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Is Pleasure Spiritually Meaningful? – The Secret Spiritual Philosophy of Hedonism Revealed!

The Spiritual Merit Of Pleasure & Hedonism

What Is “Spiritual Hedonism?”





Is hedonism spiritual?  Could a pleasure centric lifestyle actually have spiritual value, and not be as “wrong” and “immoral” as Christianity says?
Well let’s explore the philosophical world of spiritual hedonism and see what hedonism really means spiritually to those who are not rigid Christians who wish to never enjoy the pleasures of life.
Luckily, these are not very complicated topics, so we can keep it simple.
Webster’s dictionary definition of (a) Spiritual—adj.—as, of or pertaining to sacred things or matters; pertaining to or consisting of spirit; pertaining to the spirit or soul; of or pertaining to the soul as the seat of moral or religious nature. And (b) Definition of hedonism: The doctrine that pleasure or happiness is the sole or chief good in life
And so the Spiritual Hedonism Definition: Hedonism is the school of thought that says that pleasure and happiness are the greatest spiritual good in life that is sacred to our spirit’s and will bring us to higher being.
Now of course most everyone can agree that happiness is the main good in life, and could be accepted by just about anyone as being its main focus or goal.  In fact America was founded upon the principle that “The Pursuit Of Happiness” should in fact be the chief goal or focus in life, and is one of our main basic human right’s and liberties.  And this was a country founded by Puritans who had rejected Hedonism!
So obviously the modern masses of Christians don’t entirely disagree with Hedonism, but in fact their lifestyle is in part hedonistic. But since it is not the right to be “Happy” that they generally refute, but the right to indulging in sensual pleasures, that is what we will focus on addressing in this article.
There is no denying that pleasure is something that always has intrinsic value which we all naturally long for.  Most people wish to have as much pleasure in their life as possible in every form, and in every part of our life.  In fact it is some form of pleasure that directs you towards the things that you need/should be doing.  And some form of pain that directs you away from those things that you should not be doing.  When you are too hot or cold, that is your human nature telling you you need to make an adjustement to be more comfortable, because excessive heat or cold is not good for you.  Pain shows us what we shouldn’t be experiencing, and pleasure shows us what we should be doing.   Meanwhile contrarily the Christian church has campaigned against pleasure and taught people to suffer in life for the sake of “morality”, and labeled pleasure and hedonism to be a “sin”.  Which doesn’t exactly seem logical.  But yet they have made out the Hedon’s and other pagan’s who practiced it to be immoral and even evil because they are focused on doing things that feel good…but what’s more is that they have made them out to be sacrilegious and anti-spiritual.
So why is this?  What is the real meaning of Hedonism, and the spiritual value that the Pagan’s saw in it that caused them to practice it as a spiritual way of life the same way the christian’s practiced their religion of self denial?  What is the philosophical and logical scientific basis and nature of “Spiritual Hedonism”?



