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At true life development we practice what is known in the west as “alternative” forms of wellness.  This means we do not attack every problem with a body numbing toxin.  Instead we attack root causes.


This starts with a measuring of ones pH, and a dietary analysis.  When pH and diet are corrected, health usually falls into line.  This usually means a diet that is 50% raw.  For a diet that is not 50% raw means an immune system that is constantly weeding through dead cells for infections, and is thus constantly flickering on and off with false alarms.  This also means a body that is deficient in nutrients, and not only vitamins, but organic electrolyte minerals and enzymes.


When a body is low in organic electrolyte minerals, the pH is low.  When the pH is low the body is over acid.  This means two things:  one, enzymes cant survive in the system and the body is digesting foods not with enzymes, but with acid, which means that all the foods are being converted into mucous, which turns into plaque in the intestines.


Secondly, this means that, since the body does need electrolyte minerals to subsist, it begins taking them from cartilage, marrow, organs, muscle tissue, etc.  And not only does the body go into a state of decay, but when those electrolyte mineral levels are lowered, the pH only gets lower.  The whole thing is a viscious circle.


And furthermore, the plaque in the intestines is highly toxic, and it is a breeding ground for unfriendly bacteria, which not only kill off the enzymes (just like the acidity does), but which, instead of helping to digest food the proper way that enzymes do, what they eat gets converted into more toxins, which is excreted into an already toxic environment.  This is another viscious circle.


And the third vicious circle is the effect this has on the immune system.  So what we have here are three vicious circles perpetuating each other in one even greater vicious circle.


Most illnesses are things that should not be happening.  In ancient times people didn’t get ill, because they lived natural lifestyles, their bodies were in perfect harmony.  They had enzyme and electrolyte rich systems because their diet was mostly raw and organic.  And if they did get sick, they usually died.  A body is supposed to have all the resources and defenses it needs to never get ill.  Modern people get ill once or twice, sometimes three times a year.  When they do they put more toxins into their systems to make themselves feel better.  This is the fourth vicious circle, which only furthers all the others, and the bodys state of unnatural disbalance and discord.


What we do at true life development for wellness first and foremost is to break these vicious circles and return peoples bodies to their natural state of vitality.  This alone is all most people need to cure any ailment.  But if it doesn’t, then we turn to herbal and shamanic/eastern medicines, and any number of healing remedies such as acupressure, deep tissue message, reflexology, ionic cleansing, magnets, energy work, healing ceremonies, and of course positive psychology.


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