What is Shamanism?

What is Shamanism?  Shamanism is a practice and way of life which involves a holistic lifestyle harmonizing the physical, mental, and spiritual, and involving everything from physical healing to spiritual practices.  A shaman should have undergone a special initiation granting him with spiritual knowledge and power which is then transferrable to mental and physical dimensions of being as well.

And so a shaman is both a doctor, psychotherapist and a spiritual teacher/leader and practitioner as well.  And since time immemorial this was an ideal method of best meeting those needs when it comes to peoples personal evolution.  Shamanism contains many esoteric secrets for creating the ultimate human experience here in this world, from sacred sexuality, to mind enhancing psychedelic drugs, and all kinds of natural medicines and spiritual practices such as divination.


And in shamanism one is ideally in search for enlightenment and the most great ultimate ways of empowering oneself and attaining ones fantasies.   And through shamanism people have reached the most incredible states of being, because of the esoteric arts that are practiced in it.   And an initiated shaman is a very powerful person!


Not coincidentally the word shaman is actually a word made up by the academic community about fifty years ago to connote a archetypal thing found in just about every culture.  SO the fact that all cultures have shamanic roots is a great indicator of shamanisms significance.  And what it tells you is that people need shamen, because the holistic needs that the shaman meets in others are the most important needs one  has that need to be fulfilled in order for one to feel fulfilled and satisfied with themselves and their life, and happy.


And of course anything mysterious and hardcore will always be appealing.  And it is.  Because a shaman is a mystical warrior.  A being of great spiritual level and power.  And because shamanism is the most complete holistic way of self help, and personal development, it is a self help model that I use and am influenced by in my work and programs in true life development.  And my main program is directly based upon a shaman apprenticeship.  So check them out!  They are totally awesome!


For more information on shamanism and how it and other forms of spiritual theories and practices can help you on your path to self actualization check out my shamanism and spiritual pathwork workshop!

And be sure to check out my book “Spirit Metamorphosis” which details my own (inter)personal journey as a shaman on my own path of personal development and enlightenment!


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