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DON’T STAY STUCK! Here’s Your Permanent Problem Solving Formula That Will Move You Forward Fast!

There is only one thing in life that we can be certain of.  And that is that it is full of problems.  If you have been alive for more than a decade then you know that.  It doesn’t matter how privileged you are, or how awesome you are, you are going to have problems in your life.


But the biggest problem about problems is that many people do not deal with them properly.  They will usually do one of a few things:


1.)  Ignore the problem completely

2.)  Try to make the problem go away without solving it

3.)  Address the problem superficially, without actually solving the “root cause”


And so people will find that the problem does not in fact go away because it has not been solved, and so it persists.  And the thing is about these problems is that they occur in patterns…



And what does that mean?  What makes a pattern a pattern??


Well the thing about patterns is that they repeat.  Both life and the world are full of patterns.  Just like life is full of problems.  And so when you have a problem and do not take measures to ensure that it gets solved permanently, it will begin to repeat itself, and become a pattern in your life.  This is why people will always find themselves facing the same problems over and over and over again.  Think about it, have you ever heard yourself saying things like “why does this always happen to me?”  or “Of course this would happen again.”  See these things just don’t happen once.


So when solving problems you have to be able to solve them permanently so that the problem you are dealing with does not happen again…and again…and again.  How do we do this?  By looking for patterns that they occur in and instead of just dealing with the individual problem, dealing with the pattern they occur in, and the root causes as well.



And the first thing we need to do in order to accomplish this, is to break it down into a step by step formula, as you will find I often do, as it is the best way to achieve serious results.




1. Figure out what problems occur in patterns – look for problems that you have had three more more times, and observe and analyze this pattern so that you can really understand it
2. Categorize the different problems and patterns you are dealing with as specifically as possible delineating the nature of each and the specifics about the situation
3. Look at the circumstances and the feelings, thought processes and behaviors surrounding the problem and the effects it has had on you every time this problem would occur in the pattern
4. Look at what you did that may have contributed to causing the problems every time you would have them and what makes them come up in the first place
5. Ask yourself:


-What can you do differently to not cause the problem
-What can you do to make sure it does not arise on its own
-What can you do differently to help solve it immediately if it does come up again


And you will find that when you use this type of pattern analysis and problem solving that your problems will not continue to return but will permanently go away.  And then you can continue to move forward and upward with your life dealing with bigger and better things without being held down by such problems!  And that is what personal development is all about, making progress!


And to really get yourself un-stuck and fully master your life professionally and otherwise and become as successful as you possibly can be, be sure to get my Formula For Success Report, and my Secret Formulas for Success audio workshop by clicking these links!  And otherwise good luck with getting the life of your dreams!


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