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29 Types of Erotic Touch for Maximizing Your Sensual Pleasure More Than Ever! (OMG)



29 Types of Erotic Touch

For Maximizing Your Sexual Pleasure

Through Foreplay and Sensual Play



It is no secret that most people out there are not having the best sex that they can possibly have.  This is because they are not being as sensually engaging as they can be in sex.  It is a great complaint among women that men usually skip foreplay and then ejaculate too fast, and sex becomes a “wham bam thank you ma’am” kind of thing that produces little to no pleasure for the women, and minimal pleasure for the man as well.  This is why most people have very boring monotonous sex lives that they are not satisfied with, and causes most sexual relationships to end at some point due to the couples sexual frustrations and how they can affect the whole relationship.


Now if you are the type of person who just wants to have 2 minutes of sex with minimal stimulation, go right ahead.  But this article is not for you.  It is for the type of person who wants to get the most pleasure possible out of sex and engage their body in all kinds of ways so that they can become SUPER ORGASMIC!  Because here in this article I am going to be revealing to you every type of erotic touch that you need to know about in order to produce the ultimate sensual sexual experience for you and your partner possible, so that you can both get the most pleasure out of sex possible.



In order to have the best sex possible you really need to engage the whole body and create a great sensual experience for yourself and your partner.  This can be done through what is called “Sensual Play”, which can also be used for much greater foreplay, which will produce a much more climactic experience for you and your partner(s).



And trust me, I can tell you from experience that when you use these special tactics that most people do not know about, you are going to make your partner so hot and horny, so aroused and turned on, and feel sooooo goooooood that they just cant stand it!  And you yourself will be able to feel as good as possible using these techniques with them too.  You will both get stimulated with so much pleasure that you will be having screaming orgasms together and may even wake up the neighbors!  So just consider yourself warned…



There are 29 types of Erotic Touch that I have outlined here for you to learn and practice in your foreplay and sensual play.  If you use these you will maximize your pleasure in sex and become much more orgasmic, and have a really amazing sensual experience with your partner(s).





