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The Complete 8 Facet Anti-Aging System To Stay Young And Healthy As You Grow Older


Everyone knows that there is nothing fun about getting older.  In fact it is a very painful process that not only robs us of our youthfulness and everything that made it good, but causes us to lose our strength and energy, our health, our attractiveness, and causes us great pain and suffering and greatly depletes our quality of life.  In fact some say that there is little reason to live for a long time because of the fact that the second half of your life isn’t very good at all, and can get quite bad for many people who have to deal with serious difficulties and physical disorders that old age causes.



Luckily we live in a day and age where the anti-aging biology science is quite ripe.  And if you are in or approaching your 60’s-80’s you are probably starting to feel the effects of aging, and probably hating it.  Loss of energy, strength, endurance, and the ability to feel good in your body and look the way you want to plague people in this age range, and with that there is a great loss of the quality of life as well, all of which can be quite depressing.  And most do not realize that due to numerous new breakthroughs in the past decade or so there are great scientific ways to combat this and get you feeling and even looking like you are in your 30’s again.  And these methods, though new, are proven by numerous different studies, and have been used by certain celebrities who have spoken of their great effects, who’s names will be cited next to the ones I list here in this article that they are using.



So you can be relieved that if you are dreading the aging process, you are in luck, because modern science is on your side.  And with this 8 Faceted Anti-Aging Program from True Life Development you will be able to stop the aging process in its tracks, and reverse it back to half your age in no time so that you can return to the high quality of life that you had at that age!  In fact if you start this program immediately and use it in full, you will start to feel the effects within weeks, and start to see fuller results within 2-3 months, and experience the complete results within 3-6 months.  So with this program you will literally be cutting 1-2 decades off of your life every month or two!  You can be back to where you were in your 30’s within a quarter to a half a year!



All of this information is evidence that I found in Life Extension Magazine and is corroborated by scientific studies and data across countless studies cited there. But however even though the science is sound this is still something you must be doing with your primary care physician, and you must start it soon and do it in its complexity if you wish for it to have full benefits.  And I can not take responsibility for the misuse of this information and am not a medical professional, only a personal development and holistic health specialist providing research information for you.  So this must be done with your doctor.  But as I have said there are many studies showing the effectiveness that you can look up, so rest assured you are in good hands.  And if you use this information completely you can stay young and fit and energetic and attractive for a very long time, just like this woman, Christie Brinkley, who was over 60 years old when this photo was taken!





Looks good right?  And I imagine that she feels just as good as she looks too.  And many celebrities like her are using these methods to extend their youth into their later years, and you can too!  So without any further ado lets get started with reversing that aging process with my special 8 pointed system that is guarenteed to keep you young, healthy, hot, and feeling great in your body!


The 1st Facet – Proper Diet


The first and foremost principle in life existentially and physically speaking is that you are what you eat. You simply cannot prevent the effects of aging without an anti-aging diet.  So if you think you are going to be able to pop pills or get botox so that you can keep eating junk food, think again.  If you want to be able to look and feel young for a very long time, it all starts here, and luckily with modern culinary art this is an easy switch that can actually be very indulgent.  I know because I have made it myself and loved it, as I can keep my indulgence of food while still being healthy, unlike when I spent almost a year very ill simply because I was eating mostly meat, cheese and wheat.  So get ready to make the switch with your diet so that you can be young and strong and feel good in your body again.  The proper diet for anti aging is:


  • Vegan (All Fruit & Vegetable) Diet (See Christie Brinkley pictured above, an advocate of vegan diets who claims that this is one of the primary reasons she has retained her youthful appearance).  A good vegan diet that is specifically calibrated for anti-aging purposes will consist especially of:

    • Nitrate rich vegetables: Celery, Garlic, Turmeric, Cocoa, Ginger, Beets, Spinach, Kale, Bell Peppers

    • Dark Colored Fruits & Vegetables – Dark Colors = Phytonutrients & Nitrates

    • Alkaline Fruits & Vegetables, such as eggplant, lemons, and watermelon. For the full list of alkaline fruits and vegetables click here:https://truelifedevelopment.com/2013/04/your-ph-what-it-is-what-it-does-to-you-and-how-to-change-it/

