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The Scientific 9 Step Formula to Getting Your Ideal Mates – The Ultimate Mating Strategy & Sexual Selection System




Everyone wants to know how to get the ideal mates. The biggest complaint people like me in the dating industry hear is things like “where are all the good girls” or “I just want to meet the perfect girl”, or “where are all the decent guys” or “I just want to meet my Mr. Right”.



But how do we find the ideal mates?



No one seems to know!



Because so many people are complaining that they meet lots of people who could be prospective partners, but just don’t seem to be able to find the right ones…



If only there was some special way to be able to just get the right partner(s) we want to be with…



Well you are in luck…because there is!



And that is what I am going to reveal to you here.



You see I actually specialize in the science of what is called “Sexual Selection”, which you may already know if you have read my academic article on the Darwinian science of sexual selection and mating strategy, which if you haven’t read you can do so by clicking this link here now.


However there is another side of it that isn’t discussed there. And that is the actual sexual selection strategy. That is, how to find select and get the ideal mates!


Its a very exciting skill to have, and the process is simple, and feels really fun and cool to do too.


And once you start doing this, your love life is going to reach a whole new level. You will be dating people of a much higher standard and finding more and more of the exact type you are looking for.


But in order to be dating people of a higher standard, you need to raise your standards. And in order to find the ideal mate(s), you need to know what the ideal mate is to you. This means you must have a complete and definitive idea of what the perfect wo/man is to you. And this is why most people do not get ideal mates, or mates that are anywhere near ideal or of any kind of high standard. Because most people do not know what an ideal mate is to them…and don’t even have any kind of real standards. When I ask most men and women what they want in a partner most of the time they all say the same thing: “Well gee I don’t know I guess I’ve never thought that much about it…I guess I want someone who looks good, has a good personality, has a lot going for them, is fun to talk to and be with, ya know that kinda stuff…”


Mmhm. And people wonder why they “can’t seem to find any decent guys/girls”. Because they don’t even know what they want in a mate! And what they think they want is so generalized and generic that it could be anyone…and turn out to not actually be that good when they get it.


Chances are that many of you out there reading are realizing that you have been of this same mindset.


So the first thing we need to do is to get you out, and get you thinking specifically and definitively about what exactly you want in a mate. And then you need to create an “Ideal Mate Blueprint”, which will be a template for producing the ideal mate in your life.


Exciting isn’t it? Very.






So get out a piece of paper and a pen because we are going to do some exercises to make sure you can get the ideal mates you have always wanted.



First you must understand that sexual selection must be systematized in order to produce ideal mates and relationships for you. Sexual selection is a process, which either happens randomly and un-ideally, or in a conscious, controlled, precise and systematic manner which can produce ideal mates and relationships for you. So in order to produce ideal mates and relationships you must have a sexual selection system and process to get into the kind of relationships with the kind of mates you want. This means your process must be customized and systematized to fit your specific wants and needs when it comes to your sexual relations and relationships, then being able to execute steps involved in the process of making them happen, which I am going to outline for you here today. And I know you are probably very excited about the idea of making the love life of your dreams a reality, so lets start now with step 1:



1.) What kind of relationship are you looking for? You must definitively outline the exact type of romantic relationship(s) you are looking for. Whether it be to be able to have casual sex with random partners or friends who have “benefits”, to be dating around or in multiple relationships, to be in a monogamous relationship or marriage with a single ideal mate, or to have a number of these at the same time.  And beyond the superficial titles and roles you place upon your relationship you also need to know exactly what kind of relationship dynamics you want to have as well.  How do you want you and your partner to match up?  How do you want the two of you to function in the relationship?  Write out everything about the type of relationship you want to have.






Once you know exactly what kind of relationship(s) you want, you must start thinking about the types of mates you want to be attracting and engaging in romantically geared interactions with. So now you must write out everything you want in an ideal mate. The trick here is to not be modest about it either. If you can envision yourself with a certain type of person, you can get with them. So this is not the time to be thinking about your insecurities and how reasonable it actually is for you to get with an ideal mate. This is the time to dream and dream big. You can’t manifest your dreams if you aren’t dreaming them, but if you are, then you can. So lets get to it.



2.) List everything you can think of about your ideal mate:


  • Skin tone and texture
  • Hair color and style
  • Facial features
  • Eye color
  • Body type & shape
  • Specific bodily features you want them to have
  • Style of dress and the image they project
  • Fragrance
  • Character & Personality
  • Behaviors
  • Mental qualities
  • Emotional Qualities
  • Their Vibe/Energy
  • Their Lifestyle
  • How they relate to and communicate with you
  • The Dynamic and Relationship you two have together
  • And anything else that could possibly be significant



When you are done take this piece of paper and put it by your bed and meditate upon it every morning so that the concept of this person can become ingrained into your subconscious mind so that both the law of attraction can go to work for you to manifest these types of people for you in the world around you, and your own mind can become programmed with this template and begin to geo-locate these types of people for you and motivate you to approach them for the purpose of dating.



