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On Your Diet & How You Are What You Eat! (WARNING! READ THIS!)



You may have noticed that I place a certain emphasis here in True Life Development on diet.  You’ve probably seen the theme recurring as a focal point whenever I talk about health, which I talk about a lot.  And yet this is something that people often seem to miss!  No matter how much emphasis we health officials place on the food you put into your body…somehow the general population still misses out on the significance of our diet.  And this importance does not just go for health, but for all things personal development and success oriented!

You see, there is this saying…”You are what you eat”

This is a very important saying to know and understand.  It seems simple, and it is!  Haha, but there may be more to it than you realize.

And before I begin to explain, let me just stress the significance of this topic one last time, and the fact that most people seem to bypass it.  You see, as a holistic healer, I use a lot of healing modalities and health care alternatives to help people achieve wellness.  But not every remedy is right in every way for every condition.  You cant just go doing any kind of acupressure or massage to someone for any given condition right?

But oftentimes I will have people call me up and say “Oh I read in the paper that you do X…I need some X”  And I will say “Ok well you will have to come in for an intake appointment so we can find out what your needs are.”  To which they will say “Oh well I already know I need X, so can I just make an appointment for that?”

And the answer?


You don’t tell your health care agents what methods to use on you, that’s their job!

And no matter what is wrong with a person, the one thing that EVERYONE who comes to see me gets, no matter what other remedies they are getting, is:



Because everyone eats food several times a day, and all of that food is either hurting you or helping you.

And most of ones root causes to any illnesses is found in…

Can you guess where?


That’s right, I knew you would get that one.

So before I can start doing acupressure or any other forms of healing someone might want, I need to find out what is wrong with them, and where it is coming from.  Because while its great for me to make lots of money by treating people who are going to continue to eat the foods that make them ill, and just keep coming back to me for treatments to make them feel better instead of getting better…I CONSIDER THAT UNETHICAL!

Yup, thats right, doctors and other therapists who practice this.  I just called you all unethical.  So sue me assholes.  I genuinely hate you and blame you for our medical/health care crisis, and all of the masses of suffering people out there.  That kind of medical practice is what I call, MALPRACTICE.

But I didn’t create this post to hate on bad doctors and therapists who arent curing people, but only numbing their pain…no…as much as I like to rant and rave about them…thats not what this article is for…

But let the record show very definitively that Brian Krall and True Life Development has stated that Doctors and Therapists who treat symptoms and not disorders are the very problem perpetuating this health crisis 🙂

Anyways.  To treat peoples root causes, you have got to look mostly at their diet.

And as I said before, working with your diet is not only just about your health, but your entire personal development and success in life.



And now that we have coalesced back to the point, allow me to explain this saying.  And bear with me here because this is where we are going to get a bit technical, but in more esoteric terms than you may be used to.  This is something I learned from a book written by an old sage who detailed exactly how food effects us on many different levels.  So prepare to engage your intellect for this one…

You see, there are different types of food substance:

1.)  The gross physical matter.  The fibers of the food, the starch, the fats/oils, proteins, carbs, calories…anything that is larger than a cell and has real physical substance.

2.)  The molecules of the food.  These are the vitamins and minerals.  They are also molecules of chemicals, which can be natural plant medicines found in foods…but are also huge numbers of highly toxic chemicals and poisons which you should be very concerned about.

3.) The atoms and the smaller particles & energy.  These are things such as ions, and energy of the food.  This may seem like things that do not effect you but they do.

So you are probably wondering how these things effect you, right?


1.)  The gross physical matter gets turned into kinetic energy for your body to do hard labor with and serve as a fuel for basic bodily processes that require general energy derived from calories carbs and protein, and to contribute to your muscle tissue fibre and the pure physical substance of your being.  However this energy is low quality energy, and these fuels are unrefined, and a large portion of the gross physical matter we put into our body is not high quality enough cells for our bodies to use, because most of the food we eat is cooked (which destroys the cells and nutrients), or worse – Processed!  So actually, most of the gross physical matter of your food gets turned into waste and rejected from the body.  Most of it is totally useless and needs to be discarded.  So just remember, that when you eat food, the gross physical matter gives you kinetic energy for labor and physical substance for your bones and muscles and such, but unless your diet is all natural, the food you are eating is mostly useless and gets excreted.

2.)  The molecules as I said could be toxins or they could be vitamins/minerals and other medicines.  These get distributed throughout the body to carry out their functions to various organs, muscles, and most importantly, your brain.  These processes could be helpful or harmful, medicinal or toxic.  Many of these molecules eventually get oxidized.  Some of them stay.  The minerals that do not get oxidized and will stay in your system indefinately are still good…however, many toxins also do not get oxidized, for instance preservatives are called preservatives because they are toxins that do not break down very readily…and they could also remain in your muscle and organ tissues indefinately as well…causing problems for a large portion of your life.  So just remember that the molecules in your food get integrated into your bodily organs to either help or harm.