    • As much raw fruits and vegetables as possible in the form of juice, smoothies and raw soups – these actually saved my life and brought me back from being near dead when I was deathly ill for the better part of a year. You can find the actual recipes I used to revitalize my body with the raw liquid diet here:https://truelifedevelopment.com/2012/11/raw-recipes/

  • A calorie restricted diet – Modern studies have shown that a calorie restricted diet forces the body to use all of its resources optimally and prevents cells from falling into a state of decay. However when you aren’t getting a surplus of calories your body forces its cells into active mode to prevent bodily decay, and it really milks the food that you do get of its nutrients and uses them to the best of its abilities.  And of course everyone knows that eating too much calorie rich foods can cause you to get fat and unhealthy, but that’s not all, when you over eat you actually don’t just promote fat growth, but you force your body to use its energy for digesting the food, which takes energy away from the cells.  It also causes intestinal bloating which can lead to colon cancer which is one of the leading killers for people.  The idea is to get just as much food as you need to fuel your body, which makes it use that food and its nutrients properly, and stay in an optimal state in which the cells are energized.  So always go for nutrient rich foods over calorie rich ones.

  • A Gluten Free Diet – Gluten is found in wheat and is not digestible by humans. In fact wheat is not digestible by any animals, only specific types of bugs.  You won’t find any animals eating it in the wild, why?  Because it’s not natural.  Its something that your body cannot process correctly.  So it will clog up your intestines and cause intestinal bloating that not only doesn’t look good, but can lead to colon cancer.  However it has also been linked to causing joint inflammation which causes your body to not be able to move and function properly, and is very painful.  Some of the worst effects of aging.  So if you want to prevent your body from growing stiff and pained, remove all wheat products from your diet.  Use other grains instead, but ideally, you will also want to minimize your carbs, as they all are heavy calorie sources that mostly just turn into sugar when processed, and are not usually nutrient rich either, and can still cause intestinal bloating.  But when you are eating carbs, stay away from the white ones, and eat the ones that are as dark as possible (IE Nuts, Red & Black Rice, Etc), because the darker the color the more nutritional value.


The 2nd Facet – Exercise


Like diet, you simply are not going to look and feel young again while being a couch potato. You have got to exercise your body.  Now this is not as important as you may think.  A lot of young people are under the impression that they can eat anything they want as long as they work out a lot, but that is not the case.  Diet is more important than exercise, and with the proper diet you do not need to work out all the time.  But exercise is important because of the fact that your cells have two different modes: Activity/Growth, and Decay.  Movement and exercise keep them in a state of activity/growth.  But the less movement you have the more they fall into a state of decay.



And what happens when your cells fall into a state of decay?  You guessed it, your entire body decays.  And you do not feel good, and the signs of aging really show.  In fact cellular decay is actually one of the most major causes of aging next to the difference in hormones which we will discuss next.  But luckily in order to prevent your cells from going into decay enough to cause or perpetuate your physical aging process, all it takes is 30 minutes of exercise a day…which you actually do not even need to do if you live a very active life.  But lets take a look at the different types of exercise there are for you to consider.


  • Aerobic Exercise – This is exercise that is meant to get your cells into active mode, get your blood circulating, exercise the cardiovascular and respiratory system, and thus increase heart health and your all around physical health. This is the most important exercise and in order to prevent aging you should be doing it 30 minutes per day, 6 days a week, unless you have a very active lifestyle.  Don’t worry, this is not a lot, and aerobic exercise can be very fun.  Here are some options for you:

    • Walking – Especially “Power Walking”

    • Hiking

    • Biking

    • Running (Jogging is not recommended as it is bad for your back)

    • Swimming

    • Pilates

    • Obstacle Courses

    • Dance Workouts Such as Zhumba

    • Tennis

    • Cross Country Skiing

  • Strength Training – This is doing exercises that are specifically targeting different muscles and muscle groups in order to build and grow them and do what is called “body sculpting”. This is not very important in anti-aging unless looking and feeling very fit is important to you in feeling younger.  If this is not important to you then I would do strength training twice a week, for whatever amount of time you are comfortable with.  Could be just a few sets of your favorite exercises.  Just as long as you make sure that you cycle the muscle’s you work on so that you are hitting all of them equally over the course of time.  You do not want to only be doing pushups or curls because then you will develop one muscle while the others get neglected,  which will cause a dis-balance in your muscle tension in your body which can cause physical problems.



