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The 5 Greatest Resources For Incredible Success! (You Won’t Get Anywhere Without These) – Part 2


Now it is time for the second installment in the 5 Resources for Incredible Success article series.  If you did not get a chance to read the first part yet, then you may do so by clicking this link here now.  Otherwise, lets move on!





This is your second greatest resource in life. One that will either cause you to succeed in life, or prevent you from it.


As I began to illustrate above, the food you choose to buy is an investment in yourself. It will either take years off of your life, or add years to it.


However, there is much more to it than depreciating or appreciating your time investment here. We are talking about the one tangible item (set of items really) that will either increase or decrease your mental and physical resources and capabilities.


And yet ironically this is something that most people do not care about, and forego the consideration of altogether!


But yet, most of the successful business people out there, eat a VERY healthy diet. One that not only sustains their life, but increases their physical and mental resources the more and more they continue with their healthy diet. You see your diet is an investment that appreciates or depreciates your resources.


Think about it: A person who thinks they may be saving time and making their life easier and more enjoyable by eating fast food in the morning and at lunch time, is not adding any helpful nutritional resources to their body, but only calories, and not just empty calories, but calories made up of highly toxic fats, hard to digest white flour which is going to turn into toxic plaque in their intestines and cause cancers later on, and a number of toxic chemical additives, among other things.


Most people who eat this food even know that these deplete their physical resources but do not even care! However most do not consider that these toxic foods also deplete their mental resources. You see these low quality toxic fats then go to the brain, for the brain is made up of fat…and when these types of fats then make up your brain tissue, you have a very unhealthy brain that cannot function properly, much less to a high capacity needed for success. And all the toxic chemicals in these foods literally poison the brain and inhibit it. And if the person eating it decides to get a “diet” cola to try to negate all the fat they are putting into their body, as many people do, they are actually putting neurotoxins into their brain which are going to greatly hinder their neurological performance.


And this does not just go for fast foods, that was just an easy example for me to use. ANY unhealthy foods are going to hinder your physical and mental performance. And a person who gets caught in this type of diet simply CAN NOT succeed in life. They just do not have the physical or mental capacity for success. Their energy level and ability to not only do physical work, but do things quickly and in an efficient manner, and their ability to engage in intelligent/intellectual thought processes and execute complex tasks, have all been greatly hindered.


So their investment in the nutritional resources here that they were fueling their body with ended up being a bad investment, one which will not only lead to an early grave, but an unsuccessful life while they are still living it. Now that’s what I call a bad investment if I ever heard of one. You pay $5 or $10 for a meal that does that to you?


Not people like me!


People like me, for example, understand that the food we put into our body are going to give us physical strength, speed, and coherent accurate motor functions, as well as the mental intelligence and performance needed to complete complex tasks, anywhere across the career spectrum from more laborious work to office work, and everything in between. Without proper nutrition, you simply cannot succeed physically or mentally.


Which is why most business owners are into all sorts of progressive foods and dietary practices. Nutritional supplements and all natural health remedies. Superfoods and empowering meals such as the ones found on my raw recipe articles.


And keep in mind that your food does not just give you energy and physical strength, but nutrients for your brain too. And your brain needs nutrients in order to undertake the complicated endeavors you will be doing if you want to achieve great success in life.


So begin considering what an investment your food is and how it is going to add to your resourcefulness as a human being…or entirely negate any and all of the natural resources you would have otherwise had. And put things into your body that are going to give you energy and intelligence and help you to succeed, as well as enjoy a long lasting healthy body which can feel good, rather than breaking down and experiencing pain.









Now here’s where I’m sure your going “wait a minute, isn’t intelligence something that some people have and others don’t?”


No, intelligence and stupidity are both choices. You are not simply born with intelligence or stupidity. You cultivate one or the other. Now some of it is your genetic predisposition. And some of it is your social conditioning, education, etc. And these are things you may not have had control over.


However, your intelligence level, or IQ (intelligence quotient) will always be fluctuating. It is not a resource that you either have or do not have. EVERYONE has the capacity to be intelligent even if they were not already, or loose intelligence even if they were intelligent. It changes over time. And even a person who may have been born with a below average IQ, received a poor nurturing by their parents and teachers, and be largely uneducated, can easily go from being stupid to being intelligent.


Now I know what your probably thinking, “well yea sure your just going to tell us to read more books and continue our education and exercise our mind.”


No. That’s not at all what I was going to say. Those things are important however, so I am glad you brought them up (through me haha). It is very important to continue your education throughout life, and yes this will improve your IQ. However, while I did start True Life Development to give people personal development courses for them to continue their education, and audio tracks such as hypnosis and biotechnology tracks to help them to increase the power of their mind, all of which I highly recommend you partake in in my store by clicking here now…I was actually going to be addressing some more subtle secrets on intelligence in this blog article.


For you see, even a person who is continuing to develop their mind through their education is going to have a fluctuating IQ on a daily basis. This is due to a number of lifestyle factors, which is why lifestyle design is such a great part of True Life Development, and your success in life.


So what are these factors that cause your intelligence to fluctuate? Well, the amount of sleep you got the previous couple nights as well as the quality of sleep, the types of food/nutrients you put into your body, the types of music you listen to, the amount of radiation you are exposed to (keep your cell phones away from your ears people!!), the type and quality of Television programming and movies you watch as well as the quantity of them, if you read or not, the types of tasks you conduct on a daily basis and how mentally engaging they are…even the types of things you think about! These are all what I like to call micro-calibrations of intelligence. If you are doing poorly in all of these areas on any given day your intelligence level will drop, sometimes drastically! But if you are doing high quality things in these areas, it will rise, and there’s really no ceiling for how high your IQ can go as long as you are utilizing these resources right!


So you see intelligence is not a resource you either have or do not have, it is something you either engage in the cultivation of or do not. Intelligence is the ability to think, learn, form ideas and develop the things around you. And successful people succeed because they are not only constantly engaging their mind in the right ways and cultivating intelligence with the things that they do, but they are giving their brain the proper treatment conducive to a high intelligence level. And that is very important. So consider what investments you are making towards your brains health, and your IQ level, as it will directly influence your ability to conduct the types of thought processes, behaviors, and tasks/endeavors necessary for great success.


Are you thinking, learning, forming ideas, and developing the environment around you?


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