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The Dark Truth’s of Modern Man That No One Wants to Talk About Are Being Exposed Here!

The whole reason I created True Life Development was because I am awake and aware enough to see all of the problems with the world and with human nature, at least with modern man.  The world is failing, and in many ways headed towards an apocalypse because of this.  There are so many of social issues and personal issues we need to correct if we are going to better ourselves as a species and make the world a better place.  This is why I created True Life Development – to help people to better themselves in order to enact widespread social change over time and make the world a better place for us all to live in.


But of course widespread social change all comes down to the individual and their own personal development.  If you are not self actualized and living your dream life as your highest self, then you are no good to society.  And since most people are not doing that, but rather are doing the opposite, living in poverty, illness, and degeneration, hence we have widespread social problems in this world.


In order for us to correct these problems we must face them, not just on a social level, but on an individual level.  You must look deeply within yourself and your own shadow side and see what issues you have that need correcting.  And some of these issues are very dark and may be hard to see, or hard to face.  But that just means that you need to more.


Now many of you may be in denial thinking certain generic lies people often tell themselves such as “Not me, I’m ok”, or “well I am comfortable with who I am” or “I accept myself and so does everyone I know”, or my favorite “I can’t complain, and have never gotten any complaints about myself.”  These are things people tell themselves to give them an excuse from digging deeper and facing their problems, and putting in the effort and work that is required to grow.  I often hear from people “I’m already as successful as I need to be” and other such things, which simply means “I have too big of an ego to admit that I can do better”.  People’s ego’s get in the way of their personal development by putting a ceiling right above them and telling themselves that they have already gotten as high in life as they want to, or that they are as good as they can possibly be.  When in reality, they usually are barely above their base threshold, they simply are too weak minded to consider putting in more effort, much less admitting that they aren’t perfect.


And so most everyone acts like they have everything under control and are on top of the world, but its all a farce that they put on to look good.  In reality everyone really feels lost, scared, and alone deep down inside, and often have severe emotional pain.  And here is a list of reasons why, and what these real issues that so many people have, personal issues that are so widespread that they have become social issues, which must be solved if we are going to save this earth from the very dark course it is on, much less get you the life of your dreams and turn you into your ideal version of yourself.



The Dark Truth’s Uncovered…

We are really all just a bunch of needy children searching for the lost love of our parents that we don’t get anymore and are trying to find our way in this scary world without them, pretending to be strong in hopes that it will get us somewhere, but yet doomed to constantly re-live childhood traumas and emotional issues in our mind.


Most people are overly concerned with their outer appearance because they are highly superficial and shallow, and need to put on a mask to cover up the fact that they have no inner beauty.


Most people are afraid to admit how vulnerable they really are and have no way to heal their emotional wounds that they keep accumulating over time because of the fact that their only solution is to ignore them, and so they only grow and fester inside them


Most people have no idea who they really are or why they are here.  Everyone is just wondering around aimlessly searching for something to distract them from that abysmal feeling of purposelessness and nothingness.


Most people have no idea about the universe around them or the nature of reality, much less the human condition within it.  It’s as if they are dreaming and never ever have a waking moment or moment of lucidity…but yet this is really out of choice due to their own weak mindedness.


Most people are not free thinkers.  They have no independence or will of their own.  They are not but brainwashed zombie slaves under the mind control of the government and powers that be and at their complete behest.


Most people are not in control of their own minds and its wiring or development, but leave it up to the government and other powers that be to control, who then turn them into their own army of robot slaves that they put to work like a queen insect with her colony, in order to build the empire for the 1% and thus most people are defined only by what they “do” and their job, not a real sense of identity and self concept.


Most people are so feeble minded that they would rather be controlled and oppressed by the powers that be rather than have to deal with the burden of responsibility of thinking for themselves and being free and independent to have to make their own choices and decisions.


Most people are unhappy and live their lives chasing happiness like a drug in material goods, and other meaningless and corrupt pursuits such as money and sensory pleasure, because they do not know what happiness is, and thus they live in misery.