And so after knowing exactly what you want in a prospect in order to put this special ideal mate formula into play you must be meeting large numbers of people. Because if you aren’t meeting a whole lot of people it is statistically improbable that you will not be meeting the right ones, and this process wont work as it can not transform bad prospects into good prospects, its a qualification and filtration process it only helps you to find the right ones. So the first thing you need to do is, if you aren’t going out and meeting new people often and in large quantities you need to start to do so. And if you need any help with how to do that you can contact me. But what we are going to do here, is think about where the types of mates we are looking for can be found, and write them out here:



3.) Where are you going to find these types of people? What kinds of stores do they shop at? Activities do they do? Classes do they take? Cafe’s, bars, and lounges do they visit? Concerts or clubs do they go to? List all the places they could be found here.



And then once you know where to find these kinds of prospective partners, you need to have a definitive idea of how you are going to be interacting with them to frame the interaction in the way you want, and guide it in the direction that you want. The way in which you flirt with someone is going to be extremely different if you are looking for casual sex vs. marriage for instance. And this must be calibrated not only for what type of relationship you want most ultimately, but the type of person you are talking to (if you are looking for another single parent to marry you must speak to them drastically differently than you would speak to a prospective sex slave at a BDSM convention, for instance…or if you are looking for a like minded business woman to court at a business networking event, you would relate to her differently than you would a party girl at a rave who you want to have a one night stand with). So the next step is to map out some of the ways you are going to be making your intentions known and gearing the interaction for the type of people you both are and the purpose you have in mind for you both.



4.) How are you going to talk to/interact with your prospects in ways that will be calibrated for helping to get the type of person they are into the type of relationship you want to have with them?



And finally, once you are approaching and opening large numbers of people who seem like they might be good prospects it is time to start screening them and systematizing your love life with a specific sexual selection process that allows you to qualify and hone in on the ideal mates while disqualifying and filtering out the inadequate ones. This means you need to start evaluating the women you meet as prospects by “qualifying them” the same way a business man qualifies his sales prospects. This is where we really turn the ideal mate blueprint into a real practical application that can actually produce the exact types of women you want. And as long as you are approaching an abundance of prospects and generating a large number of leads to filter through you will be able to select the ideal sexual partners you want most ultimately.





First we need to create a set of high standards for your ideal mates to live up to. This is also very fun, because as long as you are setting the standards, there will be people who will live up to them, and you will be able to get them as long as you are doing the work. So when setting standards for yourself, set them high.



5.) Write out a list of 5-10 general qualifications your woman MUST have. These should be the most important generalized qualities you want in an ideal match, while not being too abstract or making your standards impossible to meet. Here is an example of my list:


1.) Intelligent/thoughtful
2.) Open minded
3.) Active & adventurous
4.) Sexually Liberated and unstifled
5.) Socially intelligent, active, healthy, open and engaging
6.) Respectable and classy
7.) Has meaningful pursuits or interests in life


So you can see how my examples create a general yet definitive guideline for me in my qualification and selection process.




Next we need to think about what our deal breakers are. We need to formulate specific “disqualifications” that we cannot stand to have in a partner and will cause someone to get weeded out of our list of women in our life. This is the disappointing part, but when you are living in abundance with women you won’t care about cutting some hot ones loose when you find that they do not have inner beauty too.



6.) Write out a list of 5 disqualifications.  These are deal breakers and things you WILL NOT stand for in a partner. Here is an example of my list:


1.) Closed minded/small minded
2.) Vacant/weak personality
3.) Passive/inactive (doesn’t go out much, not socially proactive, lacks passion, cant take initiative, sticks to comfort zone, doesn’t like to try new things, anti social, etc)
4.) Unable to socially/romantically engage, jaded, etc
5.) Unhealthy diet/lifestyle



Notice how my examples are general big picture items that would make a relationship hard. Not stuff like “if she listens to country music” or “If he doesn’t have a good relationship with his mother”, because while there are a number of things that we may dislike or even despise about our mates such as those, that doesn’t necessarily make them a bad match for us. You don’t have to like everything about your partners for them to be actually ideal for you. However, you do need to know what would make a relationship with you impossible. And then write those items down in a definitive manner.



