Meta-States and Meta-Programming

In this blog post I would like to introduce two concepts to the readers out there:  “Meta-States” and “Meta-Programming”.  It is very important in your self improvement that you have a definitive idea of what these two states are.  So today we are going to get a clear definition of them and really wrap your head around the ideas so you can begin to use these concepts for your own personal advancement.

1.)  Meta-State – A state of mind which is removed from the previous state of mind we were in, in which we can objectively reflect upon it.

2.)  Meta-Programming – The conscious reprogramming of ones mind in a way which overwrites and corrects previous mental patterns and programming.

These two concepts are the concepts needed to be understood in order to develop yourself.  Without an objective awareness of the states of mind we have had up to this point, we cannot continue to make conscious improvements to our state of being.  But if we can achieve meta states, in which we break away from previous states of mind in order to objectively reflect upon them, then we can begin to re-write mental patterns, using Meta-Programming.  Without meta-programming of our minds we cannot make permanent, effective changes to ourselves and our lives.  However when we do change our mental patterns and programs then everything in our lives can change!


So you see using just these two simple steps you can re-write the blueprint of your life!  All you need is objective awareness of the Meta-State, and the ability to control your mind and re-write its thought and behavioral patterns with Meta-Programming!  And this is something that you can do right now, this very moment!  Simply start reflecting upon the states you have been in previously to where you are now, and how you want to move foreward and change your thought and behavioral patterns so that you can feel the way that you want to feel, be the way you want to be, live the way you want to live, and so on!  You will find that the process of self actualization is a very exciting one!


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