Introduction To “Spiritual Hedonism” – The Basics


Well let’s start with the root of these things. Beginning with the root word of Hedon.  The Greek root word was: “Hedone” meaning pleasure.  Hedonism comes from ancient Babylon, ancient Egypt and ancient Greece.  Three of the most advanced cultures of their time, whose advancements were the types that were so great that they are now and forever will be eternal memorials in world history.  And yet they also were Hedons?   Could hedonism really be that bad then?  It couldn’t, could it?  Otherwise why would some of the worlds smartest, most successful, advanced civilizations that paved the way to modern civilization have been its founders?
In fact in Greece there was a famous institution called Cyrenaics which was an entire school that was focused on just pleasure.  A school of pleasure?  In a culture that was one of the first to start higher education and universities and who founded many sciences?  A culture so academically focused that most modern sciences are rooted in it?  Sounds like pleasure could have some real scientific merit in human existence then.
But yet as it has been written by puritans and the Spanish inquisition and other Christian conquests, hedonism was considered the antithesis of spirituality.  One couldn’t be a “Spiritual Hedonist.”  But the fact of the matter is that this was just a campaign to oppress people and get them under the control of the church in both their spirituality, and their happiness/pleasure. The truth is that people are all inherently spiritual, and hedonistic, until socio-religious programming attempts to convince them that they shouldn’t be.  But man in his natural environment never had any oppression from God or “The God’s” or any other “Powers That Be” due to his inherent spiritual hedonism.  In fact man prospered spiritually in his natural environment due to his “spiritual hedonistic” lifestyle.  That was until the modern western European government’s church’s campaigns against pleasure came along to control people’s sources of pleasure and enjoyment, in order to “civilize them”, which meant making them live in denial of pleasure and work harder so that they could be taxed heavily for their resources.  But this of course does not make pleasure a Sin, or that someone who enjoys pleasure a “sinful hedon” who is going to hell.  Otherwise god wouldn’t have given this sort of lifestyle to the people that came before the puritans and the Spanish inquisition and such, and allowed them to enjoy and flourish in it, don’t you think?
So now that we know that hedonism is not just some sin, and you understand what it is by definition and where it comes from, let’s go further into the different aspects of it, since it is actually not as simple as you may think.


There are two main types of hedonism to be aware of:
  • 1.) Psychological hedonism – The concept that psychologically we are all predisposed to naturally chase pleasure even if we aren’t aware of it, like animals. It is just one of our instincts. This is just how we are programmed for survival.  Seeking the pleasures of warmth when we are cold.  Seeking the pleasure’s of food when we are hungry.  Seeking the pleasures of sex when we are capable of helping our species survive and not go extinct.  And then there is the second type of hedonism:
  • 2.) Ethical Hedonism – This is the philosophy that even if we do not naturally chase pleasure we “Should” chase pleasure at all times and to not do so causes internal pain. That self denial causes us to be unhappy and feel bad, and fulfilling our inherent want for pleasure helps us to feel better about ourselves and be happier.  Thus this is where the spiritual philosophy of hedonism comes from that pleasure and happiness are spiritually self actualizing, and should be focused upon for your own spiritual good.
Hedonism is a philosophy that is rooted in and focused around fulfilling yourself.  Your wants needs and goals are the most important things do you.  To maximize pleasure and minimize pain.  To do what makes you feel best, and makes you happiest.  This is not just physically fulfilling, but psychologically, and yes, even spiritually.  After all, have you ever seen an impoverished, starving, diseased, suffering person in a third world country who seemed to be spiritually better off due to their lack of pleasure, and immersion in suffering?  Now, have you ever seen a pope who did not appear to be well fed and to live in luxury and happiness?  So obviously we can agree that suffering does not simply equate to spiritual enlightenment…and even Christian authorities tend to avoid it, and indulge in luxury.



Basic Human Nature – Is It Meant To Be Hedonistic?


