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The Controversial Truth About Christian Sexuality That Most Pastors Don’t Want You To Know Revealed Here!



I love it when people tell me I shouldn’t be doing or teaching something about sexuality because God says its wrong, not knowing that I am an ordained minister and know what I am talking about more than they do. Here is how many of these conversations go, and an actual conversation transcript that happened recently:


Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So what do you do?”


Me: “I am a Sexual Educator”


Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So are you teaching sex as God intended?”


Me: “I teach how to have a healthy fulfilling sex life, its up to people to apply it to their own preferences.”


Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So are you teaching that this should only happen between a married man and a woman?”


Me: “No because its not my business what relationship model people choose, I just teach them how to interact in sexual relations”


Him: “Well if you are not teaching that sex should only be had between a married man or woman then you are teaching things that are anti Christian and sinful.”


Me: “That’s not true”


Him: “Yes it is.”


Me: “How so?”


Him: “Because God only intended and gave his word that sex should be had between a married man and woman.”


Me: “That’s not true”


Him: “Yes it is”


Me:  “Ok so what makes you think that”


Him: “Because it says it in the Bible”


Me:  “No it actually does not”


Him: “yes it does


Me: “ok where in the Bible”


Him: “I don’t know but it does”


Me: “Ok well Sir, first of all, it’s inappropriate of you to go around in a social context telling people that their relationship paradigm’s are sinful. This is not the time or place to be having this conversation. If this were in a religious context and I was asking your opinion that would be another thing, but this is a social setting in which you’ve been introduced to me by a mutual friend and what you are doing is extremely rude and uncalled for. And also, you don’t know who you are preaching to, and in fact I am a religious scholar and ordained minister who knows what I am talking about, and what I am teaching in my company, and I work not only on my own but with another minister who is my counsel to make sure that I am only teaching things that are within Gods word, but it is still up to the individual to determine their own value systems, my main concern is helping people to be sexually healthy. But I can assure you that God never said sex is only supposed to be had between a married man and woman. Your church may have told you to that, as many churches do say to people, but God never said that.”


Him: “Yes he did”


Me: “Well God is also not a he. But you tell me where in the Bible it says that and I will stand corrected.”


Him: “I don’t know where in the Bible it says that off hand. but I know that it says that.”


Me: “Well I can tell you for a fact, and can list to you the actual Bible verses, where it says contrary. There are numerous passages that advocate polygamy. And whenever the Bible talks about monogamous marriage, those rules only apply towards women. When married in biblical times men were allowed to still have sex with other women, and marry other women. It was women who were only allowed to have sex with their husband.”


Him: “No that’s not true.”


Me: “Have you read the Bible?”


Him: “yes I have and I know it says marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman, I don’t know the passages but I’ll look them up when I get home and I can email you what they are.”


Me: “Ok I would like that. Because I can certainly list the passages in which it says contrary, and I will look forward to doing so. But are you sure you are going to remember to do this?”


Him: “Yea I’m not drunk, I know what it says in the Bible and I’m going to look it up and email you.”


Me: “Ok make sure you email me”



And I never heard from him again, just like all the others who I have had this same EXACT conversation with.



But for those of you open minded Christians or spiritualists who would actually like to hear about what God actually said about sex in the Bible, here you go.



There are a lot of rules about human sexuality being imposed upon people these days by the modern Christian fundamentalist church authorities.  Many people have become very sexually unhealthy due to these rules imposed upon them, even being made to think that their sexuality in itself is immoral.



The church claims that there is only one form of sexual experience that is not immoral, and that is heterosexual penis in vagina intercourse within the confines of a legal marriage, and for the purpose of procreation and not pleasure.  They have deemed all other sex acts as “fornication”, which means that they are a “sin” which you will go to hell for.



But is this really true?  And what does fornication actually mean, and where does this whole paradigm come from?



Fornication, as we know it today, being defined as “sex outside of marriage”, is actually not a sin. How do we know this?



Well, because actually the word did not appear in the Bible until King James edited it in to try to control peoples sexual interactions and relationships to create a sociopolitical paradigm that would consolidate his political power over people, and ability to control their procreation and bloodlines by controlling their ability to engage in sexual congress.



The word fornication was not part of God’s word.  It was edited into the Bible by a man.  A King.  For the purposes of ruler ship, not communicating divine messages.



In actuality non-monogamy and “Fornication” is not a sin.  Not according to the Bible or God at least, nor the Christians who existed during biblical times.  Only according to King James and modern Christian fundamentalist authorities of the modern western churches, who want to be able to dictate how people have their relationships so that they will subscribe to the institution of marriage and get married under the church, which gives the church business and money…as well as what else?  Control.



