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The Dark Secret of Why Most People Are So Dis-empowered & How To Empower Yourself To Be Successful NOW!





Everyone has wants and needs in life, as well as things they do not want in life.  And people want to be able to get what they do want, and not what they do not want.  In fact being able to choose to get what you want and not what you don’t want is seen as one of the most fundamental inalienable human rights.



Why?  Because that freedom to choose what happens to you goes right along with the fundamentally important human quality that we believe makes us human beings and gives us our humanity.  What is that quality?



FREE WILL – The will and ability to think and choose freely and independently of outside influence, manipulation or coercion.



This is what gives us our humanity and makes us human, because it shows conscious abilities such as thought processes and decision making.  And this is what gives us the ability to become the people we want to be, create the reality that we want, and the ability to live our dreams.



And what is it that everyone wants?  Everyone wants to be successful doing whatever they choose to do in life, which will help them to self actualize and create the reality and dream life that they want.  But for some reason most people are not doing this.  Most people are not self actualizing and living out their dreams.  Why is that?  Because most people are missing the one single key thing that is needed most of all for success.  The thing that empowers you to be able to achieve your goals and do all of these things that will make you successful.   The thing that gives you the power to make your life and reality what you want it to be.  What is that one thing?



WILL POWER – The power of a strong will to do what one wants in life and persevere, in spite of any adversity.



For it is will power that gives you the ability to do anything.  It is will power that makes men successful, and powerful.  And this is why will has been considered spiritually the most sacred thing.  Because it is what gives us our independence, and the power to self actualize.  Will is what gives the ability to decide your own destiny.  But then why aren’t more people doing so?



Because they do not have it.  In fact most people do not even come close to having “Will Power” at all…because they not only do not have will power, but they do not have any will at all.  So of course they cannot have will power if they do not have any will to have the power of will.





But isn’t everyone supposed to be born with free will?  Isn’t that just a function of human consciousness?  Yes, it is…supposed to be.  But does everyone really have free will?  Does everyone have the consciousness to have free will?  Most people are conscious in that they are aware of themselves and that they exist, but that is about the extent of their level of consciousness.



In fact most people do not have free will at all.  They only have “free won’t”.  This means that they do not have the free thinking mindful consciousness and individuality to have a will that is independent and active enough to function freely, actively, and effectively.  And so they are never able to discover what it is their will to do in life.  They are never able to discover meaningful pursuits.  Because they simply do not know what they want in life.  They only know what they do not want to happen to them.



And so since people do not generally have free will (even though they should) and only have “free won’t”, meaning that they do not know what they want, and only what they do not want, that means that they do not have a certain key element of human consciousness and will power.  And what is that?  Intention.  They do not have intention, only aversion.



And while it is important to know what you do not want in life and what you have an aversion to so that you never have to feel violated, it is simply not enough for successful happy living, let alone meaningful living.  For you see the fact that most people do not have high enough of a level of consciousness to have intention means two other key things that are also detrimental to the human condition.  You see in order to have intention humans need to have two other important things.  And if you do not have intentions that means that you do not have these two things.



What are those two things?  The first is Purpose.  Of course without a feeling of a life’s purpose you cannot have intentions that are in alignment with your purpose that will help you live your life the way you want.  The second thing is something that life purpose is dependent upon, which is a sense of self identity.  Most people do not have much of an idea of who they are what so ever, and thus without a sense of self, you cannot have intentions that will help you to fulfill your sense of self and be the person you feel you should be.



And both of these things, like intention, are dependent also upon consciousness.  Most people are simply not conscious enough to have a sense of personal identity, or life purpose, and so they cannot have the intentions necessary in order to have free will, let alone will power.



Then the problem is that if one does not have a strong enough sense of identity and consciousness to have intentions and free will to do what they want with their life, that leaves them open to being manipulated by others who do have these things, and the power that comes from having will.  For when you pair up someone who has will with someone who doesn’t, the person who has will power can easily exert it over the one who does not, and take advantage of them cause them to conform to their will.  And this is what has happened with the masses of people who have no free will and the powers that be who do have great will power.



