

The Criteria Of Sexual Health






Most people in the world are not sexually healthy.  Rather the opposite, most people do not have a healthy active sex life, and are sexually unfulfilled, repressed, and frustrated, and thus sexually unhealthy.  This is due to the sexually oppressive cultures we all live in.  But sexual health is an important and integral part of both physical and mental health. So without being sexually healthy one cannot be physically or mentally healthy.  And one can also not have a happy fulfilling lifestyle, since sexual fulfillment is an integral and important part to general fulfillment and happiness in life.




And whats more is that because of this sexual oppression many people are so out of touch with their own sexuality that they do not even know if they are sexually healthy or not!  So when it comes to your own health and wellness, are you sexually healthy?  Or unhealthy?   Do you know for sure?




It is very important to be aware of your sexual health and wellness so that you can be aware of what effects that is having on you, and make sure that you are able to be sexually healthy and have the healthy active fulfilling sex life you need in order to feel good as a person.  And it all starts with knowing what it means to be sexually healthy.




So here in this article I present to you the 10 specific criteria that I have delineated as being the most fundamental for sexual health.  Which you can use as an actual test for you to see how many of these factors you have in place in your sexual state of being and lifestyle, so that you can evaluate how sexually healthy you are and what measures you need to take in order to get the healthy active sex life and sexual fulfillment you need in order to feel the way you want to feel.




In order to take this test simply read through the following 10 criteria, and for every one of these aspects that is missing from your life that takes 10% away from your sexual health.  So having all of these factors in place means you are 100% sexually healthy and do not need to worry at all about your sexual health or do anything to correct it.  And having none of these factors in place means that you are not sexually healthy at all and need to do 100% work on fixing your sexual health and getting the healthy active sex life needed to do so.  But most people will be somewhere in the middle, and will find that they are somewhat sexually healthy, and somewhat not and in need of a certain measure of self help work on their sexuality and sex lives (which you can consult the rest of the materials in the True Life Relationships site for).  Ready?  Here we go!







The 10 Criteria For Being

Sexually Healthy (Vs. Unhealthy)

& The Sexual Health Test




1.) Being STD/STI free, getting tested regularly (approximately once every 6 months when you are sexually active), practicing safe sex, & having condoms on hand even when not sexually active.

The first and foremost measure of sexual health is consistent knowledge of your physical sexual condition and whether or not you are a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases & infections, maintaining good sexual hygiene, the practice of safe sex, and being prepared for sex & to make it safe in any case, even when you have not been sexually active in some time.





2.) Knowing who you are sexually & being comfortable with it.  Being free from sexual shame & guilt complexes and major sexual insecurities or emotional issues and blockage from your social conditioning that would prevent you from having a healthy active sex life.

The second most important aspect of sexual health is your psychological sexual health. And this starts with having developed a strong sense of sexual identity and reality.  This means being well oriented in your sexuality (knowing what your sexual orientation is), having a well developed sense of self sexually (knowing who you are sexually), and knowing what you want sexually (being in touch with your desires) and most of all feeling comfortable with it all.  This means making sure you do not have any sexual/emotional issues & blockage preventing you from being psychologically sexually healthy.  The biggest of these that effects people are sexual shame and guilt complexes, and insecurities.  Most people do get these issues from the bad sexual social conditioning that everyone gets from their sexually oppressive cultures.  So make sure you do not have any of these psychological issues preventing you from having the healthy active sex life that you want, and if you do notice any then do what you need to to overcome them.  And if you do not have a strong sense of sexual identity and reality, then click this link here to go to my blog article on The 20 Sexual Personality Types to see which one you are so that you can become sexually self actualized today!





3.) Being sex positive and not having any sex negative ideas.

Being sex positive means that you have a positive attitude towards all sexuality, and do not pass any negative judgements on it, neither your own or anyone else’s, even when you think about other sex acts that you do not find preferable.  You have the notion that any consensual sex acts that anyone wants to do is ok.  Being sex negative means that you do pass negative judgements on certain sex acts, judging certain ones to be ok, and others to be bad, wrong, gross, immoral, shameful, sinful, etc.  This usually comes in the form of thinking that the types of things that you are interested in and do sexually are ok, but that some of the things that other people do are not, and you look upon them very negatively.  However this can at times mean also passing negative judgement against yourself for your own sexual interests and acts.  But even if it does not, having any negative attitudes and ideas towards any sex acts means that you have some sense of shame or immorality towards sexuality in general, which will prove to be infectious towards your entire concept of sexuality, rendering it unhealthy.  So it is of the utmost importance that you have an entirely sex positive attitude and be free from sex negativity, if you want to be sexually healthy.





