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Genetics Don’t Cause Disorders?! You’ve Got To Read This!!



I hear a lot from people about their disorders who say “I have this, its genetic”, or “I have this, its just the way my brain is wired”, or “I have this that’s just the way I am and I have come to accept it and live with it”….well guess what…





No one has anything that cant go away and be replaced with the healthy state that they want.



For mental health disorders please see my blog post on “Neuroplasticity”



Here i will be addressing all other physiological disorders that people think that they “Just have” because of “Genetics” or whatever other condition they think is biologically set in stone for them.






Nothing biologically is set in stone.






Your body is not static.  It is malleable.



It is constantly changing due to environmental influences.



Ailments and disorders will come and go as your body intercepts things that cause them.  And even the ones that seem permanent can go again, you just have to get rid of the root cause of it.  And that is what I specialize in here in True Life Development – Ridding people of their root causes so they can be permanently healthy.



“But what if my root cause is genetics?”  You say?



“What if cancer or (insert other disorder here) runs in my family?  And I just “have it” as part of my genes?”



Well I have good news for you, you dont just “have it”, it is not just “in your genes”.



And this is where the scales get tipped in the nature vs. nurture, genetics vs environment debate…



For you see, studies have been done on adopted children.  And it was found that children who were adopted from families who had genetic disorders, and placed into families who were perfectly healthy…would be perfectly healthy, and the disorders that they were supposed to “have” genetically…never came up….



And here is the kicker…



Children who were adopted from families with perfectly healthy genes, into families who had health problems…would inherit the health problems of their new families!






Because they were being placed into the conditions of those families that caused those health problems…



Including their not only their environment…



but also namely their psychology and attitude



And their bio-energetic fields



These are the major factors of diseases and disorders!


For you see the human blueprint is made to be perfect.   It was hundreds of millions of years in the making…and under the worst conditions!  Humans were made to survive without modern amenities, but instead during ice ages, in jungles…and in the worst conditions possible!  The genetic blueprint of the human being, our DNA, is perfect!  We are made to survive and be strong!



The reason that illnesses are coming up is not because your genetic blueprint says that you are supposed to be sick.  It is because there are variables at play in your environment, lifestyle, psyche, etc that are causing you to be sick.  There is no set condition that is unwellness.  You can have wellness if you tell yourself that you are going to be well (psyche), and live a healthy wholesome lifestyle, and calibrate your environment to be one of healthy influences.


That is one of the main reasons I started True Life Development, because so many people think that they are just supposed to be unwell, or unhappy, when you don’t have to be.  You can decide what your state of being is going to be!


And if you would like to learn just how you can completely recalibrate your environment and lifestyle (and psyche) to achieve the state of wellness and good feelings that you want in your life, check out my “Deep Full Spectrum Holistic Healing Recalibration” Course in my “Power of You Self Actualization Blue Print”!





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