And so it is important to know that you will not automatically just have useful will power, or even free will at all, unless you exercise it.  You must find your will and exert it in order to actually have the power of will and be able to use it.  And know that much of society may be trying to take your free will away from you, and will be successful unless you are actually making a conscious effort to orient yourself in your free will and cultivate will power as such.  Without doing so you not only will not be successful, but will turn into just another mind slave of societies social conditioning and status quo.  However as long as you are doing this, and being a conscious human being, and using this consciousness to discover your identity, your purpose, and thus your intentions, you will be able to find your will and cultivate it into will power.  And with the power of will you will be very successful in life, and will be able to attain all of your wildest dreams and fantasies.







And know also that since most people have given up or had their free will taken away from them, that when you do have will power, you will be extremely influential over the masses of people who are entrenched in the status quo and have no real sense of free will…or even intentions, identity or purpose.  And these people will be able to become your employees and help you in your pursuits and life’s work to fulfill your purpose.  And that is where power comes from, and where you will be able to use your will to become a very powerful person in the world, by using it to shape the world around you.  And it all comes from will power.  So find it, cultivate it, and use it (wisely).



You see, in the magickal tradition of famed religious scholar “Aleister Crowley”, he set forth the premise that one’s will is the center of one’s reality and what gives one the magickal ability to create it.  That will is the most important and powerful thing to the magician.  And that fulfilling one’s true will is the whole of one’s spiritual law to live by, because the concept of “will” to him was metaphysically synonymous with the concept of “purpose”.  As so his creed for his entire magickal system, temple, and organization was built upon: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”  Meaning that one’s entire existence revolves around doing what one feels willed to do, for in doing so one fulfills one’s will, and thus their life purpose, which will allow them to feel spiritually fulfilled.  And though this is philosophically boiled down into very concise logical rhetoric, these concepts and themes are ones that we have seen appear in most other spiritual traditions as well, in other different elucidated forms.  And so we know that from a spiritual perspective as long as one concentrates ones consciousness on one’s will, cultivates it, and focuses it on the reality one wishes to create for oneself, one will be able to live out one’s wildest dreams and fantasies.



And this is why the powers that be will also always be trying to systematically take people’s will power and even free will away from them, because people who have these things are very powerful indeed.  And so in order to maintain their positions of power, the powers that be engineer this sociopolitical structure and social conditioning for the masses that specifically programs and trains their minds to be without the will to independence and success.   So that what we have are masses of drone-like worker bee’s acting like mindless slaves who have no consciousness themselves and will simply do as they are told.  It is your job as a conscious being to rise above that lower paradigm and exercise your will to attain higher consciousness and do more with yourself in life, because that is one of your inalienable human right’s.  Without that you are nothing.  But as long as you use the power of your free will, you will be able to do anything you want with your life.



And this is something that you do not have to wait to do, and does not have to be a long drawn out process.  In fact you can get started right away, and see immediate results.  Thought travels faster than the speed of light, in fact it is one of the fastest things in the universe.  So consciousness is instant, it only requires an instant to become conscious of something, and you can do anything you want with your consciousness instantaneously.  And since will is just an intention that comes from your consciousness, while it does take some exercising because it is like a thought process, it is something that you can put into action instantly.  And then you will begin to see it manifest and amass immediately, and you will begin to use your will power and see the results of it very fast.  This is why it only takes a moment of realization to transform yourself and change your life.  And this happens so quickly because consciousness is so subtle yet so influential.   In fact just your having read this article has already started the process in motion, and you should now be able to feel yourself re-discovering your free will and developing it more and more.  And soon your consciousness will be able to begin turning that into will power that you can use to do what you want and fulfill your intentions and desires.  All you have to do is just allow the process to keep growing more and more.



So continue to focus on and develop your will into the personal power you need to self actualize and succeed.  And may your will be done, and you become fulfilled in living the life you want to live and have always dreamed of.  And if you would like to learn more about cultivating your mindfulness and mind power so that you can better exercise your free will and generate all the will power and other mental power you need to succeed and self actualize and life out your dreams, be sure to click here for my mental recalibration and super empowerment product package from True Life Development!



And email me if you have any questions at info@truelifedevelopment.com and otherwise good luck!  This article has been an excerpt from my book “True Life Development – Complete Holistic Personal Development System”, get your copy by clicking this link here now!








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