However if body sculpting and looking/feeling fit is important to you, you can do strength training up to every day, because of the fact that you will be hitting a different muscle every day.  So that while one muscle is taking the few days it needs to repair itself, you are working on other muscles, and it is ready by the time it is its turn again.  Just be aware that certain muscles often get worked out together, and then there are some secondary muscles that will get worked out with some exercises, so you do not want there to be overlap.  The best way to group muscles for strength training together is:

  • Chest & Triceps

  • Biceps & Back

  • Shoulders & Abs

  • Legs & Buttocks

  • Physical Therapy – For those who are well along in the aging process or who have physical difficulties, you will need to start with physical therapy first. Lucky for you this involves massage, electro-stimulation therapy, stretching and some other pleasant forms of therapy along with low impact exercises.  It can be a bit more time consuming but it is worth it, so stick with it and be diligent and your body will be back in shape in no time and then you get into the aerobic and body sculpting that you want to in order to look and feel young and fit again.  And don’t worry, it is never too late.  I have seen famous body builders who were way more built than I am and were in their 80’s, and had only started body building when they were 60 or 70.  So it is never too late to get back in shape.  And if you feel you need a good go-between for making the transition from physical therapy into aerobic exercise I would recommend yoga, power walking, and swimming.



The 3rd Facet – Hormone Replacement Therapy



The reason you are aging is due to the loss of the types of hormones when you were young, which decline with age.  These hormones cause you to be strong by promoting cell activity and growth.  So with their loss as you age, you must replace them in order to stay young.  They are:


  • HGH (Human Growth Hormone) Therapy (See Sylvester Stallone): Human Growth Hormone is the primary growth hormone that makes infants grow into adults, and keeps your cells in active growth mode, rather than falling into a state of decay. This is the biggest method for anti aging and is not cheap but is worth the money.  You must see your doctor for this, you will have to get routine injections, but again is worth the trouble.  This has been used for decades to prevent the effects of aging with great success.

  • Testosterone or Estrogen Replacement Therapy

    • For Men – Testosterone (See Sylvester Stallone): Boosting testosterone is one of the keys to rejuvenating your cells and boosting strength, energy, stamina and combating the effects of aging by keeping your cells in active growth mode.  Many doctors will tell you that you are within the “normal” range for testosterone, but they mean the normal range for your age, which is not what you want to be at.  So tell them that you do not want to be at the normal range for your age and want to increase testosterone for anti-aging purposes.  Some doctors may also say that large amounts of testosterone can cause prostate cancer but this has been debunked by recent studies, in which one of them noted that if it were true then most boys ages 15-20 would be getting prostate cancer.  So if your doctor gives you resistance on this then tell them that as well.  And if they continue to give you resistance tell them that if they will not give you testosterone therapy that you would like to be referred to a specialist, or you can just see a different primary care physician who will meet your anti-aging needs.

    • For Women – Estrogen, Progesterone&Testosterone (See Susanne Sommers books on bio-identical anti-aging hormone replacement therapies for more complete information): These hormones play an important role in bone and muscle mass, and mental and sexual function in women. They are available in many forms and many are now plant based, and are completely safe.



The 4th Facet – A Cellular Energy Supplement Triad


Your cells have tiny power plants called “mitochondria”. Some cells like bone cells have only a few, while active tissue like heart and brain tissue have thousands.  While you are aging these mitochondria both die off over time, and put out less energy over time.  The reason why young children are constantly flying off the walls with energy and a 90 year old man can barely move is because the young child has 100% of his mitochondria putting out 100% power, whereas the 90 year old man may only have 10% of his mitochondria, putting out 10% energy.About 95% of cellular energy is produced in the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the cells “energy powerhouses” and many maladies have been referred to as “mitochondrial disorders.”  So helping to re-charge your mitochondria and thus your cellular energy is very important for anti-aging, and feeling young and good again.  In order to do this you must take this triad of supplements, which luckily are very inexpensive and easily acquired online:

  • Pyrroloquinoline Quinone – PQQprevents the loss of mitochondria by activating genes that promote the formation of new ones. It also helps genes directly involved in mitochondrial health – the genes that support healthy body weight, normal fat and sugar metabolism, and youthful cellular proliferation.  In fact PQQ is a supplement that basically mimics the effects of large amounts of dieting and exercise to keep you looking young and fit!

