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A Basic 3 Part Law Of Attraction Formula For Getting What You Want In Life Revealed Here!

The Law Of Attraction –

A Basic 3 Pronged Blueprint

For Getting What You Want In Life




The Law of Attraction Philosophy is a Secret of Success for many people these days, and a big popular trend among many people from business people to new age spiritualists.  However there are still many people who do not know what it is,and many of the people who have gotten into the philosophy actually do not have a very accurate understanding of it, for much of the introductory information out there on it that has taught these people is meant to be abstract and not definitive.  So I am here to really definitively elucidate and illustrate what the law of attraction is exactly, in a much more scientific way than most people who teach it do, and to give you a basic three law blueprint of the law of attraction.



So to define The “Law of Attraction” here and now for these purposes, let us say that it is the physical law (and when I say physical, I mean the law of physics) that says that we attract things to us in our life based upon the mind set that we have and other aspects of our state of being which determine what comes to us in life.


But where does this theory come from exactly?  Well it was first spoken of in the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  This book was written around the turn of the century and was among great books on business success such as “How to Win Friends and Influence People” that really propelled American entrepreneurs of that day and age foreward and helped to make the successful business world what it became.  However the “Law of Attraction” really didn’t become what it is today until “The Master Key System” came out a few decades ago.  And for more information on the Master Keys to Success you can check out my blog on them here!





Anyways after that these Principles for Success steadily evolved into the Theories and Laws known as the Law of Attraction as taught and practiced today, which I am now going to give you the basic formula for!


So like I said the Law of Attraction is actually not so much a philosophy but a science that comes from the Laws of Physics.  So understand this first and foremost, and then you will really be able to have a solid understanding of it.


And now without further ado, here is your…


Basic Law of Attraction Blueprint:


There is a basic 3 Pronged (Trinity) of the most essential Metaphysical Forces/Principles/Laws at work at the core of the law of attraction.  These make up the laws that form the basic Law Of Attraction Blueprint.  They are:






Law 1 – Magnetism: “Like Attracts Like”



This relates to the physics of magnetism.  Attraction is a law of physics.  Everything consists of atoms, which is comprised of energy, and 80% of that is Electromagnetic.  So being made up of electromagnetic energy, you have a magnetic force inherent in your body and mind.  This force attracts things that are like you to it by the very laws of physics that you exist by.  This is the first existential law that you must understand.



Law 2 – “As within so without”



This is an ancient adage which was a fundamental theory taught in many cultures and traditions and not most.  But what does this mean?  It means that the universe consists of macrocosms and microcosms.  If you think about it, all forms in this universe occur on two scales, the micro and the macro.  Take the atom and the solar system for example.  They both look exactly the same.  And such archetypes are what makes up everything we know.  So understand that the very blueprint of the universe is found in your body in a myriad of forms.  But how do actually put this to work for us in a practical manner?  By Focusing on what you want not in the outer world, but within yourself.  When you focus on what you want from within and not without, you actually create it without in the external universe around you from teh inside out.  So use the power of your mind and Positive Psychology (which is the psychotherapeutic basis of the Law of Attraction) to focus on the life you want and it will actualize and manifest for you.



Law 3 – Momentum:  “An Object In Motion Stays In Motion”



This is the law of momentum, which is based on the most fundamental law of Newtonian Physics that everyone has heard of.  This means that whatever direction you have in your life, you will continue to go in with momentum.  Whatever you are doing has not only staying power, but the power of volition, which means that it will not only continue, but with more and more force and power as you continue to do it.  So in practicing the Law of Attraction understand that the more you do things over time, the more powerful their effects, and the more you live a certain way, the more that lifestyle will not only sustain itself, but perpetuate itself to greater and greater degrees as time goes on.  So understand that if you are attracting bad things to yourself because you are thinking negative thoughts and have negatively charged polarity in your electromagnetic field, this means that if you continue to do so tomorrow, the effects of the negative returns you will recieve in your life will be greater than today, and the next day they will be even greater…and so on and so forth to exponential degrees…however if you focus on positive in your practice of the Law of Attraction, you will have that positive momentum (and gravity) in your life instead.


So how do you ensure that you are practicing this most properly to make sure that you are not attracting negative elements into your life to exponential degrees over time, but rather can bring about the positive things and changes you want to your life so that you can live a prosperous life of personal development and self actualization?  Well now that you have constructed a good solid foundation to build upon with this Law of Attraction Blueprint, you can take your lifes work to the next level, and then the level after that, and the level after that, by taking my Law of Attraction Master Course which I offer as the zenith of my “Power of You Self Actualization BluePrint”, starting here with the “Basic Concepts” Work Shop and the “Physics” Workshop as well, and then once you have assimilated that material in your mind you will be able to really get into the practical aspects with the “Positive Psychology and Calibration” workshop and the “General Practices” Workshop as well, and then take things from there, all the way to the “Spiritual Theories and Practice” Workshop if you wish to really take things to the most ultimate level in your Existential Self Actualization!


And may you manifest the life of your dreams!



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