Then you need to form a practical application of these two lists and be able to actually turn them into a screening and qualification process for sexually selecting the ideal mates. Now it gets fun again. The key here is to not make it seem like you are interviewing them, because no one likes to be interrogated or made to feel like a date is actually more of a job interview. You need to make it fun and easy to integrate these into your conversation with someone. And you also want to ask these questions in a generalized format so that they do not know exactly what you are doing. So be creative about it.



7.) Write out a qualifying question or sequence of questions, or statement(s) that elicit a response, for each of the qualifiers. Examples from my list are:


1.) “So what kinds of things are you passionate about?” “What do you think and dream about?”
2.) “So would you say you are an open minded person?” Or- “You seem very open minded.”
3.) “Do you like to try new things? So whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done? So you’re an adventurous type of person? How would you imagine the ultimate adventure?”
4.) “So have you ever kissed a girl?”
5.) “So who are your friends? How do you know them? Do you like meeting new people? Want to meet some cool new people I know?”
6.) “So what kinds of foods do you like?”
7.) “So what are your interests and hobbies? What would you say is most important to you in life?”



Notice how well I am qualifying my prospect with these questions in ways that are fun and interesting to talk about and easily integrated into normal conversation without turning it into an interview or interrogation, or giving away my hidden agenda as to the fact that I am actually screening her.  And so in this way you will be able to home in on the ideal mates for you.




But you are also going to have to be able to cut out people who are not a good investment of your time and energy. So you need to be disqualifying prospects too. This part is not as fun, and requires a little icyness from you, but its necessary, and can still be exciting in that weeding out prospects who do not meet your standards makes way for those who do. However you have to be even more tactful about this because you are even more apt to sound like you are investigating or interrogating someone if you do not, or even just seem suspicious, or like you are turning the conversation negative. So you must do it in the proper way.

8.) Write out a list of questions, statements, tactics and ways of testing to see if they possess any of your disqualifers/dealbreakers. Here are the examples from my list.


1.) Ask her about anything that requires an open mind to engage with me about, and if she acts closed minded about it, confirm by saying “So your just not a very open minded person then?”
2.) Ask what they are passionate about and what their best qualities are and confirm by saying “so you are a very passive person?”
3.) Ask what kinds of things they like to do and where they usually go out
4.) Ask about her past relationships
5.) Ask what kinds of foods she likes



So notice how these disqualifiers do not seem ominous to the girl like she is beign investigated or anything like that that would make her feel uncomfortable. But of course it does give me the chance to find out if she is the type of girl I should not be investing myself in.



And now that you have all of these lists down, lastly you need to be able to properly apply your screening and sexual selection process naturally in your interactions with women as I keep mentioning. So the last exercise you need to do is:



9.) Memorize these and figure out how to transition into them and pepper them into normal conversation.



Think about the types of things you normally talk about with people and how you can make it seem natural to bring them up. Here are some tips:
-Do not bring them up by abruptly changing the subject and bringing these up out of the blue in a way that is totally incongruent to the conversation you were having. I catch women doing that to me sometimes, we will be talking about one thing and the conversation is flowing and I’m about to respond to what she just said but then she interjects with “So do you have kids?”…and it just feels totally weird and forced, and it’s obvious what she was doing, and it ruins the moment we were just having vibing together.
-Do not let your qualification process or need to screen prospects ruin your ability to be in the moment with them and have natural conversations that flow where you can really vibe together. Do not bring things up in ways that go against the flow of the conversation.
-Do not use these qualifiers and disqualifiers too close together one right after the other or you risk seeming like you are interrogating them. However it is ok to enter courtship interview mode frame if the woman is adopting that frame as well where you are both going back and forth asking each other questions which are for obvious court-ship purposes. Some people actually do enjoy playing “the question game”. But do not be the one to frame the conversation that way, if they want to play the interview dating game, let them be the one to make the conversation that way.
-Lastly, in disqualification be sure that you are not being too severe and using disqualification as an excuse to eject from sets or relationships early due to feelings of fear or commitment issues, as many people will tend to do. Give people a chance to qualify themselves, making sure that you are not misinterpreting her reality or making premature assumptions. Use communication to make sure you understand her properly before disqualifying. And realize that there are oftentimes exceptions you can be making too, but know be able to evaluate when you should and shouldn’t.



And you will use all of this information to know who to escalate with and who not to.  So now you can start qualifying, filtering through and selecting the right prospects for sex! Just go over this process and memorize it until you know it by heart and can execute it smoothly and naturally, and then get out there and start using it! Your exciting new love life awaits you on the other side of this process!


This has been an excerpt from my exciting new book “The Ultimate Man and Ultimate Seducer Work Book”, so if you liked this be sure to check it out by clicking here now!


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