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Feeling Down? Here Are Natural Remedies for Depression To Pick You Back Up Again!

If you are like everyone else out there, you probably feel a little down at times.  Don’t worry this doesn’t mean that you are less of a person, or that you need to go see a psychiatrist and get on some pill.  Not that you shouldn’t do so for severe depression, but try these first before doing anything like that.


  • Opening up your windows and flooding my apartment with sunlight and turning on all of the lights in the area I’m going to be. As well as using a light therapy lamp as well.  If the weather permits, open the windows for some fresh air too.

  • Find something positive to focus on

  • Be productive – I always feel better about myself when I am being productive

  • Listening to some positive upbeat fast paced music – this will usually change your state. And better yet, play a musical instrument – very therapeutic, or if not that then

  • Find a creative outlet of some sort. If you aren’t an artistic type, then just try writing about your feelings.  Journalling is very therapeutic, as is any form of artwork.

  • Force a smile – this tricks your brain into thinking that you are actually happy

  • Cleaning – very therapeutic, especially at the end when you get to see how clean your place is

  • Working out – Best way to boost your endorphins such as dopamine and testosterone which make you feel great. Try doing 12-25 squats right now and see how you feel, I guarantee you’ll feel better. And you can learn how to work out for free by clicking here now!

  • Watch a comedic film or listen to a stand up comedian – laughter is the best antidepressant medicine

  • Masturbation causes a ton of hormones like endorphins to be released in the brain and is basically like a form of medicine

  • Take a hot/cold shower – what a rush, this really boosts endorphins

  • Put on some nice clothes – you’ll feel more confident when you look nice.

  • Take a nap – maybe you are tired, not getting enough sleep causes a depressed state and you may need more sleep than you think, not everyone can go on 7 or 8 hours, some of us need 9 or 10 sometimes, especially during times of stress

  • Listen to a hypnosis track like the one that I made specifically for fighting depression which you can get by clicking here now. Or if not that then try practicing meditation with positive visualization which you can learn to do by clicking here.

  • Have a healthy meal – Maybe you are low on energy because you don’t have enough calories and nutrients in your body. Or maybe you haven’t been getting enough nutrients that your brain can use to turn into serotonin and other hormones.  Your food is where your brain chemistry originally comes from you know, it’s the nutrients you intake.  So eat some healthy foods like some green vegetables so your brain can increase its serotonin and such.

  • Taking 5-HTP supplement is what the brain turns into serotonin so that can be very helpful for some people, though I wasn’t able to really tell if it helped any of the times I’ve taken it, but that’s just how supplements are

  • Have a caffeinated beverage – This will certainly stimulate you and boost dopamine and serotonin though addiction to it depletes them long term so don’t use it daily or if you already are that may actually be a cause of your depression, so get off of it

  • Planning a party for yourself (which you can do alone) which I’m going to teach you how to do in a few videos. And having something to look forward to I’ve heard boosts dopamine. It certainly helps you feel more optimistic.

  • Smoking cannabis helps but you’re going to feel worse when you come down, so I recommend only using it if you can really afford to, and using it medicinally

  • Microdosing mushrooms has been found to fight depression as psilocybin turns into serotonin. Also having psychedelic experiences on higher doses of that or any psychedelic is very helpful and even life changing. I can do a video on psychedelics if people are interested, just let me know below in the comments.

  • Positive affirmations can be helpful to people who are able to actually believe in what they are saying, but studies have shown that if you don’t believe the affirmation it won’t help so that’s important to keep in mind. But you can trick your brain into believing them if you really want to haha. And if you want to learn how to use affirmations properly click here now.



But perhaps the most important thing to do when dealing with depression is by addressing and dealing with what it is you are depressed about! Which is the biggest thing that most depressed people do not do, which is why they stay depressed.  If you are feeling bad about your life, then the solution is to change your life.  If you are feeling bad about who you are, the solution is to change who you are. So practicing personal development in general so that you can be the person you want to be, feel the way you want to feel, and live the life you want to have is the only real permanent cure for depression.




Best of luck to you in your personal development and journey to happiness, and as always let me know if you need anything!




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