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The Step By Step Buddhist Map To Enlightenment Revealed!




Enlightenment is seen as the spiritual goal of most all religions. The attainment of the highest spiritual state of being and consciousness. Having your consciousness completely illuminated with light, so that you can see and know everything. Having a rapturous state of consciousness that is like that of god, or what is known as “The Godhead”. Of having divine knowledge, and divine bliss, and blessings, and the ability to share that with others here on earth.



Luckily in Buddhism they have devised what I like to call an entire “Map To Enlightenment” that teaches you exactly how to make your way up the mountain, step by step on your spiritual path of attainment.


But before we can set out on our path first we must know where it is we are going right? We need to know what enlightenment is exactly and understand it if we are going to seek to find it right?



Well aside from the common definitions I have given above, The Buddha Siddhartha Gautama defined the state of enlightenment as being made up of 7 different qualities Called bodhi-angas or bojjhangas:




The 7 Factors of Enlightenment



1.) Awareness & Mindfulness (Sati)

2.) Philosophical Analysis of Truth & Dharma (Dhamma-vicaya)

3.) Positive Energy & Attitude (Viriya)

4.) Rapture/Ecstasy (Piti)

5.) Peace/Tranquility/Serenity (Passadhi)

6.) Concentration/Meditative Conscious Absorption/Oneness With The Divine & Everything (Samadhi)

7.) Equanimity/Clear Mindedness (Upekkha)



And I am sure everyone can agree that these 7 factors do indeed seem to be the ones that constitute what we feel would be the infamous “State of Enlightenment”. For these are indeed the qualities that just about anyone would consider to be an ideal spiritual state of mind and consciousness, no matter what your faith.



This state of mind is what all spiritual practices are striving for, and all spiritual seekers are seeking on their spiritual paths up the mountain to higher being and attainment. It is the mountain of enlightenment that we are all ascending up on our journey as spiritualists, no matter what the traditions and practices we follow. And so in spite of any variables in theory and practice the path we all walk as seekers of enlightenment follows a similar progression for us all. They have illustrated this quite well in Zen Buddhism with an analogy about domesticating a wild ox, as a metaphor for the attainment of enlightenment. This gets broken down into 10 specific steps in domesticating the Bull of enlightenment that everyone can expect to go through with their path and practices. In this way you can “ride the Bull up the mountain” so to speak.




“The Taming Of The Bull – The Zen Path Of Enlightenment”





Step 1.) The start of the search for the Bull – Enlightenment is ones own true nature, and to search for it is to investigate this true nature, so this first stage is the start of this investigation, an investigation of the meaning of life. One has felt that there is something missing in their existence, and that is its overall meaning, and so one must set out to find the meaning of their life and the path they which to take, and this is the path to enlightenment. And so one sets off in search for this Bull.



Step 2.) Finding the Path of the Bull – Doing research and studies and working on your practices. Acquiring an understanding, though one is not yet experienced. One has found a path, a path leading towards the Bull they wish to find. At the beginning one may have doubted whether or not enlightenment could be attained but now are confident that if you follow this path you will reach your destination.



Step 3.) Catching a glimpse of the Bull – One has traveled the path for a while and now, becoming experienced, catches a glimpse of their goal, though one still is not a “knower” and does not truly know what enlightenment is or where they are going. One is learning and has experienced enlightenment, and though what they may have seen is not false, it is not full enlightenment, and they do not truly know it yet, but have only caught a glimpse.



Step 4.) Catching The Bull – At this stage the state of enlightenment has become fully confirmed however the ox is inclined to run away and one must hold it back with all of their strength in order to retain it and prevent it from slipping away. One has full understanding of all things, but still cannot control their mind and state of being as they wish, still experiencing anger, greed, jealousy and so on. Unworthy thoughts and ignoble actions still occur and one becomes exhausted by the struggle against their passions and desires which seem uncontrollable at times. In spite of attaining enlightenment one seems as imperfect and corrupt as ever, and as a matter of fact even this new attainment seems to be the cause of new afflictions, such as pride and egotism, and the frustration and rage about the fact that one wishes to be a certain way but is still doing the opposite and seems to be in a maddeningly paradoxical state of conflict. One mustn’t let go of the bridle of this Bull, however, and must try to keep it under control, even though it seems to be beyond you.



Step 5.) Taming the Bull – After great struggles the ox has at last begun to be moderately tame. This is the time when the trainer finally feels safe in thinking and trusting that they are in full control.



Step 6.) Riding the Bull home – The ox is now under your control, even if you let go of the bridle it stays with you. You sit peacefully on its back and ride it homeward.



Step 7.) Bull Lost, You Remain – Now enlightenment is forgotten. No matter what feelings of divinity you may have enlightenment itself has become a burden. So just let things happen as they may and pass you by. Let go of things and be at peace. You cannot allow your views to become fixed. Abide in nothing.



Step 8.) No Bull, No You – You may have thought that attaining enlightenment and then letting it go so you can just be was the end, but now not only is enlightenment forgotten but you, your ego, and your entire being are forgotten as well. This is oneness. This is nothingness. This is the purest truest state of enlightenment. This is Absolute Samadhi.