3.)  The sub-molecular particles and energy become the physical matter and energy of your body and field.  This field is where your “consciousness” is, as well as your “spirit” for any spiritual types.  This field is the blueprint of our body and contains much information.  This is not some new-agey crap.  This is physics.  Your physical energy field is called your bioplasm.  And this is where many illnesses come from.  For instance, cancer is often caused by exposure to radiation, or free radicals (bad ions).  These are both forms of sub-molecular energies.  So remember, the energy of your food becomes your bioplasm, the energy field of your body (and consciousness).


So you can see how the food you eat literally does become who you are on all physical levels.  You are literally walking around the world made up entirely of food you have eaten throughout your life.  Think about it…

Ever met a person who had a weird body odor?  Ever wonder why that was?

Because they were eating something funky!  Something in their diet was causing that odor!

I cannot stress enough how literally you actually ARE what you EAT!

So think about that next time you decide to eat something that is heavily processed and full of toxins…or a piece of meat from one of those countries that are infamous for having disguisting meat (IE America, China, etc), that your body is not a mechanism that filters the bad out of your food and only keeps the good…Your body will discard some of the useless empty cells sure…but as for the toxins and other harmful elements in your food, that all goes right into your body, and indefinately.  Some of it will make up your muscles, some of it will make up your organs…some your brain…and some the very consciousness and energy field that is the essence of who you are as a person…

Which brings me to my last point.  EVERYONE has heard this phrase before.  I know that you have heard “you are what you eat before”…but why does it not cause people to eat healthier?  Because they are not really understanding the notion that your identity is the food you have eaten!

So let me illustrate this for you a little more lucidly.  Just in case the illustration of how the sub-molecular energy of the food can actually become your very consciousness…here is another revelation:

Your food is the foundation and propellant for your personal development and self actualization.  Even just thinking about it on the most basic level, that your food gives you energy…if you are not eating foods that give you enough energy, or quality energy, or the right kind of energy specifically, how will you have energy to succeed in life and do the things you want to do with your life?  Notice how some foods make us tired and others make us feel stimulated…well then obviously certain foods are conducive to getting shit done and others aren’t right?  And you may even know that certain foods have certain nutrients that are better for certain types of things.  For instance some foods promote intelligence, while others promote good heart function, while others are good for your stomach, and others are good for muscles…so it is very safe to say that whatever you are trying to do in your life, or whatever type of person you are trying to become…there are going to be foods that are conducive to that.

So since you are what you eat, why not eat the foods that will help you be the person you want to be, and live the life you want to live?

Sounds pretty simple now doesn’t it?  Seems like pretty basic common sense stuff right?

So what kind of person are you going to be?  A toxic one or a successful one?

How about you try a little exercise with your food.  Take the overly simplified way of conceiving of things that I just illustrated to you.  Now if you were to dumb down your thoughts about the food you eat to those kinds of terms every time, how would you categorize your food?  So lets take the concept of energy I illustrated earlier.  Its a pretty complicated topic if you arent familiar with quantuum mechanics.  So lets just dumb it down into two types of energy, good and bad.  So what makes good energy?  Well good energy is alive.  Bad energy?  Unalive.  So lets compare two foods you can eat.  One of them is an apple.  One of them is a bag of gummy candies made out of wax, corn syrup, dye and preservatives (all of which are toxic).  Take away the pretty colors of the candy, the fancy shapes that they are in, the words you cant pronounce on the ingredient label, and the marketing.  And just look at it in the most basic terms you possibly can in comparison with the apple.  Which one has live energy and which one has unalive energy?  Right…obviously the apple is alive and the candy is unalive energy.  So which one do you think is going to gum up your intestines, not get entirely processed by the body, toxify your organs, and numb your mind and senses?  The one with the energy that is not alive, because it simply does not promote life (see you don’t have to be a scientist to get this stuff!  haha).  And which one will be processed quickly and naturally and promote your health, strength and intelligence?  Ya, the apple.

So next time you are given a choice between a fast food burger joint and a more progressive cafe, you don’t have to weigh out all the aspects of the equation.  Keep it simple.  You are what you eat.  You know what is good and bad.  Live raw food = Good.  Dead food = Bad.  Whole food = Good, processed food = Bad.  What is your body made up of?

Eat Right and you will succeed!

Don’t eat right?  Well…don’t expect your life to go the way you want it to…or for your body to give you all of the good feelings its capable of…you can however expect a large deal of shortcomings and pain however!  🙂

You’ve been educated and warned!


Interested in learning more about diet and health?  Check out my “Curing Root Causes with Dietary Secrets” Class in my “Power of You” Course!


And Good Luck!



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