4.) Having a healthy active (regular) sex life, in which you are neither abstinent, nor overly promiscuous.

In order to be sexually healthy you must be sexually active, in healthy safe sane consensual ways, on a regular or at least somewhat regular basis.  Studies have shown that abstinence is very unhealthy both physically and mentally, and that those who do not have sex at least once per week are more prone to common health problems, while those who do show greater immunity towards them and are measurably healthier.  However this does not mean that one should be overly promiscuous and completely indiscriminate about their sex partners, as that can often mean reckless behavior that can prove to be less healthy.  So while casual sex is healthy, it is important to be deliberately choosing the right partners for yourself with whom you can have a healthy active (regular) sex life, which will allow you to be sexually healthy.





5.) Having no sexual interests, desires, fantasies or fetishes that you are afraid of fulfilling.  Doing what you want sexually, freely.

One of the strong marks of a very sexually healthy person is that they feel free to do what they want sexually.  They do not feel like they should not be doing what they want to do sexually.  And so they give themselves permission to act on their desires.  And they are not afraid of fulfilling even their kinkiest fantasies or fetishes.  Even though they may not be fetishists who are always acting on every sexual impulse they have ever had, and they may chose certain select times to play out certain fantasies and fetishes, the key is that they generally feel free to do so when they wish to.  However, a person who is not sexually healthy will not feel comfortable going for what they want sexually, especially when it comes to their deepest desires, fantasies and fetishes, and thus will repress these urges.  And their sexual repression turns to sexual frustration, which turns to other psychological health problems, which can also turn to physical health problems.  So in order to be sexually healthy make sure that you are not afraid to do what you want sexually and fulfill your desires, and even your kinky fantasies and fetishes.  That is as long as you are operating within the confines of…





6.) Practicing consent, and being free from sexual abuse and non-consensual sex acts in your sex life (for everyone involved).

Of course a hallmark of a healthy sex life is that all sex acts between all those involved must be completely consensual.  And there should be no sexual abuse or unwanted touching of any kind going on.  Any unwanted sexual touching is technically sexual abuse.  And any time someone has something done to them sexually that they did not authorize or want, that is a form of sexual assault.  These incidences can be traumatic on any level to the receiver and can cause psychological pain, anxiety and other issues towards sexuality.  And they are also harmful to the perpetrator since when they are notified of the fact that they have committed sexual assault they will then feel predatory and uncomfortable with being sexual, and may be subject to legal troubles.  So it is of the utmost importance for all parties involved that all touching and sex acts be completely consensual in order for you to be as sexually healthy as you need to be.





7.) Being generally satisfied with your sex life & not sexually frustrated or experiencing sexual dysfunction or anorgasmia.

Not being sexually frustrated doesn’t just mean being sexually active, it means having a satisfying sex life, and not suffering from anorgasmia (the inability or difficulty achieving orgasm) or other sexual dysfunctions.  If you are sexually active but find it difficult or impossible to orgasm, are suffering from other sexual dysfunctions or disorders, or just aren’t satisfied with your sex life, you are still going to be very sexually frustrated, and thus unhealthy.  So it is important that you be having satisfying sex free from any sort of sexual disorders or dysfunctions.  Being able to feel the way you want sexually, get the pleasure you want, and the orgasms you want, are key to sexual health.





8.) Practicing sexual healing if & when needed.

At many points in our life we deal with sexual issues.  That doesn’t necessarily make us sexually unhealthy, and even when it does its usually just temporary and not something that is generally the way that we are or permanent.  So you won’t need to worry about it, that is, if you are practicing sexual healing when you need to in order to overcome any sexual issues you may have to deal with.  Sexual healing can take many forms.  It may be realizing that you haven’t had sex in a while and are starting to get sexually frustrated and repressed due to your celibacy, and your sexual healing may simply be becoming sexually active again even if it means being a bit more promiscuous than you normally are.  Or it may be realizing that you have been being too sexually promiscuous and that it has turned into an unhealthy sexual addiction for you, and realizing that you need to take a break from your sexual activities in order to heal the sexual issues you are dealing with.  Or it may be realizing that your sex life in your relationship has gotten boring and monotonous and that you have lost your passion and gone stale, and that you need to explore some kinky new things together in order to heal your love life.  Or it may mean dealing with any sexual dysfunctions that you may have encountered, which most of us do at some point in our lives.


