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How To Harness The Power Of Your Mind & Its Mental Processes For The Greatest Success Possible!


A lot of what I do here in True Life Development (and not only that but what most all self help guru’s do) deals with psychology and more specifically mental patterns, negative and positive.  So I thought I would dedicate a short article to that topic.


Now I know what your probably thinking, “Oh this is where your going to tell me that I need to be more positive and less negative right?”  Well yes and no.  I mean of course you should try to be more positive and less negative, but that is not what I wanted to delve into specifically here.  This is not just some generic motivational canned material on staying positive.


What I am actually writing this article to talk about are the mechanics of mental processes and patterns.


You see one of my specialties is Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  And much of what we deal with in NLP is mental patterns.  Which are very complex things.


Allow me to explain….


For starters, let me say that mental processes are not singular occurrences.  They occur in patterns.  They are archetypal.  Your mental processes will always repeat themselves.






Keys To Mind Control & Mind Power



So for starters, understand this:


1.)  Mental Processes are Patterns.


Now what are these mental processes exactly?


Well there are two basic types of mental processes:


The Intellectual/Rational and The Emotional


Or, in other words, Thoughts and Feelings


And so when you are thinking or feeling something, these thoughts and feelings have their own processes which you will not always be in control of, but have their own sequential volition


And as you think or feel something, you will continue to think or feel it more, because it will have volition, or a pattern that the mental process is occurring in, which becomes a recurrant and self perpetuating pattern until it is interrupted


And so the next thing you need to understand is:


2.)  Thoughts and feelings are Self Perpetuating.


And so understanding that thougths and feelings have their own processes which cause patterns, you must also understand that:



3.)  These mental patterns can be of two types – Positive or Negative.



And negative patterns generally do not cause positive patterns, but instead perpetuate themselves, and cause more negative patterns, and positive patterns generally do not cause negative patterns, but perpetuate themselves and cause more positive patterns.


And of course which kinds of patterns do you want?  Which kinds are conducive to a good lifestyle?  Obviously the positive ones right?


So here is where we are going to talk about the mechanics of these mental processes and patterns in a way that is going to be of practical benefit to you.





You see…since thoughts and feelings have their own processes and by nature have a tendency to cause negative patterns at times.  It doesnt matter how much you try to be positive, there will be negative thought processes (and patterns) that pop up from time to time, usually when a negative external stimulus is introduced.  And if the resulting negative thoughts and feelings are not not properly governed by you, the owner and user of your brain, and they allowed to perpetuate themselves, they will form a vicious circle, and their self perpetuation will cause them to grow and take over your mind, and reality, and expereince of life.  And that is what we are trying to avoid in life, right?




For you see, having a brain is very much like managing a business with employees.  Your thoughts and feelings are your employees.  They need direction.  If you are not providing them with direction, you have no idea if they are going to be working for the benefit of the company and doing the right things or not.  Because without your instructions and management, they will have their own way of doing things, and the more they are allowed to do their own thing…the less control you will have over the work they are have done and will continue to do.  Why without a supervisor overseeing a project…the project may be done wrong, and may hurt the company.  Your thoughts are the same way.  You need to maintain a conscious awareness of them and not only be overseeing them objectively at all times, but giving them the proper guidance to make sure that they are positive and that their processes and patterns are conducive to the state of being and life that you want to have.



So you are probably wondering…how do we do this???



1.)  By being able to Identify positive and negative patterns, not just in general, but very precisely and immediately as soon as they begin.



So Self Awareness and Self Analysis are the two main keys to success.


And then once you have that



2.)  You must be able to exert control over your own thoughts and feelings and make sure that they are conducive to positivity and success, rather than negativity and limitations.



And that right there my friend is the entire basis of self help and personal development.


So once you have those basics down you will be well on your way to the ideal self and ideal lifestyle that you want to embody!


And if you are interested in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and learning how to control and empower your mind for the greatest success possible be sure to check out my NLP Mind Control 101 Program by clicking this link here now!


And enjoy becoming self actualized and getting the life of your dreams everyone!


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