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How To Use The Law Of Attraction In Dating To Get The Love Life Of Your Dreams Revealed Here!



Dating With The Law of Attraction

To Get Your Ideal Mate




The Law of Attraction states that you will get what you think about and visualize getting.  However in dating that is not often the case.  You don’t attract who you want, or imagine yourself getting, or think you should get. You attract who you are.  Because as the law of attraction states, “like attracts like”.  And so you shouldn’t be dating unless you have as much or more to offer as you need to receive in a partner.  Because if you are approaching dating from a standpoint of wanting/needing something(s) from someone else due to a feeling of lack from within yourself, and not having much to offer that person, you are not going to attract someone who will fulfill your needs, but rather someone who will similarly be looking for someone to take from in a vicious circle of vampirically using each other and causing a constant energy deficit in both people, like being stuck in an energy vacuum.  This is why so many people end up in partnerships based upon taking from one another that is mutually diminishing rather than mutually fulfilling.  But relationships should be about mutual fulfillment, growth and synergy together, not mutual diminishing each other.  Luckily through The Law Of Attraction you can create that kind of synergy.



What drives you towards prospective partners is the want for companionship and emotional connection. However if you are pursuing connections out of loneliness and neediness you cannot have healthy relationships. You must be happy being alone first. If you do not already have what you need within you emotionally, intellectually, socially, and spiritually, you will not be able to attract what you need in those ways in a partner. Focus on building yourself up from within and becoming self actualized, and building a healthy active social life first, and then the law of attraction in dating will begin to work for you.





However if/when you are a self actualized person, most people will not deserve to have you and what you have to offer as a partner. So you should not be openly investing in any and all prospective partners. But those who do deserve you and can reciprocate the value you have to offer will show themselves to be such when you show up in their lives. And when you enter into a prospective relationship offering value, rather than looking for what you can get out of the person, by the law of reciprocity they will offer equal but opposite value in return, and the two of you will be able to become well matched partners.





And when entering into a partnership it is your job to instruct your partner’s in how to meet your needs, sexually, emotionally, and otherwise. In order for this to happen you must give more than you receive. Therein it takes a lot of ergonomic energy to be in a partnership. Self fulfillment is much easier and must come first, especially if you are to attract a self fulfilled partner, rather than a codependent one. However when two independently self actualized and self sufficient people enter into a partnership instead of co-dependence they can achieve interdependence, which gives them a synergy that makes them able to acclimate themselves and their lives together in ways they could not individually, no matter how self actualized they were alone. But you must be independently self actualized in order to attract an ideal match and come together with them in this type of interdependent and synergistic partnership.






In order to attract the perfect mate for this kind of partnership you can use the law of attraction in dating. The first thing you need to know is who your ideal mate is. You need to know exactly what kind of person you want to attract if you are going to attract them. Then you need to be their ideal mate. Remember that you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are. So you need to be like your ideal mate, or better yet, be the person that they will be attracted to. So think about how you can be like them in the ways that they want, and also contrasting to them in the ways that they want. Once you have become their ideal mate, you will be able to attract them for a partnership.





However because like attracts like, and you attract from without what you have within, in order to attract a healthy loving partnership, not only must you be a healthy partner, but you must have love within yourself. Finding love outside of yourself starts from having love from within. You must first and foremost have self love, if you are going to find a mate who will love you (at least in the ways that are good). So before you can even begin cultivating love relationships, you need to learn to love yourself and cultivate a healthy amount of self love (which is not the same as narcissism).


And by the same token, in order to have a healthy active sex life with an ideal mate (or multiple mate’s if you are polyamorous), you must first have a healthy concept of sexuality within yourself, and be comfortable with your sexuality and sexually liberated. Those who have sexual issues cannot attract healthy sexual partners, or have a healthy sex life with them. So you must get deeply in touch with your sexuality and become sexually self actualized if you are going to attract an ideal mate for an ideal sexual partnership.





Then once you have done these things you can begin to use the law of attraction more creatively and practically by using tactics designed to actually manifest the relationship(s) you want. Things such as creative visualization in which you visualize the partner and relationship and lifestyle you want to have with them, which through your psychic connection with the universe around you, will cause it to calibrate around that and make it happen. Also using affirmations such as “I have love/sex” or even better yet “I am love/sex” will also manifest these things, just do not say things such as “I am getting” because that language is based on the idea of you not having them, and affirmations should always be stated with the idea that you have or are what you want.  Hence the phrase “I AM” being the ideal phrase to start an affirmation with.  It is better to think to yourself “I (already) AM LOVE” than to think “I am going to get love (someday)”.






But most of all to use the law of attraction in dating in an exterior manner, you need to have very friendly outgoing social behaviors, and be a flirty and sexually expressive person. You simply are not going to be able to get mates if you cannot interact with them in a way that is conducive to forming the relationships you want. And by the law of attraction, as well as the law of reciprocity, your output equals your input – you will get back what you put out into the world around you. So if you are an introverted or even antisocial person, and do not know how to flirt or express your sexuality, you will not find yourself interacting with people in a manner that is conducive to forming relationships…that is if you can even sustain interactions or get into them at all. Many people think that they can practice the law of attraction by sitting at home meditating and their ideal mate will magically show up on their doorstep. This is simply not how the universe works. No matter how powerful of a mind or spirit you may have, it will just not happen. Just like everything else in life (Food, Clothes, jobs, etc.) the universe can only give you what you want if you can actually go and get it. I mean when you are out of food or need a job, do you sit at home waiting for it to come to your door? No, you go out and you get what you want. You have to be able to do that with mates as well. So you need to adopt an outgoing social and sexual personality if you want to have incoming mates to receive.





The best way to do this is by not only assuming a new social and sexual persona, as I teach you how to do in True Life Relationships, but also by dating yourself. This means going out and doing the types of things that you like to do, for yourself.  If you cultivate the type of personality that can be alone because of the fact that you have enough value to offer yourself that you can self-entertain, and you are living the type of life that keeps you engaged in wholesome activity, then you of course have a lot to offer a potential partner as well.  And then while you are going out and about living your best life by doing enriching activities, the same types of people who would want to be on those dates with you will already be there, and all you have to do is be that socially and sexually outgoing person and approach them and talk to them and then start flirting and attracting them.  And it will be easy for them to see the value that you have to offer and engage with you in a meaningful way, which can then lead to a very fulfilling and synergistic relationship.  Because when two kindred spirits come together (through the like attracts like principle of the law of attraction) and start giving each other energies, these energies combine to form a synergy that is greater than the sum of its parts and will bring you both to a whole new spiritual level of being together.  It is through this energetic synergy that you can attain a great level of bliss and ecstasy through your love and sexual partnership, and live out the life of your wildest dreams together.






However anytime you go home alone at the end of one of your “dates” you can always use Self Pleasure Rituals and use creative visualization and then harness the manifesting power of orgasm to help bring about the dating and sex life you want to have. And if you want to learn more about exactly how to become a more socially and sexually outgoing person and attract, connect with, flirt and get the partners and love life you want, click here now for my Easy Automated Mate Getting System that will give you the ability to attract your ideal mates without any effort what so ever!




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