Step 9.) Returning to the Source – And now returning from that ultimate state of oneness and nothingness one realizes that in becoming enlightened they have simply returned to their own true nature, to God, The Universe, Oneness with the source from which they came. And it is that simple.



Step 10.) In Town with Helping Hands – Now you must return to the world. You must mingle with all the people. You must share what you have learned. You must serve. You must go out and do your work. You must practice being perfect in a world of chaos, and try to make a difference.



Can your enlightenment and the light of your spirit light up the world around you? And so as you can although we all may be on our own special unique spiritual paths, all seekers of enlightenment will follow through these same 10 steps on our journeys up the mountain trying to domesticate this wild ox of consciousness. And we can all expect to be have to deal with these 10 steps and can be prepared for them, even though we will have to do so in our own specific ways. However, in spite of how our spiritual practices may differ, there are 8 primary fundamental precepts of Buddhist Practice called The Noble 8 Fold Path that is guaranteed to get you to enlightenment no matter where you are at and what you are dealing with on your journey.






1. Right Understanding (Samma ditthi)

2. Right Thought (Samma sankappa)

3. Right Speech (Samma vaca)

4. Right Action (Samma kammanta)

5. Right Livelihood (Samma ajiva)

6. Right Effort (Samma vayama)

7. Right Mindfulness (Samma sat)

8. Right Concentration (Samma samadhi)


And in our spiritual practices on this path to enlightenment one should be prepared to deal with the following 8 sets of conditions that are a part of everyone’s spiritual path. And if one practices the 8 fold path one will be able to attain the state of Samadhi at the end that will lead to enlightenment, and living in nirvana. And so it is through this pathwork that one attains enlightenment.



8 Worldly conditions:

  • Profit & Loss

  • Success & Failure

  • Praise & Blame

  • Pleasure & Pain


3 Fold Training:

  • Morality

  • Samadhi

  • Wisdom


5 Aggregates of a human being:

  • Material form

  • Feelings

  • Perceptions

  • Mental formations & thoughts

  • Consciousness


5 Hindrances:

  • Sense Desire

  • Anger

  • Boredom/apathy

  • Restlessness & Worry

  • Doubt


3 Characteristics of existence:

  • Impermanence

  • Suffering

  • Being Not The True Self


4 Foundations of Awareness:

  • Body

  • Feelings

  • Mental states

  • The Dharma (Universal laws of spiritual existence that one lives by)


5 Precepts:

  • Not killing

  • Not stealing

  • Not engaging in sexual harm

  • Not lying

  • Not getting intoxicated


4 Absorption’s Into The 4 Formless Realms:

  • Inner happiness

  • Sublime joy

  • Equanimity

  • Neither pleasure nor pain



And so when we put this all together practically for our spiritual path-work and directions to get us all the way up the mountain path to enlightenment, it looks like this:

  1. Proper Understanding, which means
  2. Understanding who oneself truly is, and
  3. Having ones knowledge based on science rather than blind faith
  4. Proper Thoughts, which will purify the mind, and are primarily:
  5. Thoughts of renunciation of things that keep one from enlightenment, and
  6. Thoughts of pure intentions, which leads to
  7. Proper Speech, speaking ones truth, and refraining from:
  8. Untruthfulness and falsehoods, Slander, Dissolute words, Frivolous talks, as well as
  9. Proper Actions, Which refrains from:
  10. Killing, Stealing, nonconsensual sex, And thus requires:
  11. Self control, which consists of
  12. Virtuous and honorable acts towards ones surroundings, and
  13. Proper livelihood, or earning ones living in the right way, avoiding:
  14. Trade in deadly weapons, animals for slaughter, slavery, toxins or poisons or any corrupt trades and businesses, and also requires
  15. Proper efforts – as needed to cultivate the purity one seeks and develop oneself, because one will often be distracted or tempted to do counterproductive, easier things, so attaining nirvana depends upon ones efforts, as is the root of all achievement. And the practice of this effort is four fold:
  16. Endeavoring to discard adversity that has already arisen
  17. Endeavoring to prevent new evil from arising
  18. Endeavoring to develop the good which has already arisen
  19. Endeavoring to promote new good to arise
  20. Proper mindfulness, or being aware, which is also four fold:
  21. Mindfulness in regards to the body
  22. Mindfulness in regards to the emotions
  23. Mindfulness in regards to the mind
  24. Mindfulness in regards to Objects
  25. Proper meditation, which is required for developing the self, both mind and spirit, and attaining enlightenment and nirvana, and this means:
  26. Practicing meditation devotedly
  27. Practicing and training the mind in concentration, and finally
  28. Using this concentration to achieve Samadhi (oneness with everything)
  29. While avoiding all other obstacles and adversity in your path that will hinder you


And so there you have it, your exact map right up the mountain to enlightenment! Now you can use this map to chart your course and attain enlightenment much more swiftly. However everyone needs guidance and thus everyone needs a guide of their own. Because just like we say here at True Life Development and True Life Spirituality, you are only as good as your teacher. So make sure you get all the help and guidance with your path-work as you need in order to get you to where you want to be on your journey smoothly, by clicking this link here for my Spiritual Path-work Masterclass, which will help you make your way on your spiritual journey up the mountain to enlightenment much more quickly and easily!



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