But whatever sexual issues you face, as long as you practice sexual healing, you will be able to maintain your sexual health, generally speaking.  You simply need to be honest with yourself and your partner(s) about what you are dealing with, and do whatever sexual healing work you need to in order to overcome them.  In some cases you can deal with it on your own (with or without the help of a partner), oftentimes by simply just doing the opposite of what has been causing the problem(s), as in the aforementioned cases I just illustrated.  However most of the time doing proper sexual healing work will require that you enlist formal help from a trained professional such as myself, or another sexual educator or therapist.  But it is important that you do whatever it takes to deal with these issues when they arise.  So what type of person are you?   The type who ignores these things when they come up and lets them fester and grow worse and worse over time until you are so sexually unhealthy that you cannot even bear it anymore?  Or someone who does the sexual healing you need to when you need to so that these things are a non-issue?





9.) Choosing healthy partners who care about you and your pleasure, and who treat you well and take good care of you sexually (& non-sexually) & make sure to give you pleasure.

This is one of peoples biggest problems that prevents them from having a satisfying sex life even when they are sexually active, and just leads to sexual frustration, is choosing the wrong partners.  It doesn’t matter how sexually active you are, if you are choosing partners that do not care about your pleasure and take care of you sexually, you just aren’t going to be sexually satisfied and fulfilled, and will probably end up getting sexually frustrated and feeling almost as repressed as if you weren’t having sex at all.  One of the biggest keys to sexual fulfillment is choosing the right partners who will treat you well sexually and give you all of the good feelings you want, rather than just using you for their own pleasure and neglecting yours.



All too often I see people settling for the wrong partners because they have a poor selection process and dating skills, and would rather just settle for the easiest most attractive person they can get than actually put in the effort it takes to find the right person.  And many of these people don’t just settle for the wrong sex partners, but will get into relationships with them, leading to long term sexual frustration that leads to other issues, and a generally unhealthy relationship, which leads to general unhappiness.  If you want to be sexually satisfied and fulfilled, it is paramount that you actually know what makes a good sex partner, have a good selection system and dating skills in place to help you find that, and put in the effort it takes to then find them.  And sure, your first sexual encounter with someone is never going to be your best because it takes time to figure each others bodies out.  But if you are consistently having bad sex with partners who just don’t take care of your needs, then obviously your approach to dating and your dating paradigm is completely off, and you need to systematically fix it in those ways that I have just described.  Which you can learn about how to do by clicking this link here.




10.) Being well sexually educated and having a professional support in place for any questions, concerns or topics/issues you need to address, or things you want/need to learn more about. 

This is something that almost no one actually has or does.  And is the main reason why even the best of people who are doing everything else right, can’t seem to have a good sex life and be sexually satisfied, or even healthy.  Because most people are extremely lacking in sexual education and good sexual information, as their only sources of it have been sex ed class in middle school (from which they only learned about anatomy and STD’s), their parents talk with them about the birds and the bees (which was extremely limiting and uncomfortable), the media (which is a very bad source of social conditioning about sexuality), and most of all pornography (which is the worst source of sexual education of them all.)  So most peoples knowledge of sexuality is incredibly limited, and whats more is that they do not know where to go to learn more and have any good sources of information and places they can get their questions answered, especially professional sex educators.  And when most people do look for someone to talk to for sex advice they go to a peer of theirs who is not a properly trained professional and just gives them their uneducated and subjective opinion, which is limited at best and misinforming at worst.  Hence most people just do not know what they are doing sexually.




So it is very important that you educate yourself sexually in the proper way, and when you need specific personal advice or help in these areas that you seek out a proper professional sexual educator, or therapist to get it from, not some random peer.  Luckily for you you have found The True Life Relationships website here which is dedicated to properly educating you on sexuality so that you can become the sexual being that you want to be and get the dating, love and sex life you want to have.  And if you really want to learn everything you need to know about sexuality in order to become the most ultimate sexual being and get the sex life of your wildest fantasies, be sure to click here now to check out The Ultimate Sex God/dess Training Program For The Sex Life Of Your Dreams.  It teaches you all of the best sex ed information you can possibly learn to transform you into an actual Sexual God/dess, and there is a ton of free information and samples and examples from the program right there to get you started with your transformation process, so be sure to click that link right now to check that out!



And if you have any questions what so ever please contact me by clicking the “Contact” tab on the top right hand side of this page and we can talk one on one where I can give you the personal help you need.  And be sure to inquire about my free 20 minute consultation offer that I am extending to the people who have read this blog article to the very end, so that I can really help you in the most technical and customized manner.  And otherwise you guys can enjoy getting the sex life of your dreams!


This article has been an excerpt from the True Life Relationships – Complete Social & Sexual Mastery System book, get your copy on amazon here!


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