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The 5 Greatest Resources For Incredible Success! (You Won’t Get Anywhere Without These) – Part 1


I hear a lot of people complaining about not having what it takes to succeed. Not having enough money, or opportunity, or resources, or circumstances, etc. Which may be somewhat true. Maybe they weren’t born into a family that had old money. Maybe they do not live in New York City where there are the most different types of jobs. Maybe they have problems that hinder them in certain ways…


But no matter what their circumstances, human beings all have 7 Types of resources at their fingertips. And what is more is that even if they do not have very much of these resources, they have the ability to cultivate them properly, to make these resources more abundant and work for them better.


So I want to dispel now in this blog article all claims that people do not have what it takes to succeed. Because I am about to tell you EXACTLY what it takes to succeed, which just so happens to be a set of 8 of the greatest natural human resources that EVERYONE both already has to some degree, and has the ability to cultivate to a much greater degree.


And once you realize the potential of these 8 great human resources and begin using them more effectively, you will be able to succeed at anything and everything you do in life in an accelerated and exponential fashion. And will find yourself achieving the same level of status and prosperity that those who are born into it have.


But of course, it is going to take some work. You are going to have to utilize these resources properly. And that is exactly what I am here to teach you. So I am going to outline them all for you with full explanations, and in order by importance, starting with the most significant and working down to the least.


After reading this, you WILL transform your life into the successful one you have always dreamed about. Ready?








Ok so we are going to start with the first and foremost, biggest consideration here:






Time and Attention go hand in hand. These two things are your most important human resources. Time is something that once spent, you cannot get it back, and must be used wisely. And you will find that it is a depreciating asset, rather than an appreciating asset. Because though it becomes worth more to you over time, that is only due to the fact that it becomes more scarce over time, and you are generally going to be able to do less with it as time goes on due to physical and mental limitations that go along with age. And many people tend to take their time for granted at a young age, and use it mostly for recreational purposes, rather than investing it in their future lifestyle design.


This is the first thing you need to not fall into the trap of as an entrepreneur or person who wishes to be successful in life. The time you have right now MUST be used to the greatest capacity that you can use it, because you are not going to have as great of an ability to use your time years from now when your thoughts and body are slower moving. Understand that time is an INVESTMENT. Hence the phrase “SPENDING TIME”. When you are SPENDING TIME doing something, that means you have actually paid some of your very limited time to do that thing. Once you have realized that your time is an investment, you can begin spending it more properly so that it will bring you more success. And what you want to make sure you are doing is managing the returns on your time investments, and trying to make sure that these returns are going to be residual, and ideally appreciating over time.


Lets look at some different analogies for this. Take the time you spend on your lunch break. Are you investing this time in eating food that is going to give you an appreciating or depreciating return on your investment? The food you are eating during your lunch break is going to add years to your life, or take away years from your life. And you are already paying an hour of your time in order to eat this food…which will then either cost you more time or give you more time.


And the same goes for all of your activities that you do in your life. You are already taking precious time out of your day to do them…are they giving you a return on this investment? The returns do not have to be in time, but can be any number of things. Consider a person who wants to spend some time relaxing at the end of a stressful day. So he decides to drink some beers and watch some TV. This activity is depleting his mental and physical resources. This is why many top business leaders, especially in the personal development industry, practice meditation when they want to relax. Because spending time doing this increases yoru mental and physical resources. It is a return on your investment.


Which brings me to the resource that goes along with time: Attention. This is what you are engaging when you meditate, watch TV, Eat your food, work, do anything. You are focusing on something, and thus “PAYING ATTENTION” to it. Again, the common phrase you have always used illustrates exactly how your attention is in fact something you are spending. You are giving your mental focus, your consciousness, to an activity, and this is an investment that you are either experiencing a loss or a gain from. However this is not something that is as simple as focusing on one thing or another, no…like with all investments, you can PAY ATTENTION at various levels of investment, and you can diffuse the investment of your attention throughout various things, just like with an investment portfolio. This is called multitasking, and every successful person has mastered the art of doing this.


So allow me to illustrate how time and attention investments work hand in hand, and how one can properly use their Attention as an investment that they pay to various things while also spending their time doing things. Take for instance an average man or woman who normally has to SPEND 30 minutes commuting in his car to get to work in the morning, and home in the evening. This is a serious time investment. One he is not getting paid for. And while in his car, to pass the time (as if time is something you should be trying to make pass, rather than utilize), he listens to the radio. This time is wasted. And doing this twice a day, 5 days a week, equals 5 wasted hours a week, that could have been utilized as a resource for success. That’s 20 hours a month…240 hours a year….


Do you realize yet how much could be done with this time as an entrepreneur? But thats not all! What is this man paying his attention to while in traffic? The radio! Which generally may not an appreciating investment of attention. And lets say that once in a while, he gets stuck in traffic, and has to spend more of his time in his car…only now he is paying attention to the traffic around him, and his payment of attention is a depreciating investment because it is affecting his mood poorly, and calibrating his mindset negatively for his work day. Because that is the nature of investments, they are not static, they fluctuate, so your investment can actually depreciate further than you would normally expect when you are not managing it properly.


These investments he has made are taking serious resources away from his life and not giving him any returns.


However lets consider another man who drives his car to work for 30 minutes every morning and evening. However he does not want to sit there using his time listening to the same music on the radio day in and day out, instead he wants to spend his time wisely. So he chooses something else to pay attention to while in the car, instead of the radio and the traffic. He gets audio books on personal development and entrepreneurship from the library and listens to them during his commute. So while he is spending time doing one thing, he is paying attention to another. This is how time and attention can work hand in hand, while you do two different things with them. Just as how often when my son wants me to watch a kids movie with him, I will actually be reading one of my books.


And so day in and day out this man listens to audio books in his car. One hour every day. And since that adds up to 5 hours a week, he is able to complete at least one book a week on average. Every month he completes 4-5 books. Every year he completes more than 50.


During this first year doing this he graduates steadily up the ranks in these personal development books through more and more advanced topics. By the end of his first year doing this, he is a powerhouse of knowledge and expertise on a wealth of topics. The information he has stored in his brain gives him the capacity to start a side business and after launching it, demand a raise from his boss, demonstrating his mental capacity for higher positions, or devoting himself to his new company.


Now that’s resourceful. And that is the kind of stuff success is made of.


The lesson here? Any time you spend is an investment, and not just of the time, but what you are paying attention to during it. And you have the capacity to conduct multiple tasks at once diffusing your attention throughout them so that you can accomplish the most with your time investment, which will then have the most returns on it.


And any time that you are doing ANYTHING where you could also be listening to an audio book, seminar, or lecture, you should. Because that is one of the BIGGEST SECRETS OF SUCCESS among entrepreneurs. We DEVOUR audio books, lectures and seminars while we are doing our cooking, cleaning, showering, driving or bus/subway riding, etc. I literally cannot count the amount of audio materials I myself took last year. Because I NEVER am doing ANYTHING without having one playing in the background if possible. So ALWAYS be doing so yourself whenever you can. You can always be using your time and attention to enhance your mental resourcefulness. And when you realize the potential of this, you will become wildly successful like the many business owners out there like me.


Want to learn about more of these 5 incredible resources?  Then check out the next article in this series by clicking this link here now!






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