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Feeling Down? Here Are 10 Natural Remedies for Depression To Pick You Back Up Again!

If you are like everyone else out there, you probably feel a little down at times.  Don’t worry this doesn’t mean that you are less of a person, or that you need to go see a psychiatrist and get on some pill.  Not that you shouldn’t do so for severe depression, but try these first before doing anything like that.


1.)  Make sure you’re getting the right amount of sleep.  Getting too little or too much sleep is a huge cause of depression!


2.)  Eat healthy!  Make sure that your diet is free of things like MSG and Aspartame, which cause depression!


3.)  Make sure you are getting enough light.  Don’t be sitting around in a dark room, light up your home, and natural lighting is best so open up your windows and go outside too if you’ve been in all day!


4.)  Exercise!  This may seem obvious, but what many people don’t know is that exercising does actually cause endorphins and other chemical changes in the body which will make you feel emotionally better!


5.)  Breathe deeper and get fresh air!  Not getting enough oxygen will depress your system!  Getting more oxygen can be very stimulating and uplifting!


6.)  Socialize with positive people.  People are very influential.  Talking with negative people of course can have an adverse impact on us, but talking with positive happy people can oftentimes make one feel much better!


7.)  Listen to happy music.  Many people listen to sad music when they are sad, which only perpetuates their sadness!  Music has a very profound emotional impact so make sure you are listening to positive music that makes you feel good!


8.)  Use affirmations (example:  “I feel great”, “I am happy”)


9.)  Listen to a hypnosis track or practice meditation with positive visualization


10.)  Be productive!  Doing things you need to do for yourself will help you feel better!


But perhaps the most important thing to do when dealing with depression is…


Addressing and dealing with what it is you are depressed about! Which is the biggest thing that most depressed people do not do, which is why they stay depressed.



And of course, practicing personal development in general so that you can be the person you want to be, feel the way you want to feel, and live the life you want to have!




So there you have it, 10 (well technically 11) simple easy ways you can keep yourself from getting down in the dumps and depressed.  Of course, as I stated in reason #10 being productive and doing anything that you need to do for yourself will help you to feel better.  This could be something as simple as cleaning your house, or doing a project you were procrastinating on, or writing a whole to do list and noticing how much better you feel as you check off the items one by one.  And of course doing things that you enjoy and living the life that you want to live (and if you do not have the lifestyle that you want yet, then working towards attaining it) and working to become the person you want to be are of course the best, most ultimate and permanent cures for depression.  For working on our Self Actualization in general will generally cure depression by curing the root causes of it, and that is what I teach here at True Life Development, not taking a pill thinking that will solve your problems, because it does not!  And doing all of these things I have listed here in accord and cooperation with one another very systematically restructures your state of being in a very positive way, and this harmonious, systematic (and self actualizing) approach is what I like to call “Calibration” in my teachings.  Because this entirely “resets” our mental state, and our life, in the way that we want it to be, which is really the best way to do something such as treating depression.  So if you’d like to learn more about lifestyle recalibration and how you can fully systematize your life for optimal success, check out my “Ontology and Lifestyle Recalibration” Course that I offer as part of my “Power of You” Self Actualization Blueprint.


Best of luck to you in your personal development and journey to happiness, and as always let me know if you need anything!




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