KJV of the Bible has 5 references to fornication in the Old Testament, and 30 in the new Testament. But the NIV translation has 0 references to fornication…absolutely none…why?  And why is so called fornication not a sin and where does the concept even come from?  Well, the Greek word “pornea” is what king James translated into fornication.



This is where the word pornography comes from.  It means general sexual immorality.  It doesn’t reference any specific sex act, but just is an umbrella term for anything that might be considered immoral, namely in sexuality, or false idol worship.



The NIV Version of the Bible is more accurate translating “pornea” into sexual immorality than King James translating it into fornication.  Fornication means sex outside of marriage and is never referenced in the Bible as an immoral spiritual issue.  It was a sociopolitical cultural issue in Israel because people having children wanted blood lines to be in tact in that culture.  But it was not considered a sin at all by God’s word and “law”.



So it is adultery, not fornication, which was advised against in the Bible.  However adultery as we define it is much different than what it was meant when written about in the Bible.





And if fornication isn’t condemned in the Bible and doesn’t mean sex outside of marriage, what does adultery mean?  Does it mean sex outside of marriage?



No.  Adultery didn’t mean sex outside of marriage back then.  Adultery means to corrupt or pollute.  It meant corrupting ones bloodlines.  Which means that a male cannot have sex with someone’s wife, corrupting that person’s bloodline.



Women were considered property in those days, not equal with their husbands.  When married they were considered possession of the husband and having sex with someone’s wife was considered stealing their property, and “adultering” their blood line.  A married man however could have sex with whoever he wanted.  And no sex outside of marriage was considered immoral, only having sex with someone else’s wife, since wives were possessions and not people with human rights under that sociopolitical paradigm.  So subscribing to those ideas is subscribing to an outdated, barbaric social tradition in which wives were similar to slaves.  The idea of monogamy was actually a misogynistic one which was only imposed upon married women because their sexuality and human rights had been sold to their husband in exchange for the dowry and securities he would offer her and her father/family.  Marriage was in fact simply a way of controlling blood lines, as well as family possessions and titles.  The same way that priests are kept celibate so that all of their property can go to the clergy, rather than their heirs. Monogamy is in fact misogyny at its most ultimate, and comes from legalism, not spiritualism.



Non-monogamy was never considered wrong for anyone besides a married woman.  In fact it is sanctioned in the Bible in many instances.   For example.  In Genesis chapters 15-16 tells the story of Abraham, Sarah and Hanker.  Abraham was promised he would have descendents as numerous as the stars.  He and his wife Sarah were getting old however, so Sarah believing she was too old to bear children, gave him her Egyptian slave girl to sleep with and have children with.  So you see non-monogamy, even with a married man, was not an issue.



The Hebrew word that is translated to wife in this verse actually has a number of translations: woman, wife, female, child bearer or even harlot.  The best way to ascertain the intended meaning of a word is to look at the context.  The context of genesis 15-16 is that Sarah wanted to use her slave girl as a surrogate, allowing him to have sex with her without getting married.   Some say that they then entered into a polygamous marriage.  In either case, no one is saying that in either version non-monogamy is “fornication” or “pornea”.



Adultery is defined and thought of today as sexual relations with someone other than your spouse.  But the word adultery in biblical times meant idol worship (spiritual adultery) or sex with someone’s wife other than your own.  But no man gets condemned for having sex with women who are not owned by any other man.  You do not see condemnation by God for polyamory or polygamy.  In fact there are other cases of polyamory and polygamy in the Bible which are sanctioned by God.  King Solomon for example was blessed with 700 wives and 300 hundred concubines.  He was not only allowed but supposed to be both polygamous and polyamorous, as one of God’s blessing.  Having ongoing relations with a thousand women both in large group marriage and outside of marriage.  This is perhaps one of the largest cases of non-monogamy in history…and these women and this lifestyle was given to Solomon by God.  So why would God bless someone with so many sex partners and such a sexual lifestyle if it is a major sin?  Because it is not, God wants us to have sex.  But King James Didn’t want you to know that, so he removed that information from the Bible.



Some fundamentalists say that God has changed his mind about this type of lifestyle today…but God has never said that is the case…this again is just church officials wanting to be able to dictate sociopolitical paradigms to people that are good for its control and business success through very expensive marriage ceremonies, and controlling peoples sex drives.



