Ancient Micro-Calibration Blueprint

It is no secret that spirituality is an inherent part of the human condition and the holistic spectrum of our state of being.  And as many people who have studied esoteric sciences know, the most ancient sciences and philosophies were actually spiritual ones.

Before any new philosophies and sciences as we know in the modern and largely western influenced world, there were many shamanic/spiritual traditions who had already laid out theories and principles of physics and other natural laws, as well as physiology and many forms of healing, and psychology and personal development systems as well.  These ancient esoteric theories were the blueprints that laid the ground work for all modern sciences, and have been some of the most fascinating and impressive things to me on my journey to enlightenment as a scholar discovering the nature of reality and the human condition we have living in it.  So here today I have to present to you a very simple yet profound ancient micro-calibration blueprint for your self actualization found in the ancient eastern texts of the Upanishads.  Esotericism being esoteric for a good reason, because it is often hard to understand, I wanted to make sure that I provided a model from one of these foundational philosophies that would not be too complicated for everyone to understand, but would be easy to digest while also providing the extraordinary psychological effectiveness that I always shoot for here in True Life Development for your self actualization.  And luckily the perfect model came to me, which I call a “micro-calibration blueprint”, and which is very basic and easy to understand, however also very powerful and chain-reacting, and you will see for yourself exactly why!


“Carefully govern your thoughts, for they become words;
Carefully govern your words, for they become actions;
Carefully govern your actions, for they become habits;
Carefully govern your habits, for they become character;
Carefully govern your character, for it becomes your destiny.”


You can see how, as is taught in the law of attraction philosophy of today and modern psychology, both of which pull from these ancient shamanic systems of life, this provides for you a blueprint of the domino effect that each element on the different levels of your being and lifestyle has in reaction to one another straight from your mental source.  This knowledge of cause and effect and the blueprint of our multidimensional states of being and how we manifest and actualize our lives and ourselves is very important fundamental knowledge that you must have if you are going to cultivate the self and dream life that you want to have and be.  I love this model of personal development because of how it so clearly lays out the cause and effect that each aspect of our being has on the next in this chain reaction, and how if we wish to recalibrate ourselves and our lives, all we simply need to do is begin at the mental source where we create everything that we are, and then work our way through all the other elements that come into play down the line calibrating every aspect of your self and your life until we have not only manifested but ensured the destiny we wish to have.  So be sure to take this very significant foundational ancient wisdom from the Upanishads to begin your own self actualization today.  And if you wish to really take things to the next level, be sure to check out my “Power of You – Self Actualization Blueprint” Master Course today!





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