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The 14 Best Ways To Self Actualize And Be Your Ideal Self Revealed Here! (EVERYONE MUST SEE!)

A lot of people wonder what I mean exactly when I use the phrase “Self Actualization”. And a lot of people who come into personal development wonder “Shouldn’t I just accept myself the way I am?” and other such things.


Well you see self actualization means being your best self. Your “Idealized” self. And part of this actually is accepting yourself the way you are. In the aspects that you cannot help and improve that is.


People are always changing and growing, that is what life is about. If you just accepted yourself the way you were already you would have never grown out of childhood and would still be a mental juvenile. Obviously you have come to be the person you are today through learning and growing from the world around you. So personal development and self improvement just engages that natural process more consciously and fully, really bringing your life to the next level. But it not only improves who you already are but helps to get you in touch with the real true you – your “core identity” as we call it in NLP. Which is something most people do not do in life even if they are bettering themselves and having success. And not only do we help you become more self aware and realize your true self, but if you have an image in your head about what your idealized self would be, that is what personal development can help you become. And this is called “Self Actualization”. It means becoming your true idealized self.


Now in my work I try to formulate blueprints for this self actualization work, but obviously everyone is different and thus their path to self actualization and what they do to achieve it will be different. So I cannot get too specific when trying to talk about self actualization in general and the things that apply to everyone. However there are certain general principles that do apply to everyone no matter who you are. And that is what this article is about.


So I bet you are wondering, what are these general self actualization principles? Well here I am actually going to give you a full list of the principles of self actualization that apply to EVERYONE, no matter who you are or what self actualization is to you. This is a list of elements that are part of being your best self for anyone because they are general enough to be applied to anyone’s character or lifestyle. These are personality traits that everyone should try to possess so that they can be the best that they can be in life, for a lack of better expression. And if you embody these qualities you will become self actualized.




So what are these qualities? On to the list!









1.) Internally validated – A self actualized person has a very high sense of self worth and does not allow it to fluctuate based upon the judgements of others. He is internally validated and is largely unaffected by external validation or invalidation. This does not mean he is not always improving and bettering himself, it just means that when something negative happens to him he is able to continue on his path unfazed by it because his self worth is unaffected by external stimuli.


2.) Genuine – A self actualized person does not feel the need to put on airs. They are proud of who they are and does not try to be something that they are not in order to make a certain impression upon others. Their impression that they make on others is one of authenticity. And again this does not mean that they aren’t always changing and growing and bettering themselves. And they are also constantly getting to know themselves and who they really are on a deeper level – uncovering their core identity. For this reason they are able to, and are not afraid to present their true self to others that they meet. And in presenting themselves to others, or getting in touch with themselves and engaging in any kind of introspection, they are always genuine with themselves. A self actualized person is completely open and honest with themselves and others because they are true to themselves, and authentic, and that is what self actualization is all about.


3.) Proactive – A self actualized person is self made, and have gotten the betterment and success they wanted in life from being proactive in life. They take initiative to do the things that they want to in life, live it the way they want, and make it what they want it to be. They become the person they want to be, and live the life of their dreams, because of the fact that they are proactive and do what it takes to get there. Strong successful self actualized people are not born, they are self made.


4.) Positive – A self actualized person has a positive attitude. Bad things can and do happen to everyone, and oftentimes those who are strong, successful and self actualized have had more negative experiences than most. However they treat these experiences like challenges or tests. They do not let it affect their positive attitude and bring their state of mind down, because they know that would only hinder them on their path to success and betterment. So no matter what happens they keep a positive mindset so that they can maintain their momentum in life and continue to succeed and better themselves. For just as the law of attraction says (which is something most self actualized people practice) – like attracts like, as within so without, and a positive attitude breeds positive results.”


5.) Productive – Those who are self actualized are so because they have done the work to achieve that. Those who succeed and achieve their dreams do so not through just being proactive and taking the initiative to get what they want but through continuing to work on it with a lot of productivity, and persistence as well. Those who are productive find great pleasure in accomplishing goals, and over time this leads into large scale success and lifestyle acclimation as well as self actualization.


6.) Critical Minded – Those who are self actualized are so because they are critical thinkers and are always analyzing themselves and their lifestyle situations so that they can grow and succeed as much as possible. People who are not critical thinkers generally cannot succeed as they do not possess a high level of awareness of themselves and the things in their lives, and find it hard to understand complicated situations or distinguish what to do in them. Luckily this is not something you are either born with or not, it is something that can be developed through a lot of contemplation and analysis, and with it you will find much greater levels of success.


