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Is Milk Actually Good For You? The Nasty Truth About Dairy Exposed!

Is Milk Actually Good For You? The Nasty Truth About Dairy Exposed!

Should You Really Be Drinking Milk?

The Facts About Cows Milk And If It Is Really Healthy or Not Exposed!



What is milk? Do you know? Why do we drink milk? And cows milk specifically?

Man in his natural environment, that is: “Paleolithic man”, actually never drank milk. He lived off of what nature gave him, and the only milk that was was the milk of his mothers. But as man evolved and spread out throughout the world, in some environments food wasn’t always easy to come by. Sometimes people faced scarcity, droughts, famine and starvation. We drink milk because starving people living in the wild learned agriculture and how to domesticate animals to help them survive. They found that even though human mothers don’t produce milk for very long, animals can be made to produce it all the time, and it gave them something to drink that helped them to survive since other food wasn’t abundant at all times of the year.

As agriculture evolved, more people depended upon milk, especially as they found that in doing so they could live in places where other food was scarce. Cows milk was favored since cows produced more of it, while not necessarily needing that much more feed (since they actually have more stomachs than most animals, and are able to extract more nutrients from their feed) But just because milk prevented people from starving, did not mean it was good for their bodies. This was before science you see.

So animal agriculture continued to evolve, and industry continued to evolve, the dairy industry manifested, and then evolved into what you see today. And milk became a staple of everyones diet, and the dairy industry flourished, and became a big part of industry in general, which was good for the country and its economy. But still not good for the people, so misinformation campaigns on how milk is good for you were launched.

They added vitamins to milk to give them reasons why it was good for you. And even though those vitamins may be good, the milk isn’t, it is only good for industry. But of course after seeing so many of these commercials, and drinking milk for so long, this may be hard to believe. So here are the scientific facts about cows milk and why it is not good for humans.

It is only natural for a species to drink the milk that comes from the mammory glands of its own species. Milk is a specific hormonal formulation that is chemically only meant for the members of that species. Inter-species milk consumption causes hormonal and chemical inbalance.

Cow’s are extremely biologically different than us. They have several stomachs, we only have one, and the stomach design is different than ours. This means that we are unable to digest cows milk. Instead it curdles in our stomach, which causes intestinal trauma and toxicity. And it is very difficult for the human digestive tract to process. The only beings that can process cows milk are calves. Are you a calf? If you are reading this I assume you are not, and that you are a human. And do you see any other inter-species milk sharing in the world? No, you do not. So why would it seem natural for a human to be drinking a cows milk? Well just because of a lot of brainwashing that weve been given. In fact most adult human men would find it more strange to taste their nursing wifes milk, which is meant for humans, than to drink the milk of a cow, which is meant only for calves. This is due to brainwashing.

SO lets talk about what milk really is and why it is only meant for its species. Specifically why cows milk should only be drank by calves and not humans. Milk is a mammery gland secretion that consists largely of puss and that species white blood cells, growth hormones and fat. It is a growth formula for infants of that species. Cows are extremely biologically different than us, and thus they are extremely chemically different than us. They have different digestive systems, which means they have different metabolisms, and they also have different brains, hormones and chemical makeups. The chemical design of cows milk is engineered to turn a 60 pound calf into a 1,000-1,500 pound cow in a short period of time. Therein it is nearly impossible to do anything but gain weight while drinking milk. Losing weight would be like trying to paddle a boat up stream…in fact not only that, but that boat has a hole in it, because the milk will be causing other health problems as well. Recent studies have shown that it actually doen’t help with osteoporosis, at least not in preventing it, actually those who drink more milk have been now found to be more apt to have it.

