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How To Attain Higher States Through The Secrets Of Proper Meditation Technique



Everyone knows that meditation is one of the oldest Self Help, Psychotherapy, and Spiritual practices.  It has been practiced by everyone from athletes and entrepreneurs, to psychotherapists and holistic healers, to spiritualists and religious devotees. So why is it that so many people practice meditation?



It is because meditation is the best way to relax, clear your mind and hit the “reset button”, center yourself, find inner peace, raise your consciousness, elevate your state of being, self actualize, and empower oneself in a variety of ways physically, mentally and spiritually. It is simply one of the best things you can do for any form of holistic personal development, be it physical, mental, spiritual, or success in anything in life!  But the problem is that so many people have a misconception about meditation and what it is.  Many think meditation is simply sitting and thinking of nothing, but this is simply an erroneous idea.  And an even greater problem with meditation is that many people learn about it through taking meditation classes that are actually just guided meditations and do not teach them the skill of how to meditate on their own.  This is because like most therapists, most meditation teachers want you to keep coming to classes rather than doing it on your own, because that is how they make money, and if they teach you how to do it on your own they would be losing money.



However luckily for you I am actually a Yogi and have mastered meditation over the course of more than 2 decades of study and practice.  I have a great understanding of meditation in both an eastern and western view, by modern and ancient sciences.  And so I know some little known secrets about it that most meditation teachers don’t want you to know.  And here in this article I am going to be teaching you how to meditate on your own, easily and effectively.  So here are some REAL meditation techniques arranged in a sequential procedure that will make it easy for you to be able to achieve deep states of meditation (called trance states, which feel really great!) and make rapid progress in your meditation practice.




The Meditation Procedure





1.)  Sit on a pillow with legs crossed, one foot on top of one opposite thigh (this is called half lotus), if you cant do that just sit cross legged, or you can sit in a chair.


2.) Make sure your lower back is relaxed slightly out.


3.) Make sure your upper back is in, with shoulders rolled back and chest out.


4.) Tuck your chin in to straighten your neck a little.


5.) Have hands on knees with palms up.


6.) Close your eyes.


7.) Breathe deep full slow breaths.


8.) Relax all of your muscles, scanning over your body with your awareness to make sure that each of them are relaxed.


9.) Let your thoughts go of their own accord


10.) Do not try to think of anything, but also do not try to think of nothing.


11.) If something important does come to mind, contemplate it for a moment and then let it go.


12.) Any other insignificant thoughts pass through your mind without paying any attention to them.


13.) If you are having trouble concentrating simply return your attention to your breathing and make sure it is deep and full.  Focusing on your breath is one of the best ways to maintain concentration and a clear mind, and go deep into your own consciousness.


14.) If you begin to slouch or experience physical discomfort correct your posture.

15.) Don’t force it!  Just relax!  There is no wrong way to meditate.


15.) Continue to go deeper for however long you can.  But if you reach a point where you can no longer concentrate, do not worry, this may be a good time to stop.  Do not try to meditate for too long on any one occasion, when you stop feeling comfortable your meditation then it is time to stop.  You can try again tomorrow.







Continue this on a daily basis.  Do not try to do too much in one day.  And do not think that you can try to get all of your weekly meditating done in all at once in one big 1-2 hour meditation once a week.  Meditation does for your mind and spirit what going to the bathroom does for your body.  And so just like going to the bathroom it is better to do it once or twice a day even for just a couple minutes than to try to do it all once a week for an hour.  And if you go a day or more without meditating, you will find your mind and spirit getting backed up and “unclean”.  And so if you are just starting meditating and have never done it before, it may not feel easy or comfortable at first.  And it is best not to try too hard or do it for too long, but just make it a habit that you practice consistently.  With consistent practice it will become easier and easier and more and more effective over time.



After practicing meditation every day for a few weeks you will notice that it has a variety of benefits. From better health, problem solving, to a clear mind, a more insightful intellect, greater awareness, higher intelligence, inner peace, a better attitude, success and prosperity, spiritual enlightenment, blessings and many more!  Once you are able to meditate for about 15 minutes or more, it is a good idea to start stretching out your spine a bit before you begin to avoid physical discomfort (actually this is what Yoga was invented for).

Many people find it easier and more effective to meditate to some sort of meditation music or sound track, and I have engineered many of these which are created for the purpose of inducing deep trance states quickly and easily, and you can find and download them instantly by clicking this link here now.  And if you have any questions or need any guidance with your meditation practice feel free to email me at info@TrueLifeDevelopment.com.  And otherwise good luck!






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