The 29 Types Of Erotic Touch



  1. Wrists and hands – hold them and lightly caress them, they are very sensitive. and also you can pin them down above the persons arms and be dominant over them with sensual play.
  2. Forearms and underside of the arm – These are highly sensitive and erogenous and can be easily stroked while holding hands and will get them turned on.
  3. Hugging – If you are a man you can put your hands on the woman’s but and lift her up if you are standing. If you are sitting you can climb on top of her and hold her in a bear hug that is very dominant and makes her feel restrained.  If you are a woman you can hug sensually or even as if you are a baby girl and give your man the sense that you need him and that there is some emotion in the hug.  Put your head next to the persons and nuzzle them when hugging.  And if you are laying down hug with your legs too.
  4. Cuddling – One partner should lie down on their back flat and put their arm under the other partner’s head, while this partner puts their arm over the other partner’s chest, and their leg on top of the other partner’s legs.  The other partner can then wrap their other arm and leg around their partner as well.  This is what I call “the super cuddle” and is about as much full body contact as you can have and is extremely intimate.  You can combine this with any kind of caressing or body play that you want with your free hands, however just holding one another for a while can be all that some partners may want at some times as it does cause a lot of feelings and may be needed to help them feel comfortable and connected with you.
  5. Hair and head – playing with someone’s hair is very pleasant for most people. Run your hand up the back of the head starting at the neck and then go from there.  This can be combined with a head massage or head scratching which most people also love.  If your partner has long hair you can gently but firmly grab and tug it at the base of the neck which also causes very sensual sensations.  Again start by running your hands up through the hair at the bottom of the back of the head.  And you can be as dominant with this as they like.
  6. Face & Head – you can lightly cradle the head and face by wrapping your hands around the jaw and back of the ears, or around the cheeks and temple. This is great for doing while you are kissing someone or cuddling and caressing them, and can be combined with deep romantic eye contact. You can turn this very sensual by beginning to caress their face and head which also has erogenous zones on it.  The cheeks are highly erogenous, as are the lips, and even the forehead, so you can lightly caress these areas.  Caress in broad circular strokes along the cheeks and outside of the face. This can also be combined with playing with their hair and giving them a head massage which is also very sensual.
  7. Ears – lightly caressing the ear starting from the top and then following the curvature of the ear down to the lobe and squeezing it there (which is an acupressure point). Also one of the most intensely erotic ways you can touch someone is in their ear with your mouth.  While cuddling or nuzzling or kissing their neck, direct your mouth to their ear and begin to lightly breathe hot breath into it.  If they do not back away (as some may not like it because it may tickle, or feel weird or too intense, but most do like it), then continue doing it more heavily, and then put your nose into their ear to tickle it a little more directly, and if they like that start using your tongue on their ear, and then if they like that you can begin sucking on it and nibbling it a little, and even lightly kiss the outer part of it.  Then you can move your efforts back down to their neck.
  8. Stomach – lift up their top and lightly caress their stomach up and down with your whole hand at first, then you can concentrate lighter touching with just the finger tips along the sides and waist, which are more sensitive.
  9. Clothes – Trace around the edges of her clothes with your fingers lightly and under the straps of her bra or panties before taking them off
  10. Ass grabbing – Grab the whole thing; wrap your whole hand around it. This can be done when hugging or cuddling.  This can then be combined with an ass massage and caressing the ass with your whole hand, which you can combine with caressing the small of her back which is highly sensual, and caressing the tops of their thighs which are also highly sensual, and you can then brush your hand against the bottoms of their genitals in a teasing fashion to start to arouse them.
  11. Spanking – Start lightly and do it repeatedly to cause a light sting and if they are enjoying it you can increase how hard you are doing it until they show signs that it is enough. You can also use a flog or a paddle.
  12. Wrestling – you can start with the hands by holding hands and then pushing or pinning them, or with hugging which you can do dominantly. And if this doesn’t prompt them to push back (as it often won’t if they are submissive), you can then roll over and bring them on top of you manually, and then roll back so you are on top.  If this doesn’t prompt them tell them you want them to resist and wrestle back.  Wrestling can be very fun and you can combine it with animalistic primal play such as biting and scratching, as well as nice light sensual romantic play such as nuzzling, hugging and cuddling.
  13. Caressing – Light strokes with the whole hand are good for warming someone up and having a soothing effect that makes them feel connected to you and romantically engaged which is lightly erotic. However taking your palm off of the skin and using just the fingers in a light touch is much more sensual and becomes highly erotic and arousing.  Using the broad caress with the whole hand first which can also be combined with groping and grabbing, and then use lighter strokes with just the fingertips.  Finally, use the lightest touch possible and just lightly drag the very tips of the fingers over your partner’s skin concentrating your caress more and more on the most erogenous zones.  You can also lightly drag the tips of your finger nails for the most intense sensual experience which borders on a tickle, or may actually tickle them at some places, so make sure that is something they enjoy.
  14. Scratching – do it lightly in foreplay so that it is sensual and just harder than a tickle, you can do it harder during sex especially during peak experiences
  15. Tickling – Lightly tickling certain areas of the person’s body can be very pleasant for some as you trace your fingers over their body, but be sure to ask them if they like tickling or not because some hate it.
  16. Chest – If you are a man with a woman cup the breasts and use your hands as a bra, then caress them in a circular motion starting at the bottom and working your way around to the top, and back down and around again, starting around the outside and working your way in in a spiraling motion towards the nipple. DO not go right for the nipple but stimulate from the outside in and then the nipple will be highly aroused and you can focus on that by flicking it, tickling it, licking and sucking it, and even pinching it.  If you are a woman touching a man he will not have the same sensitivity as you do in your breasts outside of the nipple, however men’s nipples are much more sensitive.  So you can use a similar technique but without the cupping.  Just trace a spiral outside the chest to the inside and then stimulate the nipple in the same exact way you would want your stimulated, but ask him what he likes too and give it to him the way he wants.  This can help men to become much more sensually engaged and orgasmic.