The only reason they say milk is good for you is because of the calcium and vitamin d right? Which are added…so its not the milk that is good for you really. Its only good for industry – the dairy industry is one of the biggest in America, so of course you’ve been sold disinformation about milk. And those added vitamins are probably synthetic chemical forms that aren’t even bioavailable (readily usable by the body). There’s literally nothing healthy about milk. But those aren’t the only additives you have to worry about in milk… What about all of the drugs, chemicals and toxins pumped into cows…where else does that go besides into their muscle tissue? Into their milk. Your getting all of the growth hormones, antibiotics, other drugs, and toxins from their nasty feed. Do these things sound good for you? Do they sound like things you would sprinkle into your food like you sprinkle herbs and spices into it, or supplaments into a smoothie? No of course not, no one would ever want to add these things to their food. But the dairy industry is.



And then there’s cheese, cheese is milk that has been curdled and concentrated by 10 times. It requires 10 pounds of milk to make 1 pound of cheese. All of the hormones and chemicals found in milk are 10 times concentrated in cheese. Not to mention that cheese is milk fat that has been curdled by an unfriendly acid producing form of bacteria…which is something that is traumatizing to the digestive tract to be forced to try to process. You wouldn’t scoop the curds out of soured milk and eat them would you? Then why do people eat cheese? And yogurt? Well, one word – marketing. No the cultures used in these things are not good forms of probiotics, they are acid producing cultures called acidophiles, that’s why they curdle the milk. This is not good for you because curdled milk is not good for you, and acid producing cultures are not good for you, they just produce acid in your body, which is a corrosive substance that lowers your pH and produces more unfriendly bacteria.

Man would never have drank cow milk and used cow dairy products unless he absolutely had to. So why does milk and cheese taste good? Because we evolved from starving peoples who needed fatty sources of calories to ensure they did not die a horrible death of starvation. So we are wired through our evolutionary psychology to enjoy the taste of fatty foods such as cows milk that once saved our ancestors lives in times of famine. These things trigger our brain to feel safe, comfortable…that is why cheese is considered a comfort food.

But in modern society, we do not have to worry about starvation, so we do not need such fatty foods to keep us from doing so. And we do not need these kinds of sources of food that man would never had eaten unless he was facing starvation ate out of necessity. Instead of worrying about starvation we now have to worry about opposite problems, such as obesity and other disorders and health problems caused by excessive eating, and certain ingredients found in the modern diet that are not good for the human body. Such as unnatural chemicals that are toxic to it, which milk is abundant with, and now that it has been so industrialized it has even more than it ever did before. So saying that people have drank milk for so long is not an excuse to drink it now, since they were starving people, who were drinking a much cleaner milk, but even then it still was not natural for them and even the natural chemicals found in milk were not good for the human body.

But when you remove milk and any form of cow dairy from your diet, getting healthy and fit becomes easy and natural. Because milk is natures chemical formula to turn a small calf into a cow that is exponentially larger than any human ever gets….well milk is like an air pump on a balloon that is your body, and removing it from your diet is like removing the air pump and just letting all of that excess air out. Especially if you replace the milk with raw juices and smoothies, and even raw soups, which are the things nature intended for us and are good for our bodies and are easy to process and full of life giving nutrients, so they taste great! You can check out some of my recipes for these things here.

So if you aren’t a calf, don’t drink milk, it’s not for you. Now some of you may be wondering about the milk of other species, such as goat milk. Goats are actually not as biologically different than us humans, so goats milk is not as traumatic on the human system, but they are still very different, so it is still not recommended. Besides how would you feel if you were a female of that species who got forcibly artificially inseminated (also known as sexual assault), made to go through pregnancy, and then had your baby torn from your arms, and then were forcibly milked multiple times a day…over and over and over again. If you wouldn’t want to go through that, you shouldn’t be subjecting other sentient beings with feelings to it, because its very emotionally traumatic. And even if you don’t care about their feelings, remember that emotions are hormones, and when you make them experience those hormones, they then get put into the milk, and you drink them…so you are not only causing them trauma, but you are then extracting the hormones of that trauma and putting them into your brain, which causes chemical imbalance.

