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The Secret Scientific Law That You Can Use To Change Your Life And Start Living Your Dreams!



Many people have lives that they are not happy with and want to change. And yet when they do something to try to change their life and it doesn’t happen, they wonder why. Why, having done whatever it is that they did to effectuate this change, have they not experienced a total transformation into the lifestyle that they want?


The reason for this lies in the universal law of physics that is “momentum”. When you have been doing something or living in some way for some time, you have momentum perpetuating your life in that way. This means your life will continue to go in this way even if you do something in opposition of it, because of how much built up momentum you have. Thus in order to change your life for the better you must realize that you are trying to counteract however many years (plus the energy you have invested in this lifestyle in that time) of momentum with doing whatever you have been. So you cannot get discouraged when you do one thing to try to change it and it doesn’t automatically change. It is going to require a reversal of the momentum in order to do so.


If you have had a negative lifestyle, that is from negative practices, that have built up negative momentum in that way. So there is no way to simply change the direction in your life by doing one thing, or even a couple of things to create change. Since you have so much built up momentum in that direction, you must first be committed to working on changing your momentum over time, which could take a significant portion of the time that you spent amassing this momentum.



You must first slow down the momentum that you already have, and then you can change direction with it. So for instance if someone is trying to change their career path, but they have been doing X for 8 years…it will probably take 2-4 more years to get themselves into the career path that they want to have, then another 2-4 to actually get themselves into the career that they want. They are not going to be able to go on a single interview and suddenly get the job of their dreams. These types of lifestyles take time to develop. If you were to ask any top business executive or owner how long it took them to reach their goal and get into the job and lifestyle they wanted, how many do you think would say it happened over night? Right…none. But how many do you think would say it happened over a period of years? That’s right, all of them.


This means that to some, change may not be worth putting in the effort. Which is unfortunate to them, because what they do not realize is that the more time you spend in the lifestyle you do not want, the more momentum you build up in that lifestyle, and the worse it gets, and the harder it is to change.


If you do in fact want change, just realize that there is work involved, and a commitment of time and energy to creating the lifestyle you want, exactly as you did with creating the lifestyle you didn’t want. But you should not feel overwhelmed or discouraged by this prospect. For you see, the only thing that would discourage you is the thought of your investing 100% of your time in energy into this change without seeing any results what so ever. But knowing that this is about momentum and that investing everything in change won’t make an immediate difference, what you have to do is start with smaller measures for change and work to slow down the momentum you already have built up with your lifestyle, making feasible changes to it. And then the more your negative momentum slows down and the more minor changes you instill, the more effort you can invest, and the more/larger changes you will make. Until after amassing your efforts for a while you will have reached a turning point in which you can totally transform your life and dictate the new direction of it. Then you can begin to invest everything you have in the new direction of your life and developing the forward and upward momentum towards your most ultimate goals, and continue amassing your efforts towards them making bigger and bigger accomplishments until you get there. But only those who can actually put in the work get to experience that kind of self actualization.



Now this is not to say that you cannot create immediate change as soon as you decide that it is time to change your life. The idea is to remain outcome independent and process oriented, instead of being outcome dependent. When you are outcome dependent your goals can become self defeating, as any progress made towards them that does not reach them is often not seen as a success, but a discouraging/frustrating failure. However you can indeed start to make changes to the things you do now, that will start to change your life immediately, in minor ways which are proportionate to however much negative momentum you have working against you. This may not be the full scale change you want most ultimately, but you will notice certain things starting to change, and they will more and more over time the more you continue to invest your efforts in working against the negative momentum you have built up against you, and create positive momentum towards the life you want.


This then comes down to how much investment you are willing to make in changing your life and getting the life you want. The problem is that most people think that if they invest everything they can in changing their life, and they do not get the lifestyle they want that week, that they have failed and give up. This is because they do not understand this concept of momentum, and they are also failing to notice the changes that are occurring because of the fact that they are too attached to the ultimate outcome they want. You can in fact invest a lot in changing and create changes immediately, but that does not mean you will undergo a total transformation that week and suddenly have the life of your dreams. The changes you do create will be relatively gradual. So it is important to not get too attached to your outcome, or in other words “outcome dependent” as we call it in the self help community. Instead to be able to see the changes that are actually happening to your life as you work on it.


The key to accomplishing your goals is to be sure to manage your investments so that you are not investing more resources than you actually have and exhausting your potential to try to get this big dream too quickly, because the most ultimate goals and dreams we can have are just not going to come immediately, so there is no point in exhausting your resources on them all at once. You must realize that the amount of resources you actually have to invest in creating the life or situation you want now is minimal compared to how much you will have after accomplishing smaller goals and gaining momentum. That is one of the reasons why momentum works, is because the more you do the more resources you have to re-invest in doing more. The amount you are able to invest in your goals is going to increase over time relative to your accomplishments. So start with goals that you actually have the resources to accomplish, knowing that the more you accomplish the more you can re-invest in greater dreams.



So while you can invest as much as you can as fast as you can in a goal that is feasible to be accomplished with those resources in a reasonable time frame, do not invest so much of your energies that they become depleted, especially if you are investing them, and your emotions, in a larger dream that couldn’t possibly be accomplished with those resources in that time frame. Instead be investing these energies into the creation of momentum towards those greater goals. Think about your long term investments and timelines that are going to be involved in accomplishing your goals and dreams. There are different levels of short term goals and long term goals. There are things you can accomplish in a week, month, quarter, half year, year, and longer. So it is important to set your goals according to what can reasonably be accomplished within different time frames and then manage your investments of energy in trying to accomplish them according to those time frames. Short term goals are preliminary to long term goals.


But what you will once you have the force of momentum working for you, is that as you accomplish your smaller short term goals, the larger longer term ones are actually just as easy to accomplish…if not easier…and it actually does not even feel like you have to invest a greater amount of energy and resources in accomplishing bigger and bigger things, because of the fact that you already have your momentum and all of the past efforts you invested working towards them too. So your re-investments require less new effort, energies, and resources in order to accomplish them, and it becomes easier and easier to invest more and more and accomplish greater and greater things. This is the glory of momentum – once you get the ball rolling, riding it towards success becomes easier and easier, until it is as if accomplishing your wildest dreams, something that during your time of hardship seemed totally unrealistic, was just something that happened naturally to you…and as you sit there living the life of your dreams, just looking around at your life and basking in how happy everything in it makes you, you may think back to the time of hardship and struggle you once had and how that now seems unreal to you. For once you have positive forward momentum in life, it is just natural for things to go your way of their own accord.


And that is how you change your life. So what are you waiting for? Go and get that ball rolling! And if you need some help be sure to reach out to me for a consultation at Info@TrueLifeDevelopment.com or better yet just go over to the True Life Development store and sign up for a program!


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