So back to what our basic nature, which religion says is “designed by god”, and what it obviously intends for us spiritually.  Children are perfect examples of the natural spiritual hedonism that is inherent within our being. They are constant genuine expressions of joy and for little to no reason, simply because they seek to be happy, and are constantly looking for the smallest thing to burst out in laughter at. This state is accepted as spiritually pure by everyone around the world, and no one tries to tell these infants that their happiness and pleasure in anything and everything is “morally wrong” and stop them.  Children are allowed to just be who they are and exist in their joyful state, and they get what they ask for in order to continue it.  They have no idea what they should be eating; as long as it tastes good when it goes into their mouth they will try to eat it.  They have no concept of what their genitals are and that they should be ashamed to touch them, they just know that it feels good to.  Because these were manmade ideas meant to oppress people.  But these children have “innocence”.  They have no sense of morality, but yet they are pure and innocent are taken care of because of their innocence.  They are coddled when they cry and given caresses and candies to make them feel better.  They are allowed to live a life of sensual indulgence and to feel joyful in their indulgence and express their joy freely, and most people delight in the squeals of a baby enjoying the pleasures of his existence!  And they remain in that state until they are approaching puberty.  And then what happens?
At this point societies Socio-Political system begins programming them with social conditioning and cultural programming specifically engineered to turn them into worker bees, which means not only minimizing the amount of pleasure they will allow in their lives, and maximizing the amount of work that they can handle…but also it means minimizing their sense of self and identity, and maximizing their integration into “group think”.  They are told not to do the things that they want to do, especially if it is different from the status quo.  They are taught to be like everyone else, that conformity is a primary virtue.  Thinking differently and not being like everyone else will cause you to get ostracized from your community.  And even dreaming outside of the status quo and pursuing your dreams so that you can live better and get the enjoyment and pleasure out of life that you have always dreamed of will cause great social reprise.
People are even told what to eat, food that is lacking in flavor and nutrients.  The flavors people are given in their foods are highly processed unnatural ingredients, even manufactured toxic chemicals, the very things that cause illness.  And they are taught to repress their sexuality for it is taboo, and violating it will cause one to be shamed by their peers.  Indulgence itself is considered a sin and those caught being overly indulgent are scoffed at and called “uncivilized”.  The only thing that will get you social acceptance is adopting a robotic state and behaving exactly like everyone else.  To be deprived of your individuality, your own thoughts and feelings, interests and pursuits, and the things that make you feel the way that you want to feel in life.  That give you enjoyment and pleasure and make you feel fulfilled…feel “HAPPY”.  These things must be given up for the greater good of society.  Or else you are called a Hedon, or similarly, a “heathen”.  Which is supposed to be “bad”, “wrong”, even “evil”.
However just like the word “slut”, these terminology are completely arbitrary, and simply mean someone who is not subscribing to the oppressive ideation and systematic social conditioning and control of society.  They are people who are doing what they want and enjoying themselves in spite of who approves of it or not.  For they know that no one else is going to do what is right for them but themselves.  So if they want to feel the way in which they want to feel in this life, then they must be the ones to create those feelings.  Be it eating what you want, listening to the music you want, watching the movies you want, reading the books you want, having the hobbies and interests you want, having the sex life you want, or pursuing the dreams you want.



Where Does The Anti-Hedonistic Ideology Come From?


These puritanical oppressors were themselves brainwashed into a limiting, false belief that life is suffering, and that redemption is only possible through pain and loss or by enduring some horrible personal sacrifice.  And that our ‘joy’ will come to us only after we die, from some promise of eternal reward if we work the lands and follow the rules of society and suffer in self sacrifice for the powers that be of the government and church. And like slaves most people will allow others to tell them the spiritual nature of their life and that they should not seek to do the things that they naturally find fulfilling, but should live in self denial and hardship in order to prove themselves to the higher powers that be in the church and state.  Because they are deeply programmed with the belief that only after they have done this, can they be deemed a good enough spirit to enjoy the bliss of a heavenly existence….after they experience more pain through death of course.  And if they do not live in this prescribed manner, and do attempt to enjoy their life here, that is sinful, and they will be damned to eternal suffering of “hell”. And whats more is that while enjoying themselves here, they would also suffer social reprise and become outcast as “heathens”, and perhaps even punished with torture.  And so too they are programmed with a fear of disobeying the social laws of church and state.  And one way or another they were made to suffer, rather than enjoy the pleasures of life that nature and god(s) intended.  But how could the church wanting to cause others pain possibly be righteous?
The only thing that is preventing us from experiencing the bliss of heaven now and living a heavenly existence here is subscribing to those dark teachings.  In fact it says in the bible, and the torah, and most religious scriptures that the kingdom of heaven is within us.  And god gave us an ability to experience pleasure and pain for a reason!  To show us which things are good, and which are bad.  Covering up and relaxing with a warm blanket when you are cold and tired, eating a sweet fruit when you are hungry, making love to your partner, laughing together with those you love, listening to music that makes you feel good, these things give such great pleasure and feel so blissful because they are beautiful positive experiences that are good for us to have.  It signifies that we are living the right way.  Fighting and Warring does not feel good however, and the pain of being in a fight, or worse, a war, is a sign from your body, put there by god, telling you that it is not a good thing for you to be doing.  We learn these things in early childhood.  Stay away from things that cause pain, such as the flame on the stove, knives, and other such things which can harm us.  These things can hurt us and are not good for us.  Instead we are given fruits that taste good, fun things like toys, things that feel soft on our bodies like blankets.  Our sensuality is nourished as children, and thus we are nourished as characters, through our sensuality.  For we are sensual beings, and we are meant to experience pleasure, as its effect upon us is a nourishing one.