  17. Lips, Kissing, Licking, Biting, & Sucking – Brushing your lips along someone’s body starting at the neck and working your way down their shoulders and chest, and stomach, and legs is a highly sensual and erotic, arousing activity. You want to be breathing hot breath on them while you do so and make your kisses very sensual (not lick pecks, and not like you are trying to eat them).  You want to be stimulating their skin with your lips in a caress like you did with their fingers.  However using hot breath on them makes it extremely arousing.  You can also use licking here and there by darting your tongue over certain erogenous zones such as the nipples, waist, hips and thighs, however many other areas the tongue will not stimulate well, and you should only use the breath which is the most sensual and arousing thing.  You can use biting in these areas as well but it should be used even more sparingly than the licking and should be done gently and playfully unless your partner shows you that they like primal animalistic play and are getting rambunctious.  A great way to bite that most people enjoy, which can be done at rounded areas such as neck and shoulders and waist, is by opening the mouth and dragging your teeth along the area.  Sucking should be done even less as that only really feels good on the neck, nipples, and genitals.
  18. Hips – These are sensual areas that are really great to trace lightly with your fingertips once you have worked down the waist or up the thighs and will really arouse your partner’s genitals. However they are also great for wrapping your hands around and pulling your partner in to you which makes them also feel aroused and “taken” and will make them want you to fuck them.
  19. Pulling – Pulling can also be done by: The hair, the thighs or under the knees, the back, the stomach or waist if you wrap your arms all the way around, the shoulders. Just make sure that you use a firm grip and are supporting your partner and not pulling them in a way that will feel uncomfortable as that will be unarousing.  When you pull them into you really wrap your arms around them and hug them dominantly to make them feel taken and controlled by you as well as taken care of and loved or romanced.  This is highly arousing for partners especially submissive ones and will make them want you to take them more and have sex with them.
  20. Pushing – You can grab someone by the shoulders and push them down and climb on top of them which is a very erotic and arousing experience especially if they are a submissive type. But even if they are not.  While doing this look them intensely in the eyes.  Place firm pressure on their shoulders and chest, but do not put your full body weight on it if you are heavy as that may be uncomfortable.  Just put as much as it takes to hold them down, and then hold them there while continuing to look at them deeply in the eyes and give them a mischievous look.   This can then be combined with kissing, hair pulling, choking, scratching, biting, or just wrapping your arms around them and hugging/cuddling them dominantly.
  21. Choking – Some people are into this, mostly women. And though many women are into this, you absolutely must ask first and ask how much pressure they want.  Some may just want your hand to lightly rest there.  Some may want to be choked hard until they pass out.  Communication is key.  Make sure you do not apply more pressure than they want, and apply pressure around the throat but do not directly press down on the throat too hard.  The idea is to constrict blood flow not air.  I recommend not doing it for more than 30 seconds at a time.
  22. Long Broad Stroking – You can use broad strokes of your hands and fingers up and down the entire length of their body while they lay on their back or front. As most of these zones are erogenous.  You can start at their neck and shoulders and work your way down to their feet or vice versa.  Or you can start at their wrists and work your way down to their feet or vice versa.  You can start with your whole hand to warm them up which will feel soothing and romantic and then use lighter and lighter caress to make it much more sensual and erotic which will become very arousing to them.  You can also do very light scratching as well which can be highly erotic for many people.
  23. Feet – Grab the whole feet with your hands which gives a grounding feeling for them. And you can massage the underside of their feet with your fingers which is very relaxing and stress relieving.
  24. Massage – A full body massage can be very stress relieving and romantic and make someone feel loved, however you can also make it very sensual and erotic.
  25. Full Body Contact – Laying on someone with your full body weight can feel really great. Having as much skin on skin contact as possible can be highly sensual and erotic, and feeling your weight on them can make your partner aroused as well.  And this can increase feelings of connected-ness.
  26. Holding From Behind – This makes many partners feel safe and intimately connected with you. It can be combined with wrapping an arm around the neck in choking as well.
  27. Heart And Eyes – an interesting and highly intimate one you can do is you can increase feelings of emotional connection, intimacy and love which can be very romantic and arousing by placing your partners hand over your heart so they can feel your heartbeat and making deep prolonged eye contact. This will make them feel very connected to you emotionally and/or spiritually which can cause a lot of powerful romantic feelings including the feeling of falling in love.
  28. The Inside of The Thighs – these are highly sensitive erogenous zones. Start by the knee and trace your fingers up to the inside by the genitals.  This will greatly arouse your partner.
  29. Genitals – A great way to touch the genitals first and foremost is to just hold them and apply a little pressure. Women should apply light pressure to a man’s penis, but a man can apply firm pressure to a woman’s vulva.  Applying pressure and releasing, or using a wave type motion with the hand can be very stimulating and erotic.


Bonus #1 – Use a feather wand for greatly enhanced sensual play, or brush your partners body with a flog or riding crop

Bonus #2 – You can make a fuzzy glove to use for sensual play by visiting a crafts store and simply stapling together some fuzzy material

Bonus #3 – Blind folds can increase the erogenous feelings and sensuality because of the sensory deprivation of one of the senses which then increases the others

Bonus #4 – You can combine ice and hot candle wax on the erogenous zones for an especially thrilling  sensual experience


And if you want to learn how to have the best sex and get the most pleasure possible, and be able to give the most pleasure to your partner so that you will be like a Sexual God/dess to them be sure to check out my “Ultimate Sex God/dess Training Program For The Sex Life Of Your Wildest Dreams” by clicking this link here now!



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