The Bible contains absolutely no condemnation against polygamy, it is actually abundant in the Bible.  To say otherwise is to put words in Gods mouth.  And no one can add words to the Bible and change Gods word…which the Bible actually strongly warns against…And why are any Christians listening to preachers who are not speaking Gods true word, but are changing what he said to suit their own personal agendas?



The fact is that monogamous marriage paradigms being imposed upon people these days is a sociopolitical transgression of Christianity, not a progression.  The monogamous marriages that women were forced into were misogynistic, unhealthy, and objectifying, as well as forced  legalized prostitution of the woman by her parents to her husband…which is highly immoral, much more than any form of so called “fornication” in which people are allowed to exercise their free will to choose their sexual partners and have a healthy active sex life with whoever they want.  Which is really called polyamory, and was sanctioned by the Bible as well as marriage, which did not have to be monogamous, at least for the man.



However there have been some positive progressions with the sociopolitical paradigm since the biblical patriarchy.  For now of days since we do not live according to the same patriarchy of biblical times, women are not seen as property to be owned, and their social status and human rights, as well as blood lines, are seen as equally valuable as men’s.  Thus now women have the right to be polyandrous and take on multiple partners just like men.  The male privilege has been extended to females as well, because monogamy was in fact a very highly formalized misogyny.  Which is why that with the feminine and sexual revolution the paradigm changed and women started having the basic human rights of the same sexual freedoms that men have always had.



Back in the biblical patriarchal times women found cheating on her husband would be put to death, while a husband was allowed to have sex with other women when married.  And the woman had no right to leave her husband for another man even if the relationship was abusive.  However now it is considered entirely socially acceptable for a woman to leave a man for another if the relationship is unhealthy.   And  Women can enjoy having the same social/sexual life a man always has without being sold/forced into an arranged monogamous marriage she might not want to be in, in which she is owned by her husband.  Women can date around and even have sex with whoever they want.  In fact a woman never has to get married.   She has the freedom to choose her partners, the type of relationships she will have with them, how many she will have, how long she will stay with them, how she enjoys her sexuality with them, and even if they are male or female.  This is progress, and it is much more moral than the monogamy paradigm that women used to fall under, in which they were often forced against their will and treated like property in a very unhealthy and oftentimes abusive relationship.  And as long as the word immoral means something that hurts another person, that would certainly be considered immoral.  Women now having sexual freedom is moral, it is not fornication, pornography, or any other terms that a misogynistic, controlling, patriarchal male might use to shame a woman for it, such as “whore”, which is a better way to reference an old fashioned wife.



The English translation of a Bible cannot be taken at face value of any one persons interpretation.  When something is translated across sociolinguistic boundaries there is the possibility of mistranslation, and this is what has occurred, oftentimes intentionally to change the meaning of words that were originally in Hebrew and Greek and meant different things.



Being a prude is not the same as being Godly.  In fact God made us highly sexual and sensual beings, and not for us to repress our sexuality, but to experience it fully.  It is the fundamentalist establishment that has become the Pharoses in law in our own time, nitpicking various sexual acts and telling us what we should or shouldn’t do, which was never done by God, Jesus, or the Bible.



Legalism is alive and well in our society, and marriage as it appears in this society under the church is a great institution of legalism.  Two lovers being told that they cannot live together or have sex because it is a sin is in fact wrong.  Churches are destroying relationships and causing people to become sexually repressed and unhealthy, which is not Godly, and not clean, because sex is not dirty and celibacy does not make one clean or Godly, in fact it makes one unhealthy, and thus less clean and less Godly.



Some pastors even go as far as to say that people should not masturbate or kiss anyone or experience their sexuality in any way until marriage.  Thus some people do not attempt to experience their sexuality until marriage…but then find that after so many years of systematic brainwashing and sexual repression they cannot now begin to experience their sexuality and still feel guilty and shameful about it and their marriage becomes a sexually unhealthy relationship that fails.  Also many people make bad decisions about marriage partners simply because they want to finally be able to have a sexual relationship, and this also causes unhealthy relationships, unhealthy families, and broken homes.  This is not Godly either.



Some pastors even teach that sexual desires and thoughts themselves are sinful.  This is based on Mathew chapter 5 verses 27-28 when Jesus explains that to look at a woman with lust is to commit adultery with her in your heart.  We must look at the context and how the word adultery and the word woman have been translated.  The word that meant wife was translated as woman.  And adultery meant taking ones property.  Jesus meant not to contemplate a lustful relationship with another man’s wife.  Jesus was not talking about having a mere sexual desire or thought.  You are allowed to have sexual fantasies.  What he meant was not to think about and contemplate stealing another man’s property.



