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The Secrets Of How To Change Your State Of Mind & Feel The Way You Want Revealed!


And now I am going to reveal to you the secrets of how to change your state of mind, and be able to feel exactly how you want to feel at any time you want to.


How am I going to do this?  Through one of the new age & self help communities favorite tools!




What are affirmations exactly?


Affirmations are language patterns that Neuro-Linguistically Program your mind in the way you want it to be.  These language patterns are signified as being definitively short and descriptive and are used in a repetitive fashion.


Some “new agey” people will construct longer affirmations which are more abstract and less definitive, and prescribe these to others generally and without proper practical advice for their use, and while they may still be called affirmations, they are of lesser quality and are not very effective.


The affirmations that are effective are ones that are concise and exacting.  Such as “I feel happy”, when you feel sad.  The word “I” tells you that you are the subject, the word “feel” tells you that you are having an emotional/sensory experience which you can feel, and the word “happy” tells you the state of being which you are feeling.  This is not only a definitive affirmation which will put you into that exact state quickly, but the fact that it is short makes it more powerful since you can easily repeat it to yourself 25-50 times in the space of a minutes time, which is how minds are neuro-linguistically programmed.  It is language PATTERNS that program ones state of being.  So affirmations must be used in a repetitive pattern in order to create a powerful, concrete and lasting thought process and state of mind (and body).



This differs greatly from many affirmations I have seen prescribed by “new agey” types, that would sound more like “I know that while I am sad now, I have the capacity and will to be happy, and trust that I can become happy.  I give credit to myself for everything I have been through, and allow myself to become happy in life by the grace of my true self.”


You have probably heard many new age type affirmations like this.  These are not effective.  Though it is ok to address deservingness issues, there is a right way to go about this, as you will see I do in the examples I will provide later in this article.  However these types of affirmations which are used by people who do not understand NLP and Hypnosis do things to actually prevent one from entering the state of mind one wants, and keep one in the state of mind one wishes to get out of.


How do they do this?


One way you will notice is referencing and thus grounding oneself in the feelings one does not want to have, telling oneself that one is allowing things to take place…Or saying that they trust that they are going to take place, rather than just telling oneself that they already are.  One should never reference things one does not want in affirmations.  The subconscious mind does not understand negative language.  So saying that you do not want something, will still invoke the feelings of it within you.  One should only focus on positive language about what one wants in ones affirmations.  And one should never talk about things in the future tense (“I trust that this is going to happen to me” etc), because the unconscious mind does not understand timelines, and the conscious mind needs to know that these things are happening NOW, because the future is and always will be the future.  If you tell yourself that the things you want are on the way to you…your mind will still think you are on the way in the future.  You must tell yourself that the things you want and state of being you want is happening NOW, in your affirmations.


And of course the affirmations must be not so long and abstract that your conscious and unconscious minds cannot make definitive sense of them and use them in programming your brain.


And again they should not be so long that they cannot be used in rapid repetition to form a pattern for neuro linguistically programming your mind.  You must make them concise, descriptive, and to the point, so they can be used in repetition to encode your neurological system with this new programming in a very definitive way.


So using those guidelines you can probably begin to figure out ways to create your own specific affirmations to custom fit your own personal situation(s) that you are in.  Which is the best way to use affirmations, rather than taking general ones from people who are not your personal mentors.  However, when you are not an expert in NLP and the use of Affirmations, it can be good at times to take some affirmations from experts, as long as they can give you specific ones for specific situations.  Which is what I am going to do here in this blog article.



So here is a list of specific affirmations for various circumstances.


Affirmations for Depression/Happiness:


  • “I feel happy”

  • “I feel great”

  • “I feel amazing”

  • “I feel excited”

  • “I am having fun with my life”

  • “Life is fun/ny!”

  • “I feel X” (Insert whatever you want to feel there)

  • “I am already starting to feel X” (Insert way you want to feel)

  • “I deserve and get limitless pleasure”

  • “I choose to live my dreams and be happy every moment of every day”


Affirmations for Professional Success:


  • “I deserve to succeed in my career and fulfill my life’s work”

  • “I am succeeding wildly in my career and fulfilling my life’s work”

  • “I am a powerhouse of success!”

  • “I dominate my workplace!”

  • “I am a productivity machine!”