  • Ubiquinol – An important form of Coenzyme Q-10 (CoQ10), which is an essential component of healthy mitochondrial function because it facilitates and regulates the oxidation of fats and sugars into energy. Studies have shown that those who are aging have over 50% less CoQ10 on average compared to that of young adults. This means that CoQ10 is one of the most important nutrients for people over 30 to supplement with. There is growing body of scientific research links a deficiency of CoQ10 to age-related mitochondrial disorders.  So this is a very important supplement to take for anti-aging, and Ubiquinol is perhaps the best form of it to take, especially for the money.

  • Shilijit – A mineral compound which inhibits energy loss and boosts energy by preventing any surplus of mitochondria and cell energy from being excreted and instead causes it to be recycled for further use, thus sustaining your energy longer.



The 5th Facet – The Circulation Triad



One of the greatest effects of aging is the loss of circulation, which causes your body to fall into decay, and causes you to lose your health and strength.  There is a triad of supplements you must take for this, which are luckily very inexpensive, and easily acquired at any over the counter drug store.

  • 3 Grams Vitamin C daily in the form of Ester C – Which builds Collagen, Strengthens the Immune System to prevent disease & strengthens & repairs blood vessels & dissolves plaque to increase circulation as well as building collagen and strengthening the immune system.

  • 1-2 Grams of L-lysine daily – Which strengthens & repairs blood vessels & dissolves plaque to increase circulation

  • 1 Gram of L-proline daily – Which strengthens & repairs blood vessels & dissolves plaque to increase circulation



The 6th Facet – Other Physiological Supplements



Additionally there are 4 special supplements that help your body resist the aging process and stay young and healthy like you want to be.  They are:


  • Folic Acid, B6 & B12 – These vitamins and minerals are perhaps the most important ones for fighting off the main disorder that goes along with aging and can make it a much more unhealthy, painful, and deadly process than it needs to be: Cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the number-one killer of men and women, claiming the lives of almost 40% of the more than 2.4 million Americans who die each year. Today, about 64 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease.  And studies have shown that these three supplements are some of the best for fighting cardiovascular disease.  So if you want to stay young and healthy rather than suffering this very devastating effect of aging that can cause you great pain and kill you earlier than need be, take these three supplements together.

  • Carnosine – Carnosineis a dipeptide with multiple functions made up of a chemical combination of the amino acids beta-alanine and L-histidine.  Very important long-lived cells such as nerve cells and muscle cells contain high levels of it.  Your muscle levels of carnosine correlate with your maximum life expectancy and will decline with age. Muscle levels decline 63% from age 10 to age 70, which may account the decline in muscle mass that correlates to aging.  Carnosine is  important because it is a pH buffer, so it protects muscle cell membranes from oxidation during the acidic conditions that are created during times of exertion.  Carnosine is also important because ithelps the heart to contract more efficiently, which is important for circulation and anti-aging.  And finally, Carnosine is important for anti-aging because it causes damage to the body’s proteins which is what causes wrinkled skin that is one of the primary appearance factors for those who are aging, which is something that Carnosine can help to stop.

  • Melatonin – Melatonin is a hormone that is a powerful antioxidant and also has been called the “pacemaker of the aging clock in humans”. So basically it does a number of things to help slow down the aging process.  But its primary function is that it gets secreted at night when it gets dark to tell our brains to go to sleep, and it helps us to get properly rested, recouperated and rejuvenated in sleep, to prevent fatigue, weakness, and certain aspects of aging that can occur when one is not getting properly rested and rejuvenated in sleep.  The problem is that this hormone gets released by the brain when we are in darkness.  So since the invention of the light bulb, our brains will not release it as much, and thus most people are not sleeping as well and getting properly rested are rejuvenated at night.  So getting a melatonin supplement and taking it before bedtime, as well as making sure that you are going to sleep early and getting a full 8+ hours (however much your body needs) of sleep per night can really help with anti-aging.