The only thing that you should be drinking are juices and herbal teas, and raw smoothies and soups, as I mentioned. But luckily for you they taste much better and will make you feel much better than dairy ever could. And they are also easy to prepare. So check out my recipes here. I’m sure you will like that much more than you ever liked dairy. Now coming off of dairy may be a bit of a difficult habit to break. Because, since its not natural for the human digestive system, its actually caused you to spawn unnatural bacteria and parasites inside of you that help with its digestion. When you start starving them of the dairy they are used to, they will send signals to your nervous system telling you to feed them, and making you feel as though you are craving dairy. This is just a mind trick they are playing on your nervous system that makes you feel like you are quitting cigarettes. Just look for other sources of pleasure in your food such as the fruit juices and other recipes I mentioned here, and plow through the first couple few days. After the first two days these parasites will start to die off, and the cravings will go away. And after the first week they will both be gone totally and you won’t even remember why you liked dairy, because your body will have returned to its natural state again.

So I hope that you all found this information interesting and helpful, if you would like to learn more about how you can use secret insider information on food to heal your body and get healthier and stronger than you ever imagined, just click this link here to learn more about curing and healing with dietary secrets.

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The Dark Secret of Why Most People Are So Disempowered & How To Empower Yourself To Be Successful NOW!

The Dark Secret of Why Most People Are So Disempowered

& How To Empower Yourself To Be Successful NOW!


Everyone has wants and needs in life, as well as things they do not want in life.  And people want to be able to get what they do want, and not what they do not want.  In fact being able to choose to get what you want and not what you don’t want is seen as one of the most fundamental inalienable human rights.

Why?  Because that freedom to choose what happens to you goes right along with the fundamentally important human quality that we believe makes us human beings and gives us our humanity.  What is that quality?


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The Secret Spiritual Philosophy of Hedonism Revealed!

The Spiritual Merit Of Pleasure & Hedonism

What Is “Spiritual Hedonism?”


Is hedonism spiritual?  Could a pleasure centric lifestyle actually have spiritual value, and not be as “wrong” and “immoral” as Christianity says?

Well let’s explore the philosophical world of spiritual hedonism and see what hedonism really means spiritually to those who are not rigid Christians who wish to never enjoy the pleasures of life.

Luckily, these are not very complicated topics, so we can keep it simple.


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What Is Sexual Freedom? What It Means To Be Sexually Free (& Why You Should Be)

What Is Sexual Freedom?

What It Means To Be Sexually Free (& Why You Should Be)


Many people have probably heard the phrase “Sexual Freedom” before, and not exactly know what it means.  And many people may think that they have sexual freedom when in actuality they do not.  We live in a very sexually oppressive and controlling culture in which most people are actually not sexually free, as they do not feel free to make their own choices sexually due to various social pressures.  And thus most people are not sexually healthy or happy, and will even take on the social narratives of their oppression to make excuses for why they are not doing what they really want to, or even deny that they want what they want, and say that they want what they are told to want by society, when in fact they do not.  I recently put out a video on my philosophy of the value of sexual freedom that you may have seen.  But in such a culture of sexual oppression in which people have been so brainwashed with the narratives of sexual oppression most people are complete strangers to the idea of sexual freedom, and probably have no idea what it is or means, and why it is something that everyone should have.  So many people may be wondering, what is sexual freedom exactly? What does it mean to be sexually free, and how does it work?  And why is it something that everyone including you should have and how would it benefit you?


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The Dark Truth’s of Modern Man That No One Wants to Admit Are Uncovered….

The Dark Truth’s of Modern Man



The whole reason I created True Life Development was because I am awake and aware enough to see all of the problems with the world and with human nature, at least with modern man.  The world is failing, and in many ways headed towards an apocalypse because of this.  There are so many of social issues and personal issues we need to correct if we are going to better ourselves as a species and make the world a better place.  This is why I created True Life Development – to help people to better themselves in order to enact widespread social change over time and make the world a better place for us all to live in.

But of course widespread social change all comes down to the individual and their own personal development.  If you are not self actualized and living your dream life as your highest self, then you are no good to society.  And since most people are not doing that, but rather are doing the opposite, living in poverty, illness, and degeneration, hence we have widespread social problems in this world.


