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You Can Change Your Brain! The Science Of “Neuro-Plasticity” Revealed!



Constantly in my work with people I will hear them saying things like “I cant do this/that”, “I can’t change”, “I just don’t think it will work”, “That’s just who/how I am”, “This is just the way I’m wired”, “You can’t change who you are”, and so on and so forth.


And this is the very reason why people have problems, because they think that they can’t change.  One girl even recently said to me, when I offered her help, that she couldn’t be helped unless it meant changing her brain.  And when I told her I could do that, she didn’t believe me, and ended the conversation.  Why?  Because she didn’t want to try to wrap her head around the concept that you can change your brain.


You see people would rather believe that things are a certain set way, because it’s just easier to believe than believing that you are in charge of your own mind and state of being.  So people will tell themselves mantras of things like “you cant change the way that you are.” and other such limiting thought processes.




You see the fact of the matter is that human beings are always changing naturally throughout the course of your life.  So a person can always change themselves and their life.  But it starts with your attitude and your thought patterns of course!  Because if you do not believe you can change for the better, and direct your thoughts in a positive way, you cant change.  But if can change the way you think, then anything is possible.


And that’s where, when I tell people this, they will often say “Well I cant change how i think and feel”…


And again…




Lets get all of those limiting and false self fulfilling prophesies out of the picture right now!  Because they are not facts, they are just feelings and beliefs.  Things that you are telling yourself in order to validate your reality so that it makes sense to you, when in actuality this validation is not just a rationalization, but a self perpetuation.  You telling yourself that you cant change is what makes it a reality, it was not a reality before that.


So now, allow me to introduce to you the concept of “Neuroplasticity.”


I want you to remember this term now!






What this means is that your brain is not a rock.  Makes sense so far right?  Haha, of course.


You see, neuro-plasticity connotes that your brain is constantly changing and rewiring itself.  Your neurological system is a wiring that is re-wirable, and not only is it re-wirable, it is always rewiring itself every day.  Anytime anything happens that your brain perceives, neurons travel along neural pathways, and oftentimes have to form new neural pathways.  So your brains wiring is always changing and evolving.  This means that you can easily change the way you feel, your thought patterns, your behaviors, your intellect and intelligence level, your skill set, your lifestyle…


Everything about you is always changing and evolving all the time!  And it can do so for better or worse.  So it is up to you to engage in self improvement work to make sure that you are changing for the better, and not worse!  Otherwise you might end up one of these people who “falls on hard times” and then finds themselves saying that “well life sucks, thats just the way it is” and “Nothing good ever happens to me because I am just unlucky” and “I just cant seem to do anything right, I’m not good at anything”, and all sorts of negative inner dialogue rationalizing your situation and blaming yourself for your problems by saying that they are part of a set condition that you call “the way you are”…when that is not the way you are!!!  You are not a stagnant being.  You are a fluid adaptable being!  And you can change for the better!  And you always should be too!


Now I know what some of you out there are thinking.  “Well I like who I am, I do not want to try to be something that I am not.”  And thats a great point!  Because self improvement is not about changing who you are!  You will always be you!  You can’t ever be something different.  And I don’t want you to try to become something you are not, or do not want to be.  Self improvement isn’t about that.  Its about being yourself the way you already are, but making additions to your character.  And with these additions you can be a better you.  Because remember, you are going to be evolving anyways as new things get introduced to your brain as you go through life, were just talking about making sure that they are positive things that will help you for the better!  Things that will help you learn and grow and develop new knowledge and skills.


And even rewire your brain so that negative feelings and adverse mental patterns can be replaced by new feelings so that you can always be in the state you want to be in!  And luckily with the Neuroplasticity of the human brain and neurology we can do that!  And wouldn’t that just feel so good, to always be feeling the way you wanted to?  To always be in a peak mental state?  To have mental patterns which served your best interest and caused you to succeed in life greatly?


Well luckily you have come to the right place!  Because that is what True Life Development is here for!


So if you are interested in advancing your mind for your self actualization be sure to click these links here to check out my hypnosis tracks and biotechnology which will help you to actually rewire and reprogram your brain effortlessly while you sleep!  Or if you are a really ambitious type of person and want to really revolutionize your mind and life and take things to the ultimate level, be sure to check out my Neuro Linguistic Programming program here where you can reprogram your brain in all kinds of special ways to become the most ultimate version of yourself!  And otherwise good luck in your personal development!



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