Why Personal Development?

Why personal Development?

So your probably wondering, “why personal development?” “What is it all about?” “Why would I even possibly need that?” “Cant I just be myself?” Well personal development is about enhancing who you are and self actualizing. Its not that you shouldn’t be yourself. Personal development is about becoming your ideal self. Be it physically, mentally, spiritually, or in any more specific aspect of your being, you are always going to be optimizing your life and pursuing your dreams, and through holistic methods of self help and personal development you put yourself on the fast track to your dream life. Things such as hypnosis, and meditation, have always been ways in which people have enhanced their minds and used the power of the mind to enhance their lives. And there are numerous other practices as well, such as acupressure, the law of attraction, Neurolinguistic programming, among many others, which are highly effective in helping one become the person one wants to be and cultivate the life one wants to lead. And people have been looking to holistic ways of helping themselves since archaic times, in what is now called shamanism using the same time tested holistic practices that are still used today!

I have always been into different modes of personal development. As a teenager I was a body builder and was big into health and fitness, but eventually I developed joint and back problems, and then severe stomach problems from eating too much meat and heavy foods. I had been into holistic practices like hypnosis since the beginning, so it was easy for me to get into them more heavily and save my own life with them when my stomach stopped being able to hold any food, and my immune system became extremely weak. I became very sick and stayed very sick for 8 months, with a series of painful respiratory infections, which caused a searing pain to accompany breathing, making it very hard to sleep. Insomnia made my defenses weaker, and when my stomach stopped being able to handle any food what so ever besides certain liquids like soy milk, I began to get even weaker. After two months I was literally starving to death and had to spend some time in the hospital. But I was able to reactivate my stomach and immune system, and nurse myself back to health with raw dieting, juicing, and some other holistic practices like acupressure. And since then I have continued to empower myself and evolve into the person that I want to be, and create the life of my dreams, which I am now living! So I know first hand how powerful these tools are.

And you may be thinking “well do they have scientific bearing?” And yes, they do. Even though they may have spiritual bearing, in the western modern day sciences there is bearing for all these practices, which modern day western science has adopted many of itself. Acupressure is verifyable through nerve endings. Natural medicine is verifyable through chemistry. And hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming are actual systems of psychology. So you can see that these aren’t just ancient or eastern philosophies, they are real sciences. And this is what makes them all appealing to myself as an intellectual, because there is both a philosophical and scientific bearing for all of these, but they also work wonders!

In True Life Development I use many different kinds of services and programs to aid others with their own personal growth and evolution, by giving them the most effective tools I know of, in my own custom services and programs, which I trust with my own life and know the power of.  How am I so sure of their power and this system of personal development?  Because they are the very things that have given me the life of my dreams!   Which is why I choose to give them to you so you too can live your dream life!


To get started on your journey of personal development and self actualization for your own dream life today check out my Personal Development video workshop today!


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