Sexual “Sin” ranks higher than any other sin, by 500% more than the second place sin in men.  Why is that?  Because it’s not something that is supposed to be considered a sin and suppressed, it is something that is natural and very divine in and of itself and is meant to be experienced very readily.  Sexuality is not in and of itself sinful unless you are hurting someone else with it in the case of rape or breaking apart a healthy relationship/marriage/home.  The only thing that makes an act immoral is if it harms another person.  Sex is pure and spiritual.  God made us sexual beings to experience the rapture and bliss of his consciousness through our sexuality by coming into union with the opposite gender and having orgasm, which requires the divine power of God to have, and is a form of divine intervention, which is why it causes reproduction.  To deny your sexuality with abstinence, as Christians are taught to do until marriage, is to deny God and Gods power and love within yourself, as well as Gods want for you to experience him and the bliss of his love and consciousness…and also it is extremely unhealthy.



Because of legalism still being in effect here in the west, there is even Sexual Education classes for children in schools, in which they are not actually educated about sexuality from a physiological standpoint, but against having sex, from a Christian standpoint.  In spite of there being a “separation of church and state” (which apparently there really isn’t), the state is paying out hundreds of millions of tax dollars to abstinence only Sex Ed for children in schools, which is hardly educational as it is really Christian proselytizing.  These students are not given information, but opinions from Christians.  People who tell these children that they need to be more afraid of STD’s than they ought to, instilling a fear of sex in them.  They are also taught more guilt and shame about any sexual touching that they may encounter.  They are taught that they should avoid any sexual touching or fluid exchange (so that means no kissing even), and that if they do any of that they can no longer call themselves a virgin, and have thus sinned, and should be ashamed of themselves.  And worst of all, are taught to only have one sex partner because having sex is like chewing gum, and once you have had it you are “like a piece of chewed gum that no one else will want to chew after that” (yes this is a real verbatim quote from one of the most popular sex ed teachers in the bible belt).


This miseducation of our youth has caused these children to have more mental health complexes about sex than it has promoted abstinence.  Studies of the regions with this form of sex ed have actually shown that this form of sexual education is less effective and makes people less sexually healthy.  Not only do these people not practice abstinence because of it, but instead they simply do not know how to practice safe sex.  In fact they do not know anything about being sexually healthy, because they weren’t taught it.  And they certainly do not know how to think about their sexuality in a healthy way.  And studies have shown that these regions have the highest rates of STD’s and unwanted pregnancies.  And as if that weren’t enough, the harmful ideas about “purity” that are taught in these classes actually even cause horrible mental complexes in the people who do practice abstinence and wait until marriage.  For starters it is sexually objectifying, making these teens feel like their main source of value to potential partners is having untouched loins, making them feel as if they are little more than sex objects.  But then after having sex the first time on their wedding night like they think they are supposed to, they still feel ashamed of it, they still feel like a piece of chewed up gum. Because they were never taught to think about their sexuality in a healthy way. And the worst effect of these classes of all is that they cause sexual repression and frustration, which causes a higher rate of sexual assault and rape…and when girls get sexually assaulted or raped, in spite of it not being something that they chose to do and shouldn’t feel responsible for, they still feel like their purity has been tarnished and they are now just a used piece of gum that no one else will ever want.  So as you can see the effects of this abstinence only “sexual education” are extremely counterproductive and detrimental.



Our children were entrusted to us by the lord to care for, protect and keep safe, and nurture and guide through their development so that they can grow up to be mentally healthy and well adjusted adults.  Teaching them abstinence is not doing any of that.  It only seeks to cause them to become sexually repressed and unhealthy.  And furthermore it makes them unable to actually process their sexual desires and urges.  And most of all it makes them ignorant about healthy sexual practices which they will then be unable to engage in when their sexual desires become overwhelming and they simply cannot control themselves anymore, which we all know does happen at times of passion, and when the only option is unprotected sex had in reckless abandon, that is exactly what happens.


This misinformation these kids are taught is simply not safe, it is very harmful and destructive, and since it doesn’t even work and only leads to the transgression of its very principles, it should not be thought of as Christian.  It should be thought of as psychological child abuse, which is what it is, and why it has to stop.  Especially considering that it is actually promoting widespread social issues and viral pandemics!  This is simply not the type of thing a good conscientious person would subject children to, especially a loving parent to their own children.  Not to mention that Christian teachings should be healthy and good for us, especially our kids.  So if you have children who you care about please do not under any circumstances subject them to that form of “sex ed”.  Teens who are going through puberty absolutely must be taught how to have safe sex and use condoms.  You wouldn’t not teach them how to use band-aid’s and other things in a first AID kit simply because you would rather they not get hurt in the first place.  The same goes for sex.