What Sort Of Society Would We Live In If We Were Heathens?


The Spiritual Hedonist has awakened from this cultural programming and the social paradigm people are forced into of exploitation, denial & limitation, and unnecessary suffering for the powers that be of church and state.  They give themselves permission to be free to do what they feel is in their best interest and makes them feel the way they want to feel in life. They do not allow others to impose their will upon them and tell them what to think and feel, or do.  And thus being free to think and do for themselves, they can finally feel fully alive and present, and capable of completely engaging in their life and making the most out of every moment and become self actualized.  And in being able to make the most out of life, they are able to live in great prosperity with an abundance of pleasure.  And thus they can attain happiness.
But of course, the church calls this “lawlessness” and “immoral” and says that when people behave this way there is no order in society and we will be uncivilized and like animals.  But this does not mean that hedons just go around doing whatever they want at everyone else’s expense like some sort of sociopath.  And no spiritual hedonistic cultures are ones that are chaotic and uncivilized like animals.  Did the Greeks or romans seem that way when you learned about them in school?  No, of course not, modern civilization is modeled after these civilizations.  And the Spiritual Hedonist is, by nature, a moral and ethical person.  A person of great integrity, and of great compassion and love for the world around him. His focus on self and self actualization is not sociopathic and at the expense of others.  Rather coming from empathy and the love in his heart for himself, for life, and for the rest of the world around them as well.  For they know the great pleasures of love and being a loving person.  So they love and care for themselves deeply, and they do so with everyone else who they can, and the world around them in general.  They see that all people are deserving of the freedom to live well and do the things that will bring them the most happiness and pleasure.  They wish to cooperate with others in a way that is mutually beneficial to create a more prosperous social paradigm in which everyone can be happy.
Spiritual Hedons simply do not believe that being moral, ethical, and righteous has to do with self denial and suffering.  They believe it is most ethical to do things that empower people and make them feel good and prosper.  So they bless themselves and others with the pleasurable fruits of life.  And in society they are like social activists with a greater social vision of prosperity, happiness and enjoyment for all.  And they work to create higher social change and help to shift our social paradigm upwards towards that utopic ideal, which is something the church never did, but only promised people they could have in the afterlife, if they suffered here.



Should We ONLY Pursue Pleasure In Life?