  • Green Tea Extract – This may sound like just a tea which may not sound significant, but Green Tea Extract is actually a very important supplement for anti-aging. There have actually been large volumes of published scientific findings validating its multiple biological benefits. The most significant findings come from multiple studies showing that green tea extract helps maintain the structural integrity of cellular membranes and DNA.  Yes, that’s right, it helps maintain the structure of DNA, which is of course the single most important thing to us as human beings.  And there have literally been decades of research showing that green tea inhibits the development of undesirable cell colonies (IE cancer). So you see its not just a tasty tea leaf that gives you caffeine.  Actually there are active constituents in green tea which are powerful antioxidants called polyphenols and flavonols. Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is the most powerful of these, which is about 25-100 times more potent than vitamins C and E. One cup of green tea may provide 10-40 mg of polyphenols and has antioxidant effects that are greater than a serving of broccoli, spinach, carrots, or strawberries.



The 7th Facet – Brain Supplements



Then on top of the physical supplements, perhaps the most important part of the body is the brain, which also can experience entropy with age that can make life very difficult for many people.  Most people experience memory loss, loss of mental speed, lowering of intelligence, and even the loss of certain mental faculties and mental disorders such as dementia.  These effects can be very devastating to not only your quality of life but your sense of self and identity.  So they of course must be inoculated against, and there are 3 special supplements for that:


  • L-alpha glycerylphosphoryl-choline (GPC) – GPC helps to boost acetylcholine, which is a memory neurotransmitter and is very important for your brain. However as it declines with age, so does your brain health and cognition.  Studies have shown that taking GPC will help to protect you against the cognitive decline that most adults experience in the aging process.

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) – ALC is really great for a number of things, such as protecting your brain from the effects of aging and improving mood and memory. It protects the brain from damage due to poor circulation (which goes along with aging) and helps repair injured nerve cells so they can function well again.Researchers have found that ALC protects brain cells from damage even when blood flow is temporarily blocked, as it keeps the cell energy going even when there is little or no blood flow (for short amounts of time). ALC also increases the release of the acetylcholine.

  • PanaxGinseg–This is a great her that comes from Chinese medicine that has a long history of use as a brain tonic and is great for cognition, mental alertness and energy, and memory – Some of the very issues that many people have in the aging process. These claims have been validated many times over by modern wester science so you can rest assured that it is highly effective for these purposes.



The 8th Facet – Supplements for Sexual Function



Now of course one of the greatest pleasures of reversing the aging process is being able to experience the pleasures of a healthy active sex life again.  And while doing everything you already have will already be on its way to doing that, there are a couple supplements that are primarily good for this.  However improving sexual function is not their only ability, just their main one, but they do have other benefits as well.  So even if getting your sex life back up and running is not a huge concern of yours, I would still take them anyways for their other health properties, and who knows, maybe you start experiencing sexual pleasures again and will be really happy about it, even if it wasn’t a goal of yours.  But even if you are past the age of wanting to function sexually, because there are also numerous other health benefits as well that will prevent aging and cause you to feel better in other ways too. Because these help to boost your nitric oxide which is great for your health.  They just so happen to act like natural viagara because of it. This is a duo of supplements that are affordable and easy to acquire, they are:

  • L-citrulline

  • L-arginine


So there you have it!  Literally every measure you need to take across all 8 facets of anti-aging in order to prevent yourself from growing old and to stay young, healthy & fit, and full of energy and life force, as well as to maintain the quality of life that you want!  These 8 facets and their constituent parts will keep you as young, healthy, strong and happy as you were in your 30’s, even as you go into your 80’s!  Just as how many famous celebrities and health/fitness spokespeople have shown us.   And you can live just like them when you use this formula, especially if you do so in combination with this special health care package from True Life Development called “The Super Healing & Rejuvinating System”, which will give you everything else you need to heal from any ailments and become healthy, strong, energetic, and feel great!  Click here to get yours now!



This article has been an excerpt from my book “True Life Development – Complete Holistic Personal Development System”, get your copy by clicking this link here now!

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