Everyone knows that wine is healthy, (which is actually not necessarily true, since it is very acidic it does lower the pH, but that is another topic), but did you know that beer can actually be very healthy? Beer is actually a health food staple and the original super food! Many people know model beers to be Budweiser and such but these beers are nothing like the beers of other cultures.

Beer is made with wheat (or other grain), malted barley, hops, and any number of other fruits, herbs and spices. So beer not only contains nutrients but it contains antioxidants from the hops, which is actually medicinal! And when beer is unpasteurized it contains enzymes as well which are great for digestion and the immune system. And any other herbs or spices the beer is brewed with would contain other health benefits as well. In ancient Egypt everyone lived off of beer, it was the most fundamental part of ones diet. And in every culture it has been a similar staple. And there is a reason why bars are called pubs (or public houses). And there are many recipes for healing and shamanic beers. In south America when a shaman or journeyer is traveling they will carry a mash with them made with a special root called manioc root which they reuse because it is extremely nutritive, and they practically live off of raw beer. So indulging in alcohol does not have to be unhealthy. As long as one makes sure that one is only drinking unpasteurized beer! Or doing so as much as possible. This means only craft or microbrewed beers, or good beer companies that don’t adulterate their beer by pasteurizing it, which destroys all the nutrients and sterilizes the beer of everything that makes it special. However beer is not the only type of alcohol that has medicinal benefits, even liquors like Sambuca, Gin, and Absinth, and many liqueurs that are made from herbs and spices that carry medicinal effects as well! So when you drink, do it the healthy way, and you will notice a huge difference in the way you feel!


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