I think we can agree that sex is about love and reproduction.  You do not want to rob your children of their ability to make love and start a family in a healthy way.  And these values of love and family are very important ones that any Christian should want to keep intact.  Jesus said that the greatest commandment is to love the lord your God.  And the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor.  There is a reason why sex is called “making love”.  Because it is a beautiful and divine thing to do.  And there is nothing wrong with doing it with your neighbor, or whoever you feel that sense of love for.  As long as you are not doing so with someone in a monogamously marriage.   God’s word in the Bible condones polyamory and polygamy.  And there is also no condemnation of homosexuality, or any form of sexual desire and experimentation, such as anal sex.  Many people think Sodom and Gommorah were destroyed because of anal sex.  But it is actually not a fact that you can find or reference in the Bible.  Some people say it was implied, but that is still putting words in Gods mouth that God never actually said.



The only thing things that are definitively immoral are misogyny and trying to deny someone their basic human right to sexual selection due to their gender or orientation, and cheating on a spouse who thinks that you are monogamous with them.  I think we can all agree on that.  Right?



Another thing that I’m sure we can all agree upon is that there is actually nothing wrong or immoral about sex and sexuality. They are good things, and that is why God made them feel good.  In fact the union of man and woman is a very sacred spiritual thing.  So why not just keep it at that?



In fact, one of the most significant things about sexuality that was edited out of the bible was the fact that Christ was actually not celibate…he had a lover named Mary Magdeline.  She even had gospels that she wrote that most Christians do not know about because they are not in the King James Bible.  Christ was in fact a man who had sex with a woman, and had children and a blood line that has been kept secret by the church.



Just as how most of the works of King Solomon have been edited out because of the fact that he was actually one of the greatest magicians of all time.  In fact you will find that the original unedited version of the bible is full of both Magick and Metaphysics.  As well as lots of other great spiritual information on such things as sexuality and other practical applications of spirituality that the Western European religious authorities and the government that they worked in cooperation with did not want you to know. Because they did not want the people to be spiritually empowered.  They wanted people to be spiritually enslaved.



So where can you find the original works of Christ and Biblical Scriptures?  Here are some resources for you to check out:


-The Apocryphal Bible – These are the texts that have been edited out of the Bible, such as the books of Solomon and Macabees.


-The Mount Sinai Bible – This is the original biblical Text


-The Gnostic Gospels – These are Esoteric Christian Gospels


-The Dead Sea Scrolls – More Esoteric Christian Texts


-The Gospel of Mary Magdeline – The Gospel of Christs Lover


-Bwiti – The original form of Christianity, which is an African Shamanic religion, and still the predominant religion of Africa.  No, Christ was not white, there aren’t white people in the area of the world that he is from, this is another European lie. And no african’s are not all primitive savages who worship polytheistic deities.  In fact the first Christians were Africans.  And now catholics and other missionaries return to these African tribes to try to convert them to their later version of Christianity, which has been vastly changed by the European Clergy for control of the masses under threat of “Hell”, which was never something that was taught about in the original Christian teachings.  When these missions return to the African Bwitists to tell them to worship Christ they say “we do, we have been for longer than you, see here are our pictures of him.”  The Neo-Christians will then warn them of “Hell” and say “well if you don’t follow our version you will go there to burn” and the Bwitists laugh and say “Why would god send us there?  He loves us!”  This is Truth my friends.  Modern Christianity is about fear mongering.  God is not about fear, He is about love.  Want more evidence about the Hell conspiracy among the other misinformation put out by the European Clergy?  Check out:


-Bishop Shelby Spong – A former Clergyman (Bishop, as it says) who is now speaking out and releasing these secrets that the church has used to enslave the masses since its beginning.  He is now however releasing real spiritual information to help the masses attain enlightenment and get closer to god.   He is a great resource to have, be sure to look up his interviews and lectures on youtube.


-Any information on King Solomon is a great find.


-Jewish Texts and Lectures are great sources of information since this is one of the main roots of Christianity, which has not been adulterated by misinterpretation and misinformation.


-Other Esoteric Texts such as the book of Enoch


Just do your research!  Know what the roots of your belief system are!