7.) Aware – Like being critical minded, and stemming from it, those who are self actualized are very aware. Both of themselves and of the things that are going on around them. Self awareness is the foundation for self actualization. If you do not know who you really are deep inside then you cannot embody your core identity much less become your idealized self image. And then being aware and having a full understanding of the situations you are faced with in the world is important for your success in them. Those who become successful and self actualized are extremely analytical people and have a very deep and thorough comprehension of both who they are, and the things they are involved and happening around them in the world.




8.) Thoughtful – Those who become self actualized are big thinkers. They are not at all idle minded, but are always thinking of things that are important to them. This is how they are able to come up with creative solutions to problems, do very well on their projects, and have prosperous relationships as well. Thought is what produces results, and thus those who think the most get the most results and are the most successful in life. And the more thoughtful you are the more “big picture” your thoughts can become, and the greater your success will be.


9.) Open Minded – The only way to have a strong personal reality is to have a large scope of reality, and this only occurs through being open minded. Many people FEEL self actualized by being strong in their convictions about who they are and what their reality is, when in actuality they are only being closed minded and actually limiting their scope of reality and how much they can possibly grow their personal reality. In order to grow your personal reality and broaden its scope your mind must be open to new possibilities, even if they go against what you already thought you knew to be true. The only way to be enlightened is not to rule anything out, even if it seems strange and different. And being enlightened and having a broad scope of reality is an important part of self actualization, because self actualization is very much about the strength and size of your personal reality.


10.) Purposeful – Those who are self actualized are so because they contemplated and realized their life’s purpose, which is a huge part of who they are as a person. And knowing their life’s purpose allows them the ability to live a purposeful and meaningful life, which is the basis for self actualization. It also gives them the ability to discover what their life’s work is and how they can fulfill their life’s purpose, which is how self actualization is accomplished.


11.) Passionate and Driven – Those who are self actualized are so because they know what they are passionate about in life and make those passions a huge part of their life so that they can live a much more significant and enriching life. They usually use their passions to not only create a much more enjoyable life, but one that is lived more purposefully as well, and a much more eventful one at that. And some even use these passions as a part of their life’s work in their career or a company of their own that they start and work at. And whatever the case those who become self actualized do so because they are driven in life towards accomplishment, and pursue their dreams with persistence fueled by their drive for success and self actualization, which is what causes them to make so much progress and achieve all of their goals and become the person that they want to be.


12.) Growth oriented – I meet a lot of people who would rather tell themselves that they do not need to work on personal development because they are already successful. Those who tell themselves that they are good enough and that they should not bother trying to do more with themselves will stagnate in life. It is their egoic pride as well as laziness that causes them to lack the humble strength to tell themselves that they can and should keep working on themselves. These people can never achieve greatness because success and self actualization is only accomplished by those who never stop developing themselves and growing. To ever tell yourself that you have gone as far as you can in life is limitation and will not only cause stagnation but regression. Many of these people think that their current level will be self sustaining but you cannot even sustain that which you are not constantly working at without falling back, so as long as you have worked so hard to get wherever you are at, and are going to have to keep working at it to stay there, why not just keep working on moving onward and upward past your current threshold onto greater levels in life? Each level you attain is really just the foundation for the next.


13.) Dynamic/multi-faceted – Those who are self actualized are not single minded or limited in their character. Through their personal development and self growth they have learned to become more dynamic people, and to engage themselves in different ways, on different levels, and have thus created a multidimensional personality. This is important for success because it gives you a variety of capabilities in this world. It also gives you the ability to relate to more people and succeed more in society with your human relations. And the benefits of having a dynamic well developed and well rounded character are endless. It makes you unlimited in what you can do with yourself and thus is very self actualizing.


14.) Adaptable/fluid – Those who are rigid will not be able to flow through all of life’s variables. At some point they will be stopped up by one and will not be able to adapt to it. Life will always be putting us in different situations, and those who are very fluid and adaptable are able to progress in life steadily with Constance, even through widely varied circumstances. Those who are not fluid will find themselves getting stuck and having trouble adapting and unable to move through certain situations. In order to progress the furthest and succeed and reach all of your dreams you must be fluid and adaptable in life.


So there you have it! The 14 qualities of a self actualized person. I hope that this article has been insightful and helpful for you and that you can use these concepts for your own personal development and self actualization. And if you are ready to really take things to the next level and totally self actualize and achieve the life of your dreams be sure to take my “Power Of You Self Actualization Blueprint” Program by clicking this link here now! ┬áThis awesome and epic coursework will take you through ALL of the levels of personal development and self actualization, from holistic health to psychology & identity to professional success to mastering the law of attraction & spirituality! It will give you all of the special esoteric secrets and insider info that has brought me all of my success and help you achieve everything you want in life! So do not miss out on this great chance to finally be the person you want to be and live all of your dreams!



And otherwise good luck!



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