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The Truth About Sexuality In Christianity

The Controversial Truth About Christian Sexuality That Most Pastors Don’t Want You To Know Revealed Here!


I love it when people tell me I shouldn’t be doing or teaching something about sexuality because God says its wrong, not knowing that I am an ordained minister and know what I am talking about more than they do. Here is how many of these conversations go, and an actual conversation transcript that happened recently:

Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So what do you do?”

Me: “I teach sexuality”

Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So are you teaching sex as God intended?”

Me: “I teach how to have a healthy fulfilling sex life, its up to people to apply it to their own preferences.”

Supposed Christian trying to tell me my business: “So are you teaching that this should only happen between a married man and a woman?”


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True Life Spirituality – Shamanism…What Is It Really?

Spiritual Empowerment 1

Shamanism – What It Is


To many people the word shaman is a stereotype which conjures vague images of an archaic and crude form of earth based magician. Oftentimes this word has dark connotations, ones of black magic or things relating to the underworld. Oftentimes people feel as though it is a native American title that most directly translates to “medicine man” or “witch doctor,” and refers to someone known for eccentricity, schizophrenic fits and other wild behavior who speaks of spirits and the spiritual realm in misty, ambiguous metaphors and far out aphorisms that don’t really apply or make sense to the rational mind of the average well grounded person.


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True Life Relationships – What Is Being a Couple Really All About?

Portrait of a happy young couple having fun on the beach. Couple enjoying a summer vacation.


What Is Being A Couple Really About?  Let’s explore the Definition of Romantic Relationships a little here.
I hear from way too many women in committed relationships, even marriages, that they are not being sexually fulfilled by their partners, and sometimes their sexual needs are totally being neglected, or they barely have sex at all. And see too many men cheating, and even have married women propositioning me for sex, some of whom have never even been given an orgasm by their husbands. And I can’t help but think why are you in a committed sexual partnership with someone who is not actually your sexual partner?


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Purposeful Living and The Meaning Of Life


Purposeful Living and The Meaning Of Life (Ontology and Logotherapy)


Many people these days do not have a great sense of self, life puropose, or meaning in their life.  Many are simply walking through life in a waking daze like zombies or robots.  You probably know a lot of people like that.  Perhaps even you yourself have been this way at times.  Is that how you want to live your life?


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You Are A Product Of Your Environment…And Your Environment Is A Product Of You!

You Are A Product Of Your Environment And your Environment Is A Product Of You!
My Experience With Nature Vs. Nurture


I grew up in the country, a very small town on the outskirts of the city of Rochester NY about 40 minutes away from downtown, and 20 minutes away from the nearest grocery store. It had a lot of nature and that was great for many reasons, but it was also very desolate. My mother was very sheltering and isolated me from most other kids I wanted to play with. She was also very oppressive and wanted to indoctrinate me in her own ways and prevent me from associating with anyone she didn’t approve of, and she didn’t approve of most people. This conditioned me with a lot of social anxiety and depression, and other social issues. In fact as I would come to find out my mother was a sociopath, and really enjoyed causing psychological issues in me that she could then despair about and blame on the divorce and my father and popular culture, and then force me into therapy that I did not want or need.  For a while I was very unpopular in school, but I was not a stupid kid and was able to figure out what it took to become popular and get in with the popular crowd. However even as a teenager she would not let me hang out with other kids outside of school without first talking to their parents as if I was a child and she needed to arrange “play dates”. Thus I had to become very rebellious and independent and learned to just do what I want and find my own way.


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Is It Right To Be Wrong?


man realizes hes wrong


How Wrong is it to be Wrong?


Many people are afraid of ever admitting that they are wrong.   They feel like it is wrong to be wrong, and better to just be right all the time.  And even if they are not actually right, they feel it is better to assure others that they are.  This comes from a place of ego and not wanting to admit than you had done something less intelligent than you thought.  However admitting you are wrong and correcting yourself actually seems more intelligent.  And if you look at history, you will see a lot of very large examples of highly intelligent people who did great things but also did great things wrong and should have realized they were wrong sooner when they could have done things greater.


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