And finally I would like to conclude with a handful of bible verses that can be found even in the KJV and NIV translations of the bible and which you can look up right now and find translated almost exactly the same as I write it here regardless of where you find it (perhaps with a few minor syntactic differences that do not affect the meaning as do the mistranslations I have mentioned in this article).  These clearly and definitively state the nature of sexuality as God intended it, and is the very bottom line of what you need to know about sexuality as god gave it to you:


God created our bodies for sex, and his first commandment to us was to have it in large amounts:


Genesis 1:27-28 KJV
“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.  And God blessed them, and God said unto them, go be fruitful, and multiply…”



The Bible says that man and woman were meant for each other in sexual partnership and should not be separate:


Mark 10:6-9 NIV
6 “But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’
7 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,
8 and the two will become one flesh.’So they are no longer two, but one flesh.
9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”



The Bible Says to leave your parents to seek partners, and not be ashamed of your sexuality:


Genesis 2:24-25
“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his woman, and they shall become one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed”



The Bible promotes sensual pleasures:


Proverbs 5:19
“As a loving hind and a graceful doe, Let her breasts satisfy you at all times; Be exhilarated always with her love.”



Again and again…in romantic poetry…


Song of Solomon 7:6-12 ESV
“How beautiful and pleasant you are, O loved one, with all your delights! Your stature is like a palm tree, and your breasts are like its clusters. I say I will climb the palm tree and lay hold of its fruit. Oh may your breasts be like clusters of the vine, and the scent of your breath like apples, and your mouth like the best wine. It goes down smoothly for my beloved, gliding over lips and teeth. I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.”



The Bible Says it is a couples duty to be sexually fulfilled together:


I Corinthians 7:3,5, NIV
“The husband should fulfill his marital duty to his wife, and likewise the wife to her husband. The wife’s body does not belong to her alone but also to her husband. In the same way, the husband’s body does not belong to him alone but also to his wife. So do not refus these rights to each other and deprive one another.”



And the Bible promotes Polygamy:


Judges 8:30
“And Gideon had threescore and ten sons of his body begotten: for he had many wives.”


2 Chronicles 11:21 New International Version (NIV)
“Rehoboam loved Maakah daughter of Absalom more than any of his other wives and concubines. In all, he had eighteen wives and sixty concubines, twenty-eight sons and sixty daughters.”


1 Kings 11:3
“King Solomon had 700 wives, who were princesses, and 300 concubines.”



So there you have it! I hope this helps and that you can release any sexual shame Christianities cultural interpretations has brought on, and have the prosperous sex life that God wants you to.


Can I get an “Amen”??




-Rev. Brian Krall




2 thoughts on “The Controversial Truth About Christian Sexuality That Most Pastors Don’t Want You To Know Revealed Here!

  1. “….Another thing that I’m sure we can all agree upon is that there is actually nothing wrong or immoral about sex and sexuality. They are good things, and that is why God made them feel good. In fact the union of man and woman is a very sacred spiritual thing. So why not just keep it at that?…”

    That’s true.
    It’s really no one’s business what a Christian woman does with the man she dates.

    It really doesn’t matter and she’s still a good Christian girl, even as she prepares to give herself to that nonChristian man she’s dating.

    As he makes all the moves he needs to make to penetrate her & push deep into her sweet Christian p*ssy, she doesn’t try to stop him.
    TBH, she doesn’t want to stop him. The feelings he gave her as they engaged in all of that “heavy petty” or “everything…but” sex-play got to her.
    She doesn’t try to stop him as he begins to slowly slide his hungry penis deep into her very wet womanhood…

    “It will be all right,” he reassures her as they kiss and caress. “Christian women give themselves to the men they date all the time. It won’t hurt that much and I will be with you the whole time. You can still go on portraying yourself as a good Christian girl — even as you give-into your desires and surrender your Christian innocence to me- all through the night…”

    Her religious restriction removed, she lays-back & prepares to take him.

    As he pushes deep into her, they both look into each others’ eyes as his forehead meets her holy hymen. She nods & with one deliberate — but loving — push, he bursts her her and his penis sinks deeper into her depths as he makes her a woman.

    She finds she enjoys his passionate thrusts.
    She doesn’t think much about her faith or her convictions as he makes passionate love to her. She holds him even tighter as she feels him filling her sweet Christian p*ssy with his godless spermy cum….

    He may go to church with her, but afternoons, after church, are spent together as she becomes subservient to his carnal and passionate thrusts, which she enjoys immensely.

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