Now all this is not to say that you should deny anything you do not like or that makes you uncomfortable or which you find difficult.  Life dose not ONLY consist of pleasure of course, nor should it.  Pleasure is just one end of the polarity of yin and yang.  Sometimes it is hot, sometimes it is cold. Sometimes it is day, sometimes night.  Sometimes it is dark, sometimes it is light.  Sometimes it is summer, sometimes it is winter.  You will certainly have preferences among those that make you feel good, and the others may make you less comfortable.  Some people prefer heat, some people prefer cold, etc.  It’s all part of the dual nature of reality we live in.  There are some things that you experience as good and some as bad.  However to avoid anything that you do not like in life will not allow you to be successful.  That would be a form of escapism.  One has to be able to do things that they do not want at times.  One has to leave one’s comfort zone at times.  Otherwise one will not be smart or strong.  Additionally, there is no harm in experiencing unpleasantness at times.  In fact without it, pleasure would not be so pleasurable.
You will find that doing something pleasurable right after a hard day’s work really makes it all the more indulgent.  And this makes you a better person as well, which makes you happier.  Whereas, not working, so that you can only indulge in pleasure, will soon become dull and lose its pleasantness altogether, as well as leave you a weak stupid unsuccessful person, who will be bored and unhappy.  One should not allow oneself to grow weak through too much indulgence in pleasure.  Otherwise you will become unsuccessful and will once again find yourself at the behest of those who are in power in society.  The key with the unpleasant aspects of life is to get them under your control and work with them in a manner that befits your purpose.  Do not let someone else tell you what you have to sacrifice yourself and your life’s work and ergonomic resources for.  Do not let someone else tell you what to think, believe, be and do.  Do not let anyone take your purpose, your will, and your sense of who you are and what you are supposed to be doing with your life away from you.
If there is some cause you wish to sacrifice your life’s work towards and pour your life force into, then that is your choice to make, and would be a healthy one if you made it yourself, and it could bring you great pleasure to sacrifice great amounts of time, energy, labor and other resources into helping this cause you care about. Though it may be uncomfortable and exhausting to do so much work, but when you are doing something that you care about, love and are passionate about, whatever pains and hardships you undertake only contribute to how rewarding it is.  For instance, generally speaking, there are certain aspects of working out that I love.  I love the way it makes me feel in my body.  I love the endorphin rush it provides.  I love the way It makes me look like I am at my best physically and can be proud of my body.  I love the energy it gives me.  I love the way it makes me feel like I am in my optimal state.  And I feel it enhances my biological system in many ways and makes me more sensual and a better sexual being as well.  And I can indulge more in food without gaining weight.  However, some of the exercises are difficult, some are uncomfortable, some feel awkward, sometimes there is pain, and some of the exercises I really hate to do.  But just like with my company, I cannot not do a couple little parts of my work that aren’t my favorite and only focus on doing what I like to do most.  That would be immature and irresponsible.
We understand as adults, that in order to accomplish goals that will have great benefits and bring us to a greater level of reward and pleasure, we have to work to get there, and that does not mean doing only our favorite part of what needs to be done.  To start a business and create wealth and abundance, you need to be able to do things like accounting, even if you hate math (like me).  You just have to do it.  Just like how you can’t only live off of sweets, such as chocolate and fruit, you need to eat vegetables too.  So hedonism does not mean to focus ONLY on pleasure like a drug addict who has dropped out of society and only seeks to get his fix.  Pleasure should not be an addiction that causes you to be irresponsible and lose control of your life.  But it certainly can be seen as the greater good and something that we seek to use to enrich our lives and reward ourselves with in shameless ways.  And that is very empowering.
And so as you have seen that pleasure is part of polarity, and is not absolute. For there is what is called a “pleasure paradox”.  Pleasure is not an inherent normality to us, it is a single end of polarity.  Having too much of it causes your life to go askew.  And being focused entirely on pleasure all of the time you will not find it fulfilling, but rather, disappointing, and it will throw your entire existence out of balance.  And you are not going to get everything you want in life, so being too focused on pleasure and your desires will mainly lead to disappointment, which can cause someone to become depressed and lose faith. And oftentimes we get things that we do not want.  Things that we do not enjoy at all, but rather make us uncomfortable, or worse.  Sometimes we have to suffer hardships, like for instance when building a company.  Or even just suffer when we go to the gym to work out.  It is the want for pleasure and only pleasure alone that causes hedonism to become unhealthy and self defeating because it would cause one to neglect ones health and only eat chocolate cake instead of fruits and vegetables.  It would cause one to become a prostitute rather than a business person.



What Does The Hedonistic Lifestyle Look Like?