  • “My presentation is immaculate”

  • “I am already experiencing success and living my dreams more every day”

  • “I lead by perfect example and so others follow me”


Affirmations for Monetary Gains:


  • “I am rich”

  • “I am wealthy”

  • “I have abundance”

  • “I always have everything I want/need”

  • “Money comes to me in abundance all the time”

  • “Everything I want is at my fingertips”

  • “I deserve abundance and riches”

  • “I am already getting what I want in life, and more and more each day”


Affirmations for Health:


  • “I am healthy”

  • “I am strong”

  • “Raw fruits and vegetables taste great”

  • “I love eating raw fruits and vegetables”

  • “I am always supercharged with energy”

  • “I am physically fit”

  • “Fat melts off of my ripped muscles”

  • “Exercise feels great”

  • “I am physically capable of doing anything I want”


Affirmations for Love and Relationships:


  • “I am beautiful inside and out, and so I attract beautiful people to me”

  • “I deserve to have beautiful romantic partners in my life, and so I do”

  • “I attract all of the people I am attracted to to me all the time”

  • “I attract healthy romantic partners and relationships”

  • “I feel confident in approaching attractive men/women I want to meet”

  • “When I see an attractive man/woman I want to meet I feel an intense urge to approach”

  • “My charisma and charm make me extremely seductive and so I get the romantic partners I want into bed with me”

  • “I deserve and get limitless love”

  • “I am already getting the exact types of women/men that I want, they come to me in abundance for me to choose from”

  • “I feel nothing but confidence with attractive members of the opposite sex”

  • “My self love attracts the love of others and my love for others touches those around me and so they love me”

  • “I am sexy and seductive and so hot men/women cannot resist me”

  • “My life is abundant with healthy fulfilling relationships”


And of course there are a variety of other situations that one can create affirmations for:


Anger – “I have and feel inner peace”


Insomnia – “I feel sooo relaxed and tired right now, I am just peacefully drifting off to sleep.”


Sickness – “I feel fine, I feel well, I feel good” etc, and you can tell yourself that you have pleasure in the areas that hurt.


Fear/Anxiety – “I am super confident and feel unstoppable.”


Stress – “With every breath I take I relax more and more into my chair and feel totally comfortable and at ease.”




And basically in whatever situation simply tell yourself you are already in the state you want to be in, and repeat this statement to yourself.


However along with a repetitive re-encryption of the brain that affirmations are used for, you could also turn them into a positive self talk.  For example, when I am going out networking, since I have social anxiety, I may do affirmations strung together in the form of positive self talk, emphasized by certain enthusiastic over-exaggerations as such: “Oh yea I am so fucking awesome, I’m the most likable person on the planet, I’m gonna go in there and just sweep the room with my confidence and charisma and everyone’s going to want to get in with me.  It feels sooo awesome to be me, I’m like the coolest guy ever, just look at me, who wouldn’t want to meet me?  Everyone wants to meet me as soon as they see me.  I attract all of the most high value people and high powered business people to me with my radiant vibe of success and awesomeness.”


Another example is one I often use when I am trying to go to sleep at night and having trouble turning off my brain because of all the projects I am thinking about.  So I will engage in an overly emphasized indulgent self talk about relaxing and going to sleep.  “Oh my god it feels sooooo fucking good to lay down on this comfortable bed and just relax into it.  I just feel like I could melt into all the sheets I am so relaxed…mmmm oh yea it feels so goooood to have all that stress just melt away….like with every breath I can just feel myself going into deeper and deeper relaxation…more and more pleasure…drifting off to sleep further and further as I relax more and more….”  And soon I will find myself asleep.


These may seem comical, and they are!  They are fun and enjoyable to use because of the overemphasis and overindulgence in your own feelings!  This is the power of your mind, to put yourself into an extreme state of positivity in whatever way serves you!  So use it even if it does seem or feel silly!  Just have fun with it!


And notice how some of these tactics use the “Double Bind” technique in NLP, where I say that X implies Y, or the more I do X the more Y happens, this causes the brain to assume that since X is happening, which is it already, Y follows, and it sets the subconscious process of Y into effect.  See there is a very highly technical science behind these techniques that is rooted in hypnotherapy.


So now you can see exactly how Affirmations work in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how you can use them to virtually transmute any state you do not want to be in into any state you do want to be in, and totally reprogram your brain into the mindset you want it to have totally and completely!  And that my friends is a very powerful resource.  I hope you use it!


Want to start using the power of affirmations in your life without even having to do a single thing? Just click on this link to get a powerful affirmations track that you can listen to to reprogram your mind for success and personal empowerment NOW!


And if you are interested in learning everything you need to know about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how to use it to reprogram your mind and completely change your life, and become a much more influential person to those around you, so that you can become the most empowered version of yourself, be sure to check out my NLP Mind Control 101 Masterclass Workshop Series by clicking this link here now!


And otherwise, enjoy getting the life of your dreams!






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