Most people will always feel unfulfilled and never get what they want in life, much less the life that they want, because they don’t really know what it is that they want, since they don’t have much that they really care about or value in life.  And the thing that people think they want are not what they really want, only what they are programmed to want through their social conditioning.  So they will always feel unsatisfied and empty.


Most people have a giant gaping hole inside them that comes from not knowing who they are and being unfulfilled in life or even heartbroken.  And they try to fill it with indulgence, hoarding, over-consumption, and external validation that only makes it grow into a massive black hole.


Most people are insecure, egoic, and have serious untreated emotional issues and blockage because they refuse to exercise the emotional maturity or intelligence to deal with these issues and solve them.  So instead they dwell and fester within them and grow into greater and greater problems over time until it becomes real mental illness that can only be treated with mind numbing toxic drugs that just zombify them.


Most people are in denial of their shadow side and so it festers inside them and turns into inner demons that they cannot control or even face, but which manifest in disturbing thoughts and feelings that they are ashamed of and over time can even turn into deviant behaviors they can hardly accept in themselves


Most people are part of the social problems and paradigm that are destroying the world and bringing mankind to extinction because they are too blind to even see what these problems are (or too weak minded to be able to handle thinking about them) and cannot stop their animalistic feeding and fucking long enough to consider if an apocalyptic world is the kind of world they should be raising a family in, and how they are hurting their future generations.



Most humans are politically irresponsible, ignorant, and absent minded and have recklessly abandoned themselves from political participation and thus they are simply government mules to a system that does not have their best interest in mind, but instead is purposely meant to use them and suck their life force and human resources in order to feed the 1% who are in control of the world.







Most people have ceased to evolve and are socially transgressive and regressive, devolving back into apes or worse due to genetic mutations brought onto us by GMO foods and poisonous chemicals in them, as well as the adverse ways in which this new age of technology and social conditioning is re-programming people’s brains.  Most humans live like animals with no consciousness, conscience, culture, or class.  This is called degeneration.  Most human beings, being devoid of higher awareness, are but degenerate animals.


Most people are too tuned into technology and are out of tune with their human nature and the real world around them.  And thus they are living in dis-alignment with nature and are not living as the natural system we were made to live in intended for us to do biologically.  The consequences of this have dire effects and cause people to become very unwell physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.


Most human beings do not educate themselves, or practice personal development.  They get whatever minimal level of poor education is required for them to get a job that will pay enough to sustain their lifestyle.  And then after that they never read or learn anything outside of that, but instead devote their lives to TV, alcohol, and shopping and other meaningless and un-enriching activities, which cause the degradation of any character and intelligence they may have had.  The average adult is literate only at a 3rd grade level and their brains have been retarded due to poor education and conditioning, and then personal neglect.


Most people have little to no capacity to manage their lives and are fighting for survival.  The only thing keeping them alive and going is their terrifying fear of homelessness, starvation and death.


Most people cannot be entrepreneurs and are destined to live in poverty, carrying out orders of other people for meager wages simply because they do not have any passions, values, ambition, confidence, organization, or integrity to have pursuits or start a business venture of their own.


Most people can never have good things in their life because they self sabotage and do not allow themselves to have good things since deep down inside of them they really feel that they do not deserve them.


The survival instinct makes human nature inherently self centered, sociopathic, and even evil, because it is just our nature to act at the expense of others and a greater good, and destructively in our own self interests.  It is the nature of this survival instinct to harm others and the environment around you for your own self preservation.  Therein if you do not make a conscious effort to better yourself and be a “good” person with integrity, and to make a positive contribution to the world around you, you will default to being an evil and destructive person.  But bad people generally do not get ahead in life in this society, as society was designed to be communal and only further those who work together for the greater good.  Only those with integrity get rewarded by the laws of society and are successful and get what they want.  You must better yourself to become a person of integrity if you are to succeed at life.


