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Inspirational Philosophical Poetry To Raise Your Spirits & Make You Think

The following selection of inspirational, philosophical and spiritual poetry is taken from the first volume of my “Spirit Metamorphosis” book series, which is the documentation of my own spiritual journey of holistic personal development, and the revelations that occurred as my mental processes evolved through it.  I have selected for you here some basic introductory poetry samples to give you just a taste of what you get in the books (which gets much more intellectually/spiritually deep and intense).  Enjoy, and be sure to click the link below and stay tune for another posting of poetry samples in the future.



“Confront (the Mystery)”


Who dares to confront
What we cannot see or hear
Hidden in the folds of immaterial virtue
There lies a cry for help
Stained and darkened from hopelessness
And begging for salvation
But is liberation still even an option?
Or does society curdle the concept
Like milk used to nourish the young
Perhaps we may know only when our journey is coming to an end
What we have always been afraid to grasp
But has seduced us into blindness



“The Grande Theatre”


The Grande Theatre—
With its Grande Play—
Such a Grande Theatrical production
With its plethora of Grande Actors—
We children
All acting here on our Grande stage—
And acting out the Grande Roles & Characters—
The minds and lives we have chosen
(or more likely programmed into)

In this Grande Theatre
We act out both our dreams and prisons
As ardently as possible
Each day in our characters
As we act out the Grande Play
With its Grande Stage
In the Grande Theatre

Deep inside the production
And behind all the masks and costumes
Many of us actors
Are not at all who we appear to be

And likewise
Neither is the stage
In which we are acting
Or especially the theater…

And the play itself
Is an adventure
But also a mystery
A romance
But also a horror
A comedy
But also a tragedy
A drama
And just about everything else it possibly could be
All wrapped into one

So essentially, the plot is…




“On Reality”

Documentation from a psychedelic research session conducted with 4-Hydroxy-Methylisopropyltryptamine.


In reality
Is really
Only as real
As one realizes it to be
And in order to succeed
Sometimes one must treat life
As if it were
A lucid Dream

(A mountain stands in front of you
But is it really even there?
And what would you do
If it were really
A genie in a magic lamp?)





To be a creature of flight
Bound not
By gravity
By economics
By religion
By relationships
By law
By emotion
By government
By society
By sex
By any lack of anything
Or any constraint what so ever

Nothing binds them
For they have
Not shackles
Not limitations
At any given moment they will just pick up their feet
And swiftly ascend
However, wherever, whenever they wish
As true freedom can only be found
In leaving everything behind
For the endless possibilities of the sky

I, as a human
Am bound by all of such things
And more
Covered by all of the heaviest restraints

But luckily I am a bird in my mind
If I must be a human in my physical life/prison

And I sacrifice my human limbs
So I may instead grow




“They Dance On Broken Glass”

Inspired by the viewing of Indians ritualistically stomping vigorously on broken glass.


They dance on broken glass
Smashing the barrier
Of the physically binding
And corrosive shards
Of realism
For the deepest cut is only made
When you dare not touch
Something that acute and piercing
(comprised of reality)

They dance on broken glass
For it is yielding enough of a foundation
For a pair of feet
That support such a blithely detached body
That holds such a vibrantly defiant mind
To dance a powerful and evocative dance
Of spiritual truth
And existential liberation
(comprised of surreality)





And now
You are awake…

Entirely exposed
Scared schools of inner children
Embarking on journeys
Through freezing hell
& will they learn?

And now it is time
To exist
Time to begin a list
Of what must be saved
Or more importantly, sacrificed
Time to prepare
For revolution of the Mind
& The completion of your Soul
Time to live
As one with eternity

And now
Our entire dimension
Has become
A Palace
Of Energetic Enlightenment

And now
A set of
Mathematic equations
Has determined
The real
Meaning of life:
(The concept of death
To bring true life)

And now
The air
Is clouded
With the meanings
Of this Great Mystery
Like a vast fog
& Trapping us in its significance
Mystifying our vision
But Now
There Is
For those who have
& Known
The Truth
All along

And now
In full awareness
A drifting thread of smoke
Can make a very ultimately Enlightening teacher

And now
The concept of Reality
Has deteriorated
Physicality is impalpable
And there is no solid ground
For you to stand on
But instead
A iridescent elaborate rainbow
To ascend to the Heavens

And now
We can Know
The difference between day and night

And Now
We may realize
Existence to Be

And after all
Being truly awake



“Fear & Faith”


Always of
A negative result
& Affecting every aspect of life
But hand in hand with
–In hopes for a positive result
But unfortunately
Fear often leaves hope ineffectual
And such a balancing of the two
Simply cancels them both out
Leaving you having experienced them to no avail
So what will you do
To transcend fear
That may seem insurmountable
To in turn make hope
Bring about its proper effect?

How much fear
Can you have the faith
To bring yourself through?



“On Suffering”

Inspired by the work of Victor E. Frankl


(Pleasures twin
The Yin to the Yang)
& Essential in life—
Those who have not suffered
Have not yet lived

Do you know life?
(Do you know death?)
Do you know yourself?
Have you truly been alive?
Or even been born yet?
To live is to fight
To fight is to die
To die is to be reborn
To truly live—
To know suffering
To know death
To know life
To be something…
What will you do without having suffered?
But turn out to be a weak pathetic mess
You must progress—
And it’s a struggle—
Suffering → Sorrow → Stress → Solidity →
Substance → Strength → Stamina → Survival →
Sagacity → Sight → Shrewdness → Skill→
Success → Satisfaction

Is this not what everyone seeks in life?
Should we not grow?



“The Truth Is Near”


When the cool dark night beckons
& causing one to

when the soul
becomes a child
& existence becomes
delicate sex

When dream
& wildness possesses

When the spirit of the jungle
Re-invokes itself
& true nature
is harnessed

when beauty
and death
rape each
into yin yang
& murderous orgasm
to knowledge



“How To Exist”


Is but a word
When you

& We
Because it’s just
That way

But, luckily
There is
A rainbow
In my head

Keeping me
Of life



“On Existence”


Is so infused in everything
Yet so fleeting
In this great mystery

& Answers
Must be
Slowly & surely
Pieced together
Little by little
One by one
There is
But Everything



“Unknowing & The Unknown”

The documentation of a shamanic initiation.


Thrust into
New states of being
A mind is forced
To create…

For my name is written in the sky
& I am flying through life
But the constructions of energy within me are upset
& I must seek new realities
Where I am eager to be received
By new Atoms & Energy
Concepts & ideas
Must Enter
The Self
A new realm
Of intense unknowing

& Question

Because I know nothing
& Am an alien

& So
I will seek
Until I learn
& I will learn
Until I know
& I will know
Until I forget
& I will forget



Like what you’ve read here?

Click here to buy the book “Spirituality Revolution (Unreality)” on amazon, which this poetry has been samples from.

And be sure to look for the next posting of poetry samples!

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