Not all things that are on the opposite polarity of pleasure are bad.  Some things that cause discomfort, and may be difficult, are actually good and important.  No work of beautiful art wasn’t without a serious amount of self sacrifice and hardship poured into it for the sake of a hedonistic beauty. Building a company may cause a lot of difficult situations and hard times that may not be pleasurable, though they often are if you are doing what you love, so it is a mix.  And then of course after making your way through these times you are rewarded by the pleasures of great success, accomplishment, wealth, prosperity, renown, power, self actualization, and all of the pleasures that the fruits of your work bring you.
Since Hedonism is all about the individual and their fulfillment through whatever it is that you want will make you feel good, this does not just mean basic sensory pleasures, such as eating chocolate and having wild kinky sex, etc.  This means that a hobby or interest can bring you pleasure.  Such as being an artist, or a vintage car collector or cigar aficionado.  An artist certainly takes great pleasure in creating works of beauty to share with the world and then sharing that beauty with the public and getting praise and renowned for it.  Being a culinary artist could give you great pleasure, and you could even take great pleasure in putting in the huge amount of work that it takes to start one’s own restaurant.  In fact people can take pleasure in their pursuits, if they are things that they are passionate about, being an entrepreneur or business person.  One could even take pleasure in working a lot, because they take great pleasure in doing their life’s work, and take great pleasure in getting handsomely rewarded for it and becoming successful and wealthy.  So you see one way or another, living a healthy, driven, growth oriented, successful lifestyle is hedonism, because it feels good to do so.  In fact nothing brings the business man more pleasure than watching his company succeed and give him the wealth to live well.  And these pleasures are far beyond the “baser pleasures” that Hedons are accused of being addicted to by puritans, even though even those base pleasures are still just as important to our existence, and spiritually pure as well.




The Transgression Of Pleasure


Think about this: where would we be without pleasure? Where would mankind be?  Without pleasure would you be happy?  Do you not need some form of pleasure to be able to eat your food?  Or would you possibly quickly become malnourished and slowly fall into health problems and starve over time?  Without pleasure and the ability to relax and enjoy yourself after a hard day of work would you be able to stand going to work and living your life that way?  Or would you possibly go insane from having to work every day and never have any recreation or relaxation or enjoyment what so ever?   And when it comes to sex, if sex was not a pleasurable act, but was the shameful one the puritans wanted everyone to think it was, would we have been able to become the dominant species in the world?  If sexual pleasure was really that shameful, everyone would be as miserable as the puritans, and like the puritans, we would all soon go extinct.  Because think about it, where are the puritans today?  They are no more, because of the fact that they were taught to not enjoy sex.  And when people are so sexually oppressed that they take no pleasure in it, their bloodlines go extinct.  If sex was something that we could not enjoy, the entire human race would be in danger of extinction.  But of course, not before suffering horrible sexual health issues that also caused other social and physical health issues.  Issues which are so powerful when people are programmed with sexual shame, that even so many generations after the puritans instilled their social conditioning and then left the world, the remnants of it are still plaguing humanity and causing sexual issues, which still lead to widespread social and physical health issues.  Because pleasure is good, and when we stop ourselves from experiencing it, we become unhealthy.
Would anyone be motivated to do the things that are vital to sustaining our existence if there was not involvement with pleasure in some way to compel them to do so?   No, because the pleasure is what offsets any of the inconveniences that may go along with the fight for survival and turns them into something enjoyable that you know in your mind, your heart, and your body, that these are things you should be doing. But if those feelings of pleasure that inspired and motivated us to do these things were to cease, the human race would lose interest in doing anything necessary to be done for eve basic survival and would become instantly extinct!  You see it is our pleasures that tell us what to do in the world, and how to do it.
Pleasure is the main motivating factor in life that keeps everyone alive, and doing the things that can help you to not only feel good and self actualize but to grow and become successful in society.  And it gives everyone in society those same compulsions to take action in cooperation with everyone else in forming big businesses, cities, political movements, etc.  It is the pursuit of pleasure and happiness that has built civilization.  And where that pursuit is transgressed (IE the puritans), communities crumble and ethnic groups become extinct.
There are medical terms for people who are not able to experience one or more of the pleasures that psychiatrists give them:   depression, trauma, anger, injury, mental illness, etc.  When someone is not able to experience pleasure, it is because they are disordered.  It gives them an inability to function like a healthy normal human being is supposed to, and thus their quality of life is reduced to near nothing.  They are not able to feel or be the way they want to because they do not have the necessary pleasures or capacity for pleasure in their life.  Pain is an indicator that something is wrong.  Just as if you are burning your hand on a burner on a stove you must remove it quickly.  If you are living in pain there is no virtue in it.  You are being told by your body to stop doing what you are doing.  What you are doing is not right for you. It is indicative that something within your body or mind or lifestyle is disordered and needs to be fixed and made right.  This is why Doctors give medicine to these people to make them feel better.