Most people are caught up in self deceit and the deceit of others because they do not have the strength to stand the discomfort of being honest with themselves, let alone their family, friends, and other intimate relations.  Most people are living a lie and live in deceitful relationships due to this, because the truth is too hard to face, and they are too weak and scared to be honest, authentic and genuine with themselves, much less anyone else.


Most people have no one who they can have a constructive conversation with when they feel depressed, upset, or overwhelmed by life’s problems, or lost in its meaninglessness.  And so they feel helplessly alone and hopeless to help themselves.


Most people in relationships do not know what love is or how to have a healthy partnership.  And most are being objectified and used in some way by their partners and are only with them because they are scared to be alone and feel like they will not be able to get someone else who will be good for them.


Most people have no real value to offer romantic partners and no relationship management skills and thus they are doomed to live in unfulfilling, unhealthy and even abusive relationships.


Most people will never know true unconditional Love, and do not have anyone in their lives who truly cares about them simply because of who they are.  They only have relationships with people who want something from them and serve some functional role in the lives of.  And when they stop serving that role the person will leave them.  This is because most people only have functional roles to offer others and are incapable of offering real personality based value or having meaningful relationships – only need fulfillment based ones.


Most people do not know what it means to make love and have a spiritual union with a lover, much less have a full sensual or orgasmic experience with them.  They are limited sexually to “just fucking” and worse – sexual dysfunction and deviance due ot their lack of sexual self concept & self love, much less romance and love relations.


Most people are unenlightened and have no concept of true spirituality because they have been too brainwashed by the socio-politics of organized orthodox religion which has been engineered to control the masses, not enlighten them, and to oppress, not free their spirits.  Most people live life not as a spirit or consciousness but as a baser physical body and mundane ego.


Most people will always have to struggle with chronic pain, suffering and illness and will die early because they are bought into the government matrix that is the medical & food industry, and they pump their bodies full of poisons they never research while the powers that be profit off of their misery and degradation.


When you think about your death will you feel regret looking back at your life?  That moment could come at any time now.  Yet most people are wasting their lives in reckless abandon attempting to ignore this fact and any serious implications it might have that are too much for their weak minds to think about.  Are you ready for death?  If you were to die now would you look back on your life thinking that you had lived a purposeful and fulfilling life, and had fulfilled your life’s purpose in your time here?  Most people would say no and are horrified by this idea, yet they refuse to do something about it to live a more meaningful and pursuit driven lifestyle due to their own lack of character and integrity.


And so most people are wearing masks of being “ok”…while underneath it they are really lost, scared, and alone, and often in deep emotional pain.  Are you one of them?  The chances are that you are.  That in reading at least some of these points, you identified with them and felt like this was a problem you had.
And if you did not read any of those and think “Oh no, that’s me!”, and are sitting here saying “what a load of bullshit, I don’t do any of that, this guy probably just has a really bad attitude towards society”….then perhaps you even got offended by some of these points…and that right there is an indication that you actually have those issues yourself, which is why they struck such an emotional chord with you.




Whatever the case, you will know which of these issues you have because you will have had some reaction to them.  But don’t worry, these problems are not permanent!  They can be solved!  And that is what I am here to do:  To help you to better yourself in your personal development and become your ideal self.  To solve all of these problems and achieve all of your goals so that you can self actualize and attain the life of your dreams!  But to do that you have got to take your personal development into your own hands!  You have to get the education and the training that it takes to make yourself the person you want to be!







And through that we will be working together for the greater good of solving these widespread social issues and making the world a better place!  See its not just about you, its about mankind in general and working together as a species to right these wrongs and better ourselves as a human race!  So join into the cause of personal and social development and justice!  Help yourself to become the person you aught to be most ideally, and in doing so you will be helping the world around you as well!



How do you do that you ask?  Well by signing up for my “Power Of You – Self Actualization Blueprint” Masterclass Workshop Series, which will give you everything you need to become the person you have always wanted to be, and live the life you have always wanted to live.   Just click here now to get started immediately so that you can begin living that life today!



And then these dark issues will be a think of the past and you will always be able to feel the way that you want to feel in life.  And that is a beautiful thing!


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