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The 5 Greatest Resources For Incredible Success! (You Won’t Get Anywhere Without These) – Part 3

And now finally here is the third installment in the 5 Resources for Incredible Success Article series!  If you did not get a chance to read the previous one yet, you may do so by clicking here now.  Otherwise, here we go!




Now this is an interesting one. And it may be number 4 in the pecking order but it is very key. For it is true that success is not just based on who you are, but largely on who you know.


And luckily, this is not a predisposed condition. If you are not born into a family with high status connections, that does not mean that you cannot establish connections and cultivate a valuable social network with resources and “social currency” you can draw from it. For if you live in a society, you have social currency abounding all around you, all you have to do is reach out and take it! And even if you do not live in a society and are a hermit, you can always move into civilization and cultivate a social network. Even if you live in a poor social demographic, you can always move to a better one. For we live in a time of transglobalization in which social currency is available to everyone with the social intelligence and social skills to utilize this invaluable resource.


So what exactly is social currency you ask? Well I’m glad that you did (again, through my own prediction that you were haha). Well allow me to define that for you:


“Social currency” is both the size of your social network, the quality of your social connections and thus the ability to pull value from them.


This does have a lot to do with the demographic(s) that you live in and do business in, or your ability to access the right demographics for networking and making connections, doing business, etc. So it is important for you to take the logistics of these things into consideration when thinking about how you are going to establish social currency in your life that you can pull value from and use for your success.


Because valuable connections can be made no matter what social environment/demographic you live in or what your social conditions. And these social conditions of course do include your own social intelligence and social skills, which, like all of these resources, even if you are not predisposed to having them, they can be developed through the right practices. This is exactly why I started my Social Science Division of True Life Development known as “True Life Relationships”. So that I can help people develop their social intelligence and social skills, and learn very valuable practices such as social and business networking and relationship development, and even Venusian Artistry!


For you see even if you are socially inept and do not know how to become connected, that does not mean that you can’t. We have banded together into societies so that everyone can benefit from the social resources we all have to offer. And you can always take advantage of the value that society provides by giving us an environment in which innumerable people live and share in one anther’s resources. You just have to figure out how! That is what separates the successful from the unsuccessful, and exactly why I established True Life Relationships so that I can teach people the social science of successful relationship development skills! So as independent as you may consider yourself, do not forego the social currency around you and the value of connections, because as you may have heard (for it is a common saying among entrepreneurial teachers and coaches), you are only as powerful as your social network, and in fact the level of professional success you have in life is directly linked to your innermost social circle. For the average income of your 5 closest friends will equal your income. Isn’t that interesting?


So make sure you engage in positive social behaviors and practices that will help you cultivate a powerful social network so that you can succeed in life. Because it really is about who you know, both in the quantity and quality of the people you associate with, for that dictates the amount and level of value you can pull from your social network. And be sure to check out True Life Relationships for more info on these social science topics!







Now this one is kind of obvious, but of course I could not forego listing it just because it is such a no brainer…but in fact, even being a no brainer, you would be surprised how many people do not “PAY ATTENTION” to the information that is out there for them to utilize as a resource, and do not engage in enhancing their knowledge…even about things that they are passionate about and could actually use in their own entrepreneurship.


But we live in an age of transglobalization where information is shared freely via the world wide web. And perhaps this is why some people take it for granted. Because information is not as hard to come by as it was several generations ago.


However there is absolutely no excuse for not engaging in active learning and continued education throughout life. Especially with the wide variety of topics you could become an expert in and use professionally to profit from! No matter how specific an area, there is a niche market for it where you can put your knowledge to work for you for large amounts of money (especially in niche markets).


And perhaps you are not a very good reader, or are a slow reader like me. Perhaps you found High School boring and avoided college like me. But that does not mean that you cant log onto the internet and find a plethora of information on any subject that you are passionate about, learn about it, and put it to work for you.


And you MUST, if you want to succeed in life doing the things you love, rather than just be a person who is wasting time simply doing the things you love for your own personal enjoyment and nothing more.


Because in this day and age you can truly do anything you want to. You just have to decide to do it and do it. So figure out what you are most passionate about, become an expert at it, and profit from it. Simple as that!


Don’t know exactly how? Don’t worry! I teach entrepreneurship here at True Life Development. All you have to do is begin the process of researching the things you love most and becoming an expert at them, because I cannot do that for you, and then I will help you put them to work for you! Deal? Great!


But what about reference experiences? I haven’t said anything about those yet. Because while being akin to information/knowledge, it is somewhat different, in that reference experience is not something you can learn from academics or research or the like. However they are equally important. So what do they come from?




Reference experience comes from you going out into real world situations and trying to apply your knowledge to various situations. This is where you learn the practical side of what works and what doesn’t in the application of your knowledge. This is what makes this 6th resource of information less of a no brainer. For a lot of people attend college and learn a lot, without gaining real world experience, and thus when they leave college they have a lot of academic knowledge without having any reference experiences on how to properly apply this information to their life for their success. And this is perhaps the most important part of having information, is knowing how to use it. This is the zenith of the learning process – the practical application of knowledge.


And this is something that no one can teach you but yourself. You must be out in the world applying your knowledge to real world situations so that it can be tweaked and micro-calibrated as you learn how it gets applied differently to different situations with different dynamics. And that is what truly separates the experts from novices. This is what separates a person who has just completed a business degree and is in their first year in starting a company, from a person who has the same degree, but has been running their company for 10 years. The former has no reference experiences to pull from about what has worked for him and what hasn’t so far, and the latter has a plethora of reference experiences which have caused him to calibrate his business practices properly, and make the necessary course corrections to how he functions in his business, so that he can succeed.


And that is how information is going to work as a resource for you. And since knowledge is power, that is exactly why I offer so much informational resources for you here in True Life Development, which is really the bulk of what I have to offer here (why, you are reading one right now! haha). First you learn, then you apply your knowledge, then you succeed!   And I recommend you start this process by heading over to the TrueLifeDevelopment.com store and signing up for a custom one on one program there.  And if you have any questions or would like a consultation with me first please feel free to reach out to me at Info@TrueLifeDevelopment.com




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