Pleasure As Higher Spiritual Attainment


And yet when someone is healthy and is at their best, they feel pleased.  They feel pleasure in just being in that ideal state and life.  Whenever something good happens to you, you smile and feel good.  You see you experience pleasure whenever something good happens. Because pleasure is an indicator of goodness.  And when you are doing something that causes pleasure, you know you are doing something good.  Why do you think it is that eating fruit which is so healthy, gives you such sensuous pleasure to do so?  Why do you think that making love, which is of course the most divine sacred spiritual act, and sustains and furthers the evolution of our species, gives you the most amazing, phenomenal, fantastic pleasure of anything in life?  Why do you think that when you come to reach orgasm together and experience an epic explosion of pleasure throughout your entire nervous system, causing a surge of electric energy and white hot intense pleasure that is so powerful it is almost surreal. And that that moment which is one of the greatest pleasures that anyone can ever experience, is also the moment of conception in which life gets created?  And also is one of the most ultimate spiritual experiences that can elevate the consciousness of just about anyone? And why is it do you think that highly attained monks, shamans, yogi’s, saints, and other spiritual masters always smile and laugh and seem to be in a state of great bliss?  Because they have done everything spiritually right in life in order to attain enlightenment and a higher state of consciousness and being.  And thus they experience a state of bliss and infinite pleasure from the universe.
Why is this?  Because pleasure is a virtue!  Pleasure is spiritual.  Pleasure is the greatest good.  And goodness is pleasure.  Pleasure is what we are here to experience most ultimately.  And when you do experience pleasure and feel good, you know you are doing the right thing, and are on the right path.  In fact pleasure is a blessing from God (or The Gods) for doing the right thing, and so to deny that is to deny the blessings of higher power.  But to accept it is to be in communion with God and to walk with him/her through your life, and do your life’s work together, so that God can continue to help you grow through the operant conditioning that rewards of pleasure and punishments of pain allow you.  And when you share pleasure with others, you are blessing them as well, and you become a spiritual leader in your community, and you will be loved and have many blessings returned.  And we can all live in abundance and prosperity together, always feeling good, happy, and getting all of the pleasure we deserve to get in life.  And doesn’t that just sound heavenly?
So should you not grant yourself permission to receive pleasure in your life?  Should you not be an indulgent person in whatever ways you wish?   Should you not explore your sensuality and become more orgasmic?  Should you not be happy and prosper and feel as good as possible?  Of course you should!  You should live for these blessings of pleasure and more every day!  Live in an abundance of pleasure and prosperity!  Follow the pursuits that make you feel good about whom you are becoming every day on your journey to self actualization and the bliss of higher consciousness.   Imbibe life’s great blessings, make love to yourself and others, share the wealth and abundance, be happy, be empowered, be pleasured, and be orgasmic!  Be whatever feels best for you to be, and do whatever feels best for you to do, even if that means doing something radical that you have never done before and is far outside of your comfort zone, like going to wild sex parties and orgies, or travelling the world…and you will attain the highest state of blissful consciousness.
That is the value and merit of Spiritual Hedonism, and just what is possible when you adopt that mindset.  And when you imagine just all of the pleasures and bliss that you can possibly have and just how good it will feel to be in that ideal state and lifestyle, and all of the amazing sensual experiences you are going to be having and just what it will be like to be enjoying all of them, and you are ready to get all of the pleasure and bliss that you can get in life and make that a reality right now click this link here to sign up for my ultimate Sex God/dess Training Program for the sex life of your dreams!  Which will transform you into the ultimate sexual being and get you the sex life of your wildest dreams and fantasies, and